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Holiday Around Our Farmhouse – This Year “Done Is Better Than Perfect”

I almost didn’t shoot photos of our whole house this year because I was behind on life, was set on not overwhelming myself, and wasn’t terribly impressed with what I had done (as well as have some behind-the-scenes personal/business stuff that is taking so much of my brain space and time right now). But I had to style out a few areas for a partner and some of you were so encouraging and supportive that I figured I’d show you what I did, without rethinking the styling (although admittedly some of it does look super cute now that I see the photos – I’m SO HARD ON MYSELF these days). So while there is a lot of design still up in the air, here is how our holiday decor landed this year.


Faux Pre-Lit LED Alpine Trees | Woven Boucle Striped Christmas Throw Pillow | Oversize Embroidered Textured Lumbar Throw Pillow (similar)

I just put two pre-lit alpine trees in the corner + two pillows and called it a day, but those dogs are really selling the space. I think these Alpine trees (these from Terrain and others around the house from Target) are my favorite addition to the holiday decor market. They can be shoved in so many corners, don’t need decor, and just add life at night when the lights are off.

Winter Sweater

Now in case you are wondering why I didn’t put a wreath on that incredible painting by Melinda Forster, it’s because there is a big wreath through the glass front door right in front of it – so you can’t double wreath. I could have put a swag of cedar over it, but again – just didn’t. But look at my pups! Zipped Sweater linked here (I’ve been wearing it almost every day)

Bench With Gallery Wall

Wreath | Red and White Ribbon | Sweater Knit Square Throw Pillow with Pom Poms | Sweater Fleck Jacquard Knit Lumbar Throw Pillow | Color Block Boucle Throw Blanket

About a month ago I did hang this little gallery wall which is making me happy:) So for the holidays I threw a couple of green pillows on the bench and hung a mini-wreath over the art.

Sconce | Bench

I put a red and white striped ribbon on the wreath and used twine to hang it from the sconce. I’m on the fence if I should remove or add to the bottom of the gallery – next to the “this is not a pen” drawing that I got 13 years ago (artist unknown).

Sweater Knit Square Throw Pillow with Pom Poms | Sweater Fleck Jacquard Knit Lumbar Throw Pillow | Bench

The pillows are Target and the bench is the original Katy Skelton bench that launched the whole movement of leather straps on benches (it’s 8 years old, I believe, and still so good).

My Office Sunroom

Red Beaded Garland | Candlestick Holder Set | Taper Candles | Artificial Tree | Tree Collar | Wood Tree Ornaments (set of 4)

In the sunroom/office is where I got to do a more curated tree and I loved how it turned out. I bought a box of vintage silk-wrapped balls and the wood snowflakes from the antique mall, mixed it with some wood tree ornaments from Target, and ripped fabric. So happy. I also love this faux tree so much and wish I had bought the bigger version of the tree for our living room (and might next year if it comes back in stock). It looks super natural and organic (you’ll see our other one is too triangular and dense for me – but not tree-shaming myself!).

Pendant | Dining Table | Dining Chairs (vintage)

I work here most days so I didn’t do a tablescape beyond throwing down some pine branches from outside and these candlesticks from Target. Ignore the chain link fence out the window, we are two weeks away from the final inspection and can finally pull down the “root protection” chain link throughout our property which is just going to make the biggest difference.

Birdie’s Dress | Charlie’s Shirt | My Dress | My Slippers

My kids are officially 7 and 9 and it’s just NUTS (and incredible – these ages are just so fun). Charlie turned 9 this week and it feels different than any before – so close to 10, starting to turn away and lean on friends.

Green Striped Ribbon

More campaign shots of me using wrapping cloths:) If you missed that post about how I’m really excited about this ancient Japanese Tradition (fabric over paper) read this post.

In The Kitchen

Wreaths | Red Ribbon | Striped Ribbon (similar)

I had SERIOUS wreath confusion/doubt and after trying out a few different ribbon ideas and landed on this one – red wired burlap and a neutral ticking stripe (similar). It looks so cute, but I think next year I have an idea that is more “me”. The wreaths are great (from Target) and I bought the darker red burlap online. The ticking striped “ribbon” is just yardage that I had that I cut to add another layer. But there is something about these that feel more “traditional” than I am (or than I want to perceive myself to be). At the same time, they are so pretty in the kitchen. At one point I had four options hanging up there – thick bright red satin mixed with red/white ticking stripe, thick bright red satin with white satin, and large white with red/white ticking stripe – all on different windows. I do like how the burlap is more casual than the satin and ultimately it looked the best of all the options so we left it…but I’m not convinced it’s “my wreath”.

