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Murals I love. See. I'm not a total hater.


Alright, this was much harder than I thought.   Not to beat a dead donkey, but murals are kinda hard to do right.  That being said I don’t want to discount them completely because when they are right they can be beautiful.  The problem is most of the time its when they are old. Like this one above.  My friend Cindy sent it to me this morning.  We shot this house for House And Garden (shot by Francois Dischinger) in Newport, Maine.  It was the house/set for the movie ‘Evening’ with the boring Claire Danes and the amazing Meryl – sidenote, cray cray beautiful house.  On cliffs. Windy, romantic.  I think the Kennedy’s used to vacation there. see below.
Here’s three I found in the New Paris Interiors

There are actually three different things going on the walls here.  Two murals and a swirly feature wall thing which normally I would hate, but since the palette is soft, I don’t mind it.  The murals are probably custom wallpaper.  Either way, i kinda like ’em. 

Now this one, above, is awesome.  Obviously a commissioned art piece.  And it totally works.  I can’t tell if it is actually a piece of framed art just leaning there, but regardless if it was a mural there I would love it.  And that table/rug situation is not weird at all, nope. completely normal.  it must be a ‘piece of art’ too, but no me likey.  

Kids room is probably where I would get murally if I was to ever.  This one isn’t particularly beautiful, but it is weird and playful – like my kids hopefully will be.  this one looks like it was either painted by a nutty swedish artist, or done by a 7 year old.  that’s the kind of art that drives Brian crazy, but sometimes i’m into it.  IN A KIDS ROOM.

if something like this, above, was painted on one of my walls, i would be kinda happy.  Its ethereal and dreamy and weird.  I’ve had this image for a while, not sure where it came from, sorry.

These two are more predictable, but done well so i’ll let the fact that its uber trendy, pass.
They might be photo murals, but they entertain me.  (above, Emmas blog)

And if i was a magazine editor and had offices all over the country, I could see this in my LA office.  
So there. I’m not a total hater.  Just discerning.



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