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Happy Memorial Day Weekend…

Happy long weekend, folks. Not sure why but this week seemed extra long and emotional (yesterday’s comment war didn’t help the situation). So I’m calling it early and spending the rest of today and this weekend with my kiddos who make me feel good all the time, no matter what. Well, not when they are tantruming but when they are asleep and I’m emotional they are somehow PERFECT 🙂

A quick update re that comment thread. This blog is about design and life, in the most honest and transparent way that I feel comfortable. I document the fun and ugly process of making a room look beautiful, not just the result. I absolutely appreciate all the comments, negative or positive but you should know that negative comments can affect the psyche in a more compound, latent way that will affect future content. The danger of internet trolls is that it can make us become generic for fear of showing our true selves. Being vulnerable becomes a nauseating risk and showing our inadequacies becomes a threat to our daily happiness. But don’t worry. Not me. I won’t let negativity dictate the content, change my personality or my motto here of writing the blog that I want to read and neither should y’all. As I tell my toddlers, ‘think about others before you say something, especially something mean. Be nice to everyone – even those being mean because they are the ones that need niceness the most. And in this world of bullying, led by our president, always, ALWAYS stand up to the mean guy’. Thank you so much to all of you who did this and reduced my nausea, and supported me and my process. It can certainly be ugly, and it ain’t perfect but in a world of Pinterest perfection I hope that it empowers your decisions and enlivens your confidence when it comes to designing your home. 


So I figured I’d round up a bunch of pretty things on sale, both for your body and homes. For good or more likely bad, shopping makes me feel happy so I dove deep and found a bunch of nice looking things that I’m tempted by. It’s shallow, but I wanted some sort of content for this day besides my ‘thanks for being nice’ post.

Here you go. If you are in the shopping mood, great, if not then just step away and have a lovely weekend away from the internet, with the ones that you love. xx


1. Tall Neck Ceramic Vase | 2. Tall White Lidded Vase | 3. Twist Hem Stripe Shirt | 4. Mixed Stripe Ruffle Neck Top | 5. Gray Terracotta Table Lamp | 6. Pom Pom Sham Set | 7. Turned Wood Side Table | 8. Rounded Mirror Shelf | 9. Canvas Bath Accessories | 10. Extreme Cuff Tie Back Shirt | 11. Letter Holder | 12. White Button Up Blouse | 13. Gingham Bell-Sleeve Shirt | 14. Black Task Lamp | 15. Navy and Grey Clog | 16. Black and White Striped Tassel Pillow | 17. Cream Macrame Lumbar Pillow | 18. Square Fringe Pillow | 19. White and Gray Pouf | 20. Blue and White Vase | 21. Gray Cabinet | 22. Navy Stitched Blouse | 23. White Jeans | 24. Silver Loafer 

Opening photo by Tessa Neustadt


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296 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day Weekend…

  1. I saw your instastories yesterday and my heart went out to you. I love that you show the process. and share the numbers. I realize that some of your clients have budgets that I currently don’t but maybe someday…. And I’m happy to get ideas from all of it. It could just be a way to rearrange things that I already have or a color that I’d like to introduce somewhere. I read a fair share of design blogs and you provide the most consistently enjoyable and inspiring content out there. Enjoy your weekend and don’t let them get you down.

  2. Well said Emily! I appreciate your honesty in posts and LOVE the not so perfect shoots and design mistakes, it shows your human, humble and figuring it all out like the rest of us! I have been reading since before your kidlets were born so please dont let the idiot trolls deter you! Your blog is unique, beautiful, well written, funny and educational! Keep up the good work. Megan Australia

  3. Love you. That’s all. Have a wonderful weekend w/ your beautiful family!

    PS-Thank you for mentioning the president. It needs to be said… And never forgotten.

  4. Happy Memorial Day Henderson family!!

    I hope you all have a fun and relaxing long weekend in your beautiful large home with all those spectacular personalized modifications you’ve made so it’s perfect for the four of you 😉 You live in a dream castle!!! With a real castle. No matter how critical other people, it’s your family home that you show the world and it’s your money. Family always comes first!!! And being an adult (and parent) is having to decide how and when you want to trade your man-hours for commodities. There is never enough time to make enough money for everything anyone could want so hard decisions are made. Your business has recently been opening your door and wallet. This is a hard and very personal way to go-but rule #2 for success is trust yourself so keep going! (#1 is work hard…of course) You got this Emily!!!

  5. I hope you have a lovely weekend!!! I am so grateful for you and your blog and your vulnerability. It is always a bright spot in my day.

  6. I enjoyed yesterday’s post! It’s nice to see a famous professional show her own mistakes, and I can totally relate to pulling the trigger too fast. Have a great weekend!

  7. Girl! Get your weekend ON!!! You deserve it more than most, ESPECIALLY after yesterday’s emotional roller coaster comment-a-palooza. Go forth and recharge!

  8. You do you Emily! I love your content and as someone who enjoys frequently changing her style, I so appreciate that you don’t stick to rules!! Also, can we just talk about that amazing Rejuvination letter holder for a sec?? OMG it’s beautiful!!

  9. I was so shocked by the negative comments in yesterday’s post because those behind the scenes, learn from my mistakes posts are always my FAVORITE. It’s so refreshing to see that even professionals don’t get things right on the first try every time, so why should I be able to?! It gives me confidence to move beyond my design paralysis and just TRY something – paint colors can be changed and most things can be returned. I really appreciate you sharing your work and life with us all! Enjoy your long weekend with your sweet family!

    1. I second this! It’s inspiring to see that we don’t have to get it right at first attempt and that we should at least DO something…if it doesn’t work out, we can always change it! I read somewhere that on the Internet people can choose to be whatever they want: it’s unfortunate that so many people choose to be so negative. Keep up the good work and have a great weekend!

      1. I totally agree! Plus. It’s not like one is wrong or the other is “right”. It’s just that really, there are so many ways to style a room. And you’re just posting about trying the different options until it feels just right to YOU! No one would make fun of you trying on 5 or 10 or even 20 pairs of jeans before buying your favorite. I love you trying all those options. I don’t see them as mistakes or anything to be ashamed of. This vulnerable sharing is what makes your blog fun + relatable.

    2. Absolutely! I’ve learned so much from this blog, particularly posts where Emily and her team really get into the nitty gritty of the process because it helps my type-A brain truly understand how to replicate the process for myself.

      Reading design blogs, especially this one, gave me a final push of confidence to be the designer on my own home renovation (that we’re currently living through… oy) and to take a few risks that I really, truly love.

    3. Agree! It’s so comforting to see that even my favorite design pros wind up buying stuff they don’t love or can’t use in the intended spot or whatever. It gives me the freedom to forgive myself for my own mistakes (looking at you, vintage Persian rug I bought on ebay and cannot STAND in my living room)– or better yet see them not as mistakes but as steps in the process of creating a home that really represents my family. It’s why I love this blog, and I think it’s also what’s missing from most design-related content (like, say, Fixer Upper).

    4. Totally 100% agree with you, the transparency and risk taking is the Emily Henderson brand that I come to this blog for!

    5. Agree! Please don’t change (I know you won’t let the haters sway you!). I love this blog and you, just the way you are. Now go enjoy your weekend!

    6. I never thought I would comment on a blog, but I agree with Bethany… I LOVE the “mistake” posts. In the year I’ve been reading your blog, I’ve learned so much about what I like and don’t like and a lot of that is because you stripped away the “untouchable” aspect of interior design and made it seem like I could just have fun and see what happens. Thank you for this blog and please don’t change your openness and refreshing honesty. Reading these posts are the highlight of my day!

  10. Happy Memorial Day and thank you for this post! I appreciate your transparency in this blog; your excellent, fun taste; your missteps and course corrections; your happy accidents; and your victories. I fall in love with pieces right along with you! I didn’t read all the comments yesterday, but at least one commenter was a real rhymes-with-SNOOSH. As parents (yes, I am playing THAT card) we know that with our kids, things go well, things go wrong, total meltdowns happen (in my case, usually mine more than the child’s) . . . we get through it, reflect, learn, and move on. Why should it be any different in our work?
    As Maya Angelou told Oprah (if you haven’t seen the American Masters yet, check it): YOU ARE ENOUGH. XOXOXO

  11. Emily, you, your team and your blog are such a gift. Glad to see you hold your heads high and continue your work with the grace, humor, and vulnerability you always bring. Happy weekend!

  12. Dearest Emily, as they say on The Handmaid’s Tale (which are you watching that show?!? OMG), nolite te bastardes carborundorum 🙂 <3

  13. Wow. Just read yesterday’s comments. How surprising that a post I really related to, provoked such a response! We seem to live in such an uncivil society at the moment. And the things people say online, that they would never say in person, are a part of it.

    Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend and put it all behind you. There’s nothing like time spent with your kids to put life in perspective.

    Just keep on being you.

  14. Oh Emily you are awesome! I admire everything you do…designing, running your business, raising your kiddies…all of it, but especially how you handle the crazy bananas world of internet blogging! Seriously, people can just be the worst (I worked in retail for 15 years and that is a scary barometer of human interaction!) but you never let it get you too down! Good on you and what a great example to set for us all!