I also added twinkle lights on these so that at night they add some glow.

Nutcracker with Top Hat | Nutcracker with Crown | Dish Towel | Red Paper Accordion Trees (similar)

I snagged those large nutcrackers from Michaels (on sale for $15 each) and Birdie quickly asked me what color we were going to paint them (this is a recurring conversation – I buy natural wood Scandinavian stuff, and she pulls out her paint brushes).

Nutcracker | Wood Trees | Cable Knit Tree | Red and White Striped Placemat🙂

The little wood trees and nutcracker are from World Market, the cable knit tree and tea towel are from Target (I think it’s a placemat), and the cedar branches from our backyard – which I probably should have added more…

The Fireplace Mantel

Santa Mailbox (in red)

I did a fun reel with Target in late November so this was pretty much all done then (and all Target). The wreath is real (look at me!) and I kinda wanted to replace the garland with a real one, but not enough to actually do it. We’ve had the green Santa box for years (here’s the same one in red) and the kids drop letters in it frequently (I think it’s probably the last year and we totally forgot to do Elf on the Shelf which they are asking for so I need to run out and find that dude). And yes, we need a fireplace screen. I found a vintage one at the thrift store that we use until I find the one that I want, but it’s super ugly so removed it for the photos.

Alpine Balsam Mini Artificial Christmas Tree | Stockings | Wood Garland (similar) | Candlestick Holder Set | Taper Candles | Reindeer | White Houses | Lanterns | Ribbed Green Candle | Pine & Snowberry Seasonal Faux Sprig Bundle | Faux Garland

Picture Light (similar) | Chandelier | Wicker Ottoman (similar) | Sheepskin Rug

We left this as a wood-burning fireplace, with a gas starter thing, which is awesome. We only really light it when we are in the room at night, but it’s been really lovely and Brian and Charlie really enjoy building the fire.

Our Nostalgia Tree – Full Of Our Favorite Ornaments

Quite possibly my favorite day of the year is when we open our ornaments and the kids react to each one with a million “I remember this’!”. It’s just dripping with memories and the whole family wanted it in the living room to actually enjoy it. Historically, we have a curated tree in the living room and this tree in the family room but we don’t have space in our family room and just wanted this vibe in here. I’m not over the curated tree necessarily but it has a time and place (like the sunroom) and I wasn’t about to debate my kids about it.

But if I’m being honest I don’t love the tree that I bought – it’s too dense and triangular. The light color is good but next year I’m going to donate this (likely to the ReBuilding Center since they have high ceilings) and instead buy a 9′ version of the one that we used in the sunroom. I know this is a hot topic which we really don’t need to rehash. I also think we want to join in on the very Oregon tradition of cutting down our own trees – so we might do that for a kid’s tree upstairs (Birdie decorated her ENTIRE room with all the leftover decor that I had and she really really wants a tree).

We made popcorn garland with the kids (which admittedly took hours) while watching Christmas movies, but I LOVE the look and vibe it gives (and it’s another great tradition). Also, we only made enough for this angle of the tree (and you can see it ending at the bottom haha). The only non-family ornaments that I bought were the white and red stripe fabric balls which you can get here.

The tree is totally full of memories of things that happened that year. We are looking for a “mud” ornament to represent this year and then are going to get some 1st and 3rd-grade ornaments for the kids and likely get some Pokemon ornaments because it’s all they talk about.

Holiday Glasses (similar) | Brian’s Shirt

We took a bunch of family photos for us inside (it was pretty yucky outside) and my attempt to not show too much of their faces was to put these ridiculous glasses on them. Ha.

There you go, y’all. Christmas 2022 around our house. Next year we should have our furniture and dining nook done in the living room (and family room) so I might add more as it’s my favorite thing to do. But I actually love a more pared-back version (and you might see a front door decked out next week).

Oh, and for links to the kitchen go here, here, and here, the sunroom here, and the living room head here!

*Photos by Kaitlin Green


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112 thoughts on “Holiday Around Our Farmhouse – This Year “Done Is Better Than Perfect”

  1. Ahhh loved every bit of this. Every shot is so pretty and festive! I am particularly enamoured with the sunroom. Man this farmhouse is gorgeous and especially magical now.

    Thank you so much for sharing Emily. Your blog is my happy place every morning and waking up to this post was the best surprise.

