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Roundup: Our Favorite Labor Day Sales for the Home

A holiday that has become synonymous with the end of summer (and, evidently, the hard stop for “civilized” people to don white apparel), Labor Day doesn’t really have any “things” besides, well…not laboring. There are no requisite barbecues (Memorial Day) or firework displays and hot dogs (4th of July). What started as a celebration of American workers (brought on by a strike by the labor union for insanely long days and poor work conditions), is now just a welcomed day off for some of us before the madness of fall and holiday seasons kicks in. And as any true American holiday, there is, of course, a commerce angle, so we’re not going to pretend there isn’t. We reached out to some of our favorite brands for the home and asked them for information regarding what special sales and promotions they had going on. So, dive in, do some shopping if you want to, and let us know what you scoop up! See you back around here again on Tuesday, as we’ll be celebrating “laboring” on Monday. 

Target See It In Your Space Emily Henderson Bright Modern Living Room141

Annie Selke

Dates: August 30 through September 5

Deal: 20% off site-wide


Our Picks: Always my blue living room rug and this modern Moroccan-inspired wool rug we used in the Portland House.


Dates: August 28 through September 4

Deal: 15% off site-wide
20% off orders $1,999 or more
25% off orders $3,499 or more
30% off orders $4,999 or more
+ FREE DELIVERY ON EVERY ORDER + Up to 50% off the Outlet

Code: None

Our Picks: These pricey but beautiful dining chairs and this desk lamp.


Dates: August 27 through September 9

Deal: Up to 50% off select items

Code: None

Emily Henderson Mothers Day Gifting Artifact Uprise Custom Photo Book

Artifact Uprising

Dates: August 27 through September 9

Deal: 20% off site-wide

Code: None

Our Picks: This photobook that I got for a sponsored Mother’s Day post we did. They are truly SO pretty in person.

Dates: August 30 through September 3

Deal: 25% off planners, extra 15% off sale

Code: None

Our Picks: This planner because, well it’s the truth.

Cle Tile

Dates: August 31 through September 4

Deal: Free shipping on ‘SECOND SHELF’ orders over $750

Code: None

Our Picks: This beautiful zellige tile and this stunning larger square tile

Cost Plus World Market

Dates: August 30 through September 3

Deal: Non-Members

          10% off + Free Shipping on $65+


          World Market Rewards Members

          15% off + Free Shipping on $65+


Our Picks: This great rug and this floor lamp.


Dates: August 31 through September 3

Deal: 20% off your order


Our Picks: These fun Phantom Photo/Memo Holder and this genius Black STiiCKs Adhesive Poster Frame.

Eclectic Goods

Dates: August 31 through September 4

Deal: 15% off site-wide


Our Picks: This cute table lamp and this neutral but textured throw pillow.


Dates: August 30 through September 3

Deal: 15% off order

Code: SPLASH15

Our Picks: Our favorite frame.

Living Room 4 001 Revised

Interior Define

Dates: September 1 through September 20

Deal: 15% off site-wide

Code: None

Our Picks: The Maxwell sofa and this new modern dining chair.

Lamps Plus

Dates: August 28 through October 1

Deal: Up to 50% off on select categories

Code: None

Our Picks: This mini pendant and this farmhouse pendant.

Lulu and Georgia

Dates: August 28 through September 4

Deal: 15% off, $300+

20% off, $600+

25% off, $900+


Our Picks: This very cool ceramic pitcher and the pretty mirror.


Dates: August 30 through September 4

Deal: 15% off all wedding orders and 25% off all save the dates

15% off baby & kids products and 30% off calendars and photo gifts


Our Picks: This funny save the date and this kid’s name sticker.

Pom Pom at Home

Dates: August 29 through September 3

Deal: 20% off site-wide

Code: LABOR20

Our Picks: This throw blanket and this throw pillow.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal3


Dates: August 30 through September 4

Deal: 20% off everything (excluding clearance items), plus free shipping (some exclusions apply, see site for full details)

Code: None

Our Picks: This VERY pretty pendant and this table lamp.

Serena and Lily

Dates: August 29 through September 4

Deal: 30% off dining

Code: None

Our Picks: This sleek and modern dining table and this pretty dope woven leather bench.


