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The Link Up: Emily’s New Favorite Jean Shorts, Julie’s Genius Mask Hack, and The Best Clothing Sale This Weekend


Welcome to September and our first link up of the month. It’s shockingly already Labor Day (well tomorrow)…time is really flying by this year. One good piece of news is that you are going to see our contributors popping up in the link ups and today we are starting with someone very special:) So with that said we hope you’re having a great Labor Day weekend filled with fun but also lots of safety (geez we sound like your mom but seriously wear a mask). Anyway, let’s get right into it.

We missed looking at Reath Design interiors so we just had to feature this awesome living room they designed in Bend, OR. Everything they do is SO GOOD. Can you even handle the perfection of those mixed fabrics???

From Emily: I just got THE BEST LEVI DENIM SHORTS. Sure, it’s late in the season but that’s because I wore out all my others this summer. This one is still “distressed” without one million holes and such a good fit. Just make sure to size up unless you want them to be super constrictive (I never do with Levi shorts).

From Arlyn (YES ARLYN!!): I’ve had back issues since I was about 13. I’ve tried every cream you can imagine—Tiger Balm, Bengay, SalonPas, CBD balms…all of it. But a few weeks ago, I seriously inflamed my sciatic nerve after a back sprain and in desperation looked around for something else and found this stuff. While yes, I was on a cocktail of prescription drugs for the pain, I also know that when I would rub this in a few times a day, I quickly had noticeable relief. It doesn’t sting, it doesn’t smell, and I will now and forever have a tub on hand.

From Sara: 1 BILLION THANK YOUS to everyone who donated last weekend to my moms classroom. When I told her she’d be getting all the headphones she needed, had passed her funding goal for books, AND had Target GC to help keep her students supplied this year she was overwhelmed by the generosity of the EHD audience, and straight up got teary. So did I. Y’all made this happen, and it means the world to us and all of her students. THANK YOU!

From Julie: Meeting at the park with friends for a social distance picnic has become the new brunch spot. I personally am one of those people that once I leave my house even if it’s just to check the mail I am masked at all times so I was very excited when I got a DM on Instagram from Megan Harrington. She not only is a Cali girl who moved up to the PNW like I did 8 years ago now, which honestly feels so much longer than that but she also is an entrepreneur who started a new company called Sipping Safely. Megan has developed a sustainable mask in which you can enjoy your iced coffee, tea, or your favorite cocktail safely in public. She was so lovely to even send me a mask to try out for myself in the very cute dainty daisy pattern and I am here to tell you all, it’s a game-changer! The valve is very discreet but works with any metal straw (hello earth, love you!) and makes it so easy to stay hydrated throughout the day when I don’t feel comfortable enough to safely remove my mask for a sip (read: many sips) of water. Thanks Megan and to all others who are thinking up new ways to make life feel semi-normal again!

From Mallory: I’m slowing becoming a quarantined-trained bartender and chef (hire me for your parties once it’s legal to have parties) and it’s all thanks to Sara Adler’s cookbook, Simply Real Eating. She gave a copy to Emily a while back (who became obsessed with it) and now our entire team is obsessed with it (we’re often #emfluenced too). Maybe you relate to this, but I’m not usually the kind of person that has “go-to” recipes since I like to try out new ones all the time, but the stuff in this book is so good that I just make it over and over and over again. Specifically, I’m referring to the spicy chicken burgers, the everyday chicken salad (with avocado mayo), and the maple old fashioned (aka the drink that made me like old fashioneds). I’ve made those 3 recipes so many times that I don’t even need to look at the cookbook recipe anymore (well I still look through it sometimes to get new recipe ideas of course). Anyway, that’s my review of this cookbook and you should all buy it cause it’s life-changing. Bye!

From Ryann: My FIANCE (still not over that tbh) and I have been listening to this song nonstop. It’s the latest single from his best friend’s band that just so happened to drop the day he proposed, so we are calling it our official engagement song. Give it a listen if you love a gushy love song.

From Caitlin: I looked at about one million discounted items to pull together our recent Labor Day sales post, which requires EXTREME SELF CONTROL. But in case you missed it, the best deals in the ~ fashion ~  section came from Madewell, and I AM VERY EXCITED because they are heralding the return of the high waisted flare jean! As a large butt-ed, wide-hipped person who loves feeling like my pants are near my belly button, this is THE. BEST. NEWS. ALL. YEAR. These jeans in particular have an 11″ rise (praise be) and they’re 40% off with code HIFALL. I didn’t include it in the Labor Day roundup because I didn’t want it to sell out…but I’m telling y’all here because it’s too good to keep to myself.