    Also for anyone else craving beauty and simplicity this time of year, I just finished the winter section of Myquillyn Smith’s book Welcome Home and it’s just what I needed. Emily I think it’d be riiiiight up your alley as well 🙂

    Again, thank you!

    1. Ah, thank you Vera. And i’m desperate for a new book right now (just finished Partner Track last night which was fine, but ….). so i’ll check out Welcome Home. xx

      1. Agree , it’s so so lovely!! Beautiful and simple and yet stunning and warm.

        Emily , an author rec for you if you haven’t discovered her – Marian Keyes!!! She’s amazing . Maybe start with Rachel’s Holiday or Anybody Out There .

  2. It looks so cozy and inviting. I am especially loving all the pictures of your pups! This is definitely a Christmas decor post with ideas that work with my lifestyle and home. Thank you for sharing!

  3. It’s all so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I hope you and your family have a very merry first Christmas in your new home.❤️

  4. I’m glad you shot your christmas decor. I didn’t have time to comment on your post where you said you may not do it. this is more than just “done but not perfect”. this is amazing. yes, you are too hard on yourself. it’s all beautiful.

  5. It all looks so warm and festive. I didn’t put up a tree this year and am kinda regretting it. But I did pull down two boxes of Christmas stuff and it’s amazing how even just a little holiday decorating can lift the spirits. Better done a little then not at all. 😉

    1. Absolutely! I recently moved back into my house after a big renovation and am going light on the Christmas decor. But just a few things do so much, and truly I’m loving having less stuff out. Better done than not at all is a good way to go!

  6. Emily, thank you so much for showing us your lovely family, adorable dogs, and lovely and approachable Christmas decor! This was one of my favourite posts. Using a lot of deep forest green is a lovely rich choice for your overall palette in the house. You listened to us and gave us a really inspirational holiday post! Love and warmth to all of you over the season. Your main tree with all its keepsake ornaments reminds me of how I style mine, too. I love being able to remember years past just by looking at the tree. I live in Canada and we always have a real balsam because we love the tradition of going out to cut one down with the kids at the local tree farm. Hope you and your family will try it sometime, it can be so fun! Bring a thermos of hot cocoa :).

    1. Ah, thank you. and yes I think next year we are going to cut down a tree – even if its just one for the kids room (Birdie decorated her entire room with leftover holiday stuff and is begging for a tree. if we weren’t leaving next saturday for two weeks and gone over christmas I would do it. So i think next year we will do it earlier). xx

  7. Please don’t put a wreath or anything else directly on the surface of a painting!!!! If nothing else, it will give your artist friends chills.

        1. Ok so its in the garage as its, i’m not joking, 5000 lbs. I wanted it in the sunroom but we fear that its just too much visually and too heavy. I of course am willing to try it (haven’t ordered a piece for there yet) but i’d need to hire 2-3 guys to come bring it in. its like its packed with boulders inside. Its still wrapped in the garage and I am so annoyed that I don’t feel confidant in where its going enough to bring it in. It absolutely will make it into the house somewhere but since its so crazy heavy I don’t just get to play around. It would suck to hire 2-3 strong people (which would likely be like $200) to just say ‘whoops, no take it away’. I think just old growth wood is that much more dense! Stay tuned, but thats what is happening right now …

          1. It travelled 5000 miles to get to Portland and it can’t be transported the last 30 feet? C’mon Emily, we’ve seen you spend $6,000 on an icemaker, you can’t spend $200 to move it?

          2. I think she’s just saying she’s not going to hire the ppl to move it until she’s more certain about where it’s going to live as moving it from place to place is not so easy.

          3. this seemed like an unnecessarily snotty thing to say. in fact, i’ve noticed that the comment section lately has felt VERY critical lately. i always leave a little grumpier after reading them, which is a bummer for how friendly and warm the site is.

          4. Hi, Are you worried that the weight might crack the tiles? I just passed on buying a STUNNING vintage marble table because I was worried it would crack my floor tiles. It took 4 strong guys to move the table when I asked how much the table weighed. Is there a way to figure out how much weight a floor can bear before floor tiles or floor boards may begin to crack or develop stress fractures? I’m not sure how yo go about researching this topic? It’s a bummer when you LOVE something and then it doesn’t work out. I feel your pain 🙂

          5. Emily, it would look lovely in the sunroom just like you envisioned. Perhaps that’s one of those furniture pieces that can travel around the home every few years. There’s some cost associated with moving a very heavy piece, but wouldn’t it be lovely to enjoy it now? As you know it’s all about styling anyway. You might have to add columns and vases on one or both sides or perhaps a chair to break up the heaviness of the sides in front of a entrance. But that pop of color would be so lovely. It could also help you figure out what’s next in terms of decor, color or wallpaper.

