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House Tour: Original Woodwork, Moody Walls & A Gasp-Worthy Wallpaper

I first discovered Emily (Cosnotti, not Henderson) of The Sweet Beast as I feel like I have most of my new house crushes lately: via the One Room Challenge (for real though, a veritable gold mine of talent over there). One glimpse of her guest bedroom which she completed last spring, with those deep moody walls and those tone-on-tone DIYed curtains and I knew I wanted (needed?) to see more. Emily was gracious enough to share a peek into her Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home which she shares with her husband Andy and corgi pup Penelope with the EHD universe and here’s a spoiler alert: there’s so much character and personality to love here (just wait until you see the original wallpaper from her sunroom).

Emily always has some new project brewing over on her site (and I can’t wait to see if she does another space for the upcoming ORC), so be sure to pop over there and her Instagram to give her some love and check out what’s new with her and her home. But alright, you’re not here to listen to me blab surely, so I’m going to pass the keyboard to our protagonist of the day to introduce herself and her home. Blog, meet Emily, Emily meet blog.

Thanks Arlyn! Hi everyone, I’m Emily of The Sweet Beast. A little background on me before jumping into my house: I always thought I would work in a museum, but after finding myself working in e-commerce and later in content, I’ve made surrounding myself with beautiful objects my hobby instead. My husband and I shared an apartment in a historic building for seven years before purchasing our home, I broke all the rules in our lease there by painting the walls and even removed paint from hardware and marble. I knew each step honored the space and its history, and that’s the same approach I take with the home we now own. It can be scary to dive into renovating and restoring an old home, but often tell myself, “you can hardly make it worse.” Our home was well decorated by the previous owner but in more of a bed and breakfast style than one that supports comfort and living. I often say that I’m “undecorating” our home, as I remove extra frills and opt for a modern traditional home that feels lived in and loved.


Ehd House Tour Emily Cosnotti Entryway 001

Vintage Kilim (one of a kind) | Jute Runner | Frames | Pendant

The best part of the entryway to our home is our round top door with its tiny window panes. With closets on both sides, we are blessed with storage space for all our coats, shoes, my vacuum collection, and whatever else I can hide in there when guests come over. Those stacked frames feature some of my husband Andy’s photography from our trips to New York and his hiking trips with friends. And of course, our home wouldn’t be the same without our corgi Penelope, up there sitting on our one-of-a-kind pink and blue printed kilim rug, waiting for her favorite person to come home (hint: it’s not me).

Living Room

Ehd House Tour Emily Cosnotti Livingroom 002

Vintage Rug (one of a kind) | Record Cabinets (similar) | Swing Arm Sconce | Shag Rug (similar) | Coffee Table (custom) | Sectional | Paint Color

Our living room’s paneled fireplace is probably the fanciest touch in our whole home and is likely an addition and not an original feature. It got lost in a sea of warm yellow tones before we stripped the walls and painted. Removing yellow striped wallpaper from the largest room in our house in the hottest days of summer with no air conditioning was a task I will never forget. It took four of us (myself, Andy, and my parents) days to complete the task of scoring, steaming and peeling the wallpaper and then scrubbing away the paste. Painting this room afterward was a breeze compared to that task. I was inspired by Deuce Cities Henhouse to pair our unpainted warm woodwork with dark, moody cool-toned walls and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Livingroom For Insta September 2018 0001

Floor Lamp | Throw Pillow | Chair and Ottoman (vintage) | Fox Print by Camille Engman

We divided the living room into two zones, one small sitting area that houses Andy’s record collection, vintage speakers, and an inherited turntable, and a larger area for lounging on our sectional and watching Netflix. The long shape of the room has presented some modern-life layout challenges—there is no good place for a TV in this room that doesn’t block either the windows or the fireplace, but it glows with light all day long and is the most comfortable spot in our home.

Diy Large Scale Art 0005

Art (DIY) | Copper PillowDome Table Lamp | Chest of Drawers (vintage)

Dining Room

Ehd House Tour Emily Cosnotti Diningroom 001a

Table | Rug (vintage) | Chairs (vintage) | Pendant | Glass Vase | Abstract Screenprint by Jen Ray | Screenprint Framing | Paint Color

When we toured this house for the first time, there was so much furniture in this room that we nearly missed seeing the corner built-ins. The family before us used this as a living room and music room, so it was outfitted with quite a few sofas, chairs and floral patterns. I painted this room first when we moved in, anxious to cover up the yellow walls with a crisp white and to repaint the cranberry pink shelves of the built-ins a deep gray-blue. The dark paint inside the built-ins lets my white and black ceramics and serving pieces shine and also looks so good with our honey-toned woodwork.