    My only beef with the blog is that it teases us Canadians with all the great Target merch that we can’t get here since Target came and went in a matter of 2 years and now all we have left with is empty shells of Target stores dotted around our cities, teasing us with what could have been haha! Its tragic!

    Anyway, keep it ALL up Emily! You are just great!

    1. Hey there – you can TOTALLY get Target in Canada – I’m all the way down in New Zealand and they ship here so I’m assuming they’ll ship to Canada. It obviously adds a bit of expense and carbon footprint issues but occasionally love comes first ;-). Another option is to set up an account with a US freight forwarder – they provide you with a US shipping address and will then post your purchases on to you. If you’re shopping from multiple US-only stores, they will even consolidate and repackage to lessen shipping costs, and most will have an online calculator so you can work out approximate shipping prior to purchase. The only thing to watch out for is your country’s duty/import taxes. Here if a purchase gets close to NZ$200 you must pay tax. I must admit though – I scratch the Target itch by saving to a secret Target Pinterest Board and pretending I’m shopping, ha ha.

  15. Long time reader here- thank you for not bowing to these trolls because I love your blog just the way it is. Like I always tell my kids- just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should. Also, because nice matters. And one more thing that came to mind yesterday when I finally read the post- if you weren’t making an impact there wouldn’t be so many passionate comments and people interacting on your platform.

  16. My heart goes out to you!
    You are my favorite designer because of your honesty. In the real world (where I assume most of us live) there is no such thing as perfection but there is a lot of beauty and I think you capture it perfectly with your process and taste. I love your candor and I appreciate your generosity! Your blog is chalked full will with valuable information and resources! You have no idea how helpful you have been with the remodel of my 1910 home…
    Thank you Emily Henderson!

  17. I love your blog. Love your honesty and your fearlessness! I wouldn’t be able to post one picture on a blog- even of my favorite room on it’s best day for fear of backlash from the internet! That said…if someone doesn’t appreciate the post and comments it might read more negative just because the nature of text. The tone can’t always be conveyed. I don’t think everyone that comments with a negative reaction is a troll or a bully. I do think typing something it’s hard to show your intent. And I try to explain that to my tween regarding texting and group chats! The way you say it in your head is not the way the reader may say it…right?

    1. Yes! I think this is important to remember. I didn’t read all the comments from yesterday but I imagine that some of the things that were probably meant to be constructive criticism coming from a place of love and appreciation may have been blown out of proportion. At least that’s what I’m telling myself and hoping for. I love seeing everything on this blog for inspiration, ideas, methods, and aspiration even if I don’t love every individual piece. Those are also some of the reasons the Makeover Takeover series was so great-we got to see everyone’s individual style, different budgets, different ways of designing.

      Thank you Emily and Team EHD (& and Hendo family!) for making my day better each morning with great content.

      Happy Memorial Day!

  18. I was made nauseous by yesterdays comments so I can only imagine how you and your team felt. Enjoy your well deserved long weekend and THANK YOU for your beautiful, inspiring, authentic, and hilarious blog.

  19. I just wanted to say thank you for all the great (and it must be noted, FREE) content!

    No thanks for showing me that mirror which I badly want now even though I have no place for it; I’m now struggling to justify the purchase. 😉

  20. Love you / your blog / seeing the (imperfect) design process. Thanks for your transparency <3

  21. I hope my comment was not viewed as trolling, I would hate that.
    On a sidenote, speaking of a certain bully, my husband started to volunteer to help refugees resettle in hopes of feeling better about this 4 month nightmare. These people come here with nothing, and now they also face hatred and fear from a good section of the population. Wonder if your team couldn’t help a few out with some new digs on a budget. It would be a win all the way around..good content, good feelings, and maybe bringing some light to this issue and the people who are paying the toll.

    1. Hey Katy, We are already on this 🙂 Stay tuned. Right now we are helping some with free furniture via Miry’s list after shoots and hope to do full makeovers soon once we find the right situation and the right sponsors. Part of the whole ‘use your power for good’. We blogged about it a couple weeks back. Tell your husband he’s doing great things 🙂

      1. Got it, sometimes I don’t read every post, but I have been reading since “Brass Petal” days…which should count for something. We live in Central PA and there are a lot of refugees that come into Lancaster County.
        If you need donations put the word out. You would be shocked if you saw what I pay for original art here at auction…it isn’t even fair.
        Thanks for responding and doing good in the world!!!

    2. Emily did a post a few weeks ago about working with Miryslist – not sure if that’s the organization your husband is working with as well but it is an awesome one! I think Emily said she didn’t have the time right now to do full makeovers for the families but she was donating some gently used items/furniture from shoots to resettling families.

  22. I love you very very much. Not sure what yesterday was about but I wholeheartedly agree with the internet trolls thing and being afraid to show our vulnerability. Seriously so thankful that you are you and willing to share so much of your talents and beauty for us lame folks.
    More importantly , you need to give us your shoe details !!! So cute on you 🙂

    P.s. I love your fashion posts as much as your home design stuff 🙂
    Happy long weekend Emily ❤️

  23. I didn’t read comments from yesterday and I’m still somewhat confused on how people could be ugly about yesterday’s post. It was in no way controversial or even heavily opinionated IMHO.

    I loved your post because I’m just starting out helping decorate and design their homes and it was awesome to see that someone makes the same mistakes that I do. Thanks for being real- it’s one of the reasons why I recommend your blog to people all the time!

    1. I think thats why it was such a punch in the gut. I was like – oh, people love relatable stories of mistakes and these are really good tips that I know first hand, it it took forever to write ….. I just didn’t see it coming. So when I opened up my computer I was like WHAM with the first comment. All the budget comments about how I’ve become unrelateable was hard to hear but more understandable and really good feedback. xx

      1. Don’t apologize for what you are able to afford. I love seeing a mix of prices, with the high end being beautiful and can still provide design inspiration. When my husband and I first got married we had to save up to buy a $300 couch from craigslist. Now we are saving up to buy a new couch closer to $1800 range. Would I have ever thought that was possible, or even a good idea to spend that much, years ago? Probably not, but now I know I want quality and want something that will last and it’s worth spending that amount on.

        You can’t please everyone, and I think you are doing a damn good job as designer, blogger, mother, wife, and friend.

        1. I honestly feel some of the people who spend their time throwing stones are just plain jealous. “I’m a trained designer! Why is SHE so successful and not me?!” Just jealousy.

  24. Emily. I am so so sorry that you are feeling the way you are. Shame on people that choose to air their negativity in such a way. In such a time as this….we should all always try to choose kindness and respect. I personally am so inspired by seeing that even professional designers make mistake and have to endlessly tweak and change and redo. As a novice…I never get a room right the first or even 10th time. I am inspired that even the greats like you…have to try and try again. And you do it all with such honesty and great humor. Don’t let the comments from a few make you forget who you are or how many people love what you do. I really hope you have a great weekend with your family. I will be chomping at the bit to see what you have for us next week. You are he best!!

  25. As much as I love reading EHD groups daily posts, l feel compelled to comment on the shift this blog has made over the years of its existence.
    It’s become a little separated in tone and price points from the reality of the rest of us who don’t live in the Cali bubble. When one lives in the California bubble, I’m sure one doesn’t realize how totally different your life is from the rest of America.
    The changes in this blog’s tone have been slow and subtle…the gradual and insidious effects of the sponsored posts play a huge roll too. The continual politicization of nearly every topic is also becoming slightly ridiculous, in our opinions.
    I have asked friends if they’re still following this blog and the majority have opted out for just these reasons. I’m so certain it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible to turn down sponsored posts, but they’ve become too influential in this blog’s design decisions in our opinion.
    Although it’s fun to see what Target has to offer, 99% of the time the products presented here are no longer available or in reality the products are so incredibly cheaply constructed they might be considered ‘prop furniture’.
    I do love you Emily and so loved the original eclectic and refreshingly different style you and Orlando were able to convey on “Secrets”.
    I know it’s probably not possible for you to bring bring back a little more of that style, but THAT, after all, is what brought you to prominence in blog world.

    1. “The continual politicization of nearly every topic is also becoming slightly ridiculous, in our opinions.”
      This is why I have decided to no longer read Emily’s blog. While I love her designs, I don’t come here to read her opinion on politics, there is enough of that in other arenas. Yes, it’s your blog Emily. I just don’t want to hear comments about our current president, when the last 8 years people of my political persuasion where called all kinds of names and bullied by Obama and Clinton. Done now.

      1. I found myself in a mire of sadness and disbelief after Trump was elected and I don’t even live in the USA; although the feelings stem from the impact and power that the USA wields within the world. THIS was the ONLY place that offered me a balanced view and the right for both sides to be heard. Therefore, I LOVE that you provided your very calmly voiced political views and questions here and provided that forum. It certainly helped me settle my despair, a LOT.
        So, if you have something to say or question, Emily, please do! 🙂

    2. Keep on keeping on, Emily. Bullys like Trump deserve to be called out. Don’t let bully apologists get you down.

    3. At a guess, there are as many or more of us who read Emily for the same reasons you are uncomfortable. When someone is as widely read as she is, there’s no way around that. And, if you want to write authentically at all, these days politics are so dramatic that they’re very hard to ignore altogether.