  8. Your home looks FABULOUS! I can’t imagine that you thought about NOT sharing it. I also like the fact that there is “breathing space” – just enough Christmas to get you in the spirit but not so much you are overwhelmed. Perfect!

  9. Simply beautiful. Keep the “this is not a pen” artwork as part of your gallery wall. I was immediately drawn to it from the size, color and frame. Maybe add something else or keep as is because it is imperfectly perfect.

  10. It’s so completely and utterly gorgeous and lovely to see you settled in for Christmas this year.
    I do hope you might cut the fur round your dogs’ eyes so they can see properly. The shagginess looks sweet but mustn’t be nice for them 🙂

    1. I used to put a little “sprout” in my scruffy’s bangs so she could see properly prior to a clip, making sure the small rubber band didn’t pull on her hair.

    2. Annie we just did yesterday! Gave them a little bang cut, don’t worry. Hard to get the ones that grow up into their eyes. They are going to have to get groomed soon, but they always cut them down so short and they look like baby lambs and they look so embarassed!!!

      1. OMG Emily. I so admire your constant professionalism and patience with these comments (re: your dogs as if somehow you are neglectful of them? 🤦‍♀️) Whew! It’s just mind boggling to me that some people feel the need to comment on Seriously, every time I read a post I think to myself, “ok, what is the one thing that inevitably ‘that person’ is going to call out in this post”. Sigh. I couldn’t do it! Just saying that I know there are a lot of positives to your line of work and glad that they still outweigh what must be very 🙄 for ya. LOVE the kitchen (and the rest of it!) We’re working on ours which will be very similar to yours!

        1. Stacia, I agree! I love reading the comments as they can be insightful and helpful, but am cringing the whole time waiting for the inevitable judgy, picky, preachy ones 😜

          1. I just told my sister today that I have realized that I am judgemental about nit-picky people! I just don’t get where that comes from (well, I have an idea but…). Either way, whenever I see the EHD staff handle these comments SO gracefully I think to myself, “I sure hope I can conjure that up when I need to!”.

  11. Everything looks beautiful. This Christmas will be my 5th Christmas in my home. I am still adding additional decor to my house every year. I look at it like your sentimental Christmas tree. The best Christmas decor is meant to be collected over time and full of memories. Or put another way, it’s like decorating a new house. Yes, you can make selections all at once to fill the gaps but most people are drawn to homes that are crafted over time. It helps the home to feel warm and lived in. And isn’t that the same vibe we want at Christmastime too?

  12. 🐾 Okay, do my eyes started leaking from seeing so many gorgeous scruffy dawg pics.🐾
    Buttercup n Oscar are like blonde versions of my red Rosie-bear.
    You could put them anywhere and make my heart melt!

    I actually prefer this real lifedtuff to the perfetion we see so much of.
    Sort of like the switcheroo of iPhone pics during the pandemic.
    Real 8s better tgan super-staged perfection.
    More relatable and attainable.

    These pics show a farmhome, not house, set for Christmas…
    and I love it!🤗💞

  13. Emily, I have to admit, I like this pared down version so, so much better than the elaborately decorated versions you’ve posted in the past. Your home looks beautiful, festive and authentic. I personally dislike the over-the-top elaborate decor where every inch of counter space is covered with decorations. I always wonder when I see a tablescape filled from edge to edge with decorations, how does anyone eat or serve food from that table in real life? LOL Anyway, thank you for sharing – I think it looks perfect. And if you and your family are happy and content and feel festive, then that is what really matters in the grand scheme of life.

    1. Yes! I am drawn to this look as well! It really suits this type of house and is more “winter inspired” than all-holiday.

  14. I really, really LOVE that you featured the ‘family’ tree in your living room and the curated one less prominently in the sunroom. I think that’s the right balance – family front and center (and where the kids see it the most) and curated somewhere primarily for the adults to appreciate. Still lets you have the curated moment for content but content isn’t centered as the priority.

  15. This was so fun to look at! Everything is beautiful and not overdone. Love it and so glad you shared!!

  16. You can never go wrong with greenery, light(s) and decorations that mean something personal to your family. Thank you for sharing this with us! I haven’t decorated yet and this is inspiring. This reminds me to connect with how I want to feel rather than overthinking a “look” or that it takes a lot to create a festive mood. Done is always better than perfect!

