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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Teens in Your Life

Last week I hung out with some of my nieces (actually Brian’s cousins kids) and they always enlighten me with what is happening. They are 15-20 years old and I basically grill them about social media – who do they follow, on what platforms and WHY?? It’s a demographic that I don’t have but need (15 year olds generally aren’t thinking about their homes). So I figured I’d ask one of them, Ashley, to enlighten us on what a 16 year old girl wants. Here is what she came up with … (and I love it all, except SCRUNCHIE?????)

Ashley wrote a line about each thing, and I personally think that it’s such a great insight into what a teen lady likes. She also convinced me to get back on snapchat because she (and Molly, Sadie, Matty and Ryan) were like ‘uh, yes … snapchat is our fave’. Thanks, Ashley for pulling this together. If you have a teen in your life, here you go:

1. Portable USB Vinyl Record Player: This is a great retro gift for anyone who loves music and collects vinyls.

2. Wallet: I think why I fell in love with this wallet because each section is labeled. My credit and debit cards will always have a home!

3. Earring Set: Perfect for the person who constantly looses earrings but likes to have options of different colors.

4. Scrunchies: Yes…. scrunchies made a comeback. Great way to accessorize with a ponytail.

5.  Mobile Lens Kit: Everyone is constantly taking photos so why not make yours a little more unique by adding a lens to your phone.

6. Smart iPhone Battery Cover: I hope I’m not the only person who’s phone dies at the worst possible moment. This charging case (that comes in assorted colors) is a great solution.

7. Sunglasses: I loved the tinted red sunglasses, a great way to spice up a outfit.

8. Corduroy Levi’s Jacket: A perfect red statement piece for those chilly winter days (and it’s so soft).

9. Dr. Martens: Definitely one of my favorite items. I can basically put these on in three seconds and I’m out the door.

10. Face Mask Set: These are the perfect stocking stuffers that feel AMAZING on the skin and leave you’re face feeling fresh and clean.

11. ‘‘Minimergency’ Kit: Another great stocking stuffer, I always have one of these handy kits in my locker at school or in my purse.

12. Tarte Makeup Palette: These colors are so beautiful on this pallet and there’s so many great combos to get that perfect eyeshadow winter look.

13. Zodiac Journal: Such a cute journal for school or writing.

14. S’well Water Bottle: This bottle is actually so great. It keeps your ice cold water freezing for 10 hours and I’m obsessed with it.

15. Mini Backpack: My favorite thing about this backpack is how much room there is. It looks small but you can fit A LOT.

16. Vans Checkered Slip-On Sneakers: These are slip ons so they’re extremely easy to get on and off if I’m running late for school.

17. Pajamas: Every year I get a new set of holiday pjs because who doesn’t love being wrapped up in a blanket on Christmas morning wearing holiday pjs?!

18. Candle: I absolutely loved this candle because of its specs of gold on the outside they almost look like fireflies when the candle is lit.

19. Hello Neon Sign: This sign is so cute, it can be placed basically anywhere and adds a very happy vibe to the room.

20. Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer: This is for the person who loves taking photos and can have the actual copy within seconds.

21.  Q&A a Day Book: I absolutely love this book. It asks you questions every single day for 5 years. Over the course of five years you can see how much you have changed, learned and grown as a human being.

And because you guys enjoyed the gallery view that we did yesterday, here are all the items in a clickable gallery view as well. For those of you that missed it in yesterdays post, let us know if you prefer this format over the other.



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36 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: For the Teens in Your Life

  1. Ashley has amazing taste, these are all such gorgeous things that I know my teen self would have loved to receive. There are going to be some super happy teens this Christmas thanks to this post! Great job!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  2. I actually bought something from the list…Which I NEVER do! Curious. So many things were from UO. Is that the preferred store for teens???

    1. Hi! It’s Ashley and just to answer your question Urban Outfiters is a huge store that teens enjoy.

  3. Big picture plus gallery. The gallery is so much easier to navigate each item rather than scrolling back and forth and eventually giving up.

  4. Ashley has great taste!! I think she nailed it (great style, lots of different price points, seasonally appropriate, etc.). Would’ve been interesting to see a male teen’s list too, though. I know about half of the items above could work for a male recipient too, but it’d be nice to see / have more options / perspectives.

  5. I like both formats! Can we please have prices listed in future? I’m not at the stage in life where $ isn’t the top consideration for gifts. Am I alone here? Don’t most people want to track that even if only to make sure they’re spending fairly evenly across their recipients? Tbh, unless something reallyreally grabs me, I’m not going to follow links to things unless I know they’re in my budget, especially when there are so many products out there. I can go to a website and search for gifts under a certain amount, or enter a minimum and maximum price range. As much as I love shopping and giving (a lot!) it feels like a waste of time to click on things that may or may not be viable options. Ty for all your hard work and awesome content, as always, Emily and team! The house holiday reveals are so fun!

  6. Oh my goodness yes I prefer the slideshow SO MUCH MORE! Having to scroll down and then up again in every gift guide was driving me borderline insane.

  7. Love the picks! I have that candle and it my absolute FAVORITE, especially during the holidays. It smells amazing!

  8. Just let me say THANK YOU!! This is just what I needed. My young teen hasn’t really given me good ideas but you have!! She would love so many of the things off of this list. This is a life saver. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! I love your blog/design work. Such a great inspiration for my home.

    1. Besides a PS4 my 17 year old list is: Blitzballs, food/snacks, sunglasses, itunes gift card, and backup battery for iphone.
      Does that help at all?

  9. What a cute and stylish niece you have! These are all adorable; I’m 32 and want them all for myself! (Or maybe I’d just like to be seventeen again…) Noticed the scrunches at Urban Outfitters the other day… sigh. It was inevitable.

  10. Thanks for the awesome suggestions, my daughters wanted a lot of similar items and I was able to follow the links and get started on their list. So fun and easy!

  11. Hey Emily and crew – feedback on minor detail: love that you included the left-right scrolling of each item at the end of your post. Could you change the arrows so they are locked into place? Currently they shift slightly up or down depending on the size of the image. Minor, yes, but sometimes the small things make all the difference, eh? Thanks!

  12. I am 100% positive that my 16 year old sister would happily take anything off this list!! Great job, Ashley! (You clearly know what’s in right now!)

  13. This seems great for teen girls, but I don’t think my teenage son would go for anything on this list.

  14. I’m 18 and I would love everything on this list! Also, I’ve been following your blog since before Charlie was born. My mom would always love me photos of different projects you had done because was obsessed with everything mid century mod and today I just finished my first semester of architecture school 🙂

  15. As a 16 year old girl myself (who is obsessed with with this blog) this is really a great gift guide! I would love to receive any of these items.

  16. Hey, Emily – what was the external hard drive you spoke about on your InstaStories a couple weeks ago that will sinc up with your iPhone photos? Want to get it for my sister but now can’t find it on your website or Instagram posts.

  17. Scrunchies. Doc Martens. Mini backpacks. Vans. It’s a little weird how much of this list works for current teenagers and 90s teenagers.

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