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Velinda and Katie’s Love-Filled Backyard Wedding + Their Genius Budget Tips

Editor’s Note: Velinda wrote this beautiful post last year about her wedding. Not only was it a way to honor her and her wife Kate’s love and celebrate Pride month, but she had some really helpful ways to make a wedding far more affordable. So we wanted to share it again, the week of their anniversary, to continue the message that love is love is love. Plus if you are trying to plan an intimate wedding for when it’s safe to be in groups again this post is pure gold. Get ready to take notes. 

In other exciting Velinda news, she has hired Grace (another EHD alum if you are new around here) to help assist with the e-design side of her design business. And guess who is her freelance collaborator… Emily Bowser! The EHD family is going strong and fewer things make us happier. So if you are looking for a designer to help with your next renovation, Velinda will be open to taking on new clients in late summer/early fall. But if you are interested in some e-design services then she (and her team:)) are happy to help any time. We can’t recommend her (and them) enough! I mean take a look at this tiny kitchen and Sara’s house if you want a taste.

Today, my wife and I have been married for a year. So, we’re marriage experts obviously…no. But the EHD team was impressed by the fact we had a 70-person wedding for $10K when the current average cost of a wedding in California is $32K(!?!). To celebrate LGBTQ Pride month, I’m sharing my wedding (with a few of our budget-friendly tips that Emily is obsessed with), so today, I’m a wedding blogger who’s never read a wedding blog. “The big day” just wasn’t on the list of daydreams for my wife or I growing up. Despite marching and voting for the right since 2003 (thank you fighters who came before me), I never really “needed” marriage myself. Then there was Katie.

I married an old friend. The details (and the relationships-turned friendships-turned new relationships-turned friendships that only queers seem to pull off that surrounded us and brought us together…then back together) are enough to fill another post (or two), but a clip: In 2013, I bonded instantly with this quick-witted, unconventional thinker over the invisibility of bisexuality, a joint love of camping and a shared, life-long crush on the X-Files’ Gillian Anderson. We double-dated, camped and rang in 2014 together. Then we lost touch. Two years later, she missed an exit on the freeway near my house and ended up turning around on my street. She texted. When we met up to grab a drink a week later, I felt nervous, despite easy and unlimited conversation. I suddenly noticed the crease in her bottom lip and the freckle in her eye. She’d later confess to a 3-year-long crush. But until we reunited, I was clueless. Now, I had to escape to bathrooms when she was around, fearing I might actually vomit. What was happening to me? So much fear preempted shifting from friendship to…more…I didn’t want to lose my friend again. But I also knew if she felt the same, I was done. For good. And I’m a pragmatist. So again, what was happening to me???

My. God. If kissing a friend always went like it did for us, I’d advise everyone to go kiss a friend (bad advice). The weeks that followed that first kiss, we were smitten. It was hard to form words when together. Katie spilled soy sauce all over the table every time we went for sushi. I was gushing to a journal and any friend willing to listen. “I’ve lost my heart and sanity to my friend. Send help.” It was disgustingly adorable and we just belonged. Then, three weeks later, my mom got diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. And shit got real.

Avoiding the ins and outs of cancer (always fun to include in a wedding blog), I’ll say this: Katie’s embrace, dry-morbid-ish-humor and ability to ground me by sitting outside, playing Gin Rummy (and other such retirement home-appropriate entertainment) kept me laughing through a dark year. She was my vessel (term of endearment from a stylist!). And as my mom said when she met Katie for the first time, in a hospital room upon getting diagnosed, “I knew instantly she was family.” At the end of that year, I proposed fireside in our backyard. And a year and a half-long engagement brings us to the point of this post: The budget wedding.

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog5

Having never really dreamed of a wedding, it was time to plan one. Neither of us had a family with funds or a church affiliation to provide a venue. What we had was a lot of friends and a house with enough yard space for 60ish people…we thought. We really hoped.