  17. This is so lovely! It feels so cozy and bright.

    Any chance we could see a post about styling your home in the transition between taking down holiday decor and living the rest of the year? We usually go all out for holiday decorating in our house and (inevitably) are left feeling sad/empty when everything is put away come January and the house feels a little more bare. [Or if there’s already something like this that I’ve missed after my search, could someone point me to it?]

    1. I agree. it does feel a bit depressing afterwards. During lockdown we left up the trees with lights (sans ornaments) I think through January. We’ll see how it pans out this year. xx

    1. Totally! It’s like when I scroll through Instagram and see someone’s before and after weight loss shots and think, “umm…the ‘before’ looks just like my body…and I thought I looked pretty cute?” 🤣 The house is beautiful and cheery, full stop!

  18. This was beautiful – glad you didn’t get stuck by the desire for perfection before sharing.

    Most of all though I want to say every time I see the sunroom floor I love it even more. It is soooooo gorgeous in color and layer after layer of pattern. It won’t happen for years, but if I can ever add a sunroom to this house I will be looking to replicate that floor!

  19. I agree with what everyone is saying. Your home looks lovely and I like the pared back design and I definitely prefer a memory tree with some additions that we like vs a curated tree.

    But I have a question: What is it with us tying our personality into things and thinking that people will think we are [insert appropriate characterization] because we used the satin instead of the burlap or whatever the case might be? I’m guilty of this too, and I feel pretty sure that no one actually changes their opinion about me because of it.

    1. OH I don’t really care what others think – its like fashion. Does this XYZ really feel like ‘me’ when I put it on? Thats all 🙂

  20. I really love this post! Your family Christmas tree was the highlight. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

  21. I absolutely love this and am very glad you decided to share it with us! So festive and charming!

  22. Yay! You did it! Looks so inviting and cosy. It’s just lovely. Wishing you all a happy first Christmas in the farmhouse.

  23. Everything looks so festive and stylish. I love the family themed x-mas tree – so cheerful. There are too many wreaths in the kitchen, the decor gives off Laura from GardenAnswer vibe. My secret Xmas wish is for the sleek mid-century modern chair to disappear from the stairway; maybe Santa will gift you an antique country bench.

      1. I do too ! That kitchen is so stunning, and seeing the cheery wreaths all in a row gives me a smile. And I can imagine at night with the lights it must be so pretty too !

  24. It’s lovely, Emily! This is such a special way to see how well your vision for the farmhouse has come together, and it’s just happy thinking of you there enjoying all of your hard work!

    A practical question: how are you finding the open fire for cleanliness? Does it seem like it will be an issue for the light sofa? Does it show signs of discolouring the wall or ceiling paint? Do you keep the sheepskin close by when the fire is lit? We have a fireplace with a door, and even with that, I’ve been nervous to bring in light furnishings. We’re using our fireplace as a key heat source for our house, so we have a fire going more often than you, but I’m wondering what you’ve experienced so far on the days you have it going. And, if there are others on this forum with experience/advice to share, I’d be grateful! 🙂

    1. We have a fireplace with a door as well, a glass door. I can assure you there is no problem for lighter fabrics etc. But I wouldn’t put a carpet right in front of it because of the fall out. Just a meter further away would be fine.
      I’m personally not a fan of open fiteplaces anymore. It’s like I can feel the smoke in my throat nowadays, it doesn’t feel so healthy to me…

      1. Thank you for sharing, Siel! This is really helpful to hear. Open fireplaces are SO beautiful… but the paint is really stained on the wall and ceiling all above ours, even just from opening the door and adding logs, so I was feeling like there was no way I could have upholstery in there that wouldn’t get filthy, and was nervous about taking off the door. Have been looking at lots of House & Garden to see what the secret is… seems part of the British secret is preferring the look of “patina” on their upholstered furniture, but I don’t know if I’m there. ! 🙂

        1. (Should add that I am immensely fond of British style. “Patina” wasn’t in quotation marks to be mocking. I just didn’t know if upholstery can technically have a “patina” or if that word is just used for stone/wood/metal? Anyway, would be happy if this were a fence I could jump! Seems it is maybe the only way to have something be truly timeliness? Because keeping things looking new requires what seems to me, more and more, an unsustainable amount of time/money.)

