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My New Insanely Comfortable “Mom-Friendly” Weekend Wardrobe

You all know that I am first and foremost a mom (duh) so my weekends are mostly spent rolling around with my kids, building forts, creating backyard adventures and scavenger hunts. We have come to find out that we will imagine up pretty much anything to keep those tiny people happy and entertained (good for them, good for me and Brian). So, being the “fun mom” that I certainly am, weekends almost always require outdoor activities and lots of physical exertion. That said, getting dressed/looking like a human on the weekends is low on my priority list and I’ve noticed lately I’ve created somewhat of a uniform… SO, welcome to my “weekend mom outfits” featuring lots of loose and stretchy pants, T-shirts, and comfortable shoes. That may be the most boring sentence ever written, but before you doze off, let me explain that mom life does require a certain amount of comfortability but that doesn’t mean I’ve completely given up. I try to at least assemble outfits that I think are live-able but also somewhat exciting. Let’s see how I did…

Emily Henderson lounge pants2

Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Jacket (similar)

First up, we have slouchy trousers paired with a very comfy and breathable tee, high-top converse, and a lightweight denim jacket. This outfit is ideal for both errand running and weekend mom-ing. The pants are low waisted and roomy enough that I can bend and move around no problem, but are still presentable and give the appearance of a put-together adult if/when I have to leave my house. You may have noticed I am usually not someone that wears sneakers, but sometimes it is absolutely essential that my feet are in flat shoes (especially if adventuring with my kids is on the to-do list) so Converse are a great go-to.

Emily Henderson lounge pants3

Shirt | Pants | Shoes

Here we have my absolute favorite pair of what I am coining “weekend mom trousers.” They are REALLY comfortable and I love the stripe detail on the side with the rope belt. And paired with that ship T shirt? Very nautical chic. My 5-year-old approves. This feels like an extremely casual outfit but the platform sandals (how do we feel about these?!?) elevate it just enough while still being practical for being on my feet all day long. They’re kind of ridiculous, but in a good way? Of course, anyone who has kids knows the key to getting through the day seemingly unscathed by marinara-slathered little hands is wearing dark colors, which is why I am drawn to these pants constantly. They are easy to wear and hard to dirty-up.

Emily Henderson lounge pants4

Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Bandana

Another white shirt/dark pant combo (are you seeing a trend here?) but this time I spiced it up with a bandana and henley tee. I definitely felt more “stylish” in this outfit while still maintaining the laid back mom look. Oh, and say hello to my first ever pair of Dr. Martens. At first, I was hesitant about them, but my friend Suzanne convinced me that I could pull them off so I went for it. And I actually LOVE THEM. I can walk around all day in those puppies, plus the color is great and goes with anything. The sherpa lining will make them hard to wear in the summer in LA (just say no to swamp feet) but I can’t wait to whip them out for cold nights at the mountain house.

Emily Henderson lounge pants5

Well, there you have it. Short and sweet go-to weekend mom/general comfy, casual outfits. If you are like me and ready to embrace the comfortable side of life, we rounded up some casual pants that will go perfectly with weekend shenanigans (kids or no kids):

Emily Henderson lounge pants6

1. Slouched Trousers | 2. Harrison Tapered Pants | 3. Linen Rope Tie Pants | 4. Luna Pants | 5. The Relaxed Chino | 6. Stovepipe Fatigue Pants | 7. True Love Le Soleil Pant | 8. Softstretch Linen Rope Tie Pants | 9. Contrast Trim Linen Trousers | 10. Stretch-Cotton Blend Straight Leg Pants | 11. Drawstring Knit Pants | 12. Dayla Cargo Pants | 13. Paper Bag Pants | 14. Side Panel Tailored Pants | 15. Cassidy Pleat Pocket Pants

What do you like to wear in the name of comfort? Comment your suggestions below…and HAPPY SATURDAY.

***photography by Veronica Crawford for EHD

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4 years ago

Soooo I definitely just got those Doc Martens in black this winter and they were also my first pair, but after seein this post, I think I also need them in brown haha. This is unfortunate 🙂

4 years ago

I just bought Everlane’s faux version of Kamm pants —well the narrower leg because they didn’t have the wide leg in store — the pictures on their site aren’t as cute as in real life. The fabric is super thick and stretchy and really comfortable. Less drop crotchety than your The Great ones but fairly cheap and a good alternative.

4 years ago

I wish on posts like these, and even the outdoor furniture one, that there were more ethical options and that they were highlighted. I genuinely believe the posts that talk about how deeply the values of ethical and green matter and it feels like a shocking degree of lack of integration with other posts.

4 years ago

LOVE this post! just came in from my weekend mom activities (2 boys, 4 & 6), and saw this post. Would like to add my weekend uniform to the list: a slouchy T, and Gap’s perfect denim overalls (

Have a great weekend!

4 years ago

I cannot believe what you all spend to play with your kids. $225 pants? Guess I live too far out in the country.

4 years ago
Reply to  Shaton


4 years ago
Reply to  Shaton

LOL I definitely thought the same thing. I am definitely not going to spend $200 on something I’m going to be wearing while rolling around outside with my kids.

Roberta Davis
4 years ago

I LOVE the platform sandals. I don’t think I could wear the plastic, though. Otherwise, I’d be ordering a pair!

4 years ago

I genuinely wish that the EHD team would consider being more inclusive of all body sizes on these fashion posts. It’s 2019, aren’t we done pretending everyone is a size 2?

4 years ago

I love your casual looks!

Mariya |