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Holiday Mantel Contest Winners!!!

I know, I know. Looking at holiday mantels on January 1st is like celebrating Halloween on November 11th; what is normally fun and festive turns to just kinda weird almost overnight. But stare at mantels we must for one more day because soooo many people entered so many amazing mantels in the holiday mantel styling contest on my facebook page. The contest ended New Years Eve at 11:59 pm (last night) so it’s time to announce the winners and send them their prizes, which include my favorite brass trunk side table as well as four other great vintage pieces.

Congratulations Kristen Russell Jackson, your beautiful mantel won the mantel challenge with the most popular votes. I love how bright, fresh, and modern it is, but totally warm and inviting at the same time. And clearly the mirror, chandelier, and the wood cuts in your fireplace didn’t hurt.

But there was more than one winner, my friends.  Kristen won the popular vote, but then I got to pick my other favorites and there were a ton that I really liked for different reasons.

This one below, by Trisha Olsen Phillips, is such a great modern traditional mantel. I love the wire Christmas tree ornament situation and the sweet pearls. When country/traditional is done right it is just so warm and inviting.

I love this one below from Brianna. So clean, fresh and bright with a great simple color palette of white, gold, and pops of red. Nice nice job Brianna Webb.

This one below is the best traditional color palette, totally pretty and modern, but with a trad/country bent. Nice job Laurie Chattin Jones.

Best DIY/inexpensive mantel by Melissa Lee:

I love how Melissa thought outside of the box, and created a mantel that is fresh and young and totally approachable. The composition is great and its festive and fun. I think that was a cotton ball garland, which is just so simple and kinda “why not?”

Kate Riley from Centsational Girl totally killed it. It might be my favorite, but I don’t want people to think that she is my favorite because we have worked together and I’m a fan of hers. But CLEARLY her mantel and living room was SOOOO beautiful.

Alice Patterson’s mantel, below, is such a sweet, simple, and well executed mix of vintage glam and rustic.

Last but not least, I love this “moment” below if you will. It’s not a mantel, but as you know it didn’t have to be because Emily Henderson does not discriminate against mantel-less people. So Dabney Frake did a great job of mixing some very stylish pieces together to create a very festive little photo. Nice job.


Sorry I didn’t properly finish this post. Had an emergency room run that lasted the WHOLE day today, so I published it on the way out the door — and yes, it’s still up in the air whether I have Appendicitis or just bad gas. I’m not kidding. I know that I should hope it’s just gas, but man that is intensely embarrassing. 🙂

Anyway, yes there are seven winners and all seven will get prizes. I’m still picking out the prizes and buying some in Portland, but meanwhile I need addresses emailed to emilyhenderson at me dot com and I’ll pop them all in the mail next week when I get back!

Congratulations to everyone, and thank you sooooo much EVERYONE, every single participant, for styling your mantels all pretty and entering the contest.  I’m definitely curious what your feedback was and what contest you would love to do next or what giveaways you would love it win.

Happy happy happy new year.  Thank you so much for reading along, supporting, watching and commenting. You have no idea what it means to me.

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