Without unlimited resources, we homed in on what mattered to us and where we wanted to spend. And when it was all said and done, we looked back on what worked, what was necessary/paid off…and what didn’t. And now, I can form the list of “budget-wedding advice” I needed then—and maybe you need now. Having done this once (or at least that’s the story I tell Katie), here is my expert advice, given the hindsight:

1. Invest in What Matters and Lasts*

(*like, dog tutus)

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog16

Your guests won’t leave a bad Yelp review if they don’t get monogrammed napkins (which end up in the trash). Splurge only on a few limited details that last and keep the rest simple. For us, it was our bar sign, which now hangs on our wall and a Polaroid book for guest memories ($280 total for book and film, we had the camera).

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog18

Prioritizing what lasts, we spent most of our flower budget on potted plants. Our jasmine/bougainvillea wedding “backdrop,” the table succulent boxes and the plant walls (which we made with wooly pockets) are all flowers we’re still enjoying today. Plus, we filled in slightly-neglected window boxes and hanging planters since some needed home improvement with florals. These lasting plants cost $570 and completely transformed our yard…still! Only $350 spent on “fleeting flowers” that were used for bouquets (gorgeously designed as a gift from our friend Melissa). That’s still a lot for something that doesn’t last, and you could consider some sort of wooden flower instead.

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog8

2. Rethink the Sit-Down Dinner

This was obvious for us because we had zero room for lots of tables/simultaneous eating and are the proud owners of the tiniest, galley kitchen ever! We didn’t even have space for a catered setup. Our solution: a food truck! They provided several hours of food, starting with “tray-pass apps,” which THEY SERVED, and ending with really great tacos/side options. It cost us $2,500. For 70 people! And this is LA.

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog6
photo by Laura Spencer

Instead of a cake, we opted for donuts (Pinnable trend of the year, I know, but we’re obsessed with our local vegan donut place and Katie is severely allergic to dairy).

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog20

Donuts have the added bonus that they’re easy to grab and require less plating/utensils. As avid campers, we opted for s’mores for late night treats. Any excuse to be fireside…and there ain’t nothing cheaper than a marshmallow.

3. Forego Gifts and Opt for Favors/Services

Hands down the reason our budget was low (and our wedding even possible) was that we have insanely talented friends! We made a list of roles our friends could fill based on skillsets and then made calls (okay, texts) asking, “instead of a gift, would you help us…DJ (Mike Kopelow)… do our hair and makeup (Kelly and my sister, Paige)?” Honestly, many friends came out of the woodwork to help and it was just a matter of delegating.

(Side note, we almost forewent having a DJ but were advised to not skip that role and would pass along that advice!)

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog22

Y’know how everyone you know seems to get married in the same year? It’s the perfect opportunity to BORROW. No shame. Our Yelp rating remains intact despite being the third wedding that year to use the same sign stands.

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog21

…and the second within the month to feature these collected goblets:

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog19

The “year of weddings” is also a chance to trade services. Darci, who served as our day-of coordinator (required!) and handled everything bar-related asked us to do design/floral arrangements for her wedding the year prior as an exchange. Boy did we come out ahead on that one…suckahhh!

(Bonus budget bar tip from her to us to you: Pick 1 or 2 signature cocktails and otherwise stick to beer/wine, which is to be purchased during Bevmo’s 5 cent wine sale!)

4. Choose a Location Where You Can BYOB & Caterer

Avoiding a venue’s upcharge on catering and bar services/alcohol can save hundreds to thousands. Many venues mandate such services, but more flexible locations can definitely be found. OR, avoid the venue fee entirely ($$$$$) and find a backyard. We were lucky to have that piece in place, though it meant being a slave to our yard/house projects for the entire lead-up year (we built this deck!).

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog12

If you opt for the route of a backyard wedding, don’t forget you’ll need host insurance, possibly a permit, and patient neighbors. We groomed ours by dropping a bottle of wine/note on each porch within immediate proximity. The note gave an end time, several phone numbers to call instead of the cops, and a preemptive “thank you!”

5. Keep It Small

This is hard to do! But more people = more money. Mind-blowing, I know.

