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The Link Up: Emily’s Next Must-Read Book, A Face Mask Recipe That Changed Ryann’s Skin, & The “Discrete” Bathroom Necessity

Design by Studio Giancarlo Valle | Photo by Steven Kent Johnson | via Architectural Digest

We know that most of you are probably done with all of your shopping and holiday prepping, right? Just kidding, we are still picking up our final gifts and wrapping up a storm too. So in case you need those final suggestions or just some fun reads then we’ve got you. Let’s get right to this week’s link up…

Emily can’t wait to read The Likability Trap, after hearing the author on this podcast episode talk about how many women feel they are presented with two options: being a good leader or being liked.

Let’s call it serendipity (and not that Jess is a sucker for the newest and coolest) but somehow Domino knew she was out of shower gel and this article popped up in her email. Did the google machine tell them?? Anyway, it got her good when they said the Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash smelled “like taking a walk through a lush forest.” Like how could she resist, right? Plus the bottle is beautiful and the soap itself organic, biodegradable and lasts for 80 showers. 

The other day Julie calculated on average how much she has spent on kombucha in the past year and the result was pretty horrifying. So, she consulted a kombucha brewing expert aka her brother-in-law to get his approval on this Kombucha Brewing Kit. Julie is excited to test it out & will report back on how her first batch goes. Wish her luck.

From Arlyn: “For the “design history nerds” out there, a reader recently emailed me this article from the New York Times (entitled The 25 Rooms That Influence the Way We Design) for my entertainment and I thought I’d pay it forward. I love seeing things like this because with Pinterest and Instagram these days, it’s easy to feel the “same same” of the current design scene and this was a serious palate cleanser.”

Ryann’s skin is not suited for cold, dry weather. So the past few weeks she has been breaking out like no other. In an attempt to save herself time and money, instead of running to Sephora for a new cleanser she researched some home remedies. She found this face mask recipe that is SO SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE it is stupid. It’s simply 1 tbsp of honey and a 1/2 tsp of turmeric (she skipped the lemon part) and it not only cleared up some blemishes but made her skin so so soft. 10/10 would recommend.

From Mallory: “Ever since I started working here at EHD, all my friends and family have been asking for design advice. So for Christmas, I’m planning to give everyone something for the rooms they’ve been asking me about. My sister needs a color palette, so I got her this painting to jump off of. Heads up Society 6 is having a great sale on their framed prints. I hope she doesn’t read this.”

Velinda shares a very small bathroom with her wife, so these incense matches serve a sacred purpose. So much better than Poo Pourri, and they’re also so easy to carry around in a wallet.

Caitlin got these boots back on Black Friday and has been wearing them NON-STOP since. From Caitlin: “I’m not a super boot person because I always feel like they make my legs look weird, but YO, THESE RULE. They are SO COMFORTABLE and I’ve worn them with everything from cropped pants to socks and dresses to socks and skinny jeans and y’all. They changed my life. I’m annoyed I waited so long to bite the bullet on these.”

Veronica recently discovered that her new favorite color is cobalt blue, which is where this baby comes in. Sooo warm n cozy and perfect for the cold weather these days. She usually doesn’t like a cinched waist, but this one is acceptable as it keeps all the warm in.

And there you have it. Now, go enjoy your Sunday and see you tomorrow. xx

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Mariya Zafirova
3 years ago

I need to try that face mask!

Mariya |

Amy KS
3 years ago

Don’t do it! My daughter tried it last night and she now has a yellow ring around her face and a yellow tinge to the rest of her face.

3 years ago
Reply to  Amy KS

same here. I should have researched this a bit more. They yellow tinge won’t go away.

3 years ago

Please change the headline to DISCREET, not discrete.

3 years ago
Reply to  Lynn

Lol ikr?

A Duffy
3 years ago
Reply to  Lynn

discrete means individual, and considering the item they’re talking about is something a person carries with them and belongs solely to them, it’s the correct term. You can also see by the quotations that it’s a play on words.

3 years ago
Reply to  A Duffy

Nope, they’re talking about poop. They mean unobtrusive.

Shasta Garcia
3 years ago

Love Bathing Culture! Note it’s concentrated so a little goes a long ways!

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