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It’s About To Get Very Chic In Here: Our Top 11 CB2 New Collection Picks

I’m back! Well at least for today:) The other girls have (like Mal yesterday) and will be giving their two cents on some other collections but this one? This one is mine. CB2 has been truly nailing it for years now. Every collection there’s a least a handful of things that I would buy in a second if I had the space (and money). This one is no different. Except this one is less decorative but bolder in shape, focusing on texture and simplicity. That all sounds very ominous but I promise it will make sense as I take you through…

Andora 2 Drawer Wood Nightstand + Andora Tall Wood Chest

I just…I just love both of these pieces so much. I was originally only going to choose one but how could I? As I dream up my bedroom (the next room after my living room) I am always looking out for dressers and nightstands. And while I wouldn’t personally have my nightstand and dresser come from the same collection (ie look identical), these would maybe be an exception. I love the richness of the dark wood, the tiny knobs (which are customizable), and the postmodern chunky shape.

Totora Oak Table Lamp

My obsession with table lamps continues. I love the angles, the softness/interest of the texture, and yet the simplicity of it. Plus it’s this neutral color palette makes it perfect for almost any style.

Otto Ivory Concrete Desk

Ok, so this table (when it only came in gray) was a top contender for my living room “desk” until I found my desk soulmate (you can also read about it here). Anyway, I LOVE it in white and still think it is so freaking cool. To be fair, I love most anything checkered or large circled… let’s pretend that’s a real term.

Court Black Office Chair

My search for a pretty desk chair with wheels has been a challenge. But seriously where are they?! Well, I guess CB2 because this one is a beaut. It was designed by Barcelona-based Mermelada Estudio and is vintage-inspired. Those two factors were clearly going to produce a very special piece.

Kahlo Silk Table Lamp

We LOVE a soft diffused light and this one is stunning. It reminds me of the one Emily had in Charlie’s old room and the last rendition of the LA living room. And while not cheap, it’s also not totally cost-prohibitive! I would get this in a heartbeat… and might.

Babylon Black Marble Dining Table

“Dining table” might be an exaggeration but it is an almost too beautiful bistro table. Just look at that movement? Small space living doesn’t mean you can’t go for it with special furniture pieces. If you are looking for and have the budget for this kind of table, I 1000% support you and would like a dinner invitation:)

Camerano Chocolate Velvet Upholstered Bed

Beds have been another piece that I’ve been keeping an eye out for and it’s not easy to find a really special and simple bed. I love the shape and fabric of this one so much. It’s curvy without being too chunky and just looks luxurious. That feeling of luxury as you are about to hit the pillow is pretty special and what I think we all want. Oh, and I am here for that brown:)

Onyx Framed Wall Mirror

Onyx for the win, amirite?! I think this mirror is so elegant but modern and the more I look at it the more I think it belongs in my apartment. It’s also pretty big coming in hot at 36″ x 48″. This gal is a showpiece!

Spazio Brown Marble Side Table

A really easy way to make a cool unexpected design choice is to get a really cool accent table. This one would easily get that job done. Business on the top, party on the bottom but still neutral enough to not distract from the rest of the room. So while $250 isn’t cheap, it’s definitely a more affordable/safer design risk to take than say a sofa.

Accra Carved Wood Wall Art

I LOVE THIS PIECE OF ART SO MUCH. I love the curves, THAT COLOR, and the sheer size (40″x48″). Three-dimensional art is such a great way to bring your walls to life and this one would be a slam dunk (this is another one of my favorites). Studio Anansi is the design genius behind this work and I also would freak out if this was in my apartment.

Terre Olive Velvet Sphere Pillow

Y’all sphere pillows aren’t new but they now seem to be everywhere (as in the big box stores). The trend has officially hit and we love it. You know how important we think it is to play with pillow shapes so getting to add in another is ideal in our book. Plus this one is super chic with that olive velvet fabric and might end up on my sofa.

That does it for this week of new collection picks (more next week so keep an eye out!). I know that this CB2 collection is on the modern minimal side but what do y’all think? O and don’t worry, we will cover their new outdoor furniture in a different post because WOAH. Favorite pieces??

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: via CB2

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2 years ago

That black lamp is absolutely stunning.

2 years ago

CB2 is crushing it. Nice round up!

2 years ago

It reminds me of very sophisticated Italian design.

2 years ago

Wondering where the couch with exposed wood is from? Also CB2? Thanks!

2 years ago
Reply to  Eileen

Yes! And also that chest in the background of that first photo.

2 years ago
Reply to  Eileen

Should have looked more carefully first. Here’s that couch from the first photo:

2 years ago

Very cool!

2 years ago

Love this! Of all the big retailers, CB2’s offerings seem to mesh with my style the best.
Love the textures in that Totora lamp. I hate looking up at a bulb and that shade design seems to minimize that issue.
I wish the brown marble table were less orange and the sphere pillow appeals to me more in the ivory color.
Of their other new stuff. I love the look of that black leather Maraba bed as shown in the king but the mattress in the queen photo looks out of balance which gives me pause. The black rattan bed looks amazing. The Avers metal nightstands look like they have offer a lot of storage without being total chunks.

2 years ago

i like totora lamp. but the wooden base is a little dark i think.

2 years ago

Swoon! I love the design aesthetic of CB2 and your round up is fantastic. If only I needed to furnish a new living room!!!

2 years ago

CB2 & Crate and Barrel literally make the worst furniture, overpriced and terrible quality.

2 years ago
Reply to  beks

Perhaps its item by item? We have a few CB2 pieces that have really held up well with the traffic in our house!