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Lo & Sons Bags

Back in the day, things that were kinda gadgety tended to be ugly – like speakers, computers, toasters and calf building shoes. Thank god the world has changed, and not only have techy things become attractive, but already attractive things are starting to have more function and even tech. So with pleasure I welcomed the Lo and Sons Bags into the scene of fashion bags.

First, lets talk the Catalina, which is their canvas weekend bag (with a secret). It’s smart, functional, and very good schlepping scale, which can fit a lot of my vintage pieces. But the crux, the wild card, the coup de gras about it is it’s bottom shoe pocket – a pocket just for your disgusting, dirty shoes. Pretty darn simple, but game changing for someone who brings backup shoes most places (you leave for the flea market in wedges, but are in sneakers by the end of the day).

lo & sons

I’ve always been a big fan of canvas bags, especially ones that NEVER break. It’s great for shopping (duh), the beach, a weekend trip, kids stuff and just general running around town, being a baller.


Watch this bad boy in action:

The Catalina – Large Canvas Weekender Bag from Derek Lo on Vimeo.

Meanwhile, the one that I used this past weekend was the O.G. bag -There are lots of pockets, and the interior is wipeable/cleanable which I appreciate, but again, there is this shoe pocket that is very exciting. Also it slides onto your carrier which is officially my reason to buy. It has a pocket that has a bottom zipper that can unzip and then you pop that sucker on without constantly picking up your carry on off the floor because your top bag flipped around and toppled the whole thing.



The O.M.G. (Overnight & Medium Gym) Bag from Derek Lo on Vimeo.

So now, my friends, you too can get this bag. It’s great for traveling, amazing for the gym (if you are fancy like that), and awesome if you love carrying something that looks good and withstands a lot of general wear and tear. I don’t like being precious with my bags – hell, I don’t like being precious with anything, and I THREW that bag around this weekend and not a single mark on it. It’s a splurge, but it’s worth it.

Lo and Sons is giving 20% off all my readers with the coupon code ‘STYLEBYEM’ until the end of May.  You may not combine it with other discount codes.  

This post was in partnership with Lo and Sons, but all opinions and words are totally mine. Thanks for supporting my partners, friends.

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