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How do you all do it?


I feel like that workaholic parent that keeps promising things to their loving, loyal child, but is always too busy to actually show up at the game, or do a blue tuesday blog post.  But then I remember that you are not my children that are emotionally dependent on me.  at least not all of you.  and that it will be ok because there are approximately 45 trillion design blogs out there.   And at least i don’t have actual children…..that need food and water (i’m assuming you water children, once a day i hear).  I was telling my mom last night that I don’t know what I would do if I was a new mom…or an old mom…right now.  My mind is 100% on SFAS and the more I think about it, the better the show is.  So if I had kids, either the show or the kid would get less attention and one of them would suffer because of it – and it would probably be the show – cause those kid things are real, real cute and I love to cuddle with little mini people.

Hopefully by the time i start making the babies I’ll be old hat at SFAS, and everything will go just swimmingly. 

Where is this going?

Right.  I’m working on a loft and have been trolling for ideas to separate the space.  I can’t believe how many bad ideas are out there.  It’s a lot of cheesy partitions and bamboo.  ick.  I’m already doing drapery for one area, but i don’t want a whole loft of drapery….So I’m thinking of stringing something.  

But are there any fun ideas i’m missing out there?

I want to do something kitschy, without being cheesy.  (and kitsch can go cheese real fast).

(example of good kitsch…kinda on the verge of getting bad, but still pretty fun)

i’ve thought of sewing vintage scarves, and that might work….depends on the scarves.

i’ve thought of string curtain, but not totally psyched.

you know i wanted a hippie beaded curtain a la these:


but i’m pretty sure that they won’t.  don’t worry, i know when to stop.

Ribbon curtain? Nope.  Can go wedding real fast.

Are there any ideas out there?

I kinda like this, but it isn’t right either:

and this intrigues me, but repels me at the same time…but i like the imagination:

Also I need some Hollywood regency fabric, greek key or something like that for pillows  – or just hollywood regency pillows, does anybody have a good resource for that?

But seriously, how does everyone stay sane when you have a new job that you can’t stop thinking about?  I mean, i wake up in the middle of the night because i think, ooh, Calypso home has some rugs I should order…and then i get online for a couple hours….  I know its a good problem to have, maybe one of the best, up there with ‘bearcat loves me too much and needs an inordinate amount of cuddling time per day’.  but if there are any secrets i should know about, please share…..

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