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Lake Bell's Pop-Up House designed by Justina Blakeney

Alright, folks. Round 2 of the Airbnb pop-up house reveal (see the first one by Moby and I). This one is by Justina, designed with Lake Bell and shot by Laure Joliet. In case you don’t know Lake, she is kinda a new Hollywood indie darling. She’s hilarious and quirky and obviously very pretty (and tiny in person .. why/how are they all so skinny in person?).  Her Brooklyn home was recently featured in Lonny and looked GOOD. So it was no surprise that she wanted to work on a mini-version of that with Airbnb in Los Angeles.

Lake Bell

So Justina created a very lovely mood board for Lake and her designer mother to approve. And approve they did. Justina’s popup was in the Arts District so while she had to make it look like Lake, she also had to make it look kinda appropriate for the Arts District. So she merged her bohemian style with some subtle street art, japanese motifs and Chicano styles.

Lake Bell Pop-up House Airbnb

Then the team at KitHAUS put together these renderings for us to get final approval from Lake. And approve she did.

Lake Bell Pop-Up House Airbnb

And then I had an interior rendering artist work with each designer to create a fairly accurate idea of what it would really look like inside.

Lake Bell Pop-Up House AirbnbThen one week later, Justina made this happen:

Airbnb Pod Lake Bell Arts District

Ah yeah. It’s such a happy mix of total bohemian craziness, full of a TON of textures colors and styles.

Airbnb Pod Lake Bell Arts DistrictAirbnb Pod Lake Bell Arts DistrictAirbnb Pod Lake Bell Arts District

Sometimes I think my favorite part is how she painted the street art on the ground, but then I go inside and am reminded of how awesome it looks inside there, too:

Airbnb Pod Lake Bell Arts District

When I first saw those side tables I freaked out, thinking they were brass. She told me that nay, they were gold mirrors and I was like GOLD MIRRORS SHUT YOUR MOUTH. That might even be better, no? Anyway, they are vintage so stop asking me where she got them – one of a kind, people. I apologize.

Airbnb Pod Lake Bell Arts District

That copper chair, however, is ‘The Very Good’ chair by Blu Dot that we have all come to love and covet. Perhaps these want to live in my new house …

Airbnb Pod Lake Bell Arts District

Airbnb Pod Lake Bell Arts District


All in all, it’s a crazy mix of bohemian style that Justina is particularly great at pulling off. Lake Bell loved it, as she should.

Design by Justina Blankeney, inspired by Lake Bell, directed by me.

Photography by the very lovely Laure Joliet

Resources: Badia Design (the Moroccan lanterns, the bed, the rug) | Blu Dot (copper chair) | Hernandez (vintage gold tables)


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