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Miry’s List Fundraiser, This Sunday!


Hey all, here’s a quick blog post to promote a very amazing fundraiser, called Ana Huna, for Miry’s list – a non-profit that helps refugee families in the states get set up with a community, furniture, and all their essentials. It’s this Sunday in Eagle Rock (all info here) and I’ve purchased two sets of tickets to giveaway (one set here on the blog, and one set on Instagram).

I’ve met with Miry a few times and I’m so incredibly impressed with her generosity and dedication. I have seen first hand how their work makes these families lives happier, which makes our communities better. I did a blog post about it here.

The fundraiser event will include food from the families countries, music played by some of the community members, and a big panel where you hear their stories and can ask questions to help shed light on, well everything – where people have been, how they received their refugee status, and what it’s like being a refugee family in America.

I’m unable to attend because I made fathers day plans that I can’t cancel, so instead I’ve bought four tickets for four of you to go – two sets of two ($250 each so grab them!). If you really want to go and can afford your own tickets, please purchase them so that four people that otherwise might not be able to afford this fundraiser can have these free tickets. The tickets include food, drink, music, and panel discussion, and obviously all proceed go towards the organization and the families.

Watch this video if you are curious about more:

It could be an amazing way to celebrate fathers day or a group date for friends that don’t have plans this Sunday and want to get involved more with this amazing grass roots organization.

Ana Huna means ‘I’m here’. It’s a phrase that means a lot to the organization because it means both geographically they are here, but also it implies I’m here for you. Not everyone speaks arabic and many of the families don’t speak english, but this phrase is commonly understood and really means support and love.

We are also excited to be doing a makeover for one of the families this September, so stay tuned for that and if you have any major pieces of furniture that need a home, or want to simply buy something off of one of the lists for a family – head here. I’m so so thankful for all of you who donated from the last blog post – you helped raise over $20k of essentials for the families in just a couple days. Seriously amazing stuff, that give me chills and makes me so proud of all of you.

For more info on the panelists and the event itself head here. 

To win the tickets you simply need to like them on Facebook then come back and comment that you did and we will randomly select two different commenters and email you by Thursday morning so you can plan your Sunday (if you don’t live in LA feel free to tell your friends and to like them on facebook anyway:). One set will be given away here and the other on instagram so if you want two chances to win follow Miry’s Instagram and then hop on my Instagram and tag the person who you would want to go with in the Instagram comment.

Good luck, and be sure to say ‘hi’ to Miry for me and tell her you are the winners. Enjoy. xx

Fin Mark


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I don’t live in LA, but I am loving that you are sharing this sort of content lately. You’re such a great person.


Love this! <3

Sarah D.

It’s so rad that you’re a part of this! I can not imagine leaving a country that I love due to life threatening conflict. I’d love to attend the event with a girlfriend on your behalf:)


Thank you emily


Your charitable heart is commendable. You run a business to make money and be profitable, but you continue to give your time, your name and your money to worthwhile groups and causes such as this. Thanks!


I’m disappointed this got so few comments! This is wonderful. Thank you for doing such good work.

Great Post!!


Nice one Emily. My dad has done a lot over the years (here in nz) to help settle refugees. He is still in contact with some of them, and over the years have seen their families thrive and grow because they (with help) got off to a pretty good start. It’s not just the material goods they need, to know someone actually cares about their welfare is vey healing in itself. Keep up the great work!

Congratulations! A big help for those honest refugees! Great job!

Marie Denise

This is lovely. I am so glad to see that this support is there for those who need it.

Liked them and love this! Keep up the awesome Emily! Such an inspiration


What an amazing thing you’re doing here, Emily! We would love to go of our own accord, but this is a bit out of our price point at the moment (planning a wedding will do that to you!). We have already been planning to reach out to them to make a donation of our existing housewares after the wedding. We’d love to be acquainted even sooner!


Just liked them on FB (after loving them in my heart for a few months now– made it offish)!

Thanks for promoting such a great org, Emily!


Thank you for continuing to support and give a platform for refugees both here and around the world. XOXO

I followed the steps to complete 2 entries 🙂 – thank you for the opportunity. Thank you also for sharing, I knew nothing of this organization until now and my heart is swelling just knowing it exists. I look forward to providing support in any way I can!


Thank You for doing so much to help all those Families

Very informative blog you share and I will save you blog in future reference.


I don’t live in the US but would have loved to attend. Thank you so very much for this post Emily.


Thank you so much for using your platform to amplify these voices!

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