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog24

This tip is so obvious, I almost nixed it, but one of my very favorite things about our wedding was how intimate it felt. We not only easily engaged with every guest there, but Katie and I were also able to stay present with each other because there was no need to “divide and conquer” to cover ground. “Controlling the flow” was easy, too, due to limited space and people, so the night remained a sequence of group activities (ceremony, toasts, Bingo!, dancing). No risk of the party spreading out too much and, therefore, dying early. It was a night of intimate, shared experience from beginning to end, from pre-bar to the last dance. (New Rule #1: Opening the bar early—required!) If you can endure the pain of cutting that list down, I’m here to say it’s worth it.

6. Avoid the Rack for the Dress(es)

But…don’t miss the fitting experience. I had two best friends (and soon-to-be brides) by my side for several appointments as we did some dress research. We did the shopping. We drank the champagne. But ultimately, there wasn’t a single dress that looked good on me below $1,250. And yet, I discovered through this process what style I was drawn to (and realized, to my surprise, I had a desire for a two-piece). Ultimately, both my and Katie’s dresses came out of our friends’ closets (insert obvious gay joke).

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog4
Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog26

Katie’s friend had changed her mind about a dress during her own wedding process, so Katie bought it at half price ($600). One of the two friends I was shopping with, Autumn, who happens to be a stylist, MADE my dress from one she already owned, a designer dress SHE had found SECOND HAND (final design sewn by her go-to seamstress Faith). Total cost: $100. My backup plan was to shop vintage or get a pretty non-wedding dress. If you’re on a budget, don’t pay for the “wedding” part of the term “wedding dress”!

7. Pick (& Plan) Your Pics

Photographers, videographers and photo booths are each SO expensive. $1-7K each, easily. On a truly snug budget, you can’t have it all…okay, sorta. But you’ll definitely have to assess your priorities. Ours fell in this order:

1. We wanted the best-quality photos we could afford since we planned to frame them/would “have” to look at them every day. Katie found The Dream Choice through a Facebook group. Siouxzen was highly reviewed and fit within our budget ($1,300) because she was doing a summer sale. And she made us so, so happy! BUT, we couldn’t afford her the whole night, so we also had a couple incredibly talented “amateur” photographer friends bring their cameras as their gift to us. (Thank you Steve Agee and Laura Spencer.)

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog9

2. We wanted the experience of a photo booth as an activity for our guests, but were happy to make a homemade backdrop/iPad setup suffice. We asked our cinematographer friend Mike and muralist friend Eve (clearly, make a lot of talented friends before planning a budget wedding) to be in charge of this D.I.Y—okay, They.I.Y—and they went above and BEYOND…like, WTF, this shouldn’t be what DIY looks like?!:

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog1

3. We decided we could totally forego a professional, edited video. BUT we wanted someone (anyone) to at least record the ceremony. In 20 years, a video will look dated no matter the camera chosen today, so we were okay with something basic. We weren’t okay missing the record/something to watch/rewatch for years. Katie called on an old college friend who owned a decent camera and we paid him ($300), not expecting too much. Yet somewhere between college and wedding, he’d apparently become a professional. I mean we got footage edited…raw…we had it all. Regardless of budget, assign someone to video. You’ll want it.

We opted to do all professional photos before guests arrived so that we never had to “kill” the party once it got rolling, but I don’t care how and when you decide to do pics, PLAN them. Make a list of all the shots that are important to capture. Which we did. AND think through where you want them to be. Which we did not. After an entire year, there was one dumb project we didn’t find time for…cutting down an ugly, old partial retaining wall in our carport/driveway. “Ah well, nobody will notice it.” Well, guess what made it into every. single. family. photo that. day?

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog17 Copy 1

8. Limit Paper (Save the Date… and The Trees)

We put together a Paperless Post save the date announcement AND a Paperless Post invitation for almost everyone and it cost $12 instead of a few hundred for printing/mailing. We did this for everyone we thought might open, enjoy for 2 seconds, then toss. Anyone we assumed would want to save the commemoration, (or who we assumed didn’t understand the digital world/had a 0% digital signature)…got a hard copy. Regardless, it was all the same design and homemade. The save the date, I pulled together with my at-the-time new Illustrator/Photoshop skills. And the invitation was our gift from graphic designer friend, Jen.