      2. Siel and Summer: Hello just a recommendation from personal experience and also from a friend who was a masonry contractor for 35 years in a large city: have a masonry/chimney professional look at your fireplace as there can be several dif reasons why your fire may not be drafting properly – it happens in old homes and also in new construction (dif issues). Technically, when a fire is being drafted properly there should be zero smoke entering your room. Speaking from my personal exp it is well worth it to have a pro check it out if you want to enjoy using your fireplace:-)

        1. Oh wow! That’s hugely helpful. I had no idea that it wasn’t just par for the course. That’s hugely helpful.

        2. Yes! I was just going to answer this. If you are getting soot/smoke in your house you should consult someone to help. One thing that helped enormously in our case is just lifting the fire up. Our grate is set onto bricks (two bricks high, actually) to get the flame close enough to the chimney opening. When our fireplace was built there was more attention paid to looks than to function, so the fireplace opening is sized too large for the flue opening. The chimney sweeper was able to calculate how high we needed to raise the fire to mimic a smaller fireplace opening and stop the improper drafting.

  25. I love EVERYTHING! Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful home! I am so glad you did, I am so inspired now to finish the christmas decoration in my home. I wish you and your lovely family merry Christmas from Hungary!

  26. Not Christmas related, but where is your little shoe basket from? I need storage for kids’ shoes in my entryway and I love the look of yours.

      1. Hey Jess, thanks for the link! Emily’s use of woven trays for shoes has been such a useful thing for me! With two little kids and tons of tiny shoes, my entry looks so much more organized and calm now. I’ve found one at Walmart and one at Marshall’s. Go go team StylebyEmily!

  27. Merry Christmas Emily and family. That last fireplace photo. Couldn’t tell what was rug and what was dog. Cutest EVER. Cutest dogs. Cutest kids. Cutest you.

  28. Everything is stunning.! Sometimes when we are not trying to be perfect then perfect things happen! Our mind is more relaxed and the creative juices flow freely (I think so anyway). I especially love the simplicity of the entry w that wonderful Moser bench anchoring the room! The small gallery wall and bench is also beautiful. The unadorned pieces such as in the kitchen are very lovely to me – you really see the pieces when they are all pared down and it is a visual rest from all the tarditional holiday color. So so beautiful!

  29. Your home is beautiful, your children are so cute and your dogs are adorable ! Merry Christmas

  30. these are exactly the coveralls i’ve been searching for – and the only thing not linked? please help!!!

    1. Alex Mill has great jumpsuit/coveralls! I ordered the short-sleeve-Olive color and love them. I am short (4’11”) so had mine shortened a tiny bit and also had the sleeves shortened. But they are super versatile. They have several different options with material. I also have the Brit jacket in the cobalt blue color. It is spectacular. 4-season jacket for us here in Maine!

  31. Where is your blue jumpsuit from? Is it denim? I want to live in that! Looks so effortless and simply stylish.

  32. I absolutely love it. I feel like there was a time when we wanted styled and curated. But now, I just want warm and authentic and that’s totally what your house reads as. I feel the same way about Christmas tree ornaments: they should be a scrapbook of your lives. Fancy trees belong in hotel lobbies, not homes. Thanks for sharing Emily. Your family is lovely!

  33. Every photo of these spaces made me smile! I love the feeling you have created in them. So cozy and happy.

    I also love how authentically you write, and gah! I always love this vintage dining chairs every time I see them! I hope I can find some one day.. and not break the bank haha

  34. Beautiful in all ways! Any chance you have a link for the boot tray in the entry? I live in snow country and need something like this! Thanks!

  35. If ever there was a year I needed a done is better than perfect post this is the year. A new baby and moving into a new house and I almost just put a star at the top of the tree and called it a day but we did get it decorated. This is so beautiful!

  36. Just chiming in to say the entry way looks so cute just as it is, I wouldn’t put wallpaper in here! Keep it simple and just mix it up with pillows. And add a coat tree in the corner.

    1. *Maybe* and I meant to add that these are on Etsy…for the Christmas ornaments that you want3d to symbolize this year and your year of mud….

  37. This is so lovely. It’s just the right amount of decor for your home to make it festive yet not “try hard.” I love the memory tree too. Looking at how good it looks, I think I might try some of those ornaments too.

  38. Where have I been? I didn’t realize you moved to Portland! So glad I stumbled upon your site again. I LOVE this farmhouse – we actually moved north of Portland about five years ago into a farmhouse and it has been amazing to have more property etc. Your home is wonderful and feels so festive.
    Question – you have the cutest boots on in this post – can you share the brand?
    Happy Holidays!

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