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by Emily Henderson

You may have noticed that icon/sponsorship to the right, right? The 3M Couples Speak.  Well that bad boy is a big contest where you send in a video of you and a friend/partner/lover/dog having a funny DIY moment NOT using their product.  Enter to win $5000, people.  I’m working on my video with Orlando next week.  

But to promo it some more they are doing a giveaway of all of these products, and i got my little sample pack a while ago.  

But here’s the thing, i’m not a reno person, barely a DIY person…..so you want to know what i use my 3M blue tape for?


S’right. My moodboard.

So here’s the deal with my moodboard.  I know you are supposed to use bulletin board or masonite….wait thats not the right word, whatever the stuff at home depot that is toxic to cut, but you cover it with fabric and its awesome.  But unless its wall to wall then i’m not satisfied, i like to go a bit cray cray with the moodboard, i don’t like limitations.  But i don’t want to be pinning constantly into the wall and creating even more holes than already exist.  So i’ve always used 3M blue tape.  No lie people. Yes they are an advertiser but the thing is that you knows i loves me some blue, right? So why, oh why, would i opt for white, green or black tape when this stuff is the most utilitarian and easy to find.  

So i like my moodboard to be crazy and fun.  I want to wake up, grab a cup of joe and sit down at my office to stare at something that reminds me to be less tame then i’m supposed to be.  You might recognize a hot pink Ban-Do up there, an Oh Joy wallpaper swatch  (separate links for blog and wallpaper) and yes a brass heart. that i’ve had for years.  

What? so i won some red and blue ribbons at the Coos County fair when i was little.  They remind me of being a kid in 4-H and making fun things. So i figured why not throw them up here. And no moodboard is complete without some ball-fringe.  Gurl, i love me some ball fringe.  I realized that i’ve been hoarding it. I have white, black, navy and hot pink.  A little excessive but it makes me so happy.  

So in this case, i started the moodboard with a huge piece of fabric that i’m obsessed with.  I think its Catherine Malandrino from last year.  I bought the yardage to make a pillow or a dress or just to cuddle with and now its kinda the foundation of my board.  I honestly do really like how the blue tape (and brass tacks when i need it) are a through-line throughout the whole mood board.  It’s peppered equally everywhere and kinda gives it a cohesion.  Probably not what most painters use it for, but i’m not most painters.  Or even a painter.  

Obviously i’ve used the tape before.  Here’s what happens.  I force Brian to help me paint. He says, ‘Why? its a rental’.  I say, ‘Yeah, i know.  But we’ll make it a fun day! We can put on This American Life, music, at the end of the day have some beers, you know, like a party!!’.  He agrees, because he knows he has to.  Then the taping starts, you know, with none other than the 3M blue tape (again, i’m not kidding, its all we’ll use for this because i’ve gotten burned buying the cheap stuff).  Whats a bummer is that the taping takes like hours.  It’s fun at first, then a total buzz kill.  I wish you could hire someone just to tape off the room. We are terrible at cutting (edging) so we have to tape carefully.  Anyway, then the ‘fun’ begins.  So fun for the first coat.  Then i want to be done and i really wish i had just hired someone for $150/day.  BUT why? when painting is the easiest thing in the world.  That was a stupid story, but again you get the idea.  

And before you tell me how ugly that chair is know this:  first off, its worn caramel leather from the 70’s and 2nd, i have never in my life sat in such a comfy chair.  I can curl up in it, indian style, which i am right now and little Bearcat sits on my lap and blog my heart away.  

So to the giveaway:



Here is a list of the products that will be included in the giveaway/sample pack: 
2 3M LeadCheck Swabs 
1 Roll of Scotch Blue 
3 Stages of Sanding (green, maroon, gold sandpaper) 
1 gloves, respirator, eye wear 

In order for users to participate in the product giveaway you must:
1) Participate in the translation sweepstakes being hosted on the 3M Framework Facebook Page (you have to Like the page as well in order to participate).
2) Post a comment on my post saying that you participated.
3) The comment must include your translation.
So what’s a translation? Here are two examples:
“Are you sure that’s going to work?” = “That’s not going to work.”
“That looks interesting.” =  “You’re doing it all wrong.”
Come up with yours…… mine are:
You are super good at painting = i’m outta here to go shop and i’ll leave you to do it on your own.
Wow, you look hot when you put together furniture = i’m outta here to go shop and i’ll leave you to do it on your own.
You get the idea.  
Wanna win all this stuff?
And don’t forget, just because its for home projects doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it as fashion.  Like so:
Blue tape  = bangles.  Safety glasses = sunglasses.  gloves = well, gloves.  And the mask is for pure mystery. Keep the gentlemen guessing, ladies.  Whats under there…a mouth, nose, lips?  ooh, she crazy.   
I couldn’t figure out how to wear the sandpaper, but if you have a good idea, let me know.
(and the chevron wallpaper swatch is by Kreme, by the way).
I know the giveaway isn’t glamorous, but these kinds of things totally add up and are really annoying to buy, you end up buying generic and then regretting it, then having to go back to the store at 10pm and buying the real stuff anyway.  So just enter and win all this stuff so you have it the next time you want to DIY something….or go out on the town.  





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