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HGTV Celebrity Holiday Homes TONIGHT!

Pretend you are Cheryl Burke in the photo below. Aren’t you a little bit curious how I decorated her house for the holidays? Funny, me too. I haven’t seen it yet, although of course I know how it looked in person.

It’s not a ten-day, hour long episode with two looks like last year’s holiday special. This one was more of a short four-hour makeover, very cosmetic, but totally fun. The episode is an hour-long, but it’s shared with my lovely “Design Star” winners Meg Caswell and Danielle Colding (and their famous homeowners).

Set your DVR’s or better yet, watch it live and actually make your viewership count, except it doesn’t unless you have a Nielsen box. (Don’t ask, it’s complicated and depressing.)

9pm (6pm PST) TONIGHT on HGTV

In case you didn’t see last years holiday special, please watch it HERE. 

If you spread the word, I’ll tell Santa Claus to bring you that autographed copy of Snookie’s autobiography that you’ve been secretly wishing you had, but are too afraid to ask.

Tweet it, Facebook it, Friendster that info.

Also, if you watch you might be able to catch my lazy eye in action:

Where is it looking? Only those that watch will know …


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