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A Homespun Holiday Gathering with Chateau Hendo + Get The Look

The holidays are in full swing (whether you are ready for them or not) which means MANY a holiday party to throw and MANY a holiday party to attend.  I have twelve on my calendar already. That’s a lot of hostess gifts, folks. As if picking out a gift for a loved one wasn’t hard enough, picking out something to bring to a party you are attending that doesn’t feel totally generic as a small thank you can be even harder. So we partnered with Chateau Souverain to show off their new personalized wine labels (Chateau Hendo!!) and decided that it would be a perfect excuse to “deck the table” and show off the gift that any hostess would love to receive and any host would love to share with their guests.

Emily Henderson Chateau Souverain Holiday Homespun Gathering 151

But before we get into the gifts, let’s start with the table-setting. The holidays mean you get to be a bit more formal on your table but formal doesn’t mean fussy, so we like to keep it simple, homespun, and most importantly, easy to pull together. We wanted something that felt special but not stuffy – and I think we found it on this table.

Emily Henderson Chateau Souverain Holiday Homespun Gathering 31

We started with the table runner, which is a simple texture with a few handmade details like the fringed ends and x-embroidery throughout. On top of it we layered on grocery store eucalyptus. We mixed both silver dollar and seeded flatberry which brings a natural element in and also works with our color palette of blacks, creams, metallics and a pop of deep green and burgundy with the flowers and of course the wine. On top of the runner we layered in a few vintage brass candlesticks that I picked up at an antique store in New York as well as a few store bought black candlesticks (Mixing vintage and new is something that I obviously love to do and something that always makes the table feel more special). Whenever I set the table – and no matter the style – I always try to have at least three visual heights to create interest to the setup. The first would be the runner, the second with the eucalyptus and plates, and the third with the taller candlesticks and wine glasses.

Emily Henderson Chateau Souverain Holiday Homespun Gathering 61

We decided to nix the tablecloth and placement for this setup in favor of the runner. When the party is over just take off the dinnerware and you can still keep the center of the table set to enjoy and use the rest of the month. Win-Win in my book. For the dinnerware, both of the plates are from the new Hearth and Hand Collection as well as the striped napkin that we layered in between to help contrast with the more homespun elements. The wine glass and tumbler we kept modern and simple to contrast with the organic shape of the dinnerware which helps the table feel cohesive yet collected.

Emily Henderson Chateau Souverain Holiday Homespun Gathering 52

To personalize it a little bit more we made these simple place-cards because there is nothing better than getting to a party and feeling special due to the fact that you got your very own reserved seat. For these, we picked up a package of inexpensive glass ornaments, clipped a sprig of eucalyptus to stuff inside and then used wooden gift tags to attach and write the names of the people. So affordable and so easy and it gives the table and the evening that personal touch.

Unnamed 9

Speaking of personal touches. In case you didn’t notice, take a closer look at those beautiful bottles up there on that table. “Chateau Hendo”. No, Brian and I did not open up a winery in recent months. But our friends at Chateau Souverain have made the wine gifting process a lot more personal with their personalized wine labels. Imagine the look on your host’s face when you present to them a delicious bottle of wine personalized with your (or their) name on it. Talk about a sophisticated and delicious way to say “the Hendersons were here”. And not only does it make a great gift but also makes your dinner parties special when you pour people a glass from your own “private reserve”. Very fancy stuff happening over at Chateau Hendo folks.

Emily Henderson Chateau Souverain Holiday Homespun Gathering 81

Look how satisfied I am with my table and my fancy wine. And they’ve made the process so simple – you just have to head online to order your complimentary personalized label from Chateau Souverain. They send them through in about two weeks, you place them on the wine bottle over the other label and voila, holiday cheer all around.

Emily Henderson Chateau Souverain Wine Tablescape Fall Holiday Label How To

Over in the living room we setup a bar area for people to grab themselves a drink and a little something to munch on while we wait for our holiday feast to be ready.

Emily Henderson Chateau Souverain Holiday Homespun Gathering 121

But then again with those peonies and a little holiday music on in the background it’s always going to create a very inviting scenario.

Emily Henderson Chateau Souverain Holiday Homespun Gathering 9

Just one more pic before those flowers die and have to sadly be tossed out.

Emily Henderson Chateau Souverain Holiday Homespun Gathering 111

We entertain a ton so after this shoot we had friends over and all of them thought that the personalized wine labels were VERY fun, and a great gift for moms (not sure why, but both my friends said ‘my mom would LOVE this’). As both a hostess and a party-goer I have to say I would be thrilled if someone brought this to a party, not only does it feel special but it is something that feels like you put a bit more thought into it.

