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Holiday Gifts for Charlie

As a new mom (how exciting is it to write that? VERY) I decided to do a gift guide for Charlie, which we all know is for me (and other expectant moms) out there. He doesn’t even know the difference between Scandinavian and American mid-century design. So these gifts are for him, but there more for me  – and all moms of babies out there.

1. Kardboard Kingdom I know he’s too young for this, but I want to hoard it just in case they stop selling it. It’s such an amazing price for such a fun toy.| 2. Blue Airplane Its graphic and cute, like my birth and my baby. | 3. “Hug-a lot-amus” Hooded Hippo Bath Robe Ugh. Because I might die of cute overload if Charlie was wearing this. Brian personally approved this one – he loved it. | 4. Alpaca Apple  – White & Navy Stripe Pillow Cute pillow that is in a grown up color palette | 5. Weathered Brown Moccasins Baby Charlie needs his dose of brown leather, too.| 6. Pebble Zip Sack Chambray  He’s still in the serious swaddling phase, but this sleep sack is just so cute| 7. Woodland Park Elephant Bank Lord knows if I keep shopping like I do from these gift guides he’s going to have to save for his own college education so this piggy bank will help | 8. Sailing Ship Kite I want this as an object on my bookshelf mainly. Sure, he can fly it later.  | 9. Geoff Mcfetridge Canvas Totes I have this and its such a cute tote bag for easy access baby stuff, with an awesome leather straps. 

Charlie Henderson

10. Rain of Colors Mobile *pink-yellow-turquoise* Such a happy little mobile| 11. Mountain Stripes Mini – Cobalt Soft, chunky blankets that I can’t get enough of| 12. PlayShapes 74 Wooden Blocks Really these are for me; so whimsical and happy, yet I think Charlie will love them as well | 13. Hobby Horse Just to lean in a corner for now – but later for his imagination | 14. giggle Classic Knit Romper I kinda can’t get enough of these and yet I don’t want to buy any more of them, so as a gift I’ll take 5 | 15. Diaper Bag The chicest diaper bag I’ve found. It’s absolutely me in every way (and I even got one for Brian that he loves). Navy, leather and brass?  Its a no brainer | 16. Hanna Anderson Baby Sleeper Marine Stripe Yes, Cute. Need more. | 17. Hand-Crocheted Baby Boots Fine … I don’t need these for Charlie, but I want to put them on his shoe shelf so bad | 18. Arctic Rocker Its soft, its white and wood and it belongs in his nursery.

Charlie Henderson

19. Galaxy Dusk Graphic Knit Blanket  So far this is Charlie’s favorite blanket – it’s so soft and warm and naturally he prefers blue | 20. Bear Cub Print Because we call him Charlie Bear and therefore he needs a print of a baby bear. Obviously. | 21. Animal Tattoos for Talking Hands I know we don’t need these yet, but I want to hoard them for the future in case they don’t sell them anymore. | 22. Blue Little Courthouse Quilt It’s an heirloom blanket that we’ll keep forever and forever. I’m actually debating framing it for the wall because it’s just so beautiful and graphic, and with such a homemade quality about it. These are the things you splurge on | 23. Baby Prints Ornament C’mon. Yes. Maybe not the red ribbon, but it’s practically against the law to not do this | 24.  Green Tug Boat | 25. Bashful Owl  So soft and cute (and yes, in my color palette) | 26. Menagerie Bookend White Elephant I actually have the brown leather ones, but I love the white versions very much, too | 27. Hanna Andersson Nautical Stripe Bodysuit Ultramarine Please buy this for me. We need more, I want this now. | 28. Jetaire Camper Play Tent Brian saw this and freaked out. Charlie’s not ready for it yet, but Its a good hoard for when he’s older. 

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