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It’s a …. BOY OR GIRL??????


We didn’t plan any sort of ‘gender reveal’ like last time, but when we got the call from the Doctor I had them email Ginny the results because we were at the studio. So she put something in the box that represented the gender, in the most stereotypical way possible – blue for boy or pink for girl. Brian came over and we opened it up together.

And then naturally we filmed it …

We are very happy πŸ™‚

Have a fantastic weekend –

Love, Brian, Charlie, Emily and baby _____.

p.s. if you want to see how we reacted to finding out that Charlie was a boy go here.Β 

Fin Mark


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SO exciting! I, a random stranger and mom of two boys cried and jumped for joy right along with you two!
Congrats guys!

Awwww! I won’t spoil it for people but I have two kids 23 months apart w the same gender arrangement and it’s the sweetest (I think maybe all siblings are the sweetest?!). I was similarly “great either way!” before we found out and similarly thrilled once we knew. Congrats!

(And seriously, read Siblings Without Rivalry now so when you reread it later it’s already somewhat familiar. It’s the BEST.)


I second that. I’ve got a girl and a boy 21 months apart who are 2.5yrs and 8 months. I’m already talking to them differently. It’s a great book.


The. Best. Book!!!
And an very easy read (and re-read cuz you’ll need refreshers)


OOOH soo good to know. Thanks guys. We are, just, insanely excited.

Congratulations Emily! That’s so exciting. Your (and Brian’s) happiness made me well up a bit. πŸ˜‰


Me too!!


That was so endearing! Best kinds of news, congrats to you and your family!

Ah! Congrats!!! I literally teared up watching your reactions! AMAZING!

OMG I’m crying at my desk! That was the sweetest thing ever and so amazing to see your raw reactions. Thanks for sharing with us and congrats!! -Meg

Congrats! You two are the cutest couple I’ve seen, seriously #couplegoals.

Josh – The Kentucky Gent


such a sweet video! brian’s reaction was so cute πŸ™‚ congratulations!


omg i LOVED this – such a simple way to reveal and loved seeing the surprise and excitement! yay!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such a fun moment!


I am crying I’m so happy for you, Brian and Charlie. There was do much joy in this video. I know you would have been thrilled no matter what sec the baby, but thus is absolute perfection!

Emily Klug

I love how shocked and excited and joyful you and Brian were in learning the sex.

In a few weeks I have an appointment to get an IUD because I decided I didn’t want any more kids (I have 1 boy and my boyfriend has 1 boy and 1 girl). So maybe I should be careful reading your blog for the next few weeks or I just might not keep the appointment…

Congrats you two!! So exciting and I gotta say exciting for us too!! We now get to see how you design for a girl too.


πŸ™‚ Three kids is LEGIT. xx


This is unbelievably cute! Congratulations!!


Y’all are too cute! Congratulations!!


I’ve replayed this like 5 times already. I love your reactions so much! You guys are such an adorable family, congrats!!! <3 <3 <3


That was such a very sweet video! As a mom of 2 little boys, CONGRATULATIONS! I would’ve loved a little girl.


This is adorable! Congratulations!!!


SHUT UP!!! I loved watching this. And how cool that your baby girl will get to see this. SO sweet!!! And Brian saying he has to call his mom, was adorable.


Yes… As a mom of a son, I was very touched by that thoughtful gesture. Your husband is going to help you raise a very honorable son.


I know. At the time I didn’t remember him saying that and then when i watched the video myself it made me SOOOO happy. If only that is Charlie’s first though, too. xx


Congratulations!! What a beautiful family! We have one of each– teenagers, now, but they are the best buddies! Charlie is going to be such a great big brother to his new little sister…….. YAY for you!!!


That was genuinely the cutest video I saw on the internet today. Congrats to you guys!


WOOOO!!!! CONGRATS! You two/three are the cutest!


YAHOOOOOO! Congratulations! I teared up seeing Brian’s reaction!!!

Would you mind me asking how many weeks you were able to find out the gender? It seems like it’s possible to find out so much earlier than ever before!

Cheers to you and your family!


You can get a blood test now at 9 1/2 weeks to find out 10 days later. So I guess 11 weeks. It wasn’t available when i was with Kaiser but it is now. It also does all the chromosomal stuff (in the clear for that, thank goodness). yeah, its nuts how early you can find out now. xx


SO cute! Congratulations on the baby girl. It was fun to see your and Brian’s reactions. Sweet.

This is adorable!!! Congrats!


Awwwww! I got a little teary there from your excitement. Congratulations!

Karen T.

So that was awesome! Congratulations!!!

That is the best Daddy reaction!


