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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson

Well, Elliot (Elle, Ella, Ellie, Lotty) Henderson has joined our family. She was born Monday morning, October 19th, at 8:35 am. We are all home now, thank God, and life feels soooooooooo good. I might go into details later (not that much, don’t worry) but I wanted to check in and say that we are all good and healthy, after a day or two of hospital stress.

She looks like a mini-Charlie, yet totally delicate and girly at the same time. And speaking of, Charlie is the most adorable big brother ever. I wrote down a lot of his quotes which I might share, but for now I need to run back to hang out with a toddler and a newborn. Because I have ‘kids’ now. Not just a baby. Not just a toddler. We have kids. As in “honey will you take the kids to the park, ” or “Brian, who should watch the kids next Thursday?” That’s a legit family right there (and we are old and I don’t care!). It’s so wonderful.

This morning was our first morning home and Charlie crawled into bed with us at 7:30 like he always does, but this time we got to live out our fantasy of having little Elliot in there, too. We all read stories together as Brian and I drank coffee. Apparently your ‘fantasies’ change as you get older. I don’t think my 18-year-old self would have ever thought that this morning would have constituted a “fantasy” morning, but it was. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet right now.

More to come, I’m sure. But don’t worry, we have weeks of good design content lined up – some that I wrote beforehand, some I’m writing after the kids go to bed, and a lot of good makeover takeover stuff that my team is doing for y’all (THANK GOODNESS FOR THEM). Doesn’t mean that you won’t see a lot of pictures of a baby and toddler cuddling, though. I can be edited, but can not be stopped.

Happy Birthday, Elliot. You are my little delicate angel and I feel like the luckiest mama on the planet.

*Also if we have a 3rd child I’m going to name it “epidural, ” because I loved it so very much.


  1. Congratulations! Hooray!

  2. That’s so wonderful! What a cool name. I wish you and your beautiful family all the happiness in the world.

  3. The sweetest. Thank you for giving me hope that life with kids can still feel like a fantasy! haha (obviously, this one is childless at the moment). Did you always know you wanted more than 1?

    Thank you for sharing this special part of your life! I hope you soak up this time with your family and enjoy it to the max!

    <3 Megan <3

  4. Yay! My mom’s birthday is the 19th and she is the sweetest woman alive, such a good day to be born. Your little family is so adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hooray for your healthy, lovely girl. Congratulations to the new big brother. May she be a champion sleeper!

  6. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations! So excited for you, she’s beautiful! Cannot wait to watch her grow up.

    xo, Sarah

  8. CONGRATS!!! Elliot is the sweetest baby girl name EVER. And please, PLEASE share more baby + toddler pics. please.

  9. Love this post! Bring on all the baby pics!

  10. Congratulations!!! I must say you have impeccable timing. Get the book out, then the baby…

  11. Congrats! I love her name. My daughter is Elliott Henderson, too!
    Great times ahead for your family.

  12. So happy for you! it’s such an amazing time. Those early days/years are so special. And every day get more amazing. What a cool name. Ella was on our list for girls names as well, great choice!

  13. aww, congrats. love her name, and her multitude of nicknames already.

  14. Congratulations on Elliot or Ellie as I am referring to her in my mind!

    Cannot wait to hear details of her birth and yes, Epidurals are the best!

  15. Congratulations!

  16. Wonderful, wonderful. SOooooo happy for you. Isn’t it amazing? I loved it SO much that I did it 4 times!! Enjoy, and yes please bring on the baby/toddler pictures. Enjoy being a family of 4.

  17. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you…and yes “kids” are the best thing ever!

  18. Epidural rocks. Congratulations on baby Elliot. Have an awesome time getting to know each-other.. and speedy recovery!

  19. Isn’t it the craziest thing in the world to suddenly become a FAMILY with kidS! Huge congrats on the newest arrival! Those of with babies and those without still love a few cute baby snuggle pictures here and there, so bring them on! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Congratulations!!!!! I (and I’m guessing a bazillion other people on the interwebs) look forward to lots of baby and toddler cutie patootie pic’s! Enjoy this time!

  21. I had no idea Elliot was a girl’s name! That photo is so cute <3 Congratulations!

  22. So so sweet. Enjoy every moment, it’s been such a joy to share your journey.

  23. Congratulations Emily! But look, as much as I love love love your blog, please do not write posts after your kids go to bed. Use that time to sleep, hang out with your husband, or just veg out in front of the TV. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I AM ALWAYS SAYING THAT ABOUT THE EPIDURAL! Like seriously, delivery was a dream thanks to that miraculous medicine. Congratulations on your beautiful family! And what a sweet sweet name!