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog27

9. Pick Your DIY Moments

The DIY trap! Guys, Pinterest helps wedding planning so much…but it can also hurt. Don’t buy into believing you need to show your creative genius around every corner! We kept asking ourselves, “does this enhance the experience for all?” For the most part, we did a solid job of being super selective/asking for help. My main advice would be don’t save a single ounce of DIY for the “day-of.” It’s too late and/or you’ll be distracted from what’s important by that time.

The DIY I think paid off the most for us was hanging our own (permanent) heavy-duty string lights in both the front and back yard from $4 electrical conduit pipes! It took one afternoon. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but it all came from here.

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog28
photo by steve agee

The DIY I still question:

Aiming to “only invest in what lasts,” we decided to forego renting anything. So instead of renting any chairs/tables, we found (via Craigslist) a restaurant that was closing down and selling their tables. We kept some intact and cut others in half, throwing on $25 hairpin legs to turn them into benches. They looked cooler than the cheapest chair/table setups (to which the price would’ve equated), BUT we weren’t able to resell them as we had hoped. And, while we’ve enjoyed them outside for the last year, they’re wearing down now. Worth it? Can’t decide. But definitely still grateful to our friends (Maura and John for embarking on this DIY venture with us).

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog23

10. SPEND A TON…of Time

Like in design, with a wedding, you can’t have good, fast and cheap. You pick two. So, if you want “good” and “cheap,” you’re looking at sacrificing some “time.” But doesn’t time mean the most?

Screen Shot 2019 06 05 At 11.22.42 Pm 1

We put in lots of time thinking through personal details that were 100% free. For instance, as Bingo prizes, we pulled together “gift bags” from random things nobody would want that we found around our house. It either meant something or was attempted hilarity for the people that knew us best. Example, one gift bag included a “survival kit” complete with items such as half a box of bandages and a flashlight and another was a “Badass Bag,” which included a Ruth Bader Ginsberg coloring book (already half colored in) and a “Future is Female” Christmas ornament.

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog3
photo by laura spencer

We also spent a lot of time deciding ceremony details. My brother officiated, my mom ‘gave me away’, our friend Allie and a sister, Meg, sang us down the aisle both ways and a best friend re-read the Andrea Gibson poem that I had read when I proposed… the same one she had read to me the night we first kissed. (Thanks, Laura!)

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog11

I’ll say the two-time investments I would NEVER undo. We wrote our vows early. I mean, it’s what everyone came for, right? Yet, it’s so easy to postpone. AND we planned a moment immediately after the ceremony to be alone. I like to think of it as our “holy shit!” moment. While everyone else herded into the backyard for toasts/got a second drink, we stowed away to take in the fact we were married.

I have to go back to #1 on the list…invest in what lasts and what matters. I got really overwhelmed as a bride who never hoped to be a bride. This woman meant so much to me, yet I found myself caring about things I hoped to never care about…table runners! Try to remember it’s not about the table runner…

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog7

In January, my mom passed. Just seven months after one of the best days! My WIFE got/is getting me through. And because of the simplicity of our wedding and all the support we had, that celebratory day wasn’t consumed by utensils and balloons. We got to truly invest in/experience what mattered.

For me: the dichotomy of fear and trust; utter vulnerability in my wife’s face as she heard my vows:

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog25

The friends who are family and made the whole thing possible:

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog13

And my mom’s dance face:

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog29
photo by steve agee

Having done this wedding-thing once, I’m now the EHD trusted expert. And I’m here to tell you, your budget doesn’t matter. NBD!!!! What matters costs more than paper. So, keep fighting the fight…and then go dance!