We went with a simple woven pendant from IKEA (that replaced the chandelier that was existing), the bright kilim rug was an eBay find and the dining chairs were a Craigslist score. As for the table, we found it in the IKEA as-is section and had to disassemble it to fit it in my car…so worth it because it was a steal.

Ehd House Tour Emily Cosnotti Diningroom 003

Credenza (vintage) | Lamp (vintage) | Small Footed Bowl

A vintage mid-century credenza stores our board games and extra table linens inside and our growing collection of cocktail ingredients on top. I like to display a few of my collected ceramic pieces here as well or put out snacks when we entertain.

Master Bedroom

Ehd House Tour Emily Cosnotti Masterbedroom 001

Curtains (with DIY tweak) | Curtain Rods | Ceiling Flushmount | Basket | Vintage Rug (one of a kind) | Fireplace Insert | Fireplace Tile | Chair (vintage) | Drink Table | Paint Color

A refresh of our master bedroom came about with the fall 2018 One Room Challenge. The design for the space was anchored around my plans to install an electric fireplace where a wood-burning fireplace once was. I sketched up plans to build a Tudorish-Craftmanish-modernish fireplace surround and sent the plans and revisions back and forth to my dad. I spent my weekends traveling two hours away to his garage where we built, painted and tiled the surround, piece by piece, completing it JUST in time. Now, the fireplace adds a nice boost of warmth on winter days and is a cozy place to curl up in a chair and enjoy a cup of coffee. Just kidding, that’s just a clothes chair.

Ehd House Tour Emily Cosnotti Masterbedroom 003

Bed | Nightstands | Lamps | Duvet Cover | Quilt | Large Lumbar Pillow | Small Lumbar Pillow

I had my eye on that beautiful spindle Rejuvenation bed ever since I saw it in Emily (Henderson’s) bedroom, and knew that if I was going to do this bedroom justice, I had to get that bed. Putting a bulky frame in front of a window can seem like a terrible idea, but not if you pick something that lets light pass through instead of blocking it.

Ehd House Tour Emily Cosnotti Masterbedroom 005

Grid Art (DIY)

The Sweet Beast One Room Challenge Reveal Fall 2018 0025

Terracotta Vase | Little Pink Vase | Spotted Vase | Ceramic Knots | Knot Necklace | White Lamp (no longer available) | Kent Coffey Dresser (vintage)

As for the rug, I struggled to find one large enough to fit this big, long room and even considered going with two rugs instead of one. All my Instagram friends encouraged me to keep searching for one big rug and, just in time (again), I found this overdyed vintage rug and it’s just so perfect. It adds age and texture to a room filled with newer pieces and cleaner lines, achieving that just-right mix of modern and traditional that I’m always striving for.

Guest Bedroom

Ehd House Tour Emily Cosnotti Guestbedroom 001

Bed (no longer available) | Ikat Lumbar Pillow (no longer available) | Pink Lumbar Pillow | Boob Pillow Cases | Wall Hanging | Duvet | Curtains (color no longer available) | Curtain Rods | Blanket (similar) | Rug (similar) | Paint Color

I revamped this room as part of the spring 2018 One Room Challenge and I knew what color I wanted to paint it before I’d picked anything else for it (it was previously a bright green boys room, decorated in a space theme complete with a ceiling boob light with glow-in-the-dark planets). I’d been seeing deep rich greens in places like Chris Loves Julia’s reading room and knew that dark hues make the woodwork in our home glow. My biggest revelation in this space was moving the bed in front of the windows, which allowed for access on both sides, and room for a small, guest-sized dresser.  Previously, the bed had been against the short wall where the IKEA dresser is now, which left half the room oddly open and relatively unusable.

Ehd House Tour Emily Cosnotti Guestbedroom 002

Nightstands | Nightstand Hardware | Black Lamps | Blanket Ladder | Brass Mobile Kit | Dresser | Mirror

For the curtains, I went tone on tone, adding inexpensive velvet IKEA curtains with a DIY pinch pleat. I get so many questions about where the headboard is from because rattan is so huge right now, but it is an IKEA piece that I’ve held onto for several years that has long been discontinued (sadly that bench is also unavailable).