  25. oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (and epidurals are prrrrretty awesome)

  26. OMG! Congratulations. What a precious family of four! Enjoy those newborn snuggles. Those days fly by at lightening speed!

  27. Happy days! I wish you health and happiness in the years to come! And bon courage! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. CONGRATULATIONS!! ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy everything, sweetpea! xo

  29. congratulations! i love elliot for a girl. xo

  30. She’s beautiful.

  31. Congratulations!! I can feel the love. Can’t wait for the announcement of Epidural Henderson!

  32. Elliot – I love it! Congratulations Emily!

  33. Ah how amazing! What a beautiful little girl with a great name. And it makes me stupid happy that she was born on my birthday! She is bound to be a super cool chick like her mama.

    1. My husband and I both have birthdays on Oct 19th – so perfect day! Congrats on a sweet little bunny!

  34. Congrats! You are now in management ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Your happiness is contagious. I’m sending you and your family so much love!

  36. Congratulations!! What a great name ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to hear more stories and see more pics! So sweet!!

  37. Having kids is a dream come true, isn’t it?! I miss the newborn stage (my ‘kids’ are 10 and 7). Enjoy those snuggles. XXOO

  38. Congratulations Henderson’s! Enjoy the moments – they are fleeting!

  39. Congratulations and happy birthday Elliot! ๐Ÿ™‚


  40. Emily, you are a riot! If there is a #3, just think; then you’ll have a Charlie, an Ellie, and an Epi; perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ ! So glad you’re all home safe and sound. Huge congrats to the Hendo family!

  41. Welcome Elliot! Congrats Emily and Brian, your kids are beautiful. Glad everything went well and that you are home with your littles now. Wishing you lots of 4+ hour blocks of sleep!

  42. Much Congratulations!!! So thrilled for your family of 4… perfection! (LOVE the name… nickname Lotty is adorable!)

  43. Congrats!!! So happy for your family! Please do a thousand more updates on the baby and your little boy, I love them!

  44. Welcome to the world, Elliot, and congratulations to the whole family!

  45. I’m so pleased for you. Love the name. As my Gran told me after my son was born (50 years ago) don’t forget to take a nap in the afternoon.

  46. To heck with the design posts–let’s see more of that beautiful baby! ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Yayyyyy, congratulations!!!!

  48. Beautiful & hilariously summed up – congratulations!! Completely understand your sentiments about changing stages in life & how wonderful they are – enjoy your kids ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. Woohoo!!! Congratulations!!!

  50. Great to hear she’s arrived & all happy. I once worked with a girl named Epi so maybe it was really short for epidural. ?

  51. BEST! Love the name so much!! enjoy your beautiful family!!

  52. So incredibly happy for you, Emily! And thrilled that you’re adjusting so well! I was in a haze of confusion for months after my second, so high five to you. Your family is so sweet, and I look forward to lots of updates. XOXO

  53. Congrats! You are an inspiration.
    And epidurals are amazing. Waiting for the dr is like anticipating Santa Claus. Hands down the most popular person in the hospital!

  54. Beautiful family! Congrats!!!!

  55. Congratulations! Wishing you and your family the best.

  56. So glad to hear and love the cool name. Charlie and Elliot are the luckiest kids!

  57. You have beautiful “kids.” Please share lots of pictures.

  58. Congratulations!! Wonderful. Hope you have a speedy recovery and baby is doing well. I just had my second child, too. She is almost 3 months and I also have a preschooler boy. Can’t wait to see more pics. Love your posts.

  59. Yay! I’m an October 19 baby, too, Elliot! It’s a great day to be born. It can be sunny and hot or crisp and maybe even snowy depending on where you are. No matter what, it’s almost always really beautiful. And (if you’re into this kind of thing, but even if you’re not) it’s great to be a Libra. We love other Libras and keeping things balanced, happy and peaceful. We’d probably be friends if we met, is what I’m saying. Welcome to The Club. We’re so glad to have you!

    Oh and congrats to the rest of the Henderson clan ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. How many newborns are that pretty ?!? Your joy comes through and, as always, your humor too. You’re an inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Lottie might be the cutest name that I have ever heard. What a beautiful little family! Congratulations!

  62. Congrats! My eldest boy is Elliot- 26 years old now…we still call him Ellie-bear and occasionally Smelliot!!!! It goes so fast, really.

    1. Laughing because my son is also Elliot…I thought I’d finally picked a name nobody could turn into a taunt. The very day he was born my sister picked him up and said, “What up, Smelliot?” D’oh!

      Many congratulations, Emily!

