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A Quick Trip To Target: The Little Things That Make Me Feel Good And Pulled Together

I’m a real sucker for all the seasonal mood changes, and this time of year I’m hunkered down cleaning, organizing, purging, and starting fresh where appropriate. So I performed the fantasy ritual that I rarely get to do – the 10 am Monday Target run, when the aisles are quiet, the parking lot is empty, and the shelves are fully stocked (as always shout out to the Beaverton and Washington Square Targets for being so clean and organized). Coffee in hand, podcast in ears, I got to touch things, picture them at home, try them on – just take my time (I think we should make this a national holiday). I had pitched this post to Target for January – all the little things, post-holiday that make me feel pulled together, organized, and like a fresh start. They loved it and were excited to sponsor this post which made me even happier:) I mean, aisle after aisle I found such good stuff so I ended up getting more than I likely needed but I wanted to do a bit of show and tell. Here. We. Go.

My Work Area (My Home Office + Meeting Space)

A few big changes you might notice in the sunroom immediately – the Christmas tree is gone and in its place is the dresser from our closet which now houses all my paint/wallpaper samples. So this “office” is definitely starting to feel pulled together with less “stuff” all over the table. The big Target additions here are the wicker lamp (so good) and that white squiggle pot (also so good – see below).

Squiggle Pot | Table Lamp | Green Tray | Candle | Mat | Mug | Coasters

Look at that pot (it’s in the outdoor patio section which is just now being put out on the shelves so grab it before it’s gone). And not to brag about my kids, but my new baby monstera plant is really nailing the vibe in here. Regarding the lamp: now that it’s dark at 4:30 it’s nice to have lamp light in here versus just the overhead. I’ve been throwing that on for a better ambiance when I work past sundown. I was so surprised to find this faux leather desk pad which protects the table and holds my charging cord. So good. I’ve had those faux leather coasters forever (they match my placemats that I also have had for a long time and wipe up so well). The green Shagreen tray is so pretty with a lovely texture (and has a matching box if you are into that).

Family And Task Calendars

Desk Lamp

I desire to be a “planner” person but I’m not. Here’s what I use instead: 1. My shared Google calendar for meetings, deadlines, shoots, and travel, 2. A weekly calendar for To-dos, tasks, and stuff that is happening at the house (this would be too much to put on each day of the Google calendar). And 3. A monthly calendar for family and kid stuff (sports, birthday parties, days off school, kids baths/showers – twice a week – and any travel so the kids know). My kids love to look at it and see what is up – we even put their cooking night on there with whatever dessert they want to make. This means that on Sundays I sit down and plan for the week and add all the things to the calendar. Twenty-seven-year-old me would be SHOCKED to know that I do this pretty reliably while I meal prep and listen to podcasts (Sunday Funday is not exactly what it used to be but I sure do LOVE IT). If you are wondering what the kids are doing while I do this (everyone always asks) the answer is ‘who knows’, they just do their own thing and know if they make it hard for me to cook and organize on Sundays then I’ll put them to work, (they are 7 and 9, y’all). That usually solves that problem quickly.

Green Tray | Coasters | Ceramic White Box | White Cup (vintage) | Black Pens | Weekly Calendar | Monthly Calendar | Candle | Mat | Mug

On the weekly pad (with Monday-Sunday as separate columns) I put mostly “email ______” or “buy gift for June’s bday party” – the little stuff that I’ll forget. I find it wonderfully helpful to have a place to jot down and I put little boxes next to each task and relish in the check-off.

Fresh Cozy Pillows

Throw Blanket | Lumbar Pillow | White Pillow

The Studio McGee collection is just so great, consistently. That warm mauve printed pillow with fringe screams “me,” with the other pillow being so soft and squishy. I had like nine pillows in my cart but decided to be conservative since I’m still decorating, but put all my favorites in my Target storefront if you want to shop for others that I love.

And yes, you might notice the new “piano” in the background – more on that later 🙂

Cozy Clothes (And New Matching PJs, Always)

Sherpa Jacket

How cute is this cozy jacket? It has this brown trim detailing that mimics the look of leather, a super high collar that is oversized and very cool, and it’s just as soft on the inside as it is on the outside.

High-Waisted Joggers | Striped Socks | Slippers

The highwaisted joggers are also new and very comfortable (wide waistband + pockets), but size up – I think that most companies these days aren’t accounting for us not wanting things to feel tight or cut in (I’m wearing a medium). The striped socks come in a set of 6 that are thin enough to wear with my slippers and slide into my tall boots easily (they are the ones I always buy for this purpose).

