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Last night I dreamt of wicker

As you do.  I had a dream that a client said ‘no wicker’ which is more like deja vu, less like a dream because i’ve had 3 homeowners put the immediate kaybash on ‘wicker’.   And i get it, i do.  You grew up in the 80’s, you remember loads of wicker and floral fabric, a la this guy:


And you are terrified.  It’s many a man’s nightmare.  But you know what else was in the 80’s that was awesome? Family Ties. princess sleeves, shoulder pads and aerobics.  I’m a huge fan of never, ever, ever saying out right ‘I don’t like _____’ because inevitably that thing will come back, OR even better, if its the right version of that thing, you can always style it in a way that totally works.  
Bolo Ties.  
I thought that Bolo ties were the on thing 10 years ago that would never ever ever ever come back in style. NO way,  NOT A CHANCE!! i would say. IMPOSSIBLE! I would yell.  And low and behold Urban Outfitters be totes selling bolo ties.  So here’s my ode to wicker or rattan (wicker is the weaving and rattan is the material).  Because its back and its awesome…..If done right….. 
Yup.  JA knows how to do it.  Who doesn’t want to hang out in these chairs? lame people, that’s who.  (parker palm springs, my favorite hotel ever).
I bought this one on Amazon for an episode a few weeks back, $350
I had never bought furniture from Amazon before, but it came within a week with free shipping (because i am a very special ‘premiere’ member….super exclusive).  It was a total hit (stay tuned for episode 7 of the second season).  Buy it here
Yes, it can be inside.  I’m not freaking out about this room, but i think that the wicker chair is approachably pretty here and might sway a wicker -hater.  
Yes please.  I think the key is combining it with other non-wicker furniture.  like these little african stools.  wicker means lashing of reeds or fibers (my friend Wikipedia told me that), so while this bed is probably not rattan its still wicker.  
I bought this bed the other day for the show for $250:  
Its sick.  Technically its bamboo, but since its lashed bamboo that makes it wicker (right, wikipedia?).  I mean, its stupid its so awesome.  it was all flattened and crammed into a bed isle with like 50 others but this eagle eye saw it and forced 3 guys to help me hold it together while i decided if it was too big for the room or so amazing that it didn’t matter.  I decided it wasn’t too big, and it too amazing, and cheap, to pass up.  It’s headed to my lacquer guy as we speak.  Still deciding on color….
Again, this works because a. the wicker is interesting and not a plain boring big box wicker chair, and b. its combined with other finishes that make it more modern.  
pretty and chic. 
Here are the shapes i’m always drawn to:
Mixed with metal bases.  I bought these two below for my friends Ian’s patio (both for $100 at the flea market)
Loving his shape.
And a peacock chair? Forget about it.  I know people hate these, i’m aware.  But they are incredible sculptures that make you feel like a queen when you sit in it.  i’m waiting to have the right home before i buy one of these bad boys.
Anthro is selling these:
Great.  CHeck her out here, its $298.
And this one, which is much more expensive ($1600) but pretty rad:
Buy it here. 
So never say never folks.  I had someone hate florals the other day, and i turned him.  And someone hated sisal and i turned him.  Everything i used to be a snob about i have ended up opening up to (i never thought i liked country music, but man, after a week in Austin, that stuff makes you happy).   
What do you think will never ever ever come back?


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