Emily Henderson Chateau Souverain Holiday Homespun Gathering 132

If you are into the look we have linked up everything on the table including look-a-likes for the few vintage items we used (pitcher and candlesticks) so you can recreate the look for your next holiday gathering. Including the personalized wine bottles. Happy Early Holidays – from “Chateau Hendo”.

Emily Henderson Chateau Souverain Holiday Homespun Gathering 21

Emily Henderson Chateau Souverain Wine Tablescape Fall Holiday Get The Look 02

1. Table Runner | 2. Black Candle Holder | 3. Small Brass Candle Holder (similar) | 4. Medium Brass Candle Holder (similar) | 5. Large Brass Candle Holder (similar) | 6. Wine Glass | 7. Tumbler | 8. Dinner Plate | 9. Salad Plate | 10. Vintage Fork Set (similar) | 11. Vintage Spoon Set (similar) | 12. Vintage Knife Set (similar) | 13. Striped Napkins | 14. White Pitcher (similar) | 15. Chateau Souverain Cabernet Sauvignon | 16. Chateau Souverain Chardonnay | 17. Wine Opener (similar) | 18. Wood Tray | 19. Clear Ornament | 20. Wooden Tag | 21. Celadon Vase | 22. Pedestal Bowl | 23. Wine Box | 24. Eucalyptus Branch (similar) | 25. Kraft Crinkle-Cut Paper | 26. Dark Grey with Gold Stitch Ribbon


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41 thoughts on “A Homespun Holiday Gathering with Chateau Hendo + Get The Look

  1. Gorgeous! Would love to know the source for your dress here and your dress in the Boathouse post. Thank you!

  2. Hi Emily!

    I LOVE the vintage print of the hot air balloon! Is this a one of a kind piece or can I get it somewhere. I’m been creeping on you blog and saw your dining room post in September but there’s no mention of the print. Please help me…I would love to have it!

      1. Is the work signed by chance? My uncle is a museum designer in NYC and an amateur artist and every time I see this it reminds me of some of his work from his college days at Pratt…

    1. She wrote about it in an old blog post saying it was vintage 🙂 She bought it in NYC when she lived there years ago.

  3. Any quick styling tips for runners? I love the H&H ones at Target, but at 72”, they’re too short for my table. I’ve been looking for 90”. But here, it appears that you have it centered with the table and not hanging off the edge. Does this mean I can pull off a 72” runner? 🙂

      1. Good suggestion, depending on how you plan to decorate and dress the table you could always get two runners and place them end to end or slightly overlay them and then place a centerpiece, platter, or flower arrangement over the seam for the party. But runners definitely can also be shorter than the table as long as it feels proportional with everything else you have going on and doesn’t feel too small in comparison to the table. Hope that helps. xx

  4. I love this so much, what a fun host or gift idea. Definitely going to have to check this out

  5. This table is so gorgeous. I love how simple and elegant it feels, all while being neutral and appropriate through the holiday season. Thanks for the inspiration. Going to have to try this wine out now too… what a good excuse

  6. I love your style, but I’m starting to feel like your blog is just one big advertisement. Between Target, TVs, subscription boxes, 27-year old fashion, and now wine labels all just within the last couple of weeks, I feel like we’ve lost YOU (and I miss YOU!) It’s become increasingly difficult to determine what’s really a true recommendation vs. what’s sponsored since the majority of posts seem to be sponsored now, and your level of curation over which sponsors you’ll take on appears to have reduced dramatically as your net is cast wider and wider. I’ve found myself having to seek alternative design resources, and I’m sad that I feel like we’ve lost the quirky, vintage-loving blogger we once adored.

    Not intended to be super critical or mean spirited, just sharing feelings as someone who’s loved reading your blog religiously every day for years and years. Thanks for listening.

    1. I have never understood why readers protest the inclusion of items for sale? I am no designer but I know that bloggers put a great deal of time ,personal expense and ingenuity into a successful blog and giving – we the reader -an opportunity to take a look at items and buy or reject them seems a small bit to pay for the enjoyment of their talents. IMHO…..

      1. Judy ~ I couldn’t agree more. I completely trust Emily’s integrity and know she will only include items she personally loves! I feel so lucky to get a glimpse into the inside track of a designer! Keep it coming Emily. Happy Holidays to all! Cheers!

    2. I feel the same way, Eloise. I even stopped following Emily on Instagram because it was too sponsored. Do what you gotta do girl! Get that $$$! But I’m hard pressed to find any inspiration on this site anymore and it’s significantly affected how much I visit or even click on a post.