      1. Oh my goodness, this comment cracked me up. Gotta love siblings.

  63. aww!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  64. in love with the name elliot, so perfect.
    enjoy your beautiful family (and don’t be afraid to over-share ;))

  65. Congrats!!! Thrilled for you.

  66. Congrats and well done, Mama!! PLEASE don’t be writing design blog posts after the kidS go to bed. REST!! Relax! (is that even possible with two? God I hope so; I’m in for #2 in March). Take some well-earned time to enjoy your new family. You have the whole rest of your life to talk design–we will wait!

  67. Beaming for you! CONGRATULATIONS!

  68. Congratulations!! Looove the name!!! Enjoy this wonderful time with your beautiful family!!!
    PS I looove your book so much!!!!


    Very cool name, so very cute family photo right there. Charlie patting little Elliot’s head. Can’t wait for your next blog entry already!!

  70. Congratulations! Looks like Christmas arrived early at the Hendo household ๐Ÿ™‚ Elliot is adorable and the look on Charlie’s face is just perfect. You guys make one gorgeous family!

  71. Oh HurraH!! Congratulations mama Emily! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely blog and now your beautiful family. Lots of love and warm wishes xxxx

  72. Congratulations, Emily!! I’m very happy everything went so well. I’m waiting for my new baby AKA Styled book, and I’ll also be complete ๐Ÿ˜€

  73. congrats on your beautiful daughter, Emily! so happy for you! enjoy this precious time with your family ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. So happy for you all! And I’m in love with the name…so many adorable nickname options! Enjoy your days and take good care of yourself.

  75. Yay! So happy for you and your family! Love the name Elliot. Rest up and enjoy!

  76. CONGRATS, Henderson family!

  77. Beautiful family! Congrats!

  78. This is so sweet! Congratulations! I love being “old” now thanks to my little girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Congratulations to you all! Beautiful name, I just looked up what Elliot means and I love it…is that why you chose it?

  80. god bless. <3

  81. Congratulations!

  82. Congratulations to all!! Your kids are very lucky to belong to such a beautiful and happy family!!

  83. So exciting!! And I love that name for a girl…super sweet! Congrats!

  84. I’m so exited for you! Congratulations! Girls are fun! Relax, enjoy and connect!

  85. So happy for you guys!! My first little one is due in March, and your baby posts get me so excited for this new chapter. Congrats!!

  86. Congratulations! My 8-month-old son is named Elliott, and I love the name, boy or girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. Congratulations, Emily! She is just beautiful.

  88. Congrats to you and your family! He is so perfect and beautiful!


  89. Lovely!!!
    God Bless your family!!!

  90. Wow! So happy all is well. Something is a little wonky with my email and when I log in to you, (everyday for years now), You’re the only ONE! Welcome to the world, Elliot!

  91. Awww…congratulations!

    You brought tears to my eyes. All wonderful things to you, Brian and the KIDS.

  92. Felicitaciones!!! Emily..Soy un verdadera admiradora de tu trabajo.Yo tambiรฉn nacรญ un 19 de octubre.Un dรญa maravilloso, por eso se que tu pequeรฑa Elliot serรก bendecida y afortunada.

  93. Congratulations! What a lovely family you are.

  94. Congratulations! I LOVE the name Eliott. I was seriously considering that for my second daughter, but then my husband said he wanted an “old fashioned” name, so we went with Evelyn instead. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations again!

  95. I adore that last sentence. THANK YOU for not being on the “pain management makes you a lesser mother” train!


  96. Congratulations! It must be in the stars; my granddaughter was born on the 18th and my daughter also has a little toddler (son). Wishing you and your lovely family all the best.

  97. Having a healthy newborn, a darling almost 2 year old and a wonderful husband does make you one of the luckiest people on the planet.

  98. Congratulations!

  99. Congratulations. I’m so glad she’s finally here. I just started reading your blog about a month ago. I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve bought your book also and I’m really learning a lot. You”re a great teacher. The photos in the book are so beautiful. Enjoy motherhood!

  100. Congratulations! Elliot is an awesome name and I was so close to naming my girl that. I have the same older brother/baby sister combo as you and it is so much fun.

    Side note: Just got your book and am totally immersed in it!

  101. Beautiful and inspiring! Congratulations!

  102. Congratulations. Motherhood is a wonderful club.We all do it different and our children all grow up to be a reflection of those differences. Love every moment of their little lives. You are blessed.

  103. Congratulations! Be sure to soak up those newborn snuggles. So happy for your beautiful family of FOUR!

  104. Congratulations she’s beautiful!!!

  105. Love the name! Our baby girl was born in May, and we named her Elliette Mae (after Elliott Smith!) We thought it was more feminine, but has just led to mispronunciation, so it was smart of you to stick to its original spelling lol! Can’t wait to read more about your little Ellie!

  106. I just love that last line. Burst out laughing.

    Congratulations on graduating from 3 to 4. Elliot, you look so lovely.

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