Those nightstands were a budget Amazon find at $100 each and equipped with USB ports so guests don’t have to search for outlets. I upgraded them a little by replacing the stock wood pulls with brass hardware from CB2. Right before photographing the room for the big reveal, I realized the corner looked so empty and decided to craft the brass mobile from a Crafters Box I’d been hoarding.

The room is a perfect mix of pieces that go but don’t match. And no more boob light, just boob-print pillows.


Ehd House Tour Emily Cosnotti Bathroom 002

Art Print | Sconces | Vase (no longer available) | Paint Color

Finding a classic bathroom with original features was on my wish list for a house—a line item I didn’t think would be crossed off. But then we found this house with this perfect bathroom with its original floor, pedestal sink, medicine cabinet, bathtub and shower. The previous owners had added layers of extra frills with busy wallpaper, three layers of window treatments, a skirt for the pedestal sink, and even ruffled covers for the shower curtain rings. We painstakingly removed the wallpaper (it was really on there and holding together some of the plaster walls), repaired the plaster, and painted the room a soothing blush tone. It casts flattering color on everyone and lets the tile really pop without standing by being boring.

Sun Room

Ehd House Tour Emily Cosnotti Sunroom 001

Wallpaper (historic reproduction) | Vintage Rug (one of a kind) | Coffee Table (vintage) | Green Coil Plant Pot | Watering Can

These windows right here…they’re what sold us on this house. I’d never seen anything quite like them and fell in love. The wallpaper is not something I would have chosen for myself, but it is growing on me. I also can’t imagine removing wallpaper ever again. At the closing, the previous owners made sure to tell us it was expensive and to “think about that” before removing it or painting over it. I’m still overthinking this space and the best way to use it, but for now, it’s a place where our plants are thriving.

Ehd House Tour Emily Cosnotti Sunroom 003

Sofa (no longer available) | Pillow

Arlyn back again. Thank you SO much Emily for letting us (digitally) into your home. Sharing the work of such talented bloggers and designers in our community brings us so much joy (plus it’s fun to have permission to peek through people’s windows). It’s like touring model homes on the weekend except 100 TIMES BETTER for so many reasons. Feel free to share any bloggers/designers/stylist you follow that you get the sense have amazing homes and we’ll take a look, too, for a possible house tour.

To take a “tour” of all our EHD-designed homes and spaces, don’t miss our BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW PROJECTS section.

***photography by Emily Cosnotti of The Sweet Beast

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5 years ago

I absolutely love this inspirational home – as well as the adorable corgi!

I had exactly the same IKEA rattan bed for about ten years! I finally got rid of it this Christmas as I desperately wanted a change. Should have know it would be on Emily Henderson as soon as I did! 🙂 However, I see IKEA now have a new rattan headboard, which is lovely too.

My new bed has a Windsor-style spindle headboard inspired by all the lovely images on Emily’s website. It’s from John Lewis’ croft collection and I love it!

5 years ago
Reply to  Bea

Oh – forgot to add – those boobie pillow cases really make me smile! My friend has the mug and her husband spends most breakfasts staring at it whilst she sips on her coffee – LOL

5 years ago

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS! The dark walls with the wood remind me of Tommy Smythe’s home. I wish more people would embrace colors that compliment old wood trim, rather than painting white.

5 years ago

Yessssss! I love it! So homey and cozy and unpretentious! Not to mention beautiful.

Loveley of
5 years ago

this house is absolutely amazing. Ahhhhh MAZ ING. also, don’t change the wallpaper in the sun room! it’s gorgeous. i thought you changed it to that yourself!

5 years ago

That sun room FTW.

5 years ago

Wow! So much inspiration. And I have to say, bring on the homes with wood trim! Gorgeous, warm, and sometimes hard to figure out with all of the world painting everything white.

Katie Kerr
5 years ago

Okay so this house are what dreams are made of. Also I am not a wallpaper, traditional styled girl and that wallpaper made my mouth drop. It is amazing.

Ashley | Calmly Chaotic
5 years ago

What a beautiful home and those arches windows would have swayed me to buy too!