Emily Henderson Design Hellen Wedding Jpg For Blog2
photo by laura spencer

***unless otherwise noted, photography by The Dream Choice

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4 years ago

Everything about this is perfect! Congratulations to you both <3

4 years ago

Ah! This is the best post. Congratulations on your anniversary. I’m on my second marriage (two DIY weddings) and I can say that your advice is sososososo spot on. All of it.

4 years ago

Beautiful couple, beautiful party, beautiful day. Congrats on all fronts!

The food truck idea is GENIUS!!!

4 years ago

Thank you for this! I’m planning a wedding now and really just want it to be a joyful/personal celebration with friends and family. I love how much love that’s happening at this wedding!

Kelly Arwine
4 years ago
Reply to  Kate

4 years ago

That was so lovely to read! And full of great tips on how to make a highly personal and unique wedding day event by simply not going overboard and needlessly spending too much money! Thanks!

4 years ago

What a lovely day you created. Thanks for sharing the process and the thought behind it. I also imagine your guests had way more fun with a food truck and donut menu than they would have with a sit down meal!

4 years ago

Love this! What a beautiful wedding and so many great ideas! Could you share/update link to the bar sign? Getting a “page not found” from Etsy. Thanks!

Sara Nelson
4 years ago
Reply to  Liz

Ditto on the updated link to the bar sign 🙂 Thanks for sharing the details of a truly beautiful day. Everything was beyond gorgeous!!!

4 years ago

Such a beautiful post. It made me teary. I feel the love.

4 years ago
Reply to  Carol


4 years ago

This is incredibly beautiful, thank you so much for this story! And the tips are actually really good – I could have used some when I got married almost seven years ago.

Andrea Nash
4 years ago

Absolutely lovely!

4 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing this! Such a beautiful post!

4 years ago

Congrats on your first anniversary! Your wedding and love is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

4 years ago

Absolutely amazing!!! So impressed with how great it looks on that budget. Side note—Curious how you chose the new last name Hellen?

4 years ago

Your wedding day was beautiful! Love the food truck idea and your flowers were amazing! I’m so glad your mom was with you for that special day. Wishing you healing and happiness!

4 years ago

What a beautiful, beautiful post!
I love this blog but never comment. This is such a sweet insight to the amazing people behind EHD. Congratulations and well done!

4 years ago

Congrats on a beautiful wedding!
My daughter and my SIL had 10K to spend on their wedding last year for 100 people.
You echoed a lot of their sentiments, too-and table flowers were peonies from Costco!
Here’s the link from when GreenWeddingShoes featured them:

4 years ago

Beautifully written. Beautiful story. Excellent tips!

4 years ago

I got married 5 years ago and all of this advice rings so true! I wish I’d had your tips to help my small budget align with the things that were most important to me!

4 years ago

This all looks so much more fun, meaningful and beautiful than those $30,000 and above weddings I’ve seen. The pics are gorgeous, you two are beauties PLUS you got to spend the money you saved on something else. Congrats!

4 years ago

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your day and your awesome photos. Happy anniversary!

Susie Q.
4 years ago

Beautiful. My favorite things were your dresses and the FLOWERS. Those were the most beautiful arrangements of flowers I’ve ever seen. When my friend got married, she requested arrangements in PASTEL shades of blue, yellow, pink…what she got were BRIGHT red and yellow flowers. Later she told me, “I almost lost my mind when I saw those horrible McDonald-land flowers. It was the day of the wedding and I had to use them, I had no choice!” I took that as a cautionary tale and just ordered a bunch of red roses (my wedding was in January) and made little bouquets (our bridesmaids wore dark red and black). I also made the invitations myself. Our wedding was small–about 50 guests. I downloaded a font of my choice (I had to buy it)…it was a Chinese themed invitation, red and white with gold thread. (My husband is from China.) It was personal and far more beautiful that anything you could order. We also had a family member take the photos. I later used Photoshop to edit out electric cords and wall sockets, and to bump up contrast, etc. It’s hard to believe it was 14 years ago! It was before the… Read more »

4 years ago

Frequent reader, but first-time commenter! Just had to say how much I adored this post! What a lovely couple and beautiful celebration! I loved hearing about your focus on what matters most at the end of the day. One slightly off-top question: Did you two pick a new last name to adopt together going forward? I love that idea, and would love to hear more from Velinda about that in the future.