I knew it!! All the best. You guys look so happy. Made me smile too πŸ™‚


Perfect!! Congratulations!!!


So so very sweet! Quick question, if it isn’t too personal. How did you guys find out so early? If I remember right you’re due October 21st, so you’re about 12 weeks? Such a cute video, thanks for sharing your family and joy with us!!!


its a blood test at 9 1/2 weeks. Crazy. It wasn’t available yet with Charlie, but now it is. I think especially for women over 35 because it detects other bad stuff (in the clear on that). xx

That is so exciting!!!! Congrats! Love the video.


Yay yay yay! I teared up a little when seeing your happiness. I’m so happy for you guys. Girls and boys are so different (I have one boy and two girls) and it’s so fun to have both.
PS: And it was fun seeing more of Brian on your blog. I’m always curious about how the spouses of designers influence design decisions. Does your hubby get to help design, for example, your new baby girl’s nursery, or does he leave it all to the design genius of the family?
PPS: I hope this doesn’t sound weird, as I am a happily married woman, but I must point out that Brian is an extremely good-looking dude. Nicely done, Emily! πŸ™‚


HA. THat made his day. Yes, he is extremely good looking, you are right. And then add being a good on top of that – and its just ridiculous. Thank you. Meanwhile he doesn’t really get involved in much design stuff. He has opinions and shares them when he cares to. When he really doesn’t like something we get rid of it, and when he really loves something we keep it even if I don’t. That’s kinda the only rule, otherwise he honestly lets me do whatever i want and at this point does trust me – although it took a long time for him to fully trust me πŸ™‚


Brian is adorable “I’m going to call my mom!” love it and so happy for you guys!

The gender of every baby should be revealed with a kazoo. πŸ™‚

Congrats you two! xox


SOOOO happy for you guys. This video is pure joy, thanks for sharing such a special moment in your lives with us! I have one child, a five-year old girl and she is da boss. πŸ™‚


That was so neat, I cried. Having only an adult son, when Brian said ‘I’m going to call my Mom.’ I cried more. Congratulations to you both and Charlie who will be a big brother! And perhaps a close talker….adorable.

Yay, so awesome. Congrats! One of each is the best!

Susie Q.

Woo hoo! Emily Jr.!!!


As a Mom of 2 boys…both college age, one of the sweetest parts was the very end when Brian says “I’m gonna call my Mom”. Congrats to you, but also to the G-parents, and how wonderful that Brian thought of her so quickly. πŸ™‚

Haha — I see someone else (Victoria) felt the same way!


I know, so sweet. I didn’t even hear it the first time because I was so distracted. Boys love their mamas.


This was too precious! I teared up for you! I have the same gender combo as you and it is MAGICAL!

I just had my baby girl 6 months ago after having my 2 boys, and we were so ecstatic!!! I’m doing her nursery right now for the ORC and I am totally psyched! Using your friend Joy’s wall paper for my accent wall!


Yeah!! you should take a pic and send it to us πŸ™‚

So happy for you by the way! Charlie will be super happy too for sure!

That was so fun! I’m so happy for you. As a mom of 6 year old twins, I can’t imagine not having one of each. I love the way your husband claps for joy.


Totally agree. Watching him SO EXCITED just was the best. THE.BEST.


Congrats! You guys are the cutest!!!


This is too much! I am sitting here at work with headphones on and a HUGE grin on my face. Y’all are absolutely the cutest ever. Congratulations!!! Little girl clothes are so much fun to buy!!

I literally just cried! I LOVE that you share these moments with us! Such a great friday treat!!!!!


Amazing!!!!! Charlie is going to be the cutest big brother ever!!! Congrats Hendersons!


I’ve never commented but this was just TOO GOOD. You and Brian’s pure excitement was just amazing. LOVE how excited you guys are. I know you would have been thrilled either way but this is JUST amazing. Absolutely over the moon excited for your sweet (and adorable!!!) family. Can’t wait to see the newest Henderson!!


I’m sorry – I know I seem like a stalker today but I can not stop watching this. You guys are the best. Everything, seriously. You saying “I’m shockingly happy” – Brian saying he’s going to go call his mom – his clapping, excitement, joy – you tossing that confetti out of the box as fast as humanly possible while Brian sits waiting kind of murmuring “I can’t take this” – then him saying “yessss, yessss” as you guys hugged – OH MY GOSH I love it all (can you tell I’ve watched it a few times?) – just the happiest and sweetest thing I’ve seen in ages.


Lol! Yes, ALL those things! So cute, so excited! Congrats!


Congratulations! This was awesome – very sweet : )

Oh my gosh – you guys are just the cutest – thanks for letting us share in this moment!

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