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The Link Up: The Only Bra Emily Buys, Binge-Worthy Shows & The Perfect Travel Outfit

image source | design by Cortney Bishop

Happy last Sunday of April, where half our team was out sick, but we still managed to talk in depth about bras amongst other things.

From Emily: “I only wear one bra (three different colors) and have for YEARS. As I’ve mentioned before, my ladies are secretly big and while I’m by no means trying to reduce their impact, I also like them to be properly in their place. I got fitted a few years ago for this bra, Prima Donna Twist A La Folie Underwire Bra, and I’ve never gone back. It lifts, sculpts into a nice shape and is SO supportive but it’s still pretty with lace detailing!!! I just feel confident and secure in them, and my clothes fit FAR better than with most other bras that just don’t do the job. They aren’t cheap but they last for a few years (at least mine, do) and this specific one is the only one I buy.”

Sara’s current blush is the Olio E Osso Natural Lip & Cheek Balm No. 10 Tea Rose. The blush is really light and buildable. She wears it on her cheeks and lips and carries it in her bag for easy lip application. She says it feels like a chapstick but doesn’t feel sticky on her cheeks. It’s also non-toxic and cruelty-free.

While we’re on the topic of beauty, Ryann says she’s obsessed with this Origins GinZing moisturizer. Says Ryann: “I’ve been using it for a year now and any time I run out, no other moisturizer compares. It’s like having a giant glass of orange juice, but for your face.”

This week, Julie is the one to bring us a crazy cool home tour. This home has the perfect balance of weird, moody and ultra chic. I don’t think any of us have ever wanted to live in a dark and moody home more.

For anyone who prefers the bright and happy (yet calm and cozy) to moody, Arlyn is sharing a designer she’s started stalking on Instagram: Cortney Bishop Design. She manages to create rooms that are homey with just enough cool sprinkled in to not feel like your typical “Instagram” design fare.

Speaking of fighting off illness, Bowser and Jess both swear by Source Naturals Wellness Formula. It’s a herbal defense complex that you can take daily for maintenance but if you start to feel under the weather you just up the dosage. However, if you are taking it daily the chance of getting sick obviously drops dramatically. It’s a magical natural immunity tablet that you will be so glad you have.

A hedgehog goes camping…who doesn’t want to hear more? Grace has the cuteness overload factor dialed in this week. In this article, a tiny little hedgehog goes camping using all his miniature gear that will put an instant smile on your face. He’s apparently Insta-famous and has hundreds of thousands of followers (including both Grace and evidently Velinda who paused her diligent work to look up and say “Oh! The hedgehog they put in tiny canoes? I follow him, too!). It’s an account you won’t regret following. 

Michael was recently visiting Joshua Tree National Park and bought this candle, the Parks Candle Yosemite’s Cottonwood + Oak. It comes in such a cool, sleek vessel and it smells SO GOOD. It even has an awesome looking wood wick. Plus, proceeds go to protect our National Parks, gotta love that!

Jess binged the new show Ramy on Hulu in one night. This show is funny, at times hard to watch (in an important way) but is ultimately so beautiful and a total must see.

Blackout is the most recent podcast Veronica got totally hooked on. It stars one of her favorite actors, Rami Malek whose character is a small-town radio DJ fighting to protect his family and small-town of Berlin, New Hampshire, when the town experiences a rolling blackout. This podcast is an apocalyptic thriller filled with suspense a variety of different characters that she found herself wanting to know more about very quickly. She guarantees this podcast will have you as hooked as she is with a new episode every Tuesday (seven are available now), but she would not recommend listening at night…dun dun dun.

We talk a lot about gifts for ourselves but Velinda has the CUTEST cat toy recommendation. It’s a Knit Fish Taco Toy Set for $3. Your cat and eyes will thank you.

Julie and Jess went to NYC last weekend and Julie wore the actual most chic (and comfortable) matching sweater and skirt combo outfit from Mango in the world. Julie would never admit to how cool she looked so Jess needed to step in to make that known. However, Julie will say that she loved how comfortable she was and how perfectly the outfit transitioned from the plane to the city.

Jo Malone makes some of Grace’s favorite scents (she’s loved Blackberry and Bay, both the scent and body cream, for ages). But she found a new love from the brand: Red Oak and Currant. She finds that their more fruity scents don’t last as long on her (which is a huge bummer), but this slightly more musky scent stays on for the entire day and she loves how the scent even transforms throughout the day. Two thumbs up! (While Arlyn was reading this, she also had to interject that Jo Malone makes her favorite scent: Nectarine Blossom & Honey. She says it’s sweet without being cloying and agrees with Grace that it lasts ALL day.)

Jess stumbled upon this awesome online shop called Hotel Magique. She had seen a couple of their prints collaborations elsewhere but didn’t realize they had their own shop filled with very cool and reasonably priced art. She might need another gallery wall. 🙂

Hope your day is slow and beautiful and that you may have a little something for yourself…or your cat. See you tomorrow.


