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This was a short week for us but am I alone in thinking that “short” weeks actually end up feeling so much longer than normal weeks? You go into them thinking they’re going to just zip by and HA you’re wrong. Maybe it’s breaking with day-to-day routine that just fudges things up. If anyone has scientific proof that 4-day weeks are ACTUALLY longer than 5-day weeks because of some strange time warp thing that happens, please let me know. Anyway, half the team (including me) was away working on SO MANY SHOOTS this week and I’m tapped out. Buuuut if you were following along on my Insta Stories, you saw that we are starting to shoot THE MOUNTAIN HOUSE and that means reveals right around the corner and I’m SO EXCITED.

Something else I’m so excited about is the launch of our new PROJECTS section of the site. This one was a long-time coming. For at least a year, my old Portfolio section was super outdated, some of the links were dead…it was just all over the place and there really was no way to get to the posts that corresponded with those portfolio projects. But after months of work designing, finding all the posts related to projects we wanted to include, and tagging on the back end (thank you team for working so hard on this), it’s ready for it’s close up. Let’s say, for instance, that you want to see all the reveals from the Portland Project in one place…you can do that here. Same with my houses, team EHD MOTOs, previous design projects and all sponsored makeovers. We’ll keep this baby updated as new projects come along and as we start revealing the Mountain House. Dig around, check it out, and let us know how you like it!

Okay, let’s all shake off those Sunday scaries now and get into all the articles, Insta accounts, and products we’re buzzing about right now, and as always, share anything that had you excited this week/made you happy/you bought and just love so much you want to scream it from the rooftops of the comments section. xx

One of Michael’s (and my) favorite candles is Maison Louis Marie’s No. 09 Vallee de Farney. Burn it and feel like the fancy pants person you dream of being. Because let me tell you…it SMELLS LUXURIOUS.

This past week, we lost the great fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld (who evidently left his fortune to his cat…). I turned to one of my fashion icons to start to process what’s next for the fashion industry.

And speaking of fashion, DID YOU SEE THE MONCLER GENIUS PROJECT?????

New Show Review Alert: Russian Doll on Netflix. Ryann said she watched the whole series over the weekend (it’s only eight episodes) because it’s that good. Smart, funny, existential, and Natasha Lyonne is phenomenal. Plus, it was created by women, including light of Ryann’s life Amy Poehler.

Arlyn is obsessed with the Instagram account The Vintage Rug Shop (@vintagerugshop). It was founded by Brittany from @brittanymakes and every.single.thing she posts makes Arlyn want to cry a little. Such beautiful stuff and a great resource for quality vintage rugs. Not inexpensive but GREAT eye candy. 

Sara decided to bring her boot game when she shot Jess’s MOTO with these dope backless booties. The insane bonus is that they are currently $33.50!

As you may have read this week, Jess did about a year and a half of product research for her big home reveal. These handmade woven nesting baskets, that come in a set of three, are one of her favorite finds. She loves the beautiful woven detail and how great the quality is.

This week’s home tour comes to us from the Windy City and my lord is she a sophisticated, stunning lady with so maybe quiet yet bold details. Your eyes will be very happy.

Bowser is a HUGE Bulletproof coffee advocate. She lives on it. This instant mix makes it easy for her to have it when she’s traveling or on the go. Her other recommendation is to add it to any coffee (preferably also Bulletproof) in a leak-proof coffee travel mug like this and shake.

Velinda has a teen gift idea (because who ever knows what to buy teens, amiright?). This genuine leather backpack purse. Her sister said this purse style is all the rage in her high school and she wore her last one out, so she’s getting this for her birthday because the quality is high, the design simple and cute, and the price very fair. Hopefully, she doesn’t read the blog since Velinda is disclosing her bday gift. 😉

As most of you know by now we stole Arlyn from Florida and moving to CA has really changed her skin (IT’S SO DRY HERE). Then throw in winter and her skin feels like a dehydrated T-Rex (her words). Thankfully she recently discovered the Laneige Sleeping Mask which she uses 1-2 times a week and she says it’s made a big difference in how her face looks/feels/how her makeup goes on every morning. A++

Jess wanted to pass on some good vibes to start your week right with this video.


  1. Beautiful baskets – but what I really want to know is what kind of woven basket materials/producers are smooth on the inside? Most of them have poky ends that would snag the stuff I’d like to store in them! My water hyacinth basket is poky but ok for boots in the mudroom, and I did find a smooth Ikea Fladis seagrass basket for my pajamas that tucks under my nightstand, but seriously would love to store throws or toys in natural baskets all over the house if only they didn’t all seem to be ready to scratch little hands or make pulls in fabric!

    1. Hey Julie! I bought one of these baskets last year. It’s not exactly “Extra Extra Large” like the description says (read the dimensions closely!) but it is definitely big enough for 2 or 3 throw blankets, toys, etc. and fits neatly under side tables. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B074TXGRC8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  2. Yay for the projects section!!!

    1. We’re just as pumped!

  3. Thank you for the new projects feature! I was just trying to search Emily’s last home for ideas as we are moving into a mid century fixer upper and it was challenging. So excited!

    1. Yay glad you like it!

  4. the walls are beautiful
    are they painted what is the technique that was used

  5. A dish is really great for lovers. Thank you for practicing it

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