      1. And wayyyyy more people are unhappy with the current political situation than ever were over the last 8 years (see Salmon Voldemort’s approval ratings, the 2016 popular vote, etc.), so it’s actually a smart business decision to vocally oppose him.

    4. Kate, I am always saddened when celebrities, bloggers, etc. HAVE to incorporate some kind of political statement in their content. I really love this blog and Emily but really wish she would not make many of her followers, who may not have her views, feel bad. I have always followed Emilys blog for design inspiration and its sort of a fun escape for me. I sure hope it doesn’t become heavy….

      1. I think we tend to forget that artists have always been political. It is not a job requirement to remain silent about morally abhorrent behavior and policies.

      2. Thank you for having the courage to say what so many feel, but won’t say for fear of being “bullied” themselves….I love Emily’s style and thats why I come to her blog (and have turned on so many of my friends to her as well!), BUT what I don’t come here for is politics!

      3. Thank you for having the courage to say what so many feel, but won’t say for fear of being “bullied” themselves….I love Emily’s style and that’s why I come to her blog (and have turned on so many of my friends to her as well!), BUT what I don’t come here for is politics!

      4. No-one makes antyone else FELL BAD. This stems from a feeling inside ourselves and smacks of emotional issues that have absolutely nothing…n o t h I n g to do with Emily’s, or others’, views.
        We need to take responsibility for how we feel about ourselves and stop blaming others.

      5. Wow. I didn’t predict this turn of comments. I speak very infrequently about politics. Probably 1/100th the amount that I want to. If you want to read a blog by a human person who speaks honestly and with transparency – which is your #1 request, then at times you get …. honesty and transparency. Not that I want to lecture my own readers, but its something to think about. You either want a real human person or you want a robot. If you choose ‘human’ you’ll get multiple facets of a human personality (including once every 25 posts referencing our very tumultuous political climate.) If you want a robot you won’t get that, but you will also get, well, a robot posting robotic posts about robotic rooms. I edit myself … heavily. I try to see every point of view before I post. I appreciate opinions from all humans I follow, regardless of their point of view and I appreciate all of you who can also appreciate that.

    5. I find it quite hypocritical that you are complaining about politicized posts and your comment is politically motivated. Baffled as to why you and others like you want to turn a FREE, fun, inspiring blog into a negative space.

  26. Just remember that it is a very particular/sick personality type that trolls on the internet. Do not let those types of people dictate or change your blog/behavior in any way shape or form. You can find numerous studies about it; basically “Overall, the authors found that the relationship between sadism and trolling was the strongest, and that indeed, sadists appear to troll because they find it pleasurable.”

    1. KD – I don’t think agree that those voicing their discomfort with the politics on this comment stream are trolls. For the most part people have been pretty respectful in sharing their thoughts. That said, I don’t agree with their point of view. I really enjoy Emily’s transparency like many others. I do think that politics affects us all, particularly in this climate when the country is so divided. I think we all have to be careful about labeling people who are just sharing a different point of view. Now if they are mean or nasty – bring it on.

  27. People that tear into you drive me crazy. So you said the word toddler and Charlie is 3 1/2? Get over it! Patio/courtyard? Who cares! And on and on. I appreciate your content and how you put yourself into it. I didn’t read yesterday’s comment war, and perhaps won’t, but thanks for what you do. Love that you share the process.

  28. I really enjoyed yesterday’s post so I was pretty surprised today to read that you received critism that was not constructive and just flat out mean. I’ve been reading since secrets of a stylist and love how the blog has grown and changed. It is basically the only blog I read daily and always look forward to it. Almost as much as coffee and with infant twins that’s staying a lot. I really appreciate that you will not allow this to change the blog. Thank you.

  29. Dear Emily, I love you and your beautiful, authentic honesty. You and your gorgeous family are welcome at our house any time. It is incredibly weird living in a Pinterest/Insta world and in an incredibly fractured/bullying time, and there’s a lot about it that’s not so positive. What is positive is getting to share our experiences of this life, and to constantly learn from and be inspired by each other. Have a beautiful weekend with your precious family!!! And congratulations on Brian’s awesome play!!!

    1. Erin, your quote: “It is incredibly weird living in a Pinterest/Insta world and in an incredibly fractured/bullying time”. Yes. it is. 🙂 thank you for putting it so poignantly. xx

  30. emily, happy memorial day weekend! i’ve watched you since your HGTV days. in real life, we’re about the same age (i just turned 40). with this milestone, i’ve realized a shift in myself that i think i see in you as well. it’s a need to evolve and become a different version of ourselves. i think i saw it in your circus shirt selection (which i LOVED) and i see it in your move to English country style. the challenge may be that your readers aren’t read for the transition OR that maybe your personal transition in your home styling isn’t an accurate reflection of the designer intend to be for your audience. (e.g. just because a fashion designer wears all black never means she is going to dress her models in all black!) this is where focusing on your own home so much might be getting in the way? i think it’s something to think about..

    either way, you’re evolving and always should. so of course you will lose some followers, but you will gain new ones along the way. i’m sure you will always have fans. i know i’ll be with you for the full ride – and excited to see where this growth leads you!

  31. There isn’t a single perfect person on this earth. And our only job is to learn. And amen to being honest and open about the learning process, esp when mistakes are made.

    Thank you, EHD, for your candid posts. And thank you for continuing to be real and take risks. Perfectionists are boring and unhelpful. Real life much preferred by this long-time reader.

    You are a total star with an adoring public. Please ignore the haters, have a fab weekend and don’t change a single thing. xx

  32. I love love love your blog and wish I had anywhere near as much creativity and guts in design as you do! It’s so hard to be nice to people who are vicious but what you tell your kids is accurate and the world needs response like that now more than ever. Resist!

  33. Just wanted to say, this is my favorite blog on the internet, and it’s because you have amazing taste, but also because you are so refreshingly honest and real. It takes courage to bare your errors to the world! If people are going to attack you over it, it’s probably indicative of their own fragility- can you imagine one of those comment trolls baring themselves in that way? Vulnerability takes courage and heart. I appreciate you and your team! XO

    1. Agreed. Your blog and the YHL podcast make me happy every week.
      Hey, have you ever thought about a podcast? Maybe with ORLANDO? That would be amazing.

      1. Ummm you just rocked my world with the thought of an Emily and/or/both Orlando podcast. In fact, with Orlandos current situation he totally should be jumping on that bandwagon cause he’s hilarious.

    2. Keep on, dear Emily (and staff). Love will win–we can’t quit.

      “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” KV Jr.

      1. Thank you guys. Seriously. and Orlando and I talk ALL THE TIME about a podcast. maybe this is the motivation that we need. Just not sure what the subject would be. Its hard to talk about design without visuals … but we’ll brainstorm some more. thank you 🙂

  34. Hi Emily!

    I just wanted to say that I check your blog multiple times a week and ALWAYS enjoy the content. You give me inspiration for my home and fashion. Even if some things are out of my price range, I still get great ideas. I love when bloggers show mistakes or things that don’t work – it helps all of us out here who might be making similar mistakes. Please enjoy this long weekend with your toddlers in your courtyard!

  35. Your voice and point of view make your blog unique, and beloved by so, so many!
    I can’t believe you didn’t feature those Dr. Scholl sandals you’re wearing in the photo. I ordered them immediately and they’re perfect. Thanks!

  36. Thank you for taking today to recharge your batteries after yesterday’s slug fest. I’m looking forward to what you share on the blog next week.

  37. I personally love reading about “oops” moments in design, because I have lots of those in my own house! I mean, we’ve not even lived in our house three years and I’ve already re-repainted three rooms because I chose a color that I didn’t end up loving (and I’d rather not discuss the large couch I bought just to have a couch–hate it). Hell, I knew they were all bad choices the second I finished painting, even if they looked good as samples. BUT, those mistakes were so,so useful in refining how I wanted a room to look and feel. To me, design mistakes are like a first draft of a piece of writing. Sometimes you just need to get something down on paper for the right choices to become clear. And lets be real, no one churns out perfect prose the first time around.

    Also, I just have to say that there have been a number of times when I’ve been stumped about how I want to decorate a room and can’t quite decide on something and I come here and say, “OMG, yes, that! That’s what I want!” So thanks for the inspiration!

  38. So sorry you had to deal with all the negative comments yesterday. I think those people just don’t understand what it’s like to be in the design world. As someone who has tried my hand at interior design, I have purchased and sold my fair share of things for my home because they didn’t fit or the color wasn’t right, so I TOTALLY get what you experience! The lighting in a room (different in EVERY single space) impacts the products you bring in, and sometimes that’s something you can’t plan for despite your best attempts. Also, you want to be in love with the pieces you bring into your home, and so sometimes you buy on love, but then they don’t fit. No excuses for buying a product you love! It is definitely a different process with clients as it’s their money, not yours, so you can’t take as many risks. And as for tweaking products in your home to get just the right feel, you have full liberty to do that, as this design is your work and your passion! I’m sure you get a gut feeling when something is “just right”. Finally, in regards to the content being more high-end, I would say it is, but that’s where you are in your life and you shouldn’t apologize for that. If you have the money for good products, you shouldn’t have to limit what you bring into your home just to accommodate some readers of the blog. And besides, I’m sure you spend more on furniture whereas those readers probably spend more on travel or putting money away. Everyone can decide how they chose to spend their cash. I like how aspiration and beautiful the blog is–keep it up!–but I also wouldn’t mind featuring more low-end and aspiration spaces. I read a comment about how nice Brady’s space is, and I agree that it’s partially because I feel “I can do that in my place! I can do a quick fix to the flooring myself, or change out a light fixture on my own!” I don’t know if you need more content from people outside the EHD studio (as I know you guys can only produce content so quickly while juggling your jobs) or what. That problem with that is, I don’t expect anyone else (average person with a well designed space) to have nearly as beautiful content, as you guys are experts in styling and photographing spaces. Anyway, don’t feel bad about yesterday’s post! I appreciate your honesty and recognize where you’re coming from. Keep it up, and your house is lovely!!!

