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If You Haven’t Bought Your Family (Or Yourself) Matching Holiday Pajamas Yet, Now’s Your Chance


I think we can all agree there is something sickeningly cute about families all squished together, smiling ear to ear, donning matching holiday sleepwear (ahem, like the photo above). It’s a little cheesy in the best way and an easy tradition for anyone to adopt. Sure, you might have to force your loved ones into them but that’s what the holidays are all about!! Forceful presents and embarrassing photos. Right?

Truthfully, I wasn’t really on board for the matching pj’s thing until a month or so ago. This year, it’s been harder than usual to “get into the spirit” and I admittedly am not a big “Christmas spirit” person in the first place (shame shame I know). But a few weeks ago I felt I needed a little something extra to look forward to and really wanted to create a new tradition with my fiancé and our sweet dog Gus. Lo and behold that little something came in the form of ordering us matching plaid pajamas. I felt so happy clicking purchase and imagining the awkward Christmas photo I will no doubt force us to take. My memory of the year 2020 will for sure be tainted but at least it will also be the start of this cute and slightly embarrassing holiday tradition.

I realize many of you are already on the annual matching holiday pajama train so you’ve likely had yours locked down for months or even years. Ahh, to be prepared. But for anyone on the fence or a little late to the game like me, there is still hope! A lot of big retailers are selling out fast but luckily I discovered some that are still available plus so many Etsy shops that make the cutest most whimsical pajamas, perfect for procrastinators. There’s no time to waste so here goes:

1. Christmas Pyjamas | 2. Family Christmas Pyjamas | 3. Family Christmas Pyjamas | 4. Family Matching Christmas Pajamas Sets | 5. Holiday Plaid Matching Family Pajamas | 6. Christmas, Holiday Couple Pajamas | 7. Moose Print Family Christmas | 8. Personalized Christmas Pajamas | 9. Red and Green Stripe Kids Christmas Pajamas

#3 and #5 are from Hanna Andersson which is an EHD favorite. Emily and her family have worn their pajamas in previous years and they are great quality and have so many adorable patterns and styles. But the best discovery I’ve made is that Etsy is killing the game when it comes to Holiday PJ’s. There are so many good ones and the best part is you can support a small business and shame your family into taking photos in them.

If your family members are less than willing to participate or if you would rather rock yours alone, the individual matching PJ’s sets are just as adorable and fun to pull out during the holidays. Also, how fun would it to order yourself and some friends matching ones and set up a zoom call with wine and holiday movies?? (Okay, maybe not the MOST fun, but the most fun we can have in 2020??). There are so many adorable ones and I personally want every single one.

1. Cozy Henley Sleep Jumpsuit | 2. Heathcliffe Plaid Sherpa Collar PJ Set | 3. Dreamy Henley Pajama Set in String Lights | 4. Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas | 5. Dreamy Henley Pajama Set in Candy Cane Stripe | 6. 2 Piece Nightwear Layer Thermal Underwear Set | 7. Vintage Pajama Set in Stewart Tartan | 8. Women’s Winter Trees Cotton Sleep Set | 9. Flannel Pj Set

For a warm yet lightweight fleece option, #2 is so cute, has a classic Christmas plaid pattern, and a cozy sherpa trim. #3, #5, and #8 are cotton henley sets from J Crew that look so comfy and #4 is cozy flannel and could easily be unisex or worn oversized for extra comfort. GIVE ME THEM ALL.

Now I must know, are you as excited about pajamas as I am?? Have you been on this train forever? Where do YOU get your family holiday PJ’s and should we have ones for every holiday?? Tell me everything. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Our Scandinavian (And Easy, Mess-Free) Holiday Living Room Reveal + How I Finally Figured Out My Biggest Styling Problem… And Solved It

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Nicola O.

I’m surprised you didn’t mention Target. I’ve been on this train for awhile and there are more options than ever. Kohls and Old Navy have really reasonable one (Old Navy is especially good if you like to mix and match your tops and bottoms); has probably the most extensive collection of different patterns. 🙂


Christmas is in summer for those of usbinthe Southern hemisphere so matching PJs wouldn’t be quite as fun, or impactful, but… I love the vibe!

The only things my scruffy dawg willingly wears is her collar and her front clip harness for walks (I call uther dress!). I once tried to put a coat on her and nnnnooooo! It was a disaster and she was a little distressed, so that’s not happening again, ever.

She grows her coat for winter and, hilariously, I’ve always called it her “winter pyjamas”! LOL 😂

Hola! hace años que estoy pensando en hacer esto para Navidad, una foto con el mismo pijama como en las películas navideñas. Ahora que somos uno más en la familia, sabéis de algún sitio en Barcelona que vendan estos pijamas incluido para un bebé? Muchas gracias y felices fiestas!!


Boden has lots of cute options for matching family pjs too!


We usually shop Hanna but this year bought Little Sleepies. OMG never going back. I can’t take them off they’re so comfy

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