Pajama Set | Striped Socks | Slippers

I’ve been buying and loving their pajama sets for years now because they are so soft and drape so well. Again, with underwear and pajamas with any sort of elastic waist I like to size up (these are small but I returned for mediums). These come in other colors but my Target was out – there are lots of cute options to choose from. Also YES, that is a sneak peek into my bathroom and I love it so very very much and can’t wait to show you!

New Beauty And Bathroom Organization

I’m going cupboard by cupboard and drawer by drawer and finally organizing, which I didn’t have a chance to do when we moved in. It feels so darn good. In here you can see that I used some of the bright room baskets (white with wood handles – so pretty) and I also used a lot of the wood bins in this cupboard for larger hair products.

Bamboo 4 Compartment Lazy Susan | White Wire Baskets | Round Vanity Organizer with Wood Handles

There are lucite, wire, and wood organizers for every room, so over the next few months I’ll be dialing them all in. The organization products are spread all over the store, by the way – I found some in the bathroom section, in the laundry section, the kitchen area, and even in the kid’s section.

New Year, New Candle…

Candle | Pink Cropped Sweatshirt

This is the candle that I’ve been burning since Casaluna launched a few years ago. I take 3-5 baths a week (often more) and have found that this candle lasts for almost the year. Yes, it smells good, it’s so pretty (and I only burn it in the bath – so 30 minutes a night), and it’s just part of my ritual. Also, that hot pink sweatshirt is boxy and wide, with dropped shoulders, and very cute. They were out of the matching bottoms in the same color, but the sweatshirt itself is awesome.

Oh January, how I do love the excuse to really just stay at home, nurse our introverted selves that maybe extroverted too hard over the holidays, and take care of our homes through cleaning, organizing, and refreshing. After the nuttiness of December I am LOVING doing these little things to make myself, my house, and my life feel pulled together.

Here are some of the products I bought and loved but ultimately didn’t need. But how good is all this??

1. Mini Table Lamp | 2. Rectangle Rattan Weave Tray | 3. Matted PS Narrow Rounded Gallery Frame | 4. Round Decorative Tabletop Clock | 5. Goose Neck Task Lamp | 6. Fluted Glass Vase | 7. Ceramic Table Lamp with Tapered Shade | 8. Fabric Desk Storage Box with Metal Label Holder | 9. Metal Kitchen Cooking Timer

1. Stay on Track Undated Planner 8″x10″ | 2. Moleskine Narrow Rule Notebook 8.25″x5″ Hard Cover | 3. 2023 Planner Weekly/Monthly 7″x9″ 30-Day Challenge | 4. Lined Journal Safety Wirebound Non-Dated 5.75″x8.5″ | 5. 2023 Planner Weekly/Monthly 4.875″x7.75″ | 6. 2023 Planner Weekly/Monthly 6″x8.5″

1. Modular Bamboo Vanity Organizer with Magnetic Strip | 2. All Purpose Storage 1/2 Storage Bin | 3. 24″ Wood & Metal Vertical Wall Rack | 4. 3 Tier Drawer Organizer | 5. 120ct Page Marker Flags | 6. Make-Up Turntable Beauty Organizer

1. Thermoregulation Leggings | 2. Brushed Sculpt High-Rise Leggings | 3. Perfectly Cozy Flannel Night Gown | 4. Velvet Lined Thermal Leggings | 5. Satin Notch Collar Night Gown | 6. Perfectly Cozy Lounge Jogger Pants | 7. Velour Thermal Leggings | 8. Lightweight Super Soft Cable Knit Crew Boot Socks | 9. Ribbed High-Rise 7/8 Leggings

Again everything is linked up in my storefront (amongst other things I love but didn’t buy yet). Check it out!