  39. You have amazing content, and I especially love the posts that explain your process. Thank you for sharing as much as you do – so many people love what you’re doing!

  40. Don’t let the haters get you down! Your transparency and honesty is one the many reasons we love your work and your writing!

    Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning (even beating out Facebook!), and I keep coming back for the beautiful content and realistic approach. Even if I don’t have the same budget, the way you explain your decision making process and the WHY behind each piece, it makes it seem attainable that I too can make my home beautiful. Your work is inspirational and your approach is relatable.

    Keep up the great work.

  41. Emily–I NEVER comment but this is striking such a chord that I need to speak up. I freaking LOVE that you talk about mistakes, imperfections and costs. Your blog stands out in a sea of design blogs because of your transparency. I would argue that seeing the steps you take to get to the “perfect” end place shows why you ARE a professional designer–you have an innate taste and vision for design that you don’t stop at “good enough” like most people would but go ten more steps to get to “just right.” Thank you for showing us all of those ten steps so that we don’t just feel inadequate that perfection is so easy for you…or for everyone else but me in this Pinstagram world.

    In the general blogging industry, I have personally been sad to see the gradual switch from longer, text-heavy blogs to shorter, extremely image-driven social media campaigns because it does tend to foster a false view of effortless perfection. Seeing the effort behind getting that one perfect shot helps to remove some of the negative psychological effects. Thank you!

  42. You did a blog post about taking the day off, but then gave us a whole bunch of fun stuff to browse anyway so we can get our EH fix! We do not deserve you! xxoo

  43. I missed the action yesterday, but I would like to share something my therapist shared with me at one point and it truly was one of the most freeing things ever (and not a day goes by that I don’t repeat it myself)

    “What other people think about you is none of your business.”

    It doesn’t give me the license to go out and be mean or horrible to people, but since I’m a pleaser by nature this has been freeing to let me live according to the way I want.

    Again, what other people think about me is none of my business.

  44. I’m so sorry people are cruel. I just love you and your blog so much. I’ve been reading it for years and it’s become something I look forward to every morning. Love to you!

  45. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, your blog has always been one of my favorite blogs. Yesterday post was so insightful. I enjoy all the variety of topics that you write about. Take care

  46. The comments yesterday were so rude and also saying that the blog promotes “consumerism” is a joke. Are we supposed to go collect rocks to decorate our space?
    What you said above Emily is so true, if you listen to haters (and its hard not to) then you risk becoming so boring that its not even worth having a blog. Putting yourself out there every day like you do takes bravery. I know this because I wanted to start a blog once and felt like I couldn’t be truthful for fear of embarrassment or repercussions and so it went nowhere.
    You are a great mom, a great designer and a fun and lovely person. The fact that you change your mind about your purchases- who cares! Welcome to my life! It only makes me feel like less of a lunatic for doing this myself!
    Good for you for standing up for yourself. I wouldn’t want you to change a thing.

  47. If you hit a nerve with someone you are doing something RIGHT! Who wants a life where your work is met with a resoundingly silent “MEH?” If you are getting snotty, negative reactions it means you pushed someone out of their comfort zone and they had to examine the failings in their own life. That is a reflection of them, not you. I look forward to reading this blog everyday. As a (Graphic) Designer myself, I know that that process is messy (sometimes really, ungodly messy.) I love watching the changes you make and it is so satisfying and inspiring to see you try things I would never consider. I need this! Don’t change!

  48. My two cents. I loved the mistakes post. I’ve made several of them (on a smaller scale). I do love the aspirational posts (that concrete tile patio!) and the more budget friendly ones.

    My mom and I do miss the city specific Craigslist roundups, even though they made us wish we lived all the other places.

  49. I didn’t comment yesterday, but now I’ve read what some people have said and I wanted to add my voice of support. Any creative process requires constant revision! Can you imagine an author getting a book right on the first draft?! Hell no! I’m on draft 6 million (no exaggeration) of my book right now. Endless cutting/shifting/replacing/reworking. It has taken me years! This is just the reality of this kind of work. I love your blog, I love your voice (particularly your kindness and social awareness), I think it’s wonderful that you share mistakes, and it takes nothing away from the beautiful finished product at the end. I’m sorry for the nasty comments. Keep on keepin’ on!!

  50. Shocked by what yesterday turned into for you! I was so happy when I saw the title yesterday and saddled up to read, learn, and ponder, all while enjoying my morning coffee. I appreciate your vulnerability, it’s helping me grow too!

  51. I love your blog and keep coming back to it because you present yourself as a REAL person doing a job. I’m a teacher and make 1 gazillion mistakes a day….and that’s with people’s children!!! Luckily, in the next instant I get to reflect, try again, and make a different choice. Making mistakes, reflecting, and learning is one of the things I love most about being alive, whether it’s in my personal or professional lives. I also constantly tell my students that mistakes mean we’re learning and our brains are growing. Good for you for being real, making mistakes, and growing. Plus, life with be SO BORING without mistakes. Gross. Have a great long weekend! We all love you!!!

  52. I enjoy your honest approach to design, and design mistakes. While accessible design is always a win, so should aspirational design be something we find takeaways with. I have never understood why people expect or want a blog to stay the same year after year, and cry foul when the blogger moves into different territory, either more expensive or a different vibe. Yours has grown, along with your business and your family and I have enjoyed the process.

    Likewise, it was a breath of fresh air to read about what design mistakes you have made. Like many of your commenters, I usually have to live with mine SO ALL THE MORE REASON TO LEARN FROM SOMEONE ELSE’S MISTAKES, PEOPLE!

    I constantly have to remind myself to speak the truth in love. It is a good way to stay honest to oneself without the creeping meanness that inhabits so many faceless internet comments.

  53. Emily, you are honest, funny, gracious, and HELPFUL.
    I can’t tell you how often I google your name + [topic I need info on]. Just last night I googled “Emily Henderson how high to hang art”. I trust you so much – your advice is always bang on.
    Thanks for all the joy and help you add to my life! 🙂

  54. Awe Emily, I absolutely love your honesty in all your blog posts. In fact, yesterdays post was one I most related to! I don’t understand why someone would question your ability as a design professional. I guess it just goes to show that there are people who always want to try to pull successful people down… or as my mom used to say, “crap on you to make themselves not feel so crappy”. I hope Lex is reading this…
    Emily, keep doing what you’re doing, I love how real you are! I love your professional design! I love your blog and look forward to reading it everyday! Most of all, I love these positive lessons you are teaching your beautiful children! That negative rant by Lex made me remember my mothers lesson about crappy people… and it’s so true. My mom is no longer with us, but on this memorial day weekend I’ll spend time remembering all the valuable lessons she taught me I’ll hold them forever. Your children will one day think of your lessons to them also, as they will be reading these posts when they’re older and cherish your words.
    Keep up the great work Emily! Have a fantastic weekend! Xoxo

  55. Well said, Emily. Your posts are the first thing I turn to in the morning. I love the progress reports on your new home, and almost feel like I’m sitting at the counter have a cuppa with you. Bless you and your family.

  56. Dear Emily,

    I love your blog, both for the amazing rooms and for your honesty in the process. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend with your children and forget about all the negativity in the world.

    I see a weekend of cocktails and sun in the beautiful COURTYARD and
    watching the kiddos play.

    Kindness and hugs from Canada.

    1. Yes!!!! Hang out in the COURTYARD of your TUDOR house with your TODDLERS, make a mistake or two, and mostly ENJOY your weekend. 🙂

    2. There has been a shift in the tone of the comments and it’s eerily similar to when YHL called it quits (totally understandable and I adore their podcast now.). I can’t understand why people take the time to be mean on the internet. Just don’t say anything.

      1. I couldn’t agree more.
        Why do people feel entitled to weigh in negatively on a design blog that features content and opinions for free? Emily can make it whatever she wants because it’s her perogative. Why should a reader feel she owes them anything? That’s what cracks me up the most. If you don’t like it, simply move on. Why add more negativity to the world?

  57. I caught a glimpse of some of the diatribes from yesterday’s blog post. I am sending you hugs and good vibes. When you create beautiful things and put them out into the world, there will always be judgmental Judys ready to lash out at even seemingly innocuous posts. I love that you shared your vulnerability. Designing your own house is always going to be very different than the client process. Most people know that for goodness sakes!

    Regarding furniture being pricey, I think you give a diverse range of options. I’m a freelance copywriter, subject to the whims and woes of my clients, so I’m not exactly in the high end furniture demographic. That said, I’m okay with saving for a special investment piece that I can mix with other less expensive pieces. Keep being true to yourself! You’re a joy and inspiration to many.

