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Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Guide – (For Dudes Like Brian)

1. Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Busy dads need to stay hydrated whilst chasing after melting down children.

2. Everyday Zip-Up Hoodie – Brian has 19 hoodies, but still wants more. Can never lose with a good new hoodie.

3. Polaroid Camera – The more he gets into film/video/photos the more he’s into these kinda gadgets and hell, I would buy this in a second for myself.

4. Bottle Opening Key Chain – A chic dude gadget that I want for myself.

5. Ducks Baseball Cap – Clearly not for everyone but he’s a huge Ducks fan and plans on indoctrinating our children into the fandom early and often.

6. Leather Card Holder – He doesn’t know it, but he really needs this.

7. Fitbit Watch – He won’t use this because he eats Philly cheesesteaks and fries for dinner while I’m eating lettuce and radishes, but I have a Fitbit and I really like it.

8. Dollar Shave Club Subscription – I actually think Brian would love this – a new razor delivered once a month (and you can choose how many you can get sent).

9. Wireless Ear Buds – Every single day Brian is looking for a set of headphones, because he loses them every single day.

10. Backpack – Newsflash: Dad diaper bags (or mom diaper bags) can just be cool backpacks. Make sure you have a side pocket for bottles/sippy cups. Other than that, just get him a cool backpack that he would wear anyway.

11. Comic Bento Subscriptiono – It’s comic books delivered every month based on a new theme. Not exactly what I want covering our coffee table, but if he loves them that much then I can support it.

12. Caskers Whiskey Explorer Subscription – Uh huh. He’s a dad of two tiny children. He needs this.

13. Leather Watch – I would wear this is a second.

14. Denim Refresh Spray – So you don’t have to wash your denim jeans. Apparently it’s a thing and it sounds disgusting but it’s happening so best use spray instead of just not washing.

15. Classic Ray Bans – It’s all he wears, but he could definitely use backup shades.

16. New Balance Sneakers – Cool dads wear New Balance – at least in LA. My sincere apologies to Nicole and Robyn (my best friends that work at Nike . . . Imma get in trouble).

17. Clarks – Casual, comfortable, but slightly more pulled together than sneakers.

18. Portable Speaker – We just used one of these on set recently, and it was awesome.

19. Striped Crew Neck – I love this shirt because it’s slightly more stylish than the plain white v-neck he wears everyday, but it’s still super casual, cool, and masculine.

Most of these things should be able to get to you by Saturday if you order soon. Happy Fathers day, xx.

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7 years ago

Also see heritage_haberdashery for classic menswear and accessories.

7 years ago

Uh-oh… the Clarks link goes to the water bottle. But everything is lovely as always, thanks!

7 years ago

Can you do one for dudes like George? 🙂

7 years ago

Cool roundup!

I have a question about placemats but afraid you won’t see it if I comment on the lazy girl dinner party post since that was several days ago.

Placemats confuse me when they fit a plate but not glasses. Does everyone have a table which protects against water but not heat? Aesthetically, it usually looks better to have small or no placemats and no trivets. So I’m wondering if placemats are really just used in place of decorative chargers.

As it is, we use rectangular placemats for everyday, and I put them away when it isn’t mealtime. For dinner parties, I have to use a mat covered by a tablecloth. Would rather have the flexibility to sometimes let the pretty would show!

I’d love to have a prettier tablescape which is also practical and won’t ruin my vintage MCM table. Is getting it glazed an option? Any tips on this would be so appreciated!

7 years ago

What a great gift guide! Is it weird that I want half of the things on this list?!

7 years ago

Thank you, Emily! Just ordered my husband the polaroid camera, think he’ll love it!