This post was sponsored by Target but all words and opinions are all mine🙂 #targetpartner #targetfam
*Photos by Kaitlin Green


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50 thoughts on “A Quick Trip To Target: The Little Things That Make Me Feel Good And Pulled Together

  1. Fun post, and there is definitely something magical about a solo target run. After that close-up shot of one of your lower bathroom cabinets, I’m officially jealous of your home’s just-renovated-no-dust-no-scuffs-just-pristine nooks and crannies. For me, we renovated about 5 years ago, I highly recommend a jumbo box of Magic Erasers for those areas. 🙂

  2. Emily, the sunroom may be your crowning achievement and I say that as THE biggest fan of the mountain house – I’m torn! Lol Either way, don’t ever doubt your ability to create a warm, welcoming, and beautiful space! ❤️

    1. I came here to say just this. As a longtime reader, of all the spaces you’ve created, I think this is my favorite. The beautiful wood tones, large windows, vintage touches throughout, and stunning tile floor all come together in a way that radiates warmth and calm. A wonderful place to spend your days!

  3. I love posts like these! The trouble with target though is that, often, everything is sold out by the time the post goes up. Over half of what I clicked on isn’t available.

    1. Target seems to have a lot of issues with inventory lately as well. The quality isn’t the same either. 🙁

        1. Thanks KJ. It’s not that I’ve had an issue with the quality after purchase as much as the quality overall just feels cheaper. Similar to West Elm as of late (pillows at West Elm have a different filling than down, etc). It’s like Target is finding ways to be more cost efficient, but sacrificing its design.

  4. I say this with the utmost respect: I totally understand that you need to do this type of post and have ZERO problem with it. My issue is with (what I perceive as) the phoniness of the presentation. The whole early morning Target run, as you painstakingly describe, seems to be a ruse as you apparently purchased a pot which, weeks later, “is just now being put out on the shelves.” This kind of thing—and it happens a lot here, honestly—makes me extra skeptical about everything you say/sell. I get that your brand is all about relatability, but creating pretend scenarios to achieve the effect insults to your readers’ intelligence. I’d love to know how it really works. Do you choose things from an online catalogue and they’re shipped to you for final selections? Maybe you miss your less busy days when the Target runs were real? I for one would appreciate more transparency. Honesty and vulnerability are what creates genuine relatability.

    1. not em, but i can answer! that’s part of the reason we restructured out partnership with target – in the past, we did work off a spreadsheet from the brand and we exclusively highlighted new products. but now, we have free reign – em really does make those in-person target runs and only shares the things she loves/recommends (i can verify, because i log into her target account to grab her in-store shopping history so we can link for these posts and for her storefront :)). totally hear you on the other tonal notes, but the early AM in-person runs to grab whatever strikes her fancy are definitely real! (and…i mean, who amongst us has not gotten a little overzealous on a target run in the planter section? haha :))

      1. Thanks for the info. Are you saying the pot in question was on the shelves when Emily went to Target? Because I got the impression that “going out now” meant now now, late January, which is what bugged me, because there has obviously been lag time to produce the post…?

        1. yup! she purchased it on the 6th in beaverton (just checked, in case anyone was interested, hehe) and we shot the post on the 11th. we have pretty quick turnaround times here! but we also know that availability can vary depending on location, so i think she’s just suggesting to keep an eye out as it’s a cute new product and we can’t guarantee stock levels at every local target.

          1. @Shannon I think rather than “ok great to know thanks” you maybe should say “oops sorry for accusing Emily of lying” 😬🤪🤔, would be the decent think to do…

          2. Exactly what I was thinking. When you accuse someone on a public forum and Shannon tried to do this even after Caitlin’s follow-up commentary, the least you could do was apologize for your negative comments and assumptions.

          3. I tried to be respectful in my initial comment and didn’t realize an apology was due. If I’m off base, then I apologize to Emily, and to whoever else’s delicate sensibilities I’ve offended. But anyone who takes every last recommendation made and story told on this blog as gospel is seriously deluded.

          4. Saying “I mean this respectfully but you are insulting us by lying in your blog” isn’t being respectful. Following up with “great thanks” when it turns out you were wrong with a pretty major public accusation is definitely not respectful. Saying “sorry for offending those deluded people with delicate sensibilities” isn’t apologising.

          5. There is NOTHING wrong with asking for more transparency or to clarify something about Emily’s target posts about product placement on the blog.
            Seriously it was a legitimate question.
            Shannon should not be slammed for asking for more information.
            We are all adults we can handle this.
            She didn’t make assumptions seriously what is WRONG will asking for clarification on something?

        2. @Shannon, Target stores in different parts of the country often put out seasonal merchandise at different times to suit the area. Can’t speak to all locations but the store in my hometown in northern NY has always been way behind my local SoCal stores when it comes to outdoor stuff so it could be difficult to predict exact appearance dates.