5 years ago

That wallpaper is everything!

5 years ago

This home is gorgeous and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that she kept the original character of the house instead of painting everything white. It really inspires people like me who live in 100+ year old homes.

5 years ago

I LOVE the wallpaper in the sun room and would’ve thought it was an intentional choice, until I read it was leftover from the previous owners. It’s silly and fun, just what should be in a sun room! Until you’re ready to change it, I’d say embrace it, because I think it is fabulous!

5 years ago

I am not a wallpaper person, but I actually really love the paper you left up in the plant room. Glad you embraced it as I think it looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing your home. Absolutely lovely.

Julie P
5 years ago

Amazing! Hi Emily! I used to live in Cleveland, and having sun room with those beautiful windows and plants must be magical in the long winter. Please keep the wonderful wallpaper. I looked at it initially and thought “she’s a genius”.

Emily Cosnotti
5 years ago
Reply to  Julie P

Haha! I’ll keep anything that makes me look like a genius! The sunroom makes the long winters (especially this one) so much better, those windows are definitely magical. <3

5 years ago

I have never wanted a wallpaper more than I want this sunroom wallpaper! Any tips on where to find something similar?

Frances Herrington
5 years ago
Reply to  Louisa

That wallpaper is by Thibeault- It is called Lillian

Emily Cosnotti
5 years ago

I’ve been trying to figure out the source for the wallpaper – thank you so much for knowing and sharing!

5 years ago

What a beautiful home! I also have a rounded wood front door and similar woodwork tones in my home – though not so many gorgeous windows. This is a really inspiring home tour, and I love that she works in a lot of IKEA pieces in such a lovely way. Sometimes IKEA furniture sizes are all that easily fit in my tiny older home, and this is a good reminder that you can still make the room look beautiful and high end. Thanks for sharing this home tour!

5 years ago

Where’s the end of bed bench from? I opted for one dark green moody wall in our bedroom, but I love the look in this room!

5 years ago

Beautiful decor, but I just can’t stand woodwork in those honey midtones. It defines the interior so much. Whatever you do, you always have that style. We have a lot of woodwork like that in the midwest. I feel the same way about that, as what Emily felt about her mountain home ceiling. No way around that. I love the window shapes though.

5 years ago

SAME. I used to hate it but now I’m kind of jealous of such character. That’s special. That shows history and age and warmth. I feel like everyone is so fast to paint over EVERYTHING white in the name of “crisp and new” but like…what if a 100 year old house doesn’t NEED to feel crisp and new? Isn’t that the beauty of buying an old home? So that it doesn’t feel like a new build?

5 years ago
Reply to  Lane

I think that’s the beauty of Emily not having painted her moldings. Yes it’s “stylistic” but she can easily choose to paint it down the line. It’s SO much easier to paint then strip so unless you’re dead set on white moldings everywhere, I think she’s smart to leave it as-is.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lane

I really think leaving the woodwork as-is adds to the charm of the house. I am into it! As Emily said, she is “undecorating” the house in lots of ways but keeping this aspect seems special to me.

Geof S
5 years ago
Reply to  Lane

I don’t want to disparage her home because it’s actually really refreshing and beautiful, but yeah I agree. my inclination would be to paint the molding. I think it would make it feel lighter and happier (but I don’t live there, and I know it’s a personal choice).

5 years ago
Reply to  Lane

I mean…what if that’s the style the homeowners like? You might not like honey midtones but they clearly do. At least they have the option to painting later on and totally changing things if that’s something they want to do.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lane

I love the warmth the wood lends, probably because I’m sick to death of white spaces. So cold. Also adore that wallpaper and thought it was an intentional choice.

5 years ago

I love that sunroom. Love the paper. I don’t know how well I would deal with wallpaper in my own home. Do you get tired of it?

This home tour was lovely and I am excited to have new reading material. I have a thing for IKEA curtains and am hoping there is a tutorial for the DIY curtains on her site.

Cheryl McInerney
5 years ago

There isnt anything I dislike about this home. It’s gorgeous!

5 years ago

I started following Emily last spring when she was doing her guest bedroom. I’m so happy to see her featured here! I will for sure be referencing her house for inspiration as my husband and I renovate our new home.

5 years ago

Beautiful! But where is her tv in the living room? Nonexistent? Out of frame? Inquiring minds want to know.