Brittany Thurman
4 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Yes! I was curious too! I loved this post but was left wondering about the new last name 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Emily

How gorgeous! I had a similar sized wedding on similar budget 5 years ago, and loved every moment of it. We chose 3 aspects to really care about, gladly accepted friends’ help, and picked the easy route for the rest. I do wish we’d gotten a friend to video the toasts (this was a bit before Instagram was so ubiquitous) – my family are mostly pretty introverted but my brother gave the most incredible, mesmerizing toast. It didn’t need to be pro quality but I do wish we had that family moment on film.

A small silly thing to focus on out of a giant beautiful day – but can you tell us more about Katie’s beautiful earrings?

4 years ago

Beautiful wives, beautiful wedding, beautiful post!

4 years ago

All the info about the wedding was great but the story about life and love was beyond beautiful❤️ as are the two of you. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

4 years ago

Having done a low budget wedding for 80 for my daughter a few years ago, I agree with every one of your suggestions. Except for paying for a venue we did pretty much what you did and it was beautiful, fun, intimate, memorable and a dance party filled with love. Everything she wanted it to be.

4 years ago

This is one of my favorite posts ever. Velinda, you are a great writer! And your wedding so beautiful!

4 years ago

Loved this post! Thank you!

Paula Carr
4 years ago

Velinda, I love your “dress.” LOVE.

4 years ago

This made me cry! Your wedding looks like it was an absolutely beautiful, intimate event, and I love how you incorporated your community of friends to help you pull it off. How special is that?! Congratulations on your marriage — I’m so glad your mom could be there for it. <3

I have a quick question about your last name — how did you two decide to call yourself the Hellen's? It looks like that's not one of your last names, so I'm curious! I ask because I don't love the idea of taking my husband's last name one day (the patriarchy!), but I also DO love the idea of us sharing a last name. Creating a new one together has been on my mind, so I'm curious if that's what you did. 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Melyssa

My partner and I made up a new last name that’s a combination of both our former names! It was the only fair way we could come up with (other than making up a totally new name), and we do like that we and our kids all have the same name.

4 years ago

All great tips! I wanted to add this trick that I think is helpful when determining your guest list… my sister suggested it was weird that I wasn’t inviting my mom’s ex husband’s daughter (my former step-sister), whom I hadn’t spoken to in at least 10 years… I said “I feel like it would be weird if I called/texted her and asked her to join me to watch a movie… why on Earth would I invite her to my wedding?”… so, that became the benchmark: if I felt it didn’t feel natural to send a text to a potential guest on a Sunday afternoon that said “hey, do you wanna watch the lastest blockbuster this afternoon?” they didn’t make the list (coworkers, friends of friends). There were only a couple of exceptions (friends of my parents and some family members), and five years later I can go through our wedding photos without any “why did I invite that person” thoughts 🙂

Kim B.
4 years ago
Reply to  Jeannie

That’s a great way to think about it!

4 years ago
Reply to  Jeannie

I’ve heard the rule, “if you wouldn’t invite them over for dinner, you shouldn’t invite them to your wedding.” Same idea.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jeannie

Heck, my husband and I had to institute a rule that if BOTH members of the couple had not met the person, they weren’t invited. For instance, he had a few cousins that in 7 years of dating (and attending many family events and weddings together) I still hadn’t met, and despite his parents protests, we both insisted that there was no point inviting someone to our wedding who clearly didn’t show up to family events anyway. Ditto for neighbors from our childhood houses that we never really saw or friends of our parents from college that were not really in either of our lives. His mom’s hairdresser – NO. My dad’s work contacts I’d never met – NO. It’s insanity.

4 years ago

Absolutely beautiful post and a beautiful relationship. Great advice for all people getting married no matter the budget.

