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How I Felt About Seeing My Home Styled For The Lulu & Georgia Catalog

I keep getting these photos popping up in my feed that make me stop and be like, wait, is that….?? Last October (over a year ago) Lulu and Georgia asked to rent our house for a location for their catalog for two days. It was sitting empty that week I was like ‘yah go for it’ (they paid a location fee obviously). Every day people text me saying ‘wait, is that your house?’ So I figured I’d show you guys and write about my feelings real quick. And no, this is not sponsored by Lulu and Georgia – just a fun post about renting out my house for a location shoot.

Wreath | Lumbar Pillow | Rug | Credenza

The one above (on the right) took me a while to figure out where it was in the house. It’s wild how used to shooting and seeing certain angles that you literally don’t even recognize your own house.

Sectional | Lumbar Pillow | Knit Throw | Ottoman | Rug | Coffee Table | Candlestick | Stockings

And this one of the living room made me want a bigger sectional. I was complaining the other day on the insider community that our modular sectional keeps coming apart likely because the kids play with the pieces like they are blocks and my monthly carpet taping them back together is getting old. And then Brian told me that it’s too low for him to sit on and that he ‘actively avoids sitting on it’. So when I saw this sectional above in our living room I was SO JEALOUS. And yes, btw I’m going to likely sell ours if you are interested. It’s awesome, just don’t have kids that jump on it all day.

Left Photo: Sofa | Rug | Coffee Table | Candle | Candleholder | Right Photo: Sofa | Rug | Knit Throw | Stockings | Candlestick

So cozy and now I’m wondering if I need garland up the railing…

Rug | Dining Table | Dining Chair | Candlestick | Credenza | Stockings

It’s truly SO weird (in a cool way) to have a room you associate with one purpose be staged as something totally different. This shot actually kind of got me excited about future (and safer) times when we can maybe have a huge Thanksgiving here. We would probably need to make this a big dining area, right?? Man I want that to happen someday. It would be so fun.


I think we all need to take a moment to appreciate this wood. The movement is so good. With any sectional in this room, this window setup wouldn’t happen but I do like it:)


All of the colors are pretty but I still vote for a light and neutral sofa. What do you think?

Bed | Knit Throw | Rug | Nightstand | Lamp

So fun fact. That bed is our actual bed and is from Lulu and Georgia. It’s so beautiful in person. I also really like the rug and chair but for me, they would feel a little too modern traditional for the overall feel for this house which obviously isn’t the point of a catalog shoot. For them, it’s about creating awesome vignettes.

I actually love those chairs with our table (I like how the back is taller – our back is basically the same height as our table, which I can’t tell is a good or bad thing.)

Bed | Rug | Nightstand | Waffle Blanket | Throw Blanket

When I stumbled on this one on Instagram it took my breath away and while I know that it can’t be my bedroom (and I love my bedroom) it is just so dreamy.

So that’s most of the shots but in case you are wanted to compare how I styled these spaces vs them – we did some fun side by sides. This is why design and styling are so cool and can actually transform a space.


I want to be in both of these spaces. If only I could click my heels 3 times when I needed a 5-minute break from work and flip the rooms. Also, update! I’m working from here again now that we have a much better routine in place with the kids (which makes me very happy because I love those windows).


Lulu and Georgia dining on the left, our living room on the right – so fun to see!!! and now I wish I had a bigger tree.

Again, we need a bigger sectional because I love how this looks.


It’s also interesting to see the different lighting used in photography. Their photographs are warmer (on the left), and ours are much ‘cooler’. I like both!


Not only is it super fun to see my house styled differently and compare the design (like do I need bigger nightstands in there? (p.s. yes, but I’m not going to).

So hope this was as fun for you as it was for me:) Would love to hear your thoughts! xx

*Styling by Lulu and Georgia
**EHD After Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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3 years ago

How fun to see your home spaces in another life. Personally I like your breakfast area chairs better. And I do think you need a new sectional. However the Lulu and Georgia sectional doesn’t look high enough for Brian’s long legs. Also just to keep in the back of your mind, there exist locks you can install underneath sectional parts to keep them from pulling apart.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jeanne

I think the current sofa is heavy looks a bit clunky.
Maybe it’d be better with legs?
Mmmmm….nup! The one in the pics looks much comfier.

3 years ago

This was cool to see

Also my favorite part of that living room is your sectional! i thought it was so cool and new, until I saw the post about it being vintage recovered. I just love how grounded it feels, literally on the ground – I made a mental note at the time while that I want that one day because it look so relaxing and cool.