  58. Emily, I so appreciate your honesty and candor about everything! Please don’t change your style. We love you!

  59. I too am sad about what happened yesterday. I appreciate seeing the mistakes even designers make as it makes me feel better about mine and prevents me from doing similar things (I have all the same impulses to buy and change my mind about everything).

    I hope the weekend with your family helps to bring a little happiness to a horrible week.

    Keep doing you and the people who don’t like it can sod off! The rest of us will hopefully make up for the few who are horrible. All the best to you and your family. Happy Memorial Day from Canada!

  60. When you are reading annoying comments, remember this:

    GP had and continues to have crazy backlash over her brand and her business. But Goop has raised $20M in external financing, so clearly something is going right and the haters are just a blip on the radar. Same with MSLO, on an even bigger scale.

    Run your business the very best way you know how with the best team you can possibly find. And most importantly, you do you.

  61. Reading the negative comments on your insta from yesterday, I must say, I saw an even uglier side of design than what ugly peel and stick 80’s floor tile brings to a room! lol

    Emily, keep doing you! You’re awesome and I myself as an interior designer know how much work is put into every detail of business and each space we design. I learn so much from you in starting up my own design company in the last year and I let me just say that a pretty space comes out in the end for all to see, but a lot of bruises, mistakes and long signs of relief and distress go into each space designed. (yes, bruises, one I got when my handyman called in sick on set up day and I was determined to move a king size bed in order to put my clients beautiful 9×12 rug underneath it. We got to do what we got to do, right?!)

    I love your stories and your style so keep on keeping on in this crazy world!!

    JF Interior Designs (shameless plug, couldn’t resist.) 😉

  62. You are amazing! Vulnerability takes courage and thank you for being brave and letting us into your design process- your blog and insta stories are a bright spot!

  63. I realise that there are loads of comments already saying this… but… I really appreciate your transparency about process and cost – it is very insightful. So much more useful than just seeing the pretty end result.

    I hated the negative comments yesterday as I worried it might make you think twice about sharing so honestly… however sounds like you are not going to let the trolls change you 🙂

    Thanks for such a great read every day, I LOVE it.

    Hugs from England and enjoy your long weekend xx

  64. You are amazing! Vulnerability takes courage and thank you for being brave and letting us into your process. Your insta stories and blog are a bright spot!

  65. Please keep the high-end, aspirational pieces coming. I’ll take quality over mass produced all day long. I love what EHD stands for and the beautiful spaces you guys create. I also love your evolution from thrift store finds to commissioning one of a kind pieces. Haters are gonna hate and for every 1 negative comment there are 10,000 positive ones….let those positive voices be confirmation that your audience is with you.

    I’m unplugging for the weekend to hang with my toddlers in our courtyard!!! ? ? Much love to EHD.

  66. I appreciate that you share your design mistakes as much as the wins, because just like in my life, I usually learn more from the mistakes than from the wins. I also like that your contributors share them too. It’s reassuring that not even someone who does this professionally always gets it right. I think it helps encourage a lot of us to go ahead and take a design risk. Worst case, you’ll fix it later. NBD.

  67. I appreciate your transparency so much and I love your blog content—thank you for sharing your work with us! Enjoy your weekend.

  68. I always write in to tell you how much I appreciate you being truthful and real about the design process. Obviously, designing your own home is different than designing someone elses home. I think most of us here understand that and dont judge you for changing your mind on decor decisions in your home. I absolutely love seeing your process and have become a bigger fan of yours since you have been so transparent through your instastories and blog. Thank you!! As far as bullying, I wholeheartedly believe bullying exists on both political aisles, so will have to respectfully disagree on your commen about our president leading that. I, personally, have never and never will look up to any ‘leader’ or celebrity to shape my or my childrens moral compass. Hopefully, you wont let some mean spirited comments change you, Emily, because you have a lot of followers that appreciate what you do and how you do it!!

  69. I read yesterday’s post. But either I didn’t read the comments or I read the post early before comments started.

    Yes, there are beautiful items in your posts that I check out and think the price is high for my needs, but there are many items that I’ve liked with a reasonable price that I purchased (and now love!).

    I’m grateful for the items you share, your design choices, and your willingness to share a few mistakes here and there. I’m sorry yesterday was tough.

  70. Emily – I never comment on blog ppsts but I just adore yours and was frustrated when I saw the unnecessary silliness of yesterday’s comments. I just wanted to say thank you for putting together a wonderful blog that I genuinely love checking each day. The fact that you open yourself up and share your thoughts/feelings about life and your design process is part of what I truly enjoy. Don’t let the naysayers get you down! I hope you have a well-deserved, fantastic weekend with your fam!

  71. Emily-
    I was on insta stories yesterday and my heart goes out to you. I never fully understand why people take the time to write such nasty things on public forums. Anyway, I, like you, am crazy into design and though we might not ever be striving for perfection (which doesn’t exist anyway), we are striving for something that is 100% authentic to our own personal style. Because of this, we change our mind over and over again. The good news for you, is this is your job and you can do do it (me not so much, haven’t quit my day job so I just drive my husband CRA CRA). You should not feel bad for doing this, In fact, that is part of your job description. Most design blogs like to show you the after…you don’t see the before, during, during some more and finally the finished product. I personally find the former very one dimensional and much prefer to see your process (which obviously include the mistakes along the way). This by no means makes you a “bad designer” but an open book designer trying lessen the likelihood of one of your readers making the same mistake which would be a lot more costly to them.
    Keep doing you girl! Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  72. You are inspiring and I so appreciate your openness and honesty. I am just starting out and you have been such a virtual mentor to me. Thank you!

  73. Isn’t it hilarious in a nauseating way that decorating and design decisions can lead to having to defend yourself on your own blog? This is the crazy world we live in where common decency and the golden rule are gone. There was an interesting article today about the man who was elected to office in Montana after BEATING UP A REPORTER FOR ASKING A QUESTION, and what that says about how far people have fallen from the concepts of right and wrong. Not to be a downer, but sometimes I’m almost relieved my dad and grandparents aren’t around any more to see what we’ve come to in this country. That went dark, but I’m just worried about us as a people. And what I really mean to say is turn off comments if it starts getting bad on the blog. Just leave them on instagram, it’s harder for people to get nasty at pictures there (but, as we learned from Jurassic Park, nature does always find a way).

  74. So appreciate everything about you, Emily. I’m always very disappointed when people feel the need to be unkind and negative. You are honest, make yourself vulnerable and always take risks and the fact that people try to knock you down for this is beyond me. Wishing you and your family a weekend of good vibes and positive energy.

  75. As someone who recently chose a too-dark color for a large space (and paid a pro to paint it, which we rarely do!), I LOVE your honesty. In fact, when I broke the news to my husband that we need to repaint, I said, “Even Emily Henderson makes mistakes with paint!”

    I enjoy the vast majority of your content, and even when it is not realistic for me, I get great ideas. The exception is the Target stuff, but I get that it pays for a lot of the content I DO like, and every post can’t be for everyone, so I just skip those ones. Also I understand that many of us have a Target-sized budget, only some people prefer Target over Craigslist, or don’t have the patience/stamina I do for Craigslist.

    And speaking of Craigslist, I really loved it when you used to do roundups for different cities. I don’t even care if you do my city! I just like to see what you’d pick on Craigslist. And while I loved your CL$500 dresser that was an impulse buy, I am more often looking for a $100 dresser. I realize that most CL furniture is ugly, but when you need a pair of awesome lounge chairs for $150 max, you do have to be open-minded, which is the fun and creative part. I found my two lounge chairs for $75 total, including delivery! They are not exactly what I had in mind when I started the hunt, but they might be even better.

    So here’s a plug for more Craigslist content! Aside from roundups, you could find things and get them reupholstered, then sell them through your channels for that. I’m sure you and your talented team can come with other great ideas too.

    Oh, and the only mistake that has me worried (which you haven’t specifically said was a mistake) was opening up your family room to the entry/hallway. I think that opening wants to be smaller, and I hope if you have to close it up again it won’t cost a bundle 🙂

    1. I agree about the family room opening. I think it would look fine if that were used as a dining room, but when you only have that one wall on which to place the couch it’s just not working. IMHO.

  76. Emily, I’m still reeling from yesterday’s comments and I can only imagine how some must have stung. I read through way too many, maybe out of horrified confusion, and was so impressed with how you responded and the love so much of this community (including myself) have for you, your team, and your family. I’m a marriage and family therapist, and sometimes I think we forget the power words hold, both for good and sadly for bad. Speaking for myself, I know that what I continually take away from this blog is inspiration and connection. And teaming with Target is perhaps my favorite, and the most dangerous, part about this blog! Don’t change a thing girl!

  77. I didn’t (and I won’t) read the comments from yesterday, but I can guess what they were based on the content of the post. I personally LOVED your post! It was real, and honest, and not a typical generic design post.

    I also LOVE this post. You have a good weekend, and shake off all that negativity that people are trying to heap on you, and come back just as honest and real as ever, okay?!

