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The Mercantile Event – Detroit

Hey Detroit, listen up. Last month was the first ever Mercantile Event, held at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville. I was bummed that I couldn’t be there myself, but I heard it was awesome. THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support all the amazing vendors and their causes. The idea of using our purchasing power to make conscious decisions that give back is so powerful, and the success of these types of events proves that there are those of us out there who want to support these philanthropic shopping options. I was also at a conference recently of huge digital pros that said that millenials want socially conscious companies, so if you want millenials to like you and buy your product . . . this is about that, friends.



A quick recap: If you’re not familiar with the Mercantile, it’s a ticketed event where socially conscious brands (curated by myself) can tell their stories and sell their wares while you shop, enjoy hand-crafted cocktails and appetizers, and live music by The Shadowboxers (below), all included in the price of your ticket. It’s a great time to get all of your holiday shopping done, while at the same time supporting independent vendors and B corporations that focus on giving back.


Now we’re gearing up for another Mercantile Event, this time in Detroit. It’s happening Sunday, October 16th at The Eastern Detroit. Check out the list of vendors that are going to be there: The Giving Keys,  Society B,  Jonas Paul Eyewear,  Love Travels Imports,  Lazlo,  Mutual Adoration,  Yumbitz,  Rebel Nell,  Better Life Bags,  Buy the Change,  Fashionable,  Branded by Detroit,  Owen & Abbey,  Wesley & Kemp,  Douglas & Co.,  The Forge,  Super Business Girl,  Original Stix,  Breathe in Detroit,  The Children’s Center, 2 Stix 5 Stones, Redesign & Restoration, The Suicide Loss Foundation, plus music live music by The Shadowboxers.


It’s going to be another great event and you can buy your tickets online now for $15 (they’ll be $20 at the door). Hope you can make it, and please check out the simple booths we designed. Man, I can’t wait to see them in person.

Please, if you like socially conscious brands, shopping, food, drinks and music – then head on over to The Mercantile Event this Sunday in Detroit.

*And don’t worry LA, the Mercantile Event is going to make one last stop here in Pasadena before the holidays (and I will be at that one!).  


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7 years ago

I wish I had been able to sell as a vendor at this event. I work as a stylist for Color by Amber, an ECOFRIENDLY jewelry company, focused on helping female artisans from around the world. I love my job!

7 years ago

OMG I had to do a double take when I checked your blog today because you were talking about Detroit! I am definitely going to check this out!!!

7 years ago

Yay! Is there a certain time you’re going to be there?

7 years ago

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7 years ago

Thank you so much for your support! It is such an honor to be on your blog. I am very inspired by your design and loved your book. The booths were so beautiful and very functional. Can’t wait to meet you in LA!

7 years ago

Your blog is really interesting and inspiration to many. I’ll be looking forward for more of your posts. Keep it up! Thanks for share..

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