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The Link Up: Emily’s Fav Affordable Pullover Sweater, Jess’ Vintage Lamp Shop Find and Arlyn’s Best Refrigerator Hack

Design by Studio Shamshiri | Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson

Welcome to the LAST link up of 2019. Don’t worry it will not be the last because you all seem to love them as much as we love sharing what we like. It’s a true win-win. So take a deep breath, know that we all have almost made it to 2020 and enjoy this little Sunday read…

There was A LOT of interest in the red sherpa pullover that Emily was wearing in her Insta stories earlier this week (and for GOOD reason). It’s incredibly cozy and comes in four awesome colors. But the red is obviously Em’s fav.

Mallory and her boyfriend have been scrounging around for furniture for their new apartment on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc. They recently got a solid deal on this table which they LOVE and highly recommend.

If you haven’t heard Julie’s sister Val and her family of 4 are living the life by traveling the world for a WHOLE YEAR. If you want to fully be jealous of them you can follow along their journey on Instagram @littleworldadventure. Val and her husband Trent are taking this time to reassess life and to help they’ve started reading Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans. This book is the equivalent of Marie Kondo-ing your closet but for your life, to create a meaningful and joyful life.

Risky and bold design is probably our favorite kinds and Studio Shamshiri is one of our favorites in that department. Take a look at the truly stunning hotel they designed in New Orleans. Never ever have we wanted to take a “work trip” more.

‘Tis the season to be warm ‘n cozy!! Veronica’s roommate introduced this hot cocoa to her last year. So naturally, she bought some over the weekend, and then was pleasantly surprised to see that Julie brought some into the office this week!!! It is THE BEST. So tasty, and makes you feel ready to snuggle up and watch all the Christmas movies.

Ryann bought this sweater after almost a year of searching for the perfect one. It is pretty perfect and now she wants it in alll the colors.

We called the pleated shade trend last year but we had no idea how big it would get but we are pumped. Jess (very pro pleat) stumbled upon this awesome and reasonably priced french vintage lamp shop on Etsy that has a ton of pleated shade table lamp options. This one is one of her favorites…and is very much trending for 2020 (stay tuned on that).

Sometimes Arlyn finds that refrigerator “organizers” actually steal space from you. It might look good and tidy, but when you’re already tight on space, what good does that do you?? However, she does LOVE these clear bins for her refrigerator. It’s easy to see how much of something she has, she can compartmentalize like foods, and they fit really well in her too-small rental apartment fridge. 

Caitlin is on a HUGE candelabra kick after seeing this one in Jess’ apartment, and she is now newly in love with this lil guy. If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for Caitlin (or if you just wanna bank some ideas for future reference), please get her one of these. This is definitely NOT Caitlin writing a veiled message to her family with explicit present requests. 

Alright, this is where we leave you to enjoy your Sunday. Have a beautiful, cozy day and see you all tomorrow. xx

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3 years ago

I have that World Market table in white! We have had it over two and a half years at this point and it has held up REALLY well and we get lots of compliments on it. Bonus points because we got it on promotion too. Worth every penny.

3 years ago

I immediately fell in love with that picture. Of course, it’s Studio Shamshiri. Love, love, LOVE them.

3 years ago

The Norman candelabra came up in my search and I love it too!

3 years ago

Thank you fir not taking a break in posts. This time of year can be very lonely, and sadly, the post help me feel connected.

3 years ago
Reply to  S

S, I’m sorry it’s like that for you. Internet hugs from me to you! I also went through a time of feeling lonely in real life and the only connections I felt were to people writing on the internet. Now, for me, it was due to depression and I was finally able to ask for help and get medication and support from doctors and family. But whatever is causing this time of loneliness and disconnect for you, I pray it will end soon. If you have anyone you can talk to, do it. Even if you can’t bring yourself to share everything, share a little. Sometimes our comfort and healing has to come in bits and pieces.

Mariya Zafirova
3 years ago

Love that sweater!

Mariya |

3 years ago

thank you for this wonderful information.

3 years ago

this is wonderful blog thanks .

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