      1. Judy–I am a reader who is starting to have the same feelings that Eloise has, and I thought I’d clarify something. I don’t mind AT ALL having affiliate links and sponsored content occasionally–even regularly. I understand blogging takes a lot of work and resources, so having those kinds of posts helps to keep the blog going. I think the frustration is that now basically ALL we see are sponsored posts or Emily’s home (full of sponsored/gifted products)–which we’ve already seen plenty of. I miss having makeovers, design work that doesn’t only involve Target products, etc. I love Target just as much as the next person–I mean, I LOVE it–but I don’t want to see ONLY decor from Target, and that’s kind of what the blog is becoming. And I’m getting tired of seeing Emily’s living room, especially since it’s not my personal style (that’s not a knock…one of the reasons I love Emily and have been a daily reader for YEARS is that I don’t share the same personal style as her, but she has historically has still been able to be an inspiration for me, give me tips that apply across all styles, etc.). Yes, the frame posts were something outside of her home, but that’s not the way normal people live, so I don’t put much stock in those. I want to see DESIGN work for real-life clients again–even if only occasionally (just to mix up the current schedule of the blog). Emily can–and should–do what she wants, and I understand she has chosen to stop taking on real-life design work, so I guess that is part of the root of my disappointment recently. I feel like the blog is a big ad (mainly for Target–which again I LOVE but don’t need to see 85 times a week) or only her home. I will say that I DEFINITELY appreciate that she still posts every day for the most part–I miss blogging in general because most bloggers put their focus into Instagram now instead of creating daily blog content. So, I will always read, even if it’s not my favorite state of the blog right now, because I DO, simply, love reading a blog. Emily is great about that. Just missing a little bit of the old blog these days!

    3. I agree with you Eloise. I have been reading Emily FOR YEARS. Her blog and IG is one big ad.
      Yeah, yeah, I get it, you gotta do what you gotta do to pay the bills but man it’s sad to see you slide into taking on more and more sponsored posts.
      I rarely read here anymore but I saw this post and thought wine labels? Really??? C’mon…
      Think I’m done here. Look after yourself Emily.

      1. Hey friends, this happens every year – December is a big month for sponsors – Sponsors who we love and of which we are very proud. Listen to these posts – these are great products and the content we create for them is, I think, beautiful. But if you are looking for inspiration, don’t worry – we have many posts that are just me at my house talking about design and we have such compelling content coming up in January. I’ve NEVER generically told you to just buy from a sponsor – I thoughtfully tell you why i love it. I strive to be honest, authentic and deliver inspirational pictures. I appreciate all of you for your support all the time. xx

  7. I don’t mean to get nit-picky here but some of these photos show the forks on the left (correct) and other photos show the forks on the right (incorrect). Maybe the photos were flipped? Or the table was rest several times?

      1. Good eyes, and you are right. We had set the table and then had to reset it a few times, so some of the shots had the forks on the wrong side and it was’t noticed until we had moved on from the shot! xx

    1. Speaking of the forks, are you gonna polish them? Even if I were going for a slightly “shabby” look, I’d still polish the silver–especially if it were going in my mouth.
      But overall the table is very pretty. I like the color palette a lot.

  8. Gasp! So beautiful. I love the non-traditional mix of the blue/gray with burgundy. So festive. The table is just gorgeous. And I didn’t comment yesterday, but the boathouse–amazing!!

    (One suggestion–polish those forks in the table shot above! It doesn’t take long and looks so much more beautiful. I’m not pish posh at all, but the tarnish affects the taste of food. Especially if you have anything the slightest bit acidic).

    Love your blog/insta and visit every day. Your content is amazing. Even your sponsored posts are loaded with good info, and rarely feel like too much. People need to understand sponsorships are key to being able to continue to produce free content for all of us to enjoy.

    1. Enough of you are saying we should polish and i’m taking you up on it. they are antique and rarely used but yah, to go in my mouth they need to be polished a bit. xx

  9. I love this post! And I would love a tutorial on how to arrange the flowers in your post. They are stunning, but have a great organic look too.

    1. Its vintage. From a flea market 12 years ago and my prized posession. I literally carried it home on the subway when I was 24 after stalking it 3 weeks in a row at the flea market 🙂

  10. I would love to know where you got the actual table, I’ve been searching for months and cannot find the right combination of color, size and style, but I love yours!

  11. This decor is stunning and I love the soft tones for Christmas! Thank you for incorporating a range of products in so many of your examples. It feels like I could easily recreate something similar.
    Quick question, you mentioned in one of the other comments that you could leave the centerpiece up for a while. How long does eucalyptus last when it is just laying on a table or mantle? Is there anything you can do to keep it fresh longer and prevent it from wilting or drying up? I tried using mint as a last minute centerpiece filler this fall because it’s all Target had for cheap…surprisingly it looked good but it was wilting by dessert time.

    1. Eucalyptus dries and is pretty but it falls and is messy of course (but way less messy than pine). I think 2 weeks is a great amount of time. More than that it gets crunchy and feels less fresh. xx

  12. Long-time reader, first-time commenter…I LOVE this so much. This table design is just so beautiful! Its great for all winter long! I just love it, Emily!

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