5 years ago
Reply to  Grace

Yes! This was my question too! I am trying to decide on TV placement also and would love to know how she worked it!

5 years ago
Reply to  Grace

Yes! This was my question too! I went to her blog and looked for that room and realized she has the frame tv –

And she has it sitting on top of the mantel. I need to get one of those!

5 years ago

Hey Emily, I have been a follower of your blog for the last several years! I really love your casual writing, transparency, and of course, your design style! It’s become increasingly difficult to read your blog/site as there are more ads and more ‘sticky’ content on the site (global navigation and key CTAs). I have a hard time scrolling through the post without having to close an ad and there’s such a narrow window now to even read the content. This is especially difficult on your blog/site because of the large (and beautiful) photos you post. I COMPLETELY understand that you have to make money and ads are necessary for your site. As someone who reads your site, I wanted to kindly let you know that it has become increasingly difficult to enjoy your blog/site. I’m being drawn to other blogs/sites that have less ads or where the ads are consolidated to the right column. I of course, really value your suggestions. I’d prefer to read a post about a sponsored product that you recommend rather than seeing multiple ads on your blog/site. I hope this feedback is understood, and I have no ill-intent. Thanks for sharing so many amazing… Read more »

5 years ago

This is such a beautiful home! I really really love the classic bathroom with blush paint—so perfect!

Would you be able to share the source for the black and white speckled tray you have all of your cocktail ingredients in? I love all the ceramics displayed around the house, but especially that piece!

5 years ago

Thrilled to see your home featured on EHD blog. I’ve seen bits and pieces in Instagram but this was the full meal deal. Love it. We had a brick Tudor with lots of mahogany doors and trim and I would never have painted it either. I stripped some paint from the upstairs windows only to find the 1920s builder switched to fir for the second story. Oh well, I stained it to resemble mahogany and left it.
Loved your house and I’m also on the wallpaper team. Even if I stripped or painted all the wallpaper in my home (it was all bitsy little prints).

5 years ago

The sun room wallpaper is EVERYTHING!

5 years ago

Your home is amazing!!!! Those WINDOWS – Wowwwaaaaa! Such a beautiful space you have created.

5 years ago

So nice to see a home tour that is not all white walls! Emily does an amazing job of using color in a way that is both modern and appropriate for an older home. So well done!

5 years ago

The wallpaper is lovely, wonderful home.

5 years ago

I love this woodwork. And I usually like it painted. Especially the sunroom.

5 years ago


5 years ago

I loved this post and thought about it all day! And can circling back a whole bunch of times to track down sources.

5 years ago

I love the wood with the peach, I love the wood with the white, I love the wood with the wallpaper…yes to all the wood!

Lara Orlando
5 years ago

Love this! Absolutely fantastic, I love how Emily combines styles and adds heaps of vintage finds in her home. Oh and the unpainted wood work is beautiful… I also loooove Deuce Cities Henhouse, I’d be great if you could feature it next!
Thanks for sharing!

5 years ago

Beautiful home! I wish we could have seen a few before photos though in order to see what she was starting with. Very nicely done though.

Maureen Morton
5 years ago

I soooo love the way the alcohol bottles are displayed in that “bowl” in the dining room. It’s such a simple, yet unique way to style them. Can I get information on it please?

5 years ago

Soooo happy to see such a beautiful example of wood trim! We have original woodwork in our 110 year old house that I would never dream of painting and I love to see homes that are able to mix modern and traditional so well!

5 years ago

The wallpaper is from Eijffinger’s Pip Studio line. They are a 100+ year old company in the Netherlands, but I don’t know that this is an historic reproduction. But all their Pip Studio papers are amazing and whimsical.

Melissa Chelf
5 years ago

So awesome! Love the moody paint. Where are the blankets from on the blanket hanger?

Paula Carr
5 years ago

Corgi love!

And I’m so unbelievably happy that you looked for a vintage bathroom and kept it intact (minus the previous owner’s furbelows).

Those windows would hae sold me, too.

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5 years ago

I’m sorry, but I’m old enough to have been around when that wall paper came out. It’s soooo dated looking and not consistent with the rest of the house in my opinion.

Capital Painter
5 years ago

Wow! Well done. You have decorated the house so elegantly. We at Capital Painter also provide residential as well as commercial decoration services in London.

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