4 years ago

I got married 31 years ago and generally glance right over wedding stuff other than maybe looking at pics, but THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN that by the the time I got to the end I had tears in my eyes. THANK YOU for sharing this and here’s to a lifetime of great moments for “The Hellens”

4 years ago

I love everything about this post. Your wedding looks absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing!

4 years ago

Absolutely loved this post. Congratulations!!

4 years ago

This was such a beautiful post! My mother in law was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer before our wedding (she passed away just before the birth our first son and her first grandchild which was heart breaking) She had such an amazing time at our wedding and I have a similar dance floor photo of her with her “party hair” (wig) having a blast! I’m so glad those moments were captured. <3

Alex M
4 years ago

Your photographer was clearly amazing, because these are such great pics (although a beautiful couple always helps!). What a great post, wish I had read it before my wedding ?

4 years ago

I have been following your blog for a couple of years now. I really enjoy the ideas, suggestions, and ideas. I love the storytelling. Yet this was the best post ever. Such love.

4 years ago

This made me tear up. The obvious love and joy you share, the beauty of the setting and the warmth of the guests, and that pic of your MOM. Glad you created some precious memories and a fun experience for your guests and most importantly – you got married. That’s the whole purpose of a wedding. Having gotten married back in 91, I’m sometimes shocked how expensive and what elaborate productions weddings have become. I think people are feeling undue pressure about the BIG DAY when the whole idea is the LOVE and commitment being declared. We did a similar thing with potted flowers on the tables that people could take home and the only thing I regret was the budget photographer we hired because we didn’t get great pics. But I just comfort myself when I regret that is that the biggest gift is getting to be with my beloved every single day and share our life together. In the end the wedding is just a DAY and if we are lucky the relationship can be a LIFETIME.

Blossom T Barnes
4 years ago


4 years ago

Oh my god this is so lovely and I’m totally tearing up! Mazel tov! Those photos are gorgeous; I’m in AWE.

I am now also obsessed with your badgering ideas. Especially the backyard and potted plants! ❤️?❤️

Susan Brandt
4 years ago

So lovely! What a wonderfully inspiring post on so many levels. Happy Anniversary.

4 years ago

My budget wedding was almost 12 years ago and cost $8,000 for 125 people (we both have big close families and friend groups). I think your advice is spot on. Accepting the help of talented friends, judicious DIY and a venue that didn’t upcharge when this word “wedding” came up were key to our success.

I’d also pass along my favorite phrase that we developed during our planking process: “If it stresses is out, we don’t have to do it. At the end of the day, we’ll still be married!”

4 years ago
Reply to  Kerri

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Amazing post! I wish I had read it before my wedding nine years ago;-)

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Loved all their ideas, esp. having it at home and ‘investing’ in their garden & having their friends provide many of ‘the services’.
All the best to them.
Also, my deepest condolences to Ms. Godfrey, on the loss of her mom. May she RIP.

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Love this post! Thank you for sharing.

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So much joy here! Congratulations! What a special, beautiful day. Married to my bff 15 years now. Our DIY wedding wasn’t great. It was fine. We didn’t get a video (don’t miss it actually). We were spread too thin and tried to pull off too much. your advice is GREAT. But looking back now, even if the day didn’t turn out so good, all the days since have been pretty magical. Even the ugly days. I’m happy for you both that you have your person and for helping me remember that the marriage is so much better/important than the wedding xo

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Hello! I just wanted to comment to say this is absolutely beautiful, both in aesthetics and soul behind it, thank you for sharing your special day and amazing tips Velinda! I’m long-ago married (under $2k but we eloped!) but now am going to send to anyone I know who may be getting married in the next decade!

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Stunning, joyful, personal, filled with love. Thank you for sharing your amazing wedding, and may you have many happy decades together.

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This is so sweet. I wrote a few articles for a bridal magazine and when I interviewed a videographer, she talked about how some people decide to not budget for a videographer. She said to me, “How much would you pay to see a video of your grandparents taking their vows?”

I decided then I would never get married without a videographer.

Happy anniversary!