Also happy you get to use your desk finally. That was maybe my favorite space after the kitchen

3 years ago
Reply to  SARAH

Ooooh, to work in such a light-filled airy space!
Emily, so glad you’re back working in there!

Vida Tuch
3 years ago

I love seeing this Emily. It really is the perfect example of reimagining rooms and what a difference and/or tweaks in styling can do.

Vida Tuch
3 years ago
Reply to  Vida Tuch

I wrote too fast… I meant to say…

I love seeing this Emily. It really is the perfect example of reimagining rooms and what a difference styling can make.

3 years ago

I think the bed in the loft space works in their photo because you can’t tell it’s a loft. And your dining chairs are better because they don’t interrupt the edges of the table.

3 years ago

Such a good example of how decorating can transfer a space. Definitely prefer your dining chairs and the way they mirror the table. I’m curious about the difference between the warmer and cooler photography. IRL, which is closer?

3 years ago

The green sofa is gorgeous with your wood tones. It looks like an extension of your wooded paradise.

3 years ago

You always need garland on the railings.

3 years ago

Great fun to see your home styled so differently and how open you were to the entire experience. I often take pictures of my rooms because it helps me see things that I can miss when I just look at them.

3 years ago

The bedroom in that loft is so dreamy. I wouldn’t have thought to put a bed there but it works!

Julie Dawson
3 years ago

Could you do a bed and a desk in the loft space? Both are great

3 years ago
Reply to  Julie Dawson

How about a chaise?

Kristine C.
3 years ago

It’s really neat to see the different stylings. All are so awesome – both yours and theirs. What’s interesting about the guest room is that it could handle a larger nightstand and larger side chair with ease and think it looks great.

3 years ago

What a fun post! This might be the best way ever to “teach” styling. Thank you:). And me, I vote for the Lulu and Georgia sofa in green.

3 years ago

Nicely written with beautiful Images

3 years ago

I bought my dream huge, low back leather sectional – a costly dream- and my 6’ 2” husband has been miserable ever since. And I won’t admit to him but the WAY cheaper, high back leather sectional from Lazy Boy was so much more comfortable. 😬 It’s so hard to balance looks and function but next time it’s function! Good luck on your search.

3 years ago
Reply to  KD

Yikes! & Oops!

3 years ago

Yes to a bigger nightstand (or bedside table), as well as a bigger chair in that corner, one with arms.

3 years ago

Wow! How freaky to see your house styled differently! What an intriguing process. I used to peek into my last house, through the huge windows outside near the pool (it was ultra-modern and biggish…opposite to this house which is almost 100 and very small…and I lurve this one more!) and pretend that it wasn’t my house, with my stuff, to see how that felt and to “try it on.” I still really liked it! LOL Aaah, the little mind games we play, huh? I prefer the green sofa. It’s grounding and ‘settles’ in the space instead of ‘floating’ and is, therefore, more inviting to snuggle into. I actually prefer their dinjng chairs, because the colour connects with the built-in cushions and it’s nice that the height is a little raller than the table. Their cushions look pretty great too. An amazing experience for sure! I daydream about Emily, or Velinda or Orlando styling my living room (hey, why not my whole flippin’ house?!?), because it’s soooo hard to furnish. A fireplace and two small windows either side on one wall, swing doors on two opposing walls, leaving only one wall that is usable! Then, there are picture rails all the… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Rusty

Or Julie….all of you! LOL

Cici Haus
3 years ago

This is so fun! Thank you for sharing

3 years ago

This was a super fun post.

3 years ago

These images were very satisfying to see. They were basically exactly what I’d do with an unlimited budget and no kids (eek so many light-colored things for them to stain). I always wonder how catalogs get such a cohesive and cozy look.

Roberta Davis
3 years ago

What a great setting your house is for this shoot (and probably any number of other shoots)! It looks great! Sounds like an awful lot of work moving furniture around. This is a great way to showcase their products- got me looking!

3 years ago

So cool to see! I prefer your dining chairs, with their slightly lower backs. The huge table in the living room looks amazing. I would love to turn over a big chunk of our living room to something like that–if only we hosted big dinners. 🙂

3 years ago

Would love a post for those of us who love low, modern furniture but need more height for long-legged spouses!

3 years ago

what kind of shades are those in the guest bedroom?

3 years ago

This is a fun post!

3 years ago

Both styles are so homey and cozy. Great work and congrats!

3 years ago

These are beautiful!! Is that lovely cane chair in the bedroom shoot also from Lulu & Georgia?

3 years ago

A particularly genuine illustration of how enriching can move a space.