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HGTV Blogger Block Party


I have been working on this presentation for this HGTV for weeks when I realized that I haven’t even told you guys about it and I’d really, really, really like you to come if you can. It’s a one day event called the HGTV magazine Blogger Block Party and it’s going to be VERY fun and hopefully super informative. I love doing speaking engagements because it’s a chance to really talk openly and without the formality of writing or the wonder if the joke is lost (or going to be totally misinterpreted).

Over the last 7 years of blogging/designing, being on TV and now being a mom I’ve just done so much, I’ve made so many mistakes, I’ve learned a lot of them the hard way, and sure, I’ve succeeded at many things and while I would love to impart all of these things to my husband or friends, I think they probably aren’t the audience for it. I feel like I’m boiling over with information that I wish I could tell my former 25 year old self, both career-wise and personally. Sure I’ve written many a-post about them over the years, but expressing them all together in a way that hopefully informs, inspires and entertains an audience right in front of me sounds so very fun (and not nerve racking at all ….)

So, friends, if you are going to be in New York August 22nd, come see me and the many extremely talented ladies (and John) speaking. I’m a fan of every single one of these people – the lineup is solid and I’m very excited to hear what each of them has to say. The best news… It’s a free event and open to the public. People just have to reply online HERE.

Ok back to working on this presentation that was due a week ago. Sorry for the short post today, we are also prepping for a FULL week of reveals next week on the blog (if I can finish them in time!!!).  BIZZY BIZZY BIZZY. xx

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Hi Emily! Will the Blogger Block Party have any online broadcast…video or audio recordings? I’d love to listen in 🙂


Ditto! 🙂


Hmm, I’m not sure I can support an event that doesn’t use the Oxford comma… that’s a line I just can’t cross ;P

Just kidding (kinda), I would totally go if I were in NYC. Good luck and have fun!

Do you know if any of this will be available online afterward? I’d love to see videos of this since I can’t make it in person.

I am coming! I live in Northern California, but it just so happens that I am headed to Ny for the NY NOW gift show at the Javits center. I can’t wait!


Fun! Wish they had more programming like this on their channel. I miss design shows and it’s doubtful I’ll ever gut and renovate an entire house. 🙁


Better yet, will it be televised?


Hi Emily,

I’m so happy you posted this! I can’t wait to meet you in person after years of following your blog and your work. You’ve been an inspiration in more ways than one, and I’m truly excited and looking forward to this event!



Just registered. I’m very excited to see you & some of my other favorites in person!

thanks, i share it.


How can I RSVP for this event? Loved this last year!Look forward to your presentation.


Just click the blue RSVP box at this link.


I know nothing about technology really, but wondered if anyone could chime in about ads on this site? Past few times I’ve coke by for my daily EHD fix, there’s a giant video ad that takes up half my screen…literally. And I can’t make t go away. Is this a site problem, or my phone problem? ?


I’m getting the same thing with my phone! Tried to click the “x” but it turned out to be for muting the volume of the video – so it was suddenly screaming at me as well as annoyingly covering half my screen!!!


Aw I wish I could attend! I used to love your show when it was on HGTV! And I was a huge fan of Dear Genevieve (I think that’s what it was called?) as well! I hope there will be recording online!

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Unfortunately, I will not be in NY at that time. Wondering if you can get together in Chicago next year? Have a great time, can’t wait to see the recap.

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