    2. There are a great many things in this world to be upset about, but whether or not Emily faked a Target run is not one of them. LOL.

      1. Never said I was upset. My intention was to offer constructive criticism that would hopefully be helpful. We all know that this blog is first and foremost a money-making endeavor, as it should be. I mostly really enjoy it, but when we can see the sausage being made, it kind of ruins it, so I was hoping to share my perspective. Apparently I was off base in my assumptions.

    3. My problem with this post is that we know Emily’s dining room/sunroom/office doesn’t actually look like this 99.99% of the time. We’ve seen it on her stories. She usually has a big monitor set up among other stuff. Why not style the room with stuff you actually use instead of playing pretend? It would seem a lot more sincere.

      1. Good lord, if I wanted to see a messy work from home set up, I could just glance at my own dining table. Big monitors are ugly, I move mine just to take a picture of my cat that only 50 people will see. Emily is a stylist first and foremost. I’m a relatively new reader, having followed on ig for years (in large part due to her transparency and sincerity) but started reading the blog for all the farmhouse reveals. Love it!

  5. Gaaah!!! I get so jealous each time there’s a Target post, coz Aussie Target IS NOT THE SAME! 😕
    I sooo wish US Target would buy Aussie Target (pretty much a flailing and failing business).
    We aussues would devour the US Target business model!

    That said, many of these things are useful, really cute (wicker lamps). Inspiring.😊
    I’d be mindful about buying Lucite anything, because a thousand years is a lonnng time in landfill, but wood, wire, etc. is sensinle and wise.

    Emily, did I misread this?? “kids baths/showers – twice a week” 🤣🤣

    1. I had to chuckle at this comment. You going to Target will not help Emily! Buying on line will.

  6. These glimpses of your bathroom are everything! I am dying over the details and can’t wait to see more. Also, that sunroom (as others have said) is the dreamiest, most inviting space. I really loved this post and popped a couple of things into my cart that I loved/need.

  7. I want to hear more about your kids’ dinner nights. (What do they make? How much, if any, support do you give? How willingly do they engage with this?)

  8. I have plant envy! I love Target’s products, especially home products. Great design and great prices. My Target, in Issaquah, WA, has some real issues. There has been a lot of professional theft at this store. People loading up carts and walking out with the stuff. Even an attempted car-jacking with the owner present a few months ago. Target does nothing to stop the thieves from walking out the door with thousands of dollars of merchandise. So I really don’t go there anymore unless I really want something I can’t get elsewhere. Another problem is that if I should go in the afternoon, the check-out lines are so long that the last 2 times I did this, I actually abandoned my cart and walked out the door. They might as well know that these issues are affecting their customers and turning some of them, (me, for example) into non-customers. Not because I don’t like their offerings, but because I don’t feel safe and/or they don’t respect the value of my time.

  9. The target lamp on Em’s tray can that run off battery? I kind of assume but cannot find an answer on I know it can charge phones but can you charge the lamp itself and run it off battery?

    1. I have the lamp and it is corded/plug in. I was wondering if they photoshopped the cord out since you don’t see a cord coming out the back and up over the side of the tray. It is definitely misleading the way it looks.

  10. These Target posts are just as bad for my budget as a stroll through the store. I always find something I didn’t know I needed but is absolutely perfect. Thank you!

  11. ugh that white jacket is so terrific, but it’s sold out in all sizes. Maybe check availability of things before you advertise them.

  12. Hi Emily, great post, but what’s up with the chairs in the main pic? Please don’t get rid of your amazing current ones. They are unique and fit your style much better.

  13. Just wanting to add another positive comment to this post! I appreciate the new approach to your target partnership. I love reading free posts here daily, and appreciate you both taking a more sustainable approach to what you buy while also supporting your business and continuing to bring us all great daily content!

  14. 1. My gosh this was so fun! Every photo here is gorgeous, so much to pin!! Target is very lucky to partner with you and your magical farmhouse Emily. EHD I am always amazed how you manage to make sponsored posts just as good as any other.
    2. Target PLEASE come back to Canada and/or figure out how to offer us free shipping and duties. Lots of other big companies have figured this out (Amazon, Walmart, etc). You can do it! Until then I will keep living vicariously through EHD 😊

  15. not to be *that* crazy plant lady haha, but i think the plant you have in the sunroom is a philodendron pedatum. kind of like a cousin to the monstera but much rarer, and in my opinion, much cooler!

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