From Jess: Lots of personal lifestyle changes have been taking place (especially in my kitchen) and actually meal prepping is one of them (I’ve even been making sauces and dressings…Jess, is that really you?). So this shift called for some adult food containers because my four medium-sized plastic ones were not cutting it. I did a little digging and found this glass 12 pack with white lids for $30. I feel like calling food containers pretty is weird but they really are. If you are in the market these are GREAT.

That’s all we got for you this week. Go enjoy your Sunday-scary-less Sunday & have a happy Labor Day! See ya on Tuesday 🙂

Opening Photo Credits: Design by Reath Design | Architecture by Bestor Architecture | Photographed by Laure Joliet

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Yay Arlyn! Glad to see you making some more appearances. I checked out your website after your last guest post – it’s GOOD and now bookmarked. =). I think a lot of people are just getting up and running with their new endeavors when they leave EHD, so it’s nice for people to come back later (both for us, and for you hopefully, as readers are able to check out more developed sites and then keep visiting them!). Ryann – is this fiancé thing new? Do tell. (And congrats!)


Sipping Safely. Hmm.


Yeah, I wouldn’t exactly call it a ‘genius mask hack’.


Arlyn – you may have already done this but check out a new mattress if you’re having back problems! My husband and I have both had back problems in the past; my sciatic nerve also flares up somewhat regularly. About 15 months ago we upgraded from our standard innerspring mattress to a memory foam mattress and it has been a Game Changer. My husband’s back has not hurt once since we switched, and mine has only once (after a business trip where I slept on a different mattress). We have a Tuft and Needle from Amazon (also available at Lowe’s) but there are a bunch of brands you can choose from. Just food for thought!


That’s a real mixed bunch of stuff!
That living room is so well coordinated!

Ryann….congratulations!!! 😍

I’m not sure about whether the safe sipper mask thingo would be medically approved…would it???
If you’re not supposed to touch your mask once it’s on…how on earth is opening a valve on the mask, slipping a straw through with the same fingers and then drinking…safe? I don’t see how it could be. Just sayin’ I wouldn’t be buying one without an accreditation. It’s a grrreat idea in theory….but…..

I’m wondering if we’re going to get an update about Caitlin’s house buying journey!?! Hanging out to hear where that’s at.

Arlyn, I just sent my brother the link to your pot of pain stuff. He has a lot of issues from, literally, being knocked off a pushbike by an Australian road train…that’s like a massive truck, pulling multiple huge, long trailers behind it!
I’m sure he’ll give it a go! Thank you so much.

Man, you guys are cooking, building kitchens (and helping schoolkids and super-teacher-mom), moving house and states, bringing up furkids and real kids, whoo! Just remember to keep wearing your undies on the inside, oh and don’t leap off high buildings, coz Superwoman isn’t real! Ha! 🤣


Hmmmm…..I think I officially don’t get current design trends. The Home tour was not for me…. carefully curated and beautifully executed but to me it just seemed like a late 70s/early 80s worst nightmare but very interested in what others thought!


It’s quirky, for sure, but I like it a lot. Modern but playful. I see more midcentury influence than the late ’70s/’80s that you picked up on but there really is quite a mix going on. Most of the furnishings and art would look right at home in my 1966 modern house so maybe that’s why it appeals to me.


It does feel very 70s to me, too, and at first I didn’t like it. As I looked more, I realized their were some elements I wasn’t crazy about, but I really like the warm palette. The rust and mustard velvets are very appealing. I was surprised to see it was new, because it feels very collected and a restoration of vintage 70s design. So in the end, I wouldn’t choose much of it, but I want pin it for the mix of colors, fabrics, and wood tones to implement in a different way.


I love it. I do see a heavy 70s influence, but I think it’s done in a modern way and feels fresh. It’s def. vibe heavy, like a visual interpretation of a nap in the sun on a summer day. I wouldn’t want it in my own house but I can still appreciate it.

I find it unique and stunning!

Sarah T

Congratulations, Ryann! An engagement is such a sweet time to enjoy. Wishing you both all the best!

Erin Dae

I take a few days away from screentime and Ryann gets engaged…?!?! Congratulations! I’m also not on IG so maybe I am missing out on a lot.

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