Dates: August 30 (12 am EST) through September 5 (12 am EST )

Deal: 20% off site-wide

Code: LABOR20

Our Picks: The best cuddle chair and this dive into worthy linen bean bag chair.


Dates: August 27 through September 3

Deal: Up to 30% off + an extra 15% off Rugs, Bedding and Home Items (online only)

Up to 30% off + an extra 15% off Furniture (online only)

Up to 30% off + an extra 15% off Patio Items (online only)

Code: None


Dates: August 27 through September 4

Deal: Up to 65% off Outdoor Furniture

Up to 70$ off Kitchen and Dining Furniture

Up to 65% off Living Room Furniture

Up to 70% off Mattresses

Up to 75% off Rugs

Up to 65% off Bedroom Furniture

Up to 75% off Fashion Bedding

Up to 65% off Lighting

Up to 70% off Wall Art

Up to 65% off Pet Decor

Up to 70% off Kitchen

Up to 65% off Office

Up to 65% off Storage and Organization

Up to 70% off Large Appliances and Home Comfort

Code: None

Our Picks: This great bed for a kid’s room and this hand-knotted rug.


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45 thoughts on “Roundup: Our Favorite Labor Day Sales for the Home

  1. I am so so sorry to be making a negative comment because I love Emily, love this blog and have been reading it for years. But I can’t take the moving images any more! I open it up and there’s a moving ad at the top, another one that pops up at the bottom and several that are dotted throughout the post. There’s the EHTV video going off at the side, not to mention the GIFs which personally I find headache-inducing to look at. I really do want to see this content but it’s not worth a migraine. I understand the need to earn revenue in order to keep the blog going but the amount of movement around the screen is making it completely unreadable for me. So sorry 🙁

    1. You’re not alone. For me it’s not even the ads because I don’t pay as much attention to those. But the movement in the EHD images. I’m inrerested in the content but often find myself distracted and annoyed by even trying to look at it.

    2. I believe the moving ads (banners at top/bottom, and some in the body) are dictated by your browser’s ad settings.

      1. I just tried some adblocking software and it’s really helped – thank you! I can actually read the content now but personally I would still prefer a completely static page. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned that way…

      2. I should add that the software claimed not to block legitimate ads, just the intrusive ones, so I’m hopefully not harming revenue streams or anything like that

    3. I am having the same problem with the moving content both in the post, and in the ads. For me personally, I mind the blinking ads more than the GIFs in the actual post, but both do trip up my eyes. If anyone knows how I can fix this on my end, please LMK. I’m happy to DIY my own fix if there is one that can be had.

      Also, possibly related to the ads, recently the pages on this blog are constantly reloading for me. Like 3x or more while I try to read them (on both my mobile and desktop), leading me to have to scroll back down to find the place where I had been reading multiple times.

      Not exactly the most relaxing reader experience. I’ll still keep coming back, but I do feel you on the migraine front.

      1. Hate to jump on the bandwagon but I’ve been having the same problems. I can ignore the ads (as long as they don’t jump around the page so much). But with the GIFs, there is too much movement that causes eye strain and missed content (when re-loading). Maybe a case of “over-accessorizing” the site : o

      2. I just googled how to remove ads from chrome and it gave step by step directions. Hope this helps.

        1. I thought the reloading issue was something on my end. Incredibly frustrating and occurs on desktop, iPad and iPhone. I have bunch of posts saved so I can try to get them to load. So glad to know it is not just me. I miss reading the posts and seeing the pictures.

      3. This reloading issue happens to me all the time on the iPad, too! Not as bad on a computer. I usually only come back once then give up because it’s so annoying.

        1. I no longer read this blog on my iPad because of the reloading issues. My phone does fine…

          1. My iPhone constantly reloads almost every image, many times per post. This happens to me only on this blog, never on others.
            Not sure if the issue is resolvable and I agree with others, I just become so annoyed with the continual reloads I find other blogs and sites that are a bit more easy to deal with.
            I also agree with so many others here – the jumping and frantic gifs from the EHD team are images I quickly scroll past to avoid….they’re terribly annoying and even though the content might be great, it’s not worth having to look at the jumping images.

    4. Yes, please no more flashing images! I can’t scroll down fast enough! Could a solution be an arrow on the right side of the picture that readers can click on to see the next image (so we can stare at the beautiful picture longer–and avoid the seizure inducing images) 🙂 ?

