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Huge Deal Alert: Grab Up To 40% Off Anthropologie Today With This EHD Reader-Exclusive Code (!!!)

HI, HUGE NEWS. The powers that be (read: lil’ old me) have convinced Anthropologie to open up their Memorial Day Sale a WHOLE WEEK EARLY, just for EHD readers! It’s like the digital version of being first in line at a buzzy NYC sample sale…except instead of having to stand in line, you’re welcomed in a week ahead of time and given your full pick of the litter before anyone else gets eyes on the inventory. WEIRD ANALOGIES ASIDE, THIS IS VERY EXCITING. (PS. This blog post is not sponsored, I’m just very jazzed to share.)

Here’s the deal: you can nab up to 40% off everything displayed on this EHD-exclusive sale page with code EMILY40 before Anthropologie publicly shares these deals with the masses next week. Add an item from the page to your cart, apply the EMILY40 code, and watch the discounts stack up in real-time. Go take a peek now – the inventory on sale is AWESOME. Buuuuut if you don’t have the time or bandwidth to sort through 39 pages of incredible savings today, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite deals below…

1. Meriah Gauze Throw Blanket | 2. Gilded Rim Red Wine Glass | 3. Pineapple Laundry Basket | 4. Zaha Burl Switch Plate | 5. Cecilia Curtain | 6. Capri Blue Volcano Capiz Glass Jar Candle | 7. Eyelet Agate Coaster | 8. Lascaux Decorative Blanket Ladder | 9. Riviera Bath Mat | 10. Glenna Teapot | 11. Birdcage Lidded Basket | 12. Tufted Caro Rug

…beginning with a few sweet pieces that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking to jazz up your space, you can’t go wrong with a lightweight blanket in a cheery print (feels very ‘Citrus Garden’ but on a budget, right?), a pair of cult-classic curtains, a chic bathmat, or a modern take on an Oushak rug (the 8’x10′ is $250 off!).

Looking for a gift? You can’t go wrong with those scalloped agate coasters (I bought some this morning in both white and green!), the ever-popular Capri candle (if you can afford to stock up, this is SUCH a deal!), some charming stemware, or a simple, elevated pitcher.

And, I mean, you know how I feel about wood and quirk…so I’ve been absolutely taken by those burled switchplates, the pineapple-shaped hamper (spoiler: coming soon to a bedroom MOTO near you), the graphic and modern blanket ladder, and that birdcage lidded basket that’ll make any room sing. THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER GOOD OPTIONS, TOO – this collection was just the tip of the iceberg!

1. Quincy Bed | 2. Wallace Cane and Oak Sideboard | 3. Dalton Bookcase | 4. Avalene Bar Cabinet | 5. Quincy Console Table | 6. Wallace Cane and Oak Media Console

We’re getting into the larger, more permanent items and I gotta say: I was blown away by the furniture that’s included in this sale. We’ll give you a little taste in this post – starting out with these classic neutral pieces that’ll work in almost any style of home! – but WOW, there’s truly something for EVERYONE.

And the savings are ENORMOUS. The bed? $330 off. That sideboard? $800 off (and it comes in an oak tone, too, if that black finish feels too heavy for your space!). The bookcase? $540 off. The bar cabinet? $360 off. The console table? $270 off. The media console? A SWEET $500 OFF. I’m so excited that we get to offer you ALL of these options at these prices before they sell out next week!

1. Nemus Dining Table | 2. Leather Cove Bed | 3. Anya Travertine Coffee Table | 4. Cove Woven Leather Ottoman | 5. Lara Hutch | 6. Stanton Chair | 7. Kalle Sculptural Oak Console | 8. Caillen Accent Chair | 9. Sonali Oval Coffee Table | 10. Oak Farmhouse Counter Stool | 11. Kalle Sculptural Oak Bookshelf | 12. Checkered Jute Rug

One thing I really appreciate about Anthropologie is the consistent stylistic thread that runs through all of their pieces – these would all be so easy to mix and match, you know? You can build a living room around a bold statement coffee table, add in some comfortable chairs, throw in a wooden hutch, and then add a chunky console to bring the whole space together.

Or you could make a super serene retreat in a studio apartment – grab a textured leather bed, use this sculptural bookshelf as a room divider, add some classic sling chairs to keep the space light and bright, add a fun neutral rug to anchor your living space, and bring in some sweet woven ottomans to add a pop of color while echoing the texture of the bed.

