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The Link Up: Emily’s Kid’s Favorite New Show, A Sara-Approved Flan Recipe, & An Article By A Beloved EHD Alum


design by black lacquer design | home of nicole byer | photo by nate cook | via lonny

Happy Sunday ladies and gents. Hope you are staying cool and safe. Today we have a short and sweet link up for you so let’s get right to it, shall we?

First up, today’s home tour is home of the hilarious comedian Nicole Byer and as you can see her style is as vibrant and wonderful as she is. If you don’t know Nicole you should. You can watch some of her stand up on Comedians of the world, listen to her podcast, Why Won’t You Date Me, OR watch her as the host on Nailed It! (a Henderson household TV staple).

From Emily: My kids LOVE The Big Flower Fight. Charlie was particularly obsessed and we went through it in a week!

From Sara: I’ve found a new favorite food blog and I’m obsessed with this flan recipe. I love flan. I’m a flan fan you could say. But I’d never made it myself. This was my first attempt and it came out PERFECT. It was thick, creamy, and perfectly custard-y (oh and it was super easy).

Have you seen Carmeon Hamilton’s new home office space? It’s a coworking dream and the light fixture is INCREDIBLE.

Speaking of Carmeon (and Shavonda because she also spoke on this topic), she wanted to point out that while the outpouring of support of small Black-owned businesses is great… it also has the potential to be very harmful. Why? Well since so many businesses have sold out of their stock, they are having to temporarily shut down for restocking. While that might not sound like a bad thing, it’s not great for business. Gradual growth is always more sustainable. So this has the potential to do more harm with customers being frustrated due to long ship times and stock availability. This entire issue is yet another product of racial systemic injustice. SO what can we do to support for the long haul?? Here three easy tips she and Shavonda recommended:

  • Turn on Instagram notifications for your favorite brand to get alerts for new stock and info. Who doesn’t love getting the inside scoop first??
  • Sign up for brand newsletters
  • Buy a gift certificate if available

From Mallory: This AMAZING artist has some gorgeous prints and is doing 15% off with code BLM15. I bought this one and it’s arriving tomorrow…I can’t wait to see it!! 

From Julie: The other day as I was doing my daily Instagram scroll my thumb suddenly stopped on @reno_notebook’s post, it was of @raven_smith‘s bedroom where he had painted 3 different colors to test out for the space. But I honestly loved how it looks as is and am very tempted to try it out in a space of my own for the future. Check out the post cause it’s swoon-worthy! 

In case you missed our shout out on Emily’s instastory, Arlyn wrote a beautiful piece on what it was like to decide to change jobs, have a quickie wedding (of a 5-year engagement), and move across the country in a matter of six weeks (and how she feels about it now).

From Jess: I’m not usually one for cooking shows BUT I started to watching Crazy Delicious and was pretty amazed. It’s magical, a bit corny but so visually inspiring. I also decided to try The Big Flower Fight (a floral design competitive show). Again, INSANE creations and really gets those creative juices flowing. And boy o boy am I excited to happy cry this weekend watching Say I Do. See? I’m using my time suuuper wisely.

Also from Jess: Henry is an awesome subscription mask company that is Black-owned, the masks are made in LA and with every mask purchased one is donated to frontline workers or people in need. They also have kid-sized masks! Basically this a no brainer since WE ALL NEED TO WEAR MASKS and having enough is important.

From Ryann: One of the best Netflix original series I’ve seen in a long time is #blackAF. My boyfriend started watching it this week while I was in the other room and once I heard him laughing out loud multiple times I knew it was going to be GOOD. I saw a tweet describing it as “Blackish meets Curb Your Enthusiasm” which is 100% accurate. If you’ve been looking for a new show to binge, look no further!!

In case you are wanting a more product-focused post head to our July 4th sale roundup for all of the deals:)

Also, if you think we are done talking about the EHD Insider Community you would be wrong. It has truly been SO FUN and amazing to have all the members be so involved. The advice has been insanely good! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should. Why not? It’s free for the first two weeks:)

Again, hope you all had a nice weekend and stayed safe:) See you tomorrow xx

Opener Image Credit: Design by Black Lacquer Design | Home of Nicole Byer | Photo by Nate Cook | Via Lonny

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Wow this is the first Sunday post where I’ve already been watching or reading all of it. Some with the kid, some adult time. We love Nailed it and Nicole Byer, she is hilarious!! And her home is spectacular. Thanks for the tip that she has a podcast and comedy special!
I’ve also been following a cozy kitchen for at least 5 years now and can truly say her recipes are so good. I have made her Picadillo, Madeleine cookies, squash casserole, buttermilk biscuits and more (I counter this with a smoothie a day). I love her writing style plus the way she explains and details her recipes really gives me the confidence to try them.


Omg- you hooked me. I’m totally bingeing The Great Flower fight now. Love it!


The Great Flower Fight- LOVED IT!! I also LOVED The Fall Salad from Simply Real Health you recommended a few months ago. DELICIOUS! Which means I need to check out this new food recommendation. Thanks!!


I think your children might like the Australian children’s show called round the twist . It;s an old show but still quite fun

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