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Hollywood Glam

One of my new clients for the show wants Hollywood Glam, but 1920’s style, not Kelly Wearstler style.  Old school.  Like the i-have-a-special-hidden-door-where-i-keep-my-lovers-kinda-hollywood.  But we still have to make it modern, no one wants to ( or should want to) live in a set.  But the house is super historic, and in the 20’s a rich and famous (and quite ‘loose’, frankly) starlette lived there.  

So we need to give a nod to the past, but remain in the present and look to the future.  

Yep, i say stuff like that now. 

So i’m in search of tears.  er, tear sheets. not tears.  but that would be very hollywood of me, wouldn’t it?

I’m talking velvets, silks, romance, fabio. wait, no fabio. well, maybe a little bitta fabio never hurt anyone.

floor to ceiling drapery, brass accents.  i effing love this color palette.  And this feels the most modern to me.

The challenge?  We want grand, yet cozy.  Oh and we have to fit in a flat screen.  lame.

from This is Glamorous

 These last few are feeling a bit too frenchy for me, but the point is:  feminine, sparkles, age, luxe, opulence, in a super dreamy color palette that will remain my secret (from a stylist) til the show.

Any suggestions?

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