  78. Sending love and support your way, lady! I love seeing your process, and you’re kicking ass all the way through it! As a graphic designer, we too have little confidence in our decision making, but many opinions, and feel the exact same way when making design decisions! Keep up the honestly and unique content – I love it!! <3 <3 <3

  79. Truth be told, I read Emily’s blog daily to escape the negativity of everyday news. I’m an unapologetic California democrat. I bleed blue. Unfortunately news, real or fake, is so extremist, so alarmist that its hard to read everyday (both left and right). Emily’s blog allows me to indulge in a creative outlet while keeping my sanity. Does Emily sometime venture into topics that I don’t enjoy (e.g. her political views, nursery makeovers, wardrobe recommendations)? Well guess what? I move on. Next.

    Blogging on a daily basis with good content is hard to do every day. I will continue to check in daily to see if it’s something I like. And I may just skip the comments if it starts spiraling downwards : ) No need to add the negativity heap.

  80. Emily — please don’t change ANYTHING on your blog for these horrible, chronic naysayers. (And, gah, I see they are here again.)
    Yesterday’s post was honestly one of the BEST posts ever, in my view. It was honest, instructive, backstage/gossipy (always fun!) and also, timely — as I (like others) have just purchased a house — and need this important reminder not to buy anything yet until I am actually in there.

    I hate that these people make you (or, certainly in past posts, members of your staff) feel bad — and I cannot even imagine what kind of entitlement, venom and/or lack of ice cream drives them to communicate in the way they do. (Maybe get an intern/screener to just cull through the messages a bit, so it doesn’t bring you & everyone on your staff down?)

    Please remember that 99.999% of us love you (and, hopefully, the rest will go away) and have a glorious, relaxing long weekend!

  81. I’m an architect, and one of the most effective things an old boss said to me is that we only get one chance to make it right so the chances of perfection are miniscule. He reminded our team that car companies get to build and crash hundreds of prototypes in order to get it right. We only get a “full scale” mock up one time so yeah, sometimes you need to make changes in the field. I applaud you for sharing with us, and as soon as I saw that comment about things being too expensive i was like uhhh, all the target stuff? Sure, I wish i could afford every beautiful piece you show us, but its given me confidence to shop for shape and save up for upholstery. Keep it up, yours is one of my favorite voices online!

  82. I also was appalled at yesterday’s noxious comments, particularly the first, crazily negative and inappropriate one. Please know that all that post revealed was the character of its author. Enjoy your beautiful weekend with your family!

  83. Just the other day I was thinking how truly hard it is to produce as much content as you do, at the level that you do it. All of the ideas and writing and photos and product links. This stuff isn’t easy. And it doesn’t go unnoticed. You consistently knock it out of the park.

    I so appreciate your honesty and transparency, too. Making mistakes is part of art; writing is re-writing, etc. Sometimes you look at glossy magazines and completed projects on blogs and you start to think maybe you will always fall short in creating a space that you love because it can be so daunting and you can get so stuck sometimes. Thank you for putting out content that is both aspirational and empowering.

  84. Thanks for continuing to be you! I’d hate to see the way you write your blog change because of negative comments! You are truly one of my favorite designers and bloggers and a large part of it is because of the way you show who you are, good, bad, and real.

  85. Its so weird that there were negative comments yesterday. As soon as I saw the title to yesterday’s post I got excited because I new it would be interesting and informative. I appreciate your blog and all the work you do to make interesting content so much. And I Dont mind that you use things that are out of my price range. I dont need instant gratification. I use it for inspiration. Mostly I just enjoy learning from you. Thanks!

  86. EH, You Rock!!!! I’ve enjoyed your blog and perspective on design for years. Please continue being you, it’s who we all love. Thanks for all the great content and have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family. xo

  87. YOU ARE THE BEST. I have a baby decorating firm (aka it’s a few years old; not that I decorate babies), and your work is a constant source of inspiration. THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO. YOU ARE LOVED.

  88. Bravo Emily! Loved your side note on the comments from yesterday. You nailed it. Keep doing you. That’s who the majority of us come here to see. I am a designer and I follow you because you are an amazing designer and also because it is so refreshing to see someone who is so real, brave and open. The world needs more Emily’s!

  89. I read all your posts even if I have several to catch up on if I’m traveling. Most you hit out of the park for me. Some are geared more towards your age group than a proud gray head like me so perhaps I skim those as I know you have readers that relate. I enjoyed your post yesterday. Some of the comments I read made me shake my head and it didn’t take many before the negativity made me go on to the rest of my day, something you probably found more difficult to do. Keep on sharing, caring and growing.
    Enjoy your long, very deserved weekend.

  90. Emily,

    I just want to say I love your blog and your outlook. And I LOVE that you are willing to share your mistakes with us. In a world of photoshop, and super curated and slick blogs and design magazines it is comforting as a layman to know that even professional designers sometimes make mistakes and sometimes their homes are imperfect too. Please keep being you. ❤️

  91. Before I read any of the comments yesterday, I remarked to my husband how I LOVED that you shared the creative process for your own house, including the mistakes and accidents. It makes me feel more confident in trying things out and taking risks, because even professionals can make errors sometimes. And sometimes what might start as a mistake turns into a happy accident that is better than the most carefully planned out room. I love your quirkiness, which I think comes as a result of not being afraid to try things out that are unexpected. And I also appreciate your honesty. All design bloggers *could* present a Pinterest-ready blog full of completely done designs and nothing else, and while those posts have their place they don’t really help readers to see how the process evolves.

    I’m so glad that you won’t let some negative comments make you less of who you are. We are all the better for your blog, and your insight.

  92. I’m cringing (about how uncool I am) as I write this, but…what is insta-story? Is this on Instagram? I don’t have it, so that could explain. I love the content of this site, but every once in a while when there’s a reference to instastory, I don’t know what it is. I hope I won’t be attacked for being ignorant by asking this question…

    1. An insta story is at the top of your insta feed–but only on your phone. 🙂

    2. Hi Robyn – You’re right, Insta-story is indeed on Instagram. It’s where you can paste instead of just a photo or a video, a combination of photos and/or videos, linking them together, and you can “write” on the photos/videos (i.e. kind of label them or put a funny emoji on them or whatever). And, what I think is really weird with them – but one of their best features for many people — is that they only exist for 24 hours after they are posted! After that, POOF they disappear!

  93. It’s your blog, and it should reflect you and your team and where you live and what you believe in. Tons of us love it for the inspiration, the practical ideas, the personal stories, and even the politics. Play with your toddlers in your courtyard and forget about all the sad people who have nothing better to do than criticize!

  94. Your blog is my absolute favorite and I follow a lot of them. I love your style and often ask myself “What would Emily do?” Hope that doesn’t make me sound totally lame but your ideas/style/expertise have just given me so many ideas over the years. Haters gonna hate, nothing we can do about that and while we all say ‘don’t let it get you down’ of course it’s going to get you down, you’re human. But you keep doing you cuz you’re awesome and you have tons of people out here in internet land who love you!!

  95. I look forward to your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY! You and your team are awesome! PLEASE don’t change a thing!

  96. I loved yesterday’s post but I didn’t read the comments until today’s post talking about the negative comments. Man that dude was in a mood!

    I have been fascinated watching the switching out of furniture, paint colors etc and it has helped me more than you can imagine. Mostly because I am always struggling to make my own home just not look crazy and some of the thing you’ve posted have me all “i don’t really like that sofa there” or “I love that blue color but that room looks so weird to me” and then when you go and change it I suddenly feel so good about myself like MAN I’M PRACTICALLY AN INTERIOR DESIGNER! CAREER CHANGE! haha. I’m joking but seriously, it has helped me become better at fixing problems in my own home and I just want to say thank you for that. Thank you for showing us all your mistakes. You are amazing and don’t ever let anybody like that DB take away your power!

    Something I’ve been wondering about and so wanting to ask you. Have you struggled at all with the jump from one style to another? I always wonder if designers effortlessly float between styles depending on the project or if there is some primary style that you are innately drawn to making designing your home with a different style harder and in turn more changes end up happening? As a non designer I really gravitate to your other house style and although the traditional stuff is so pretty I would find it very difficult to figure out how to buy furniture and decorate a traditional home. You are doing an amazing job of it but it’s something I’ve been wondering about.

  97. Aiding one more voice of support. I love your work and your honesty. Please, please never stop being you. Have a great weekend.

  98. Haters gonna hate but you are an inspiration and I look forward to checking in on your blog each and everyday!

  99. You are the best. I used to follow dozens of blogs but the only two I check in on daily anymore are yours & Orlando’s. Your authenticity- even if it’s a sponsored post – keeps me coming back. Enjoy the long weekend!

  100. Read that first comment yesterday and didn’t think it was that rude at the time but going back to it now, it really is rudely written! While for me your blog is the ONLY blog and I love the posts about the process, I do think it’s a bit interesting that some people think there’s a right design answer and a wrong design answer and a professional uses their correct formula to arrive at THE right answer. It’s obvious to me that there are many iterations in any thoughtful design and that it is an art, not a science. For what it’s worth, I don’t think that first commenter was a troll, just indignant about you not being the definition of what they think a pro is, (which doesn’t exist). Anyone who bangs out a correct scheme for a room first time is probably doing a soul-less showhouse. Anyway, thanks for your brilliant wisdom and giving me permission to be creative and make mistakes as I start my own interior design career, I really appreciate what you do!

