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Mountain House Monday: I’ve Got Some Furniture Updates + The shoot is VERY SOON


We are one month out from the big magazine shoot and all of a sudden we have some major changes we are dealing with. It’s not that I wasn’t happy, it’s that I thought that I might be more happy. I want it to really represent my style and my intent for this house. So there were a few things we had going on that is now up for analysis. Is this the best ___ we could have? Could we have a better __? Sound a little crazy? Maybe. But when your work is going to be in a national magazine, representing your style, you want it to do just that, represent your style. So here is a brief update on what I’m searching for and what might be changing. Decisions are being made at a rapid pace people, which is never ideal but FYI decisions are always made at a rapid pace in this situation, so we/I shouldn’t be surprised. Ready to see what’s going on in this head of mine?

The Living Room Sofa

Emily Henderso Mountain House Monday Update 2

I’m on the hunt for a vintage living room sectional. I want something 70’s and vintage and weird. But it also needs to be something super editorial and while simple and comfortable, something that really says ‘me’. I found one on Chairish but we taped it out and it’s too big, so I’m still on the hunt for that perfect ‘weird vintage Emily sofa’.

The Family Room Sofa

Emily Henderson Mountain House Family Room Update 2

The family room sofa is great as well, but yes, maybe it could be more our style. Something slightly larger, in a more kid-friendly fabric. I’m on the hunt.

Fabric Choice For Banquette

Mountain House Dining Nook Update1224 Edited

We are up at the mountain house right now choosing fabrics for the banquette and you guys definitely played a role in this. I want leather and linen, done in an interesting way. But not something too trendy or impractical and yet I NEED it to be comfortable.

Emily Henderso Mountain House Monday Update Side By Side

We will make the decisions TODAY.

The Loft…

Emily Henderso Mountain House Monday Update 1

This space was a play area but we think it should be a home office, as I’ll be writing the book two this summer. Pretty darn excited about that idea. And while we previously called this the yoga loft (because I did yoga here once, for 20 minutes) it would be a dreamy place to write.

I know this is a half-assed ‘Mountain House Monday’ but that’s because we are up there shooting the bathrooms this week and scrambling to finish the rest of the spaces. It doesn’t stress me out in a bad way – it’s actually SO MUCH FUN. But yes, deadlines loom and I really want it to represent what we originally envisioned for this house – a Scandi- Rustic – Refined – Contemporary – Minimalist – Family – Friendly – Calm – Cabin – Chalet. You know something simple and easy. Ha.

It’s challenging and yet so fun.

Watch on Instagram stories today. We’ll give you a sneak peek. xx

Fin Mark


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Why are you not shipping your reupholstered couch from Atlanta? The Sherpa fabric is cozy and the shape is weird and interesting. It already costed you 2k, to tack on 500$ in shipping via UPS freight seems like a no brainer!
Alternately, I think CB2 had a Sherpa sofa. I’m thinking it was a loveseat? Either way, cozy and nubby wins my vote. Good luck!


Yesssss another vote for the Sherpa lounge!!


why can’t you put the current living room sofa in the family room? i think the clean lines would be great in there and the grey would go with the leather/linen going on around the banquette.


I thought the same thing!



Emma at Ironmongery Experts

Just stumbled across your blog and safe to say I’ll be back to read more of your posts – loved this one!

Absolutely adore the windows you’ve got in the dining area, really opens up the corner space within the room and makes the dining table feel cosy.

Looking forward to reading more of your content,

Emma at Ironmongery Experts

Thank you so much xx and welcome! 🙂


Emily, you have answered you have found your….super editorial, simple, weird, comfortable really says me and vintage sofa. Get vintage sofa altered/customized to you. I rarely remember buying vintage (even the greatest furniture makers that I swoon over) without having to alter them to suit me. (It did take me time to get my head around making modifications to their work). 1. The length is the easiest, upholster simply take a piece out and reinforce back together at ideal length. Ask that they use old (for strength) wood, they usually will. – Yes reduction or increase in length effects seat cushions, fix it to suit you,(either the number of them or the size) as enviably your upholster will be doing new cushions with your ideal foam density, feather wrapped etc if you want really comfortable. 2. Seat height, easy to adjust more commonly found vintage sofa 12-14 inch to seating higher, up to your ideal height? Say 15-18inch ? (With the allowance for plush sink in)With combination of heavy duty casters if it needs to be moveable (live our movie theatre seating sofa) or more likely, if you can use that space for more depth for springs and hand tied… Read more »


If this is really possible, what a super awesome thing to know. Try it, em!


Funny I didn’t think the living room sofa looked too small for the space until I saw the tape on the floor of a larger sectional and then it seemed like, duh, of course it’s way too small. I agree with the other poster who said the living room sofa could work well in the family room.


Not only do I agree the living room sofa is too small, but I actually think the taped out proportion would be awesome, cozy and would anchor the space. Why do you think it’s too big???




What Louann said.


Came here to say the same! I also probably don’t have the full vision right but I kinda love the above suggestion of Sherpa fabric. Is that too trendy?


Can’t wait to see your choices! I still wish you would change the family room benches to end at the window edges. They bother me every time I see a photo. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a lost opportunity to add built in floor to ceiling shelves between the windows and corner walls that could have closed storage for toy clutter and open area for styling. The focused attention on the benches now feel adobe/southwestern in addition to off scale. But I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Inês Seabra

Yes! I think the same.


I’m DYING to see that green stone bathroom!


Oh my gosh yes.

Cf Betcher

I’d put the living room sofa in the family room. And I would put the family room sofa in the living room with a super funky, vintage, leather loveseat.
Or at the very least, I would put the living room sofa in the loft for all those cozy nights of editing!!! Good luck!! Can’t wait to read book two!