    5. Yeah I had to install adblocker! I was having to close out of 2 different banner ads at the bottom, then the moving ads on the side and sometime on the top wouldn’t let my focus on the content.

    6. Thanks for the comments everyone. We’ll take it into consideration moving forward!

    7. I agree too about all the movement – I like taking a quick mental break at work to read EHD posts, but it seems super distracting and obvious that I’m not working when my screen has flashing, moving images. Sometimes I purposely scroll up or down to hide the moving image while I read the text above or below it. It’s mostly the huge, full page GIFs that bug me the most, not the ads. Maybe if the GIFs just weren’t so large, they wouldn’t bug me so much?

    8. I completely agree with you. The images also move too fast for me to even see anything. Then, I tried to view a video and was interrupted twice by ads, both times after Emily had only said a few sentences. I had a much better experience with the Cadillac ad! I can’t read the blog anymore. It’s a shame, because I love the content and completely understand the need to monetize the blog. I just want to be able to read it!

      1. Agree 100%. I strongly dislike the GIFS and agree that they move far too fast to even be able to look at their content. I have always just scrolled past them so that they don’t strain/hurt my eyes, but I do wish that I had access to their still images because I AM interested in their content… just unable to see or focus on them!! 🙂

    9. I am only commenting to say this! The post was so choppy and I couldn’t tell which photo was with which sale because there was a moving blinking ad in between almost every paragraph. Overwhelming!

    10. There are browser extensions to have gifs play only once or disable completely, just google it for your browser.

    11. I totally agree. I look forward to seeing Emily’s work and love her content but there is nothing that makes me jump off a page faster than a bunch of moving items that can’t be focused on. It isn’t the ads, it’s the dancing content…instant headache!

  2. The article sale isn’t 20% off sitewide – it’s up to 50% off select items (which are very limited). The items you posted as your favorites, for example, are not included in the labor day sale. 🙁

  3. I’m not seeing the Article sale, it seems to be only select items. Your post says 20% sitewide, is there a code for that discount?

  4. Emily, I love your rug and I see you use it in what looks like a high traffic area with kids… my question is how does it hold up for you as Annie Selke doesn’t recommend it be used in those types of areas because of the viscose?

  5. I’m hoping to sneak in some time for just a little online shopping this weekend…looking forward to getting into this post. I just got back from errands, and passed your hubby coming out of “J’s” with his grocery cart. I’ve gotta say…he’s even cuter in person! Enjoy your holiday weekend on the mountain.

  6. There are numbers on the migraine compilation… But is there a key? There’s a lot of good stuff on there!

  7. Do not buy from Lulu and Georgia. They change the name of their rugs, so it’s very hard to compare prices. When I got a rug from them this week, I noticed that the manufacturer tag had a different name, so I googled it. It showed up on numerous other websites for $200+ cheaper!!!

    1. That’s good to know. Actually a lot of other companies do it too. Didn’t know Lulu’s was one of them as well.

  8. Just want to make sure you are aware of the reloading problem. This has been a problem for me for a couple months on my iPad and laptop. I feel like Pavlov’s dog who is being conditioned to not come back to the blog because it is so frustrating so I risk the hassle (page constantly reloading) less and less. Love your blog. Miss the ease of reading it.

  9. Agree with everyone on the too much movement. The Get the Look part flashes incredibly fast and is so annoying it makes me want to get off the site. Seems like there’s cool stuff on it but it moves too fast to even see what’s there. I tied clicking on it but it didn’t do anything.

  10. THANK GOODNESS SOMEONE BROUGHT THIS UP ! I too have grown to really hate all those moving parts and many days just left the blog because it was too annoying for my brain to handle. :0

    1. I started visiting this site less often because it became pretty unreadable with too much going on, moving images are definitely very annoying.

  11. I don’t think the Artifact Uprising sale information is correct (looks like a copy of the Article info instead). I see 15% off site-wide through monday with code LABORDAY.

  12. Just curious, I love your blog and a regular viewer since day 1.

    I have a question please; how old are the “latest videos”?
    They seem to be maybe about 10 yrs old? Wonderinh what is the objective in posting old videos.

    A fan

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