  101. You’re amazing and I love everything you share and do, and now I love your example of how to carry on with confidence and strength. Keep on! You’re a voice for good in the world.

  102. When I opened this post and read what you said, I was confused. What part of yesterday’s fun, helpful, friend-to-friend post could’ve caused such a stir? Go figure!!
    The fact that you read the comments, respond kindly, and keep “doing your thing” makes me like you even more.
    Happy weekend???

  103. I seriously look forward to reading your blog every day, so bummed by people’s blatant rudeness — especially since you are essentially providing a “free service” to readers out of the goodness of your heart by doing this blog — even though it obviously takes tons of time and energy to put together. Not that this excuses the rudeness, but is it possible if the rude commenter missed the point of the piece?! I would be so bummed and disappointed if you stopped blogging, or changed what you do! In all honesty, I think your “voice” is a rare gift which makes you seem totally relatable and what you write is always compelling and interesting. I also think you must be a great “team lead and manager” because Ginny, Brady, and Melanie are also fantastic writers and huge talents (I loved their own home tours too) which makes me all the more appreciative of your content and the great team you’ve assembled.

    1. LOL it’s not a free service. There are advertisements on the side, and below. Pop up windows… all that generates revenue based on viewership. Similarly sponsored posts generate revenue . Before you call me a troll, I don’t mean anything bad by this. Just trying to correct that it’s not a free service

      1. This blog is absolutely a 100% free service to us readers. You can read as many posts as you want, as often as you want, and never have to pay a single penny. The fact that Emily and her team are sometimes paid to show ads or sponsored posts is irrelevant.

        If you want an example of a service that’s not free, check out a newspaper website, where they limit you to 10 (or however many) free articles a month and then block you from seeing any more without buying a subscription. That is what paid service looks like. And they still have lots of ad banners and pop ups and what not.

        1. Sure, of course it’s free to readers. But acting like Emily’s team are saints providing the content is a little laughable because Emily werks it hard! This girl knows how to leverage sponsorships. Good for her of course.

  104. I like the budget information. It’s called dealing with reality, and I think it’s pretty courageous of you to include it. No one else does that. Also, you showcase lots of Target items. They are a terrific option for those of us on a budget. Keep up the good work fellow Webfoot!

  105. Emily, thank you for your willingness to share a wide variety of content. I appreciate that each time I read your blog I learn something new. I appreciate you share your mistakes because when I make them in my own home, I’m encouraged that you make them too. I’m encouraged to try new things and fail and learn. It’s fun to watch you try a new style and tweak and re tweak and make mistakes because otherwise I wouldn’t learn from it! Thank you for your humility in sharing and your willingness to be vulnerable. It makes for one of my favorite blogs and certainly the one I turn to when I need help with a specific issue!

  106. Missed the drama (shrugs)….let them rant, it’s just an opinion.

    I wanted to comment about the first pic of you and Birdie on the “terrace” ( in my toniest voice). I LOVE your outfit. You are such a Madewell girl. I NEED a similar outfit.

    I am never uninterested in your posts, I wanna be your client and BFF. Opine away…

    BTW, aren’t you a tastemaker or style maker according to WSJ? F*&K the naysayers. You are amazing!

  107. Don’t ever change! Your blog, instagram, instastories are my favorite social media indulgences! Not only are you hilarious, honest and real – but your design is so gorgeous! I steal all kinds of decor ideas from you. My husband is getting tired of hearing “I saw Emily Henderson do ….”. haha.
    Sorry people are jerks! xo

  108. Please keep true to yourself. I can always count on getting great ideas, and a laugh every post.
    Enjoy your family and holiday weekend!! XOXO

  109. Bravo! All of it–thank you for being vulnerable and strong and still nice and taking a step back. Thank you.

  110. Emily,
    I enjoy and appreciate all of your posts and pictures, as well as your graciousness in showing us the behind the scene happenings, good and bad. Few things are more boring … zzzz … than looking at perfection, whether perfectly styled rooms or perfectly styled people. Perfection never has that human touch or whimsy that inspires curiosity and joy. Thank you for what you do. I learn as much from anyone’s mistakes (my own included) a I do from a carefully edited finished project.
    And by the way, my now grown daughter and I have been fans of yours since your Design Star days ?
    Happy weekend! Happy Memorial Day!
    Anne in Atlanta

  111. I didn’t see the post yesterday, but wanted to say I’m really sorry you got put through the wringer. You are wonderful & amazing & inspiring!!! Thank you for what you do.

  112. I can’t tell you how many times as a Visual Merchandiser I’d have to plan my showroom settings only to get the pieces in and have to completely rearrange. And I’d always beat myself up for not planning better. But even when I did plan well, with elevations and measurements, it sometimes just didn’t feel right in the space. When everything would be disheveled and out of sorts, I’d say to myself, “Chris, sometimes you’ve gotta go through the sh*tty to get to the pretty”. That’s design, and that’s life.

  113. I will be the first to support constructive criticism and find it slightly humorous that so many readers feel the need to shamelessly flatter you ALL the time, because let’s be honest, you have not achieved the amount of success you currently have without overcoming LOTS of negativity and unnecessary criticism. However, it’s ridiculous that people are saying you are now “unrelatable”, as if it’s a crime to move from one station of life to another by means of hard work. For years my husband and I never hired anything done for us, only bought second hand everything, and lived very frugally. But now that medical school is behind us, student loans are repaid, and we’re raising 4 young children, our cash flow and time priorities allow us to live completely differently than we did a decade ago. You don’t need to apologize for now having money and being able to spend it as you please. You’ve earned it.

  114. Love your posts and your personality. I also really love your style. When I change something in my house, I will often tell my husband, who constantly needs convincing on change, “It’s ok because Emily Henderson says it’s stylish”. And I would get a consultation from your team in a heartbeat.

    PS I think you mix a lot of budget friendly and inspirational style. In fact, I’d like to see more inspirational style (especially since I am trying to buy pieces that will last longer, even though I go to Target and need everything…)

  115. Do I love everything you design or all of the clothes that you model? No, but I certainly learn from all of them (and honestly, I love almost everything you design!). I REALLY love your enthusiasm and honesty and openness. I enjoy your blog and Instastories very much, and am glad that you don’t plan to change.

  116. Yesterday, I read your post early – like usual. I watched your insta story later and could not, for the life of me, figure out what people could have been so snarky about. I enjoyed the post and thought it was so refreshing to hear that designers have regrets and re-dos as well as us “designer wannabes”. I started reading your blog just this year although I remember watching you on Design Star back in the day. I feel like you have really influenced my design choices in a good way. I have the modern white vase from Target with some eucalyptus in it on my dining room table which I love. We recently purchased the loveseat for our deck and as I was sitting there last night with a glass of wine and my hubby and I thought. “wow, sure do love that Emily Henderson.” I even bought a pair of “culottes” that I NEVER would have tried, but thought “hey, Emily would dig these” and I love they way they swish around my calves. None of this to be weird, but it is good to look beyond your own “set ways” and hear or see something new. That is what I get when I read your blog. Just a fresh way of looking at things and I like it! Keep doing your thing! Love it!

  117. Emily, I just tried to read the negativity from yesterday, but couldn’t finish it. Please don’t change ANYTHING you’re doing now! If you do you’ll be giving into the bullies. Your blog has always had a great mix of high/low and you’ve never been pretentious in any way. I enjoy your humor and sarcasm also! Maybe consider blocking the trolls…it’s not ideal, but they take away from everything else. There’s too much negativity in the world as is. BTW, keep up what little politicicizing you do, it’s a free country.
    Happy Memorial Day!
    -A loyal fan

    1. I’m sorry but I’m extremely offended by your comment. You’re a bully yourself to those who don’t agree with you. Not everyone who disagrees is a troll or a bully. Blocking others leads to homogeneity of thought and lack of constructive criticism. Some of us just want to have a conversation, explore options, test ideas, ask tough questions. If I’m blocked because someone can’t handle a conversation like that, then there’s little for me to gain here.

  118. Emily, I love your blog! I think that one of the best things about it is the way that you share your process with us, it is very interesting and, I think, educational.

    Anyone with any sense would see that you are not simply documenting end state of professional jobs on this blog – if you were it would be pretty dull and boring (like many other design blogs). You are sharing, educating and entertaining all of us who look forward to EHD posts! Keep up the good work.

  119. I love you and your blog! The honesty, the humor and the vulnerability you put out there is so refreshing. I know you’ll probably catch more flak for mentioning the bully in chief but I agree it must be said and I love what you are teaching your kids about kindness and being a good person. I have a brand new grandson and want to teach him the same things.

  120. Trolls suck. You do not. I love everything you do, from the serious political stuff, to the crazy expensive projects, to the charitable work and the sponsored posts. You show your range, and I’m sure it’s much broader in real life. Thank you for sharing what you do.

  121. Emily, I first saw you on reruns of your design show on Dutch television and fell in love with your personality and style. I felt compelled to google you and have followed you for years now (25 myself). You are the very best out there if you ask me .
    Thank YOU for always being honest, (SO) funny, stylish (in both design as your dress sense) and for providing me with a way to dream away with interior design. Never ever change as those who are mean just don’t see the real you.
    Lots of love, Cleo.