1. Velvet Elowen Chair | 2. Gleaming Primrose Mirror | 3. Deco Bed | 4. Merriton Five-Drawer Dresser | 5. Fern Kitchen Island | 6. Juneau Velvet Bar Cabinet | 7. Cyrus Chair | 8. Marcelle Console Table | 9. Odetta Media Console

To no one’s surprise, I LOVE some of these classic Anthro pieces, and this is your chance to grab them at prices I’ve literally never seen before. Case in point: that iconic bar cabinet is currently on sale for $1,318.80 – that’s $880 OFF THE NORMAL PRICE.

It’d also be a great time to stock up on new dining chairs (a set of 2 of these are currently going for $586.80 – they’re usually $498 PER PIECE!) I’m sure you get it by this point, right? The savings are unprecedented and right now, they’re only available to you!

1. Ofira Buffet | 2. Delia Chandelier | 3. Fern Wall Cabinet | 4. Peacock Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Chair | 5. Kori Modular Armless Chair | 6. Washed Wood Six-Drawer Dresser

Closing out our recommendations with a few special pieces that are guaranteed to pull your room together. Whether you need an art-nouveau-inspired buffet, a whimsical lighting fixture, or a comfy hanging chair with a little extra design pizzazz…well, pal, it’s all on sale RIGHT NOW, and just for you.

As a reminder, here’s how it works:

  1. Head to this exclusive landing page to see all the deals in one place, before they’re released to the public.
  2. Anything in this section is fair game, but it’s also not marked (as this is a special deal that’s only available for you!).
  3. Add items to your cart, then apply the ‘EMILY40‘ code on the right-hand side (just below your total) to see the discounts – there are thousands of items on sale, but everything seems to be falling in the 30-40% off category.
  4. Take your hard-earned savings and enjoy!

I’m SO THRILLED (could you tell?) that we’re able to offer this for ya – what’d you think? Should we get some more special sales going just for our readers? Did you get anything good? LET’S CHAT ABOUT IT. See ya in the comments… xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Dee Murphy | Styled by Velinda Hellen | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Dee Murphy’s Home Tour Is Giving Us All Wallpaper Envy

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1 year ago

Caitlin, I just want to say “thanks” and “nice job”! Realistically I still can’t buy any of this gorgeous stuff at the moment, but I recognize that negotiating a deal like this for EHD readers must have taken some big talent. My guess is that you helped a lot of people access items that were otherwise out of reach, and for that you should be proud! 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  Ash

I agree and a BIG hand to you Caitlin and everyone at EHD!! 🙂

1 year ago

okay i LOVE this so so much! Thank you!! I have been waiting for one of the gauze throws to go on sale for summer. I am not seeing the one that you featured in your “joyful accessories” go on sale with the code, but I am going to keep trying!

Ellen F
1 year ago

Caitlyn, you are the best! Thanks for all you do for EHD. I just went to Ulta and bought micro darts- much needed- never knew such a thing existed!! ( from Sunday’s blog). Also I will certainly shop this sale. Thank you. Thank you.

1 year ago

I just tried EMILY40 on the link, and it was an invalid code

1 year ago
Reply to  Leslie

I just called Anthro customer service, and they said it isn’t a valid code. Bummer. There was a piece of furniture I was coveting.

1 year ago

Sadly it’s still not working. Just tried again for an item listed above and it says it’s invalid.

1 year ago

The code isn’t working today. Was it just for one day?!?!

1 year ago

Caitlin and crew, thank you for creating this deal! Love all the items listed here. Is the code only working for one day yesterday?

Ellen M
1 year ago

Same issue – Invalid code. Was it only valid on the May 22?

1 year ago

Dangit, this would have been awesome to use! But I’m used to only one post a day from y’all, so I didn’t check back after I read yesterday’s post, otherwise I would have taken advantage of this discount. It’s too bad it was only good for yesterday.

1 year ago

Code not working, I just tried.

1 year ago

Hey, just to clarify, I think people are bummed because this was billed as an early exclusive access situation. I had my eye on a few items but was thinking there would be a discount. Came back today to purchase and got the invalid code message, saw the other comments, and realized the price had gone up on one of the items. I wish Anthro would have stuck to the original plan. Still nice to have a sale, just not what was expected.