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by EHD Staff
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We would be remiss to not say that this past week didn’t start off pretty heavy with the horrific burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral. It can feel as though ancient and historic structures are somehow off limits to disasters but as we were glued to our phones looking at the devastating photos, that is clearly not the case. Notre Dame means so much to so many and we are incredibly grateful no lives were lost but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a great sense of loss. So with yet another reminder to hold what really matters, our loved ones, close, let’s look forward and escape for a moment with this week’s EHD recommendations.

First off, let’s indulge in this happy, bright and family-focused home tour. The Design Files once again serves up a stunning home, filled with art and color. Those Australians (aka Kate Bell and landscape designer Adam Robinson) really know how to design a home and this beauty is no different. Please enjoy.

Keeping the design train chugging, Jess LOVES the Instagram account Où est le beau?. It features amazing, modern European design. They have a podcast but it’s in French which KILLS her because she knows zero French…time to learn Jess.

Julie never knew she wanted to attend a “supper club” until she saw this article on Domino about Resident which just opened in NYC. She will gladly accept an invitation.

NEW AMAZING OPENING ALERT: Emily’s friends, restauranteur Dustin Lancaster and designer Sally Breer, have opened another spectacular hotel/restaurant in Los Angeles, The Firehouse Hotel. She (and well the entire EHD team) are dying to check it out. For reference, they are the ones who created Hotel Covell…so yeah, it’s good.

Arlyn knows she’s totally late to this, but she’s newly OBSESSED with The OA on Netflix. It’s been one of those things that people have been telling her to watch for months (years?) and she’s kept putting off because committing to a new show can be so consuming, but man has this not disappointed. It’s totally trippy and new age-y and just so bizarre you spend half the show thinking “wait, what on earth is happening” but she’s addicted.

Michael has been a huge Oprah fan since he was a kid watching her talk show. She genuinely inspires him to try and live his best life and be the best version of himself. She has a new book that just came out and he’s ordered it and can’t wait to read it. It’s called The Path Made Clear and it’s supposed to be fantastic. If you want to read it too…you can get it here.

Grace is our resident Shake Shack connoisseur (and probably the only one who watches Game of Thrones), but she thinks everyone should know that they recently release a GoT-themed burger called the Dracarys burger! It’s expensive, but if you’re near one of the select locations (check their site for the full listing), she asks that you please have one for her. Oh and TODAY is the last day for the burger! 

Velinda was gifted the best gift of all…dessert. Her friend from Scotland brought her Chrystal’s Scottish Shortbread Cubes and they’re abnormally delicious (she shared so we can also vouch).

Sara is listening to “The Big One” podcast about earthquake preparedness for west coasters. While no one wants to talk about earthquakes, being prepared is always a good idea.  

If Ryann could buy one thing this month, it would be these super chic flats that are made from recycled water bottles. (Also, stay tuned for a sustainable fashion post coming later this week.)

Mary Kay’s Timewise Miracle Set has SAVED. VERONICA’S. FACE. Her words, not ours as her face is always beautiful. “This face washing kit comes with a liquid face wash, a daytime moisturizer, a nighttime moisturizer and an anti-aging eye cream. Listen, I know what you’re thinking, ‘I’m not going to fall for a beauty pyramid scheme’ but this is THE. REAL. DEAL. I started using this product about a year ago and it’s cleared up my face tremendously. I never had intense acne or anything, but it has cleared up, and keeps away any unwanted blemishes as well as leaving my skin feeling clean with a glow to it. You can choose your skin’s preference, as well, such as Normal/Dry skin or Normal/Oily skin. I recommend washing with a washcloth or mechanical face brush, rather than your hands, to ensure you’re getting the cleanest wash possible.”

Arlyn wanted to shout out HER go-to moisturizer, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. She grappled with admitting that this is the one non-cruelty-free thing left in her medicine cabinet, but she’s actively searching for a comparable replacement. It’s kind of $$$ but she’s never been able to find anything that absorbs as quickly, is as hydrating without making her oily skin even oilier, and her makeup sits over it beautifully. It’s her holy grail…for now.

Julie bought a piece by the talented Jack Devereux, an artist based in Australia who creates beautiful continuous line drawings. You might see it in her upcoming MOTO. 🙂

Lastly, here is a beautiful article filled with personal stories and reflections by writers about Notre Dame and Paris.

Also, happy Easter to all those who are celebrating. We hope you (and well, everyone) is having a beautiful day filled with your family traditions, be that church, brunch, chocolate bunnies, egg hunts, and…everyone’s favorite, super cute dressed up little kids. 🙂

  1. Rothys are the bomb!

  2. Check out Maelove for amazing skin care things-https://maelove.com/collections/our-lineup

    Affordable, cruelty free, vegan, etc etc.

    It’s all good, but their Glowmaker is the best serum I have ever used on my dry-ish/mature skin 🙂

    1. thank you thank you. I’ll check it out!

  3. I use the Mary Kay timewise repair kit and I love it!!

  4. Thanks for this! I’ll have to check out “The OA.” Just a friendly note: for the recycled shoes, it shows the ‘404, error’ page when you click the link. 🙂 Happy Easter to all celebrators!

  5. I just finished season 2 of OA and have been wishing I had someone to talk about it with! I can’t stop thinking about it!

    1. I think Grace also just binged it this weekend. Wish we could all sit around over lunch and discuss the insanity!

  6. Sally Breer does amazing work! Em you know all the cool kids. Your company must be so fun to work for. If only I lived in LA!

  7. As always, a great Link Up!

    The fire at Notre Dam is absolutely heartbreaking, but it’s important for us (Americans) to also acknowledge that in the last couple weeks three historic Black churches were burned down by a white supremacist in Louisiana. History and culture lost, and many hearts broken. Crucial for us to hold those communities in our hearts too.

    Thanks for holding a beautiful space to acknowledge it all.

    1. So true. It’s very sad. However, the way people from the US have come together and donated billions of dollars to Notre Dame reconstruction but not to help places like Flint, Michigan or the Black churches or any of the many other injustices here in the US really makes me sad for our country as well.

      1. Thank you for saying this. I came here to say this exact same thing. It’s absolutely nauseating when people are so fraught over disasters but shows so little concern for the ones that disproportionately affect people of color here in the US. Please don’t get me wrong, the burning of that beautiful historic church is awful, as well as the burning of the three black churches which were not accidental but intentional. I wish more influencers who speak on issues that affect the world would also broaden their scope on how the world looks.

  8. Arlyn I used that Kiehl’s moisturizer for a long time, and switched the Celestial from Lush Cosmetics. It absorbs better, smells better, and is cruelty free! Highly recommend. I also have oily skin. 🙂

    1. THANK YOU. I just finished a tub this weekend of Kiehl’s and I haven’t replaced it yet so I will absolutely try this. Thank you again!

  9. Oh my goodness! I had no idea that Emily knows Dustin Lancaster. I live in OKC and am obsessed with Bar Arbolada, his bar/restaurant here. It is so, SO gorgeous inside and the drinks and snacks are perfect (the crispy paprika/lemon potatoes!).

  10. Love the Link Up, one suggestion for it would be to add pictures, something to make it less text heavy and also look appealing.

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