I work from home and have an almost three year old–I will just caution you, unless frenetic energy feeds your focus and creativity, it can be VERY hard to work in an open space when you have littles around. I work in a closed door space and my daughter still always wants to come in to visit and knocks on the door that I end up working from the library most of the time. So maybe try sitting up there for a couple hours while the kids are playing inside and make sure it’s tenable for you to actually get work done before investing in making your dream office space 🙂

Roberta Davis

Agree. I have a designer friend with a home office and a door that shuts. The second that door opens, both kids are instantly inside seeking mom’s love and attention!

Michelle Gage

Long term and big time fan here! I’ve been following along and reading your blog for YEARS! I’ve seen many of the shifts your business has taken, all of the pivots and developments. So first off, congrats on all of the success and continuing to evolve within the ever-changing design world. I love how you peel back the curtain and show the process. You do it in a way that really bridges both sides of the design world – seasoned interior designer and blogger/DIY’er. You truly have created a category all your own, where you’re not only the star…but really the ONLY one making it work the way you do. Truly inspiring! Anyway, somewhat unrelated to this post, but I had an idea for a topic I think many of your readers would love to see you write about. It dawned on me while reading this post – MAN THERE ARE A LOT OF DECISIONS TO MAKE when designing a home. As an interior designer myself, I know this – but I think it’s something that many clients don’t understand until they are IN IT…or homeowners going it alone discover. I’d love to see a post from you on how… Read more »


I completely second this idea!

Ooh okay! I will add this to our list xx


I love this kind of whirlwind behind the scenes post:).

Also, the blue for the banquette, the blue!

Karen Neapolitan

There’s a great mcm sectional in Cleveland, OH at a place called All Things For You. It’s Orange but in excellent condition! Very cool piece. ?? Just saw it this weekend while shopping there. Please tell the owners I sent you if you end up checking it out! Thanks!


Black leather. This house needs more black. Also I’m really wanting a super soft linen sectional that’s covered in pillows and full of down for the main living room. Something like that linen sofa Natalie Walton has in her book This is Home. I’d say either that or vintage, lived in brown leather.


This. But you’d have to change the vibe you’ve got going from midcentury to more lived in scandi. Different rug.. something wool, cozy.

Susie Q.

I vote black leather for the banquette. Put a little red in the house somewhere, please!?

Roberta Davis

Are you going to use that sofa from the Atlanta project? I love that, although I liked the detailing on the original sofa more.

Roberta Davis

Yes- CB2 has that wonderful curved sectional. Not as weird as the Atlanta sofa, but still different!

Roberta Davis

I keep remembering the living room and large sectional at Shangri La in Hawaii- the home of Doris Duke that is now a museum. Here’s a link to a picture of that room with the gigantic sectional.


Love this kind of post… no advice, but good luck! Looking forward to the photos!


Could you say more about what you mean by “editorial”? (Regarding the living room sectional: “But it also needs to be something super editorial…”)

Thank you!


In this context, it usually means something outside the box, higher end, meant to inspire vs being super practical and functional. Like the styled outfit shoots in a fashion magazine like Vogue differ from an article about the best sneakers to wear at Disneyworld.


I agree that you could use a much larger sofa in the living room. The space is huge. I also agree with moving the sofa that is currently there to the family room.


1stdibs would be my goto site for editorial pieces …. if I had the means, of course.


Please reupholster this awesome sectional (with integrated side tables) and use it somewhere. I think it’s almost so hideous that with the right fabric and smoked glass or brass inserts for the side tables it would be amazing. At least a conversation starter?




Not vintage, but Sara Fritsch from Schoolhouse Electric did a fantastic job customizing a big Ikea sectional with bespoke fabric. Maybe something to use as inspiration?


I really love this house, it’s amazing. The Loft is a beautiful space, a great place to write for sure. I love sectional sofas, good luck to find a vintage living room sectional. I can’t wait to see the bathrooms.
Anna From Italy


Love your work and your blog content but I have to agree the areas of furniture you shared are 100 percent adequate + but none speak to me like oh that’s why I love EH work. Tough spot as even as even with your seasoned and trained designer eye sometimes nothing like living in a space and allowing some evolution of the use and wares in the space. So only intended to give you energy to find the EH look you want by your photo session. Love the office idea. Clean open blacks brown greys creme and whites with sprinkles of antique wood furniture to ground and match the natural setting maybe what do I know – zero


Agree with everyone living room sofa to family room as too small without and balance when in comparison to the height of the windows – maybe a old metal large black dome shaped hanging light to provide some balance.

Lisa P

I think your kitchen benches need to be tweaked in order to be comfortable. There needs to be space for your feet that is set back from the front of the bench seat. (That is, the bench seat should overhang the front wall of the “box”.) I’m not expressing it very clearly but if you talk to someone who makes furniture they will be able to explain this requirement. Will make is much more comfy for sitting longer than a few minutes.

Isobel M

The floorboards in this house are all perfect for swing dancing, I know there’d be a lot of Chick Webb playing over the speakers if this were my pad!

Blue for the banquet!


Just saw the sofa on stories… Win!


thank you ,it is so beautiful

Inês Seabra

I’m loving the evolution of the mountain house. Still don’t understand the need for two living rooms…

Dara D

For banquette fabric I’d look at Zak & Fox or Kit Kemp. So many perfect options that would suit the vibe and be durable because those lines are so well made.

For the vintage sofa in living room have you looked on Chairloom?

Family room Interior Define has great kid friendly sofas

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