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3 years ago

That bra looks great!
Do you know where I could go for a fitting? I’m my search, it appears only online.
Thank you.

3 years ago
Reply to  S

Hi! It really depends where you live in the country… there is usually some lingerie shop that specializes in bras by Prima Donna, Chantelle, Empreinte, etc. These are $$$, so shops have a vested interest in making sure you leave in the right size… or you will come back in three days saying they don’y fit right…. So, I would look for a lingerie store near you that carries some of these lines… then look on their website if they describe their fitting process, working with their customers to make sure they are fit correctly, etc. That’s the best way to find a place. Failing that, has MANY online guides for how to measure/ fit yourself; but it’s a bit more of a gamble if what you order is really going to properly fit.

3 years ago

My husband and I are big fans of Wellness Formula (though it tastes awful!). We buy it at Whole Foods and start taking it the moment we feel colds coming on or know we were exposed. It has made a big difference for us in preventing or decreasing the severity of colds.

3 years ago

Thanks for sharing your go to bra. You guys gotta try ThirdLove! Online only, free returns and exchanges and carries 78 sizes!! Take a Fit Finder to find your size or they have a very helpful customer service team.

3 years ago
Reply to  Stephanie

You know, I tried third love and didn’t love it. All the bras had too much padding for me (I need totally unlined or padded). They added too much bull and trust me…I don’t need it.

3 years ago

Emily’s bra…does she know of a brick and mortar place to find them? Looking online it appears most internet places only take exchanges, andI know from experience that sometimes a bra’s fit just isn’t suited to a person ‘s body. I would love to try this one! Thanks for sharing!

3 years ago
Reply to  Morgan

Hi! I believe we linked up the bra via Herroom, which is the only site I purchase any of my undergarments from because they ship super fast and accept returns (not just exchanges). I regularly order multiple sizes and return what doesn’t work out for me. Hope that helps!

3 years ago

Sunday thought: I just watched the flea market unpacking video and one of the things that came to mind (besides, “wow, I’d love that large pouf!”) was: She must have a TON of stuff, given her work. I wonder where she stores all of her stock for styling rooms and, more important, HOW she organizes it all? Is it all nicely organized somewhere that would offer tips on how to store all of the stuff we buy from flea markets and aren’t yet sure how to use?

Seems like that could be a helpful post. It would be more of an organizational post than a style post but potentially informative (unless it’s all stored in a big messy garage, in which case, we could watch as you could bring in an organizer to help!). 😉

Paula Carr
3 years ago

Absolutely, positively, the most important thing you can do to make your clothes look better is get a GOOD bra.

Andrea Stoeckel
3 years ago

All the bras I own together cost less than one of these, and I HATE underwires

3 years ago

I won’t do underwire anymore, but am still searching for the best, most supportive option for D’s. Recommendations welcome from anyone!

3 years ago
Reply to  Eve

Check out Knix ( – Canadian company but they have a US/International site). I’ve been wearing one of their V line bras basically non-stop for a month and I love it. Feels like the same amount of support I get from underwire but doesn’t drive me nuts me like underwire does. The bra feels a bit like a sports bra but doesn’t give me crazy uni-boob like some do.The fit guide they have works really well too.

Rebecca Coutant
3 years ago

I love everything about this post – good bra and great podcasts? What more to life is there?

3 years ago

Just wanna give a shout out to the Wellness Formula lovers. I have sworn by that stuff for YEARS and recommend it to all my friends. It totally works, people!

3 years ago

Just a tip for anyone who has found “their bra”. If you can afford it, stock up and hoard as many as you can lol. My favorite bra got discontinued when the company went bankrupt. Wacoal bought the brand but stopped producing their bras. I still haven’t found a bra I like half as much.

3 years ago

We watched all of Ramy and loved it – great recommendation! Also on hulu and worth watching is PEN15 – sooo funny and cringey!

Rachel S
3 years ago

I’m dying for bras right now; I’m 23 weeks pregnant and just had to return some 32G bras that were still too small. UGH. Herroom has a ton of options but now I feel overwhelmed! I need some underwire options for work; or maybe I should just give up and wear lounge bras to the office… I feel despondent. The bra Emily recommended doesn’t appeal to me; bras with multiple panels on the cup seem to give me torpedo boob which I’m… not into.

Also, fwiw, vitamins/minerals/herbs cannot and do not “boost immunity”. Take them if you want to, but be careful about drug interactions with any of those herbs if you take any other medicines.

3 years ago

Please. TMI. I do not want to know what $132 bra, or $3 bra, Ms. Henderson wears.
And, please consider again not recommending very dubious medical practices or medication. You’re losing credibility by the second.

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