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by EHD Staff
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We made it to the best day of the week once again…the link up. This week was a little extra special because we welcomed a new member to the EHD team. Please welcome Veronica, our new photo assistant. We nicknamed her Mars (duh) as soon as we heard her name. Don’t worry, we are 99% positive she likes it despite not having seen an episode of Veronica Mars yet. That fact will change shortly if we have anything to do with it. Now please enjoy this week’s links, go watch Veronica Mars and don’t forget about daylight savings (we LOSE an hour) if you live in a place that recognizes it…why is this still a thing, California??

This article was terrifying for Emily, especially for someone like her whose business relies so heavily on social media (PS, it’s a piece on “kidfluencers”). She’s been drafting a ‘how I feel about my own kids in social media’ for almost 4 years now so let us know if this is something you actually want to be published. It’s a piece full of vulnerability so she told us she just wants the assurance people will actually read it in order to get it out there. Let us know in the comments.

Exciting news!! We made Domino’s Best Design Blogs of 2019. We are so honored to still be on their list.

As Emily and the design team are wrapping up the mountain house design, this mountain getaway designed by the multi-talented Brooklyn Decker is a true inspiration. It’s the perfect mix of rustic, classic and coziness.

Emily wants you to know about Rebecca Atwood’s new line. Yes, a new line of her textile genius. It’s evokes everything wonderful about springtime and will most likely have you immediately drooling upon first sight.

Our resident brow gal, Jess cannot wait to try this crazy affordable brow styling technique. All you need is a bar of soap and a mascara wand. Wait…huh? 

Veronica is coming in hot with her first recommendation, a VERY cute and affordable jewelry company she loves and wears basically every day.

Our EHD baker extraordinaire Sara swears by this super easy and SUPER TASTY chocolate cake recipe. All of us are waiting for the day she brings it into work. Sara? Does Monday work?

During last month’s trip to Target HQ, we got a sneak peek of some new releases. Arlyn’s favorites including Auden, a new lingerie line that looked SO great in person, and Stars Above which are pajamas and loungewear that were SUPER soft with lots of options in a wide range of sizes.

Dog owners, this one is for you. Velinda highly recommends Nulo Adult Grain Free Dog Food. It’s the only food her 15-year-old dog with skin allergies eats. She says it boosts his energy and keeps him from itching.

Julie is trying to take care of herself (finally). In her committed effort, she bought two products this week to boost her health. The first is Bulletproof Unflavored Collagen Protein (she doesn’t eat a lot of meat so it’s a great substitute) and Garden of Life Green Superfood because she is a self-proclaimed “forgetful human” who doesn’t eat enough veggies. She will report back in a month.

Favorite candle alert! Grace bought this Thymes Frasier Fir Pine Needle Candle last week while at a shop near the mountain house based on Sara’s recommendation (Arlyn has it, too, via Brady, and stands behind it, too). She used it Sat and Sun and says it’s SO GOOD! Woodsy, but kinda sweet at the same time. 

Michael loved this video interview with Selma Blair. He said it’s shocking, inspiring and powerful.

Juicers aren’t cheap but you know what else isn’t cheap?? JUICE. So Bowser bought a new juicer. A friend told her about the Omega and was sold when she said it was the easiest juicer she’s come across to clean. DUH. BOUGHT. She will also report back.

Arlyn has had this cable management box for a few months and while in her dream world, would prefer no wires ever in her sight, it DRASTICALLY improved the cordage bombardment around her TV in the living room.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and if you are local, don’t forget to head to Pen and Napkin’s Rummage sale today. See you tomorrow,

  1. Yes to kids and social media article!! You always handle the personal articles so elegantly and I am sure the comments will be enlightening as well.

    1. I agree! Yes to the kids + social media article!

    2. Yes- I am floored by this article. Would love Emily’s thoughts.

    3. Agreed! I’m fascinated by the topic because although childless, I work in marketing and two of my colleagues – as well as a few friends – are militant about not allowing close-ups of their children to appear in digital media posts, which has sparked more than a few fights with long-distance grandparents who think they’re being silly. However, we’ve all heard about the hapless college graduates who were hampered in their job searches by the posts of themselves chugging beer or otherwise showing lack of judgement. At the time, they had no idea that years later recruiters would look at the pictures and say thanks, but no thanks. We don’t know today what we may be setting these children up for down the road. And if my brother and I are any indication, what happens if one of your children grows up to be a very private adult and the other just lets it all hang out without a care? Something else to elicit a “thanks a LOT, Mom & Dad”? So Emily, what say you??

    4. Noted!

  2. Welcome, Veronica! LOVE your jewelry recommendation! I want to order some earrings but am a little concerned about how heavy they might be. Do you find them to be on the heavier or lighter side? Thanks so much!!

  3. Love you guys! With all the new and relatively new staff, maybe you can have a little picture next to the name of who is authoring the content? It’d help keeping track of who is who and connecting more to each of you since you each share so many personal things and have such personable voices. For link up posts it’s probably too messy, but for other posts? Hug.

    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for the feedback! We’re currently in the process of building out a team page so you’ll be able to see everyone’s faces, learn a little about them, etc. and any byline will link back to that page in case a reader wants to know more about the writer! Hope to launch in a few weeks.

  4. Please tell Emily that I’d love to read her article. I’m sure it’ll be great. 🙂

  5. PSA: Veronica Mars is coming to Hulu in the near future with all the old and NEW episodes 🤯😍

  6. Please – for anyone with pets – check with your veterinarian about feeding a grain-free diet. Studies are finding that exclusively grain free diets have been leading to heart problems such as cardiomyopathy . There is really no medical or nutritional benefits to eating grain free. For allergies and skin issues there are high quality prescription veterinary diets that are made especially for these issues. But they are prescription only, meaning you can’t buy them off the shelf in a pet store. Grain free is a fad and a marketing tool.

    1. Agree! Grain-free diets are under investigation with the FDA due to a link to Dilated Cardiomyopathy. This can be a silent life-threatening heart disease where symptoms don’t occur until the disease progresses. Please talk to your vet!

  7. Would love to hear Emily’s take on the children and social media influencing. The Times article was eye opening and baffling.

  8. Yes yes yes on kids and social media…

  9. Regarding Emily and her kids, I don’t think she is doing anything remotely close to what these families are doing. She seems to be careful of how often and in what way her kids are presented online.

    My only comment on the kidfluencer(or influencer) phenomenon is the fact that a certain physical/racial “ideal” is being promoted the most(White, slim, cisgender), which I find troubling.

  10. Kidfluencers???


    1. No kidding…

  11. Could you provide a link for the top photo in this post? I can see the “AD” logo, but I would like a link to take me to the right issue, right page. Ditto for all other photos posted here.

    Many thanks.

  12. Re the cable box, I would love a post with ideas for cord management! The Gold Hive has a great post (https://www.thegoldhive.com/blog/2018/8/7/how-to-hide-cords-plus-all-my-tricks-for-cable-management), so I don’t mean for you to do something that’s already out there, but if you have other ideas or product suggestions, I am all ears!

  13. Love your Sunday posts!

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