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The Link Up: We Are Getting Serious About Summer Prepping and Soul Cleansing

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This week we thought a good ole fashioned checklist would be a nice way to check in given that it’s the last day of the month…

Weather: Great. (happy dance) Perfectly springy, plus California is (mostly) no longer in a drought!

Shoots: Lots and great. (all the thumbs up)

March Blog Posts Recap: Such an amazing month full of posts we’re really proud of and you guys seemed to enjoy. (THANK YOU!!!!!!!!).

Serious Plans to Relax: Already in motion.

We are great and hope you are, too. This week, we are all VERY excited about our 15 recommendation so let’s get to it.

-Everyone has been DMing Emily like crazy the last few weeks asking about her “glow” and skin in general, and she says it’s all because of this Pixi Glow Mist. From Emily: “I’m almost out of this stuff because I use it a few times a day. Sometimes I blend it in with my foundation but many times I just refresh my face with a spritz and yes, it makes me glow.”

-Another Emily favorite this week comes from the Goop Podcast, which she loves, but a recent episode with Dax Shepard really got her good. They talk all about triggers and self-esteem. Topics we all can relate heavily to. She wants you to go listen now. 

-Arlyn said she DEVOURED Catastrophe on Amazon Prime a few weekends ago, and the new (and final) season just came out earlier this month (she finished it in a day). It’s hysterical, SO relatable for anyone who’s ever been married or in a long-term relationship, and she’s so very sad it’s now done.

-Michael bought the most delightful, light and airy cologne. He knows scents are a very personal thing and they smell different on everyone. But this one just makes him so HAPPY whenever he smells it. It’s unisex and here’s the description they have (how fun does this sound): a fragrance inspired by the salty air and fresh waters from boating trips outside Trekroner Fortress at the entrance to Copenhagen’s harbor. 

-This week’s house tour is from our dear Grace and it’s of the one and only Maggie Gyllenhaal’s home. She basically obsessed with the bathroom in this home tour (that mirror! And all the tiles!). She’s pretty sure that she’s saved it on Instagram three different times by now. I think we all have “that room” in our saved section.

-Veronica bought the NYX Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette a few weeks ago and she is in LOVE. It comes in six different options—Brights (the one she owns), Warm Neutrals, Cool Neutrals, Smokey & Highlight, Phoenix (fiery reds and corals), and Ash (cool grays and blues). She can only speak personally about the Brights option, but she said it makes getting ready in the morning so fun!! It’s great for everyday wear as well as nights out with friends or date nights.

-Ryann takes Natural Factor’s Stress Relax supplement every day and she says it has really helped with stress and anxiety + it increases mental focus. 🙂 

-Bowser bought herself this ear cuff from Maison Miru and it is SO CUTE. “Makes me wonder why I went through the pain of piercing my conch on the other ear. Conch is a gross word. Sorry.”

-Our resident sap, Jess, is at it again with a beautiful romantic poem from Cup of Jo. But honestly when was the last time any of us read a love poem? It’s time.

-Grace’s new favorite summer dress is from Urban Outfitters (she promises you WILL get compliments wearing this dress, which is always a nice plus). It’s light, breezy, no fuss and a little flirty. A hit in the office and also all the girls at her gym. She sized down a size.

-Do not crucify Arlyn (her own words), but she’s never really put too much stock in Oprah. “Look, she’s a phenomenal woman, and I don’t doubt her wisdom, but I never really gave her much attention for whatever reason. My hubby (who’s constantly on the search for his greater purpose) shared this episode of Super Soul Conversation with me and it shook me to my core. I listened to it twice on a long drive because I needed to hear it all again. It was a wonderful reminder to own who you are, to be right with yourself, and just live your own truth, which seems obvious but is actually very hard to do. This is all hard to explain…this episode was about so much more than this, but…just listen to it. It’s 30 minutes of your time that feels like soul cleansing.”

-Velinda is a gift giver because she is the best and she loves this all-purpose wrapping paper. It works for any holiday/celebration, age or gender. Velinda, we are very excited to receive our beautifully wrapped gifts any time you are ready. 🙂

-Jess found the most wonderful hydrating hair cream for damaged/color treated hair. It’s Windle and Moodie’s Invisible Day and Night Cream. This cream is light, leaves zero oily residue and gives your hair a light shine all the while taming the frizz/flyaways. Oh, and it protects your hair from UV damage. YA, IT’S AMAZING. As soon as it was delivered, Jess let Arlyn use some and she immediately went to purchase it for herself. Plus it’s vegan and gluten-free. Jess wants to now try all of their products asap.

-Guys, The Citizenry just launched their spring line and the textiles are goooood! We love this blanket and this pillow A LOT.

-If you are looking for a distraction from your distractions and want to read some REALLY good fiction, Ryann has you covered. It’s a short story and it’s just lovely and so well written. She was an English Lit major in college so from time to time she gets THIRSTY for some literary sustenance. This did not disappoint.

Once again we love and appreciate you and will see ya tomorrow for another week of pretty stellar content. Happy Sunday. xx

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5 years ago

Just commenting to say I love these posts!

5 years ago

I love these posts! I love that you’re beefing them up a bit so that it’s not just a list of links! Keep up the great work.

5 years ago
Reply to  Maggie

Great to hear!

5 years ago

Velinda, I’ve been loving the all-occasion wrapping paper from IKEA. Check it out! And EHD team, love these posts. A breeze to read and chock full of goodies. xoxo

5 years ago

I also love these posts!!! Please keep them coming 🙂

5 years ago

I love the content – love the team – love Emily… I have been thinking this for a while, but tonight was the straw that broke my back. The site is so frustrating now with all the ads! I know you’ve got to make money – I’m all for that – but they move around (changing size and forcing me to scroll down again to keep reading) and flash (does a video have to be constantly running on the side? I close them out every time, which is just an annoyance). The number of ads when I click on an article to read is distracting and busy! It definitely detracts from the joy I have reading your fabulous content.

5 years ago
Reply to  Allison

Totally agree. It’s incredibly frustrating on mobile as well. I can’t even read the post because there’s a pop up ad, then there’s a video ad, then immediately after that is a “my latest video” block, oh then there’s a little more text from the post, oh but wait, here’s another ad. I totally understand the need for them, you should be making money for the “free” content that is being provided, but is there any way to make it less obtrusive? I cannot tell you how many posts I have just closed out of because I just can’t handle overwhelming advertising.