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Holiday Decorating and Gifting with TinyPrints

Well turkeys, we are back from Thanksgiving break, and the holidays aren’t going to decorate themselves. As you probably know Tiny Prints has a ton of personalized christmas cards (and lots of other customizable holiday gifts) but this year they launched their customizable home line which I’m here representing (remember my Tiny Prints studio launch party?)  – and I’m getting my serious (bedroom eyes) pose on to do it:

So, I teamed up with them again to show off some of their pieces as both gifts and decoration and we styled them for their new Emily Henderson for TinyPrints landing page. We are going to use them as part of our Christmas decor in our house this month (stay tuned for that, shooting that this week). All these custom pieces have a bit of a lead time (8 business days typically – which is kinda two weeks) so you do need to think about doing it this week or next week to get gifts/decor in time.

First up are the acrylic blocks which I love. Sure, you don’t exactly need a whole tree of them like we did for this shoot, but they are just so simple and modern that they can work with so many different styles and feel really high-end and permanent, whereas pictures in frames have a more temporary (and therefore kinda less important feel). I just hope that all of my family members don’t care if they get one of Charlie, Brian and me because I have a lot to give out after this shoot – or hoard secretly. Don’t worry, I’m keeping like 15 of them.

Emily Henderson Holiday Tiny Prints acrylic block christmas tree instagram

I think this would be such a fun gift idea for all your family or friends at your dinner party – you style them like a tree and then they all take one home after the party or dinner as their christmas gift. And then your Uncle Rico thinks it’s a game of drunk jenga and tries to pull his from the middle without disturbing the rest of them, and just in ‘Uncle Rico fashion’, fails. They are just so thick and heavy, in a really good way.

Emily Henderson Holiday Tiny Prints pink gold copper tablescape 1

Next up are these glass ornaments that we styled as place cards on this pretty little holiday table.

Emily Henderson Holiday Tiny Prints pink gold copper tablescape

Its kinda the same idea – get them made for a dinner party as placecards, and then each person can take them home. You can embellish these more with words on them (like Joy and Merry) and they come in different shapes, but I love the simple circle and square glass ornaments tied with a pretty ribbon (or yarn, twine or leather).

Resources: Tiny Prints Customizable glass ornaments | sparkly placemats | rose gold flatware (sold out so I linked to gold flatware) | pink tumblers | linen napkins | pink vases | blush salad plate

Up next we have their custom wrapping paper – which at first I was like, do we really need custom wrapping paper? And then I saw the patterns and the potential and thought ok, maybe i do need custom wrapping paper, and then I saw it in person and I wanted to mod podge it onto every surface of my house. It’s funny because we often make custom wrapping paper (painting, stamping, photo-copying patterned fabric) so this isn’t that much more expensive or time-sensitive. Plus there are just so many more uses for it.  You just upload the photos that you like (they can be from instagram and facebook) and viola – you get this awesome photo paper that you can use in a lot of different ways.

Emily Henderson Holiday Tiny Prints blue white black gold  tablescape 3

I really love using this as a table runner. It instantly makes your table unique, draws your party goers in, and its pretty affordable for something so custom. You can buy them in two different sizes – 6′ and 10′, both being 2.5′ wide. So, we split the width because you really only need your runner to be 15″ inches wide any way and then you get double the length. You could cut them up as placemats, too (and get them laminated at your local office/mail store for around $7 each). For a dinner party it would be really fun to get all of your friends photos (pull them from their Instagram, that’s what we did) and put them on the runner – or if you are getting married, it’s a super affordable/clever idea for your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception runners. Meanwhile for this Brian and I will probably use more as a gift wrap because it’s just a tad narcissistic for us to just sit at our own dinner table with like 95 photos of us and that baby. Right?

Emily Henderson Holiday Tiny Prints blue white black gold  tablescape 1

We chose to do black and white to keep the color palette simpler so we could add more color/styles on the table – but you could print in color and then keep the palette of your table simpler.

Get yer own personalized wrapping paper here (and no, creep, you can’t have mine). They have many more patterns, including this tree one that I love. And then, guess what? You don’t need cards or tags saying who it’s from because its photos of you ALL OVER THE BOX.

Resources:  Custom wrapping paper/table runner Blue placemats | blue patterned plates | gold salt and pepper shakers | black and white dinnerware | flatware, blue glassware, wood and brass cutting board and christmas balls are all vintage from my inventory.

Emily Henderson Holiday Tiny Prints Custom Wrapping Paper

Lastly we have these custom herringbone throw blankets which are super soft and pretty. Super luxurious throws make really good gifts any time because its something that people tend not to splurge on themselves. And customizing them with their initial, last names or even ‘mimi and papa’ which we did, makes them feel special while they are snuggling under their cozy throw thinking about how much you must love them to make them this pretty blanket. It’s a win win.

Emily Henderson Holiday Tiny Prints Presants Charlie 1

Charlie Henderson stopped by the shoot to visit. He wasn’t supposed to be on camera which is why he’s wearing sweats that are clearly way too big for him, (I fired the sitter immediately). But as I was taking this shot he wanted to play with the presents and then it just seemed CRAZY not to get a cute little photo of this dude, smiling at the camera, shilling for mommy. Kidding. Or am I?????!!!!!

To see the whole Tiny Prints collection that I curated click here and then check a lot of the product that I’m talking about in action at our studio party.

Happy customizing folks and thanks to Cyber Monday, the kind folks at Tiny Prints are giving you 40% off all cards by using the code CYBER40. (Offer ends 12/2). Get on it before you are those people paying for 2 day service (yes, they have it).


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