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The Link Up: Emily’s Favorite “Unmentionables”, Jess’ New Favorite Hand Soap & Chandler’s Eco-Friendly Flats

image via Remodelista by Alan Tansey | design by vonDALWIG Architecture

Happy Sunday, folks and welcome back to The Link Up (aka our excuse to dish about what we are into this week). It’s officially October, which means everyone around these parts is starting to get into the spooky season spirit. We are planning our Halloween costumes, lighting fall candles, and trying to convince each other to throw Halloween parties (so we have a place to wear our costumes we’re thinking up). It’s all very exciting. In fact, we want to hear your Halloween plans and costume ideas (we won’t steal, promise) but in the meantime, let’s get to those EHD links:

First and foremost, today’s home tour (curtesy of Remodelista) is a modern eclectic dreamboat that we are pretty obsessed with (that day bed! that chandelier!). Head on over to check out the whole tour here. 

From Emily: “I officially replaced all my underwear with these. They are extremely comfortable, cute and NOT a fortune—but here’s the trick: size WAY up. Seriously, way up. I wear a large and maybe a medium would have fit, but the large is extremely comfortable with all outfits. P.S. would you guys be into an “unmentionables” review blog post? Stay tuned…”

Chandler recently bought these flats from Everlane. They are really comfortable and easy to wear, and are especially perfect if you are on your feet a lot. Also, Everlane is just a really cool company that we all love because they are transparent on what factories they work with and what it costs to make the items they sell.

As an unfortunate hardcore Aesop handsoap lover ($$$), Jess was pumped (soap pun intended) when she visited her dad’s house and found a great alternative: Everyone’s Lavender and Coconut hand soap. It smells SO GOOD. It’s also super eco- and human-friendly but comes at a great price point. 

Caitlin’s birthday is coming up (October 14th) and all she wants is this lime green (!!!) Overman Pod Sofa from Candid Home. It’s technically like, 10 inches too long for her space, but she’d make it work if she magically fell into $2,000. (Another favorite from her Chairish deep dives is this lil’, appropriately sized, bright orange cutie.) This link is her veiled way of asking her mom/friends/family for Chairish gift certificates.

Ryann loves shopping for clothes, but has trouble pulling the trigger because too often the clothes in her budget are cheap quality and don’t last. That is unless what she is buying is from The Real Real. From Ryann: “It is my favorite place to shop because everything is from designers and high-end brands, but for at least 50% off the retail price (for example, I just bought a pair of Rachel Comey heels for $75. A DEAL). Everything on their site is second hand, so you are also supporting more sustainable fashion by buying there. It’s a win win, my friends.”

From Arlyn: “I love a good suspenseful movie in general, particularly this time of year, but I don’t like gore or possessions or anything too scary. Willow Creek on Amazon Prime is under an hour and a half, and is so bad it’s good. It’s about a young couple making a Big Foot documentary (it’s fiction) and while it starts out a little silly, it will likely leave you scrunched up in a ball on your sofa by the end, wondering if the sound in your hallway is, in fact, a rogue Sasquatch.”

Carolina is back with another EHD-approved jumpsuit/one-piece. She has been on a hunt to find the perfect denim overalls and she finally found the perfect pair from ASOS. From Carolina: “They’re so good. They have a tapered leg and have the best black wash. If you don’t mind ‘non-stretch’ denim then these are great and affordable!”

Veronica finally caved and splurged on this Away Backpack and she is in love with it.  From Veronica: “I use it every day for work and for any small weekend trips or as a carry-on bag. It holds so much and the pockets are super organized + it has a hidden zippered pocket on the back for your keys, wallet, passport, whatever you want more protected! 13/10 recommend.”

Speaking of travel another great product is this All-in-One adapter that Julie recently used on her trip. This adapter can work anywhere in the world, it has multiple spots to plug in all the electronics you’d ever need and even has a spot for a USB port because you know we all lose those squares.

Bowser is VERY excited to read Fair Play by Eve Rodsky with her unofficial couples book club. She’s just started it and she’s already hooked! It’s “a revolutionary, real-world solution to the problem of unpaid, invisible work that women have shouldered for too long” and she cannot wait to get to the “real-world solution” part and to hear the male perspective(/reaction). Please read along and let’s talk about it!

Mallory is moving into a new (empty, and small) apartment soon, and seriously tempted by the things we link to on the blog, but she’s gotta start somewhere. “I’m buying all the simple, yet small things that I know I’ll need. My first purchase (which was also featured in a blog post) was this silverware. Well, maybe gold-ware? You tell me.”

Alright that’s all we have for you today. Thanks for hanging out with us. See you beautiful people tomorrow. xx

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2 years ago

Thank you team EHD!

I hope there is a Halloween decor post coming up. I need more target loot recommendations (and before it sells out ?!) ! The way Emily decorates seasonally/kid friendly is always so inspirational.

2 years ago

Yes please to panties! I love a pair with a wide band to help with my post mommy tummy…would love to know best granny panties practices, and which ones really suck you in when needed/desired (spanx vs tummy yummy vs ?)
Ps- loved the fashion post yesterday. Hopeful working with Suzanne can become more regular.

2 years ago

Do Rachel Comey shoes fit true-to-size?

2 years ago
Reply to  MKW


2 years ago

LOVE the goldware flatware! So pretty and festive yet not over the top.

2 years ago

I would have thought Emily more of a Pact organic boy short kinda lady. Not in a million years would have guessed a lace thong!

I’ve slowly been replacing all my non-cotton acrylic/poly undies with cotton or cotton/bamboo undies. Life’s too short for itchy undies.

Monique Wright Interior Design
2 years ago

Ok while we’re talking about underwear sizing…why does it seem like underwear have gotten smaller over the years?! I used to only wear VS underwear. But now even a large feels too small! Riddle me that, angels. And I’m still the same size. I’m all about the Felina underwear these days. They are so damn comfortable! ?

2 years ago

Exactly!! Im a size 10 in jeans. Gotta buy xl or XXL undies now in order to have nothing digging in. Its so inaccurate!

2 years ago

So happy you mentioned Everyone! I am a huge fan of their soaps and lotions. Their parent company is EO who makes my favorite anti-bacterial spray. But more importantly, they are a registered B corp, they are made in California, and they have a zero waste factory. They are a great company to support!

2 years ago

Lovely suggestions, as always. However, could we all consider ditching liquid soap and go back to solid, please? It would eliminate so much plastic waste.
Thank you

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