  122. Sending you love and hugs. I enjoy your work and honesty so much. Came across another blog yesterday where the woman bumped into you at the rosebowl flea market- I was so jealous! your posts always make me smile! thanks and enjoy your family this weekend!

  123. Oh my god….that red and white gingham shirt and those blue and white shoes are making me crazy. So glad you’re not going to change your format. I love watching you decorate your house sooooo much!

  124. I don’t read the comments but I will say this. . . I love your honesty and that you admit to flaws and the process is really something organic. F the meanies of the world. They should just keep quiet! Love you and have a great weekend!

  125. I love your blog, not only for your impeccable taste but your open honesty. I hope the haters don’t discourage you.

  126. I can’t believe there were negative comments on yesterday’s post! What in the holy f*** is wrong with people?!! Who takes the time (and has the energy) to criticize posts like that? I read the whole thing and loved it because you really were admitting that YOU (famous and uber-talented Emily!) are human too and make the same mistakes that I make in my home…it made me feel so much better than the post the day before (I think? About your finished patio) where everything was so perfect that I wanted to kill myself (not really-I’m just being dramatic! But I was very depressed!) I am SO happy that you won’t let any bad vibes affect you, your work, and/or your blog! I love it just the way it is. All of it. xo

    1. But that’s not a fair comment. so should we all agree with everyone and everything even if we don’t like it? Why can’t we criticize something or someone? Do we want groupthink? or homogeneity of thought? Where will we be in 100 if no one says anything, no one provides constructive criticism? Will we grow? Will we advance as a society? Will decor advance? Will Emily advance her skills, or will she be stuck in 2010s? Isn’t that the point of a blog to talk, explor, and grow together?

      1. It is fair. Don’t be a dick on someone else’s blog. Those “crit” posts weren’t moving the dialogue forward, they were transparent haters who offered nothing beyond their own jealousy.

        EH admitting mistakes/ talking process of trial and error (which is how ALL creative fields work) is where the growth is. Not being an a-hole.

  127. I don’t understand why people feel the need to be so negative via the internet, but I just wanted to take the time to personally tell you that your content has always been positive, honest and interesting. I appreciate the high and low price points and I can tell you and your team put a lot of effort and time into each post. I look forward to your posts everyday. I’m not the type of person who goes beyond blog posts by looking through comments on each of the posts so I was actually very shocked to hear that people would even say anything negative about your blog’s content! So please know that I’m sure there are many of us out there who simply enjoy your blog (and IG stories) just the way that it is. As it’s popularly said today, “You do you, boo.” Keep up the amazing work Emily!

  128. To be honest, I get nervous about commenting on blogs because I’m worried about negative feedback so I admire your ability to put so much out for the world to see.

    I just want to echo what everyone else has said, I know nothing about design and have no background in it but coming here and reading your blog has given me so much inspiration and so much confidence to try different things. I visit here every day. I love your honesty and giving us insight on the process, it makes me feel so much better knowing that it takes a lot of work to get that one perfect picture that most of us aspire to have. Good design is like art to me, I don’t need to feel like I can buy all of the pieces to appreciate something beautiful and find inspiration from. You are amazing at what you do, you are so inspirational and I love your work, please don’t let the naysayers bring you down!

  129. All of us face criticism at work and sometimes bullies too. Readers have diverse experiences and budget limits; therefore it can be hard to relate to everything you’re doing. But it’s much appreciated that you’re sharing your experiences, taking risks and testing options in your own home. Have a great long weekend 🙂

  130. Oh my goodness I missed yesterday completely and I don’t usually comment but I wanted to say I love following you and seeing your work and I do hope you will stay encouraged knowing that the meanies are the minority (and they are probably very sad and lonely people but maybe that’s obvious). I love that you seek opinions from others and that you are real and honest in everything! You inspire!

  131. Emily, I think you are truly the coolest. You are really honest about your life and I love that! You stand up for yourself and up to others. You ask questions when you maybe don’t agree with someone’s way of thinking just to understand them better. And you just live your life! I really truly admire that.
    In the majestic words of Matthew McConaughey, “keep on keepin on”

  132. Enjoy the weekend with your beautiful family. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your personal life and for your honestly. xo

  133. We love you Emily! I didn’t comment yesterday against the negative comments because others had said everything already, but I wanted to give you one more vote of absolute, blind confidence. We all make mistakes- I wish I had the courage to acknowledge mine as quickly as you acknowledge yours. Your story and approach inspires me not only as someone who loves amateur decorating, but as a creative who has to shape his identity before the very eyes of his harshest critics. Thank you!

  134. There will always be a-holes out there who say shitty things while hiding behind a screen. It reflects on them, not on you. Keep doing your thang girl, your transparency and approachability are so refreshing!

  135. Your post yesterday was fine. Anytime I learn anything I consider that a worthwhile thing to read.

    That said, I’m not quite sure why people thought the comments were so “negative.” There was the first comment that started it off and maybe only a couple that supported it.

    I think some of the people who get so freaked out by something that isn’t totally positive should not read comments. The comments here are nothing like the thousands of racist, misogynistic ones spewed over politics, etc..
    Perhaps people here don’t need to get hysterical over one small criticism. Just let it go. Say, perhaps, to Lex: Designers make mistakes too. It takes time and effort to get things right. (The answer to just about everything in life.) Then let it be.

  136. I read through some of yesterday’s comments and want you to know I love your writing tyle, decor style and ability to show us your imperfections. I would hope anyone reading your blog would understand the artistic nature of your job and be able to recognize you use your home as an experimental canvas. I don’t think buying things and then reselling them is bad, I’ve done it myself. It makes me so mad to see someone being so catty. Nobody is forcing them to read this material, it’s a choice. There are some posts I skim over because it’s not relevant to me, but I will keep coming back because in general I love what you do and how you do it. Thank you for creating such great content in such a steady fashion. I hope a few bad apples won’t spoil what you do so well!

  137. Thanks for your honesty, and your wonderful and inspiring attitude to those who comment negatively. Whatever we do in life we come across those who don’t like the way we do things, and I love your reaction – you acknowledge it, in an incredibly pleasant and respectful way, say why you do what you do, but also acknowledge that is is unpleasant and affects you. You also listen to the message behind the unpleasant posts to see if there is anything to learn. Wow! If we all reacted like that to unpleasantness, I am quite sure this world would be in a much better place. Your family, staff and friends must be very lucky and very proud of you. I for one love the blog, and also how vulnerable you make yourself and how you support others on the blog. Have a fabulous weekend enjoying your gorgeous children and that patio/ courtyard ( that is so stunning!! ❤️?) .

  138. Your blog is one of the few I sincerely enjoy–for tone, content, your opinions, and also your frankness. People somehow forget civility is more important than freely airing whatever pops into the mind. I hope you have a great weekend. I couldn’t put myself out there like you do (I’d be gnashing my teeth or sobbing every day from critical comments), so I admire this post, too. I hope you have a great weekend and forget about all the stinkers.

  139. Oh no; did the white version of that gray cabinet from Target disappear? I’m so mad at myself for missing it!

  140. A quick thought: Have you considered installing a commenting system that allows “upvoting?” This would place the most “favorited” comments at the top of the comment feed, instead of the earliest. Would also let people show support for what seems to be majority opinions (the positive ones) without requiring typing out a full response. No idea how this stuff works on the back end so maybe not possible, just an idea!

  141. I only read some of the comments from yesterday but I think I might have some encouraging thoughts: 1) any artist or inventor (or scientist or…) worth their salt makes a lot of mistakes. Wasn’t it someone like da Vinci who said that that whole process is 90% failure? If you have it all figured out with minimal mistakes then you are formulaic, not artistic, and I don’t want formulaic designing my house. I’d rather take advice from the person who has tried and invented and failed and tried again and had some pretty serendipitous moments come from that courage and curiosity.
    2) I LOVED that post. I’m the first person you described, who never designs bc I’m scared of mistakes (mostly bc my discretionary budget is about $20/m and my kids need, I don’t know, socks, but still!) so I was encouraged to see your process, and to see which part I’m missing as I attempt to get from pinning and mood boarding to doing.
    3) your openness and honesty, your willingness to share the mistakes, the heart, and the process, have been so helpful to me, and such a delight to read. I refer people to your blog and book all the time for that reason, bc they learn so much from watching you work. And you are SO talented! So I think your mistakes are working for you ;).

  142. Oh Emily! I visit your blog every day but have never posted before. I hate to hear the internet meanies managed to get to you yesterday.

    You are such an inspiration to me, both for your design talent, but also as a fellow trying-to-do-it-all working mom. I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of kind comments today.
    Please don’t take yesterday’s negativity festival in the comments section to heart. You (and your awesome team) have been KILLING IT these days as far as design and content. Reading your blog is the highlight of my busy day. Keep doing everything you are doing. I LOVE your honesty and transparency, LOVE your fashion posts, LOVE your makeover takeovers, LOVE your sponsored posts too.

    PS. And I’m secretly ecstatic about your style recommendation #24 — I recently bought silver pointy toe flat loafers from Nordstrom too! The BP Kali flat is almost the same design and I can vouch for the fact that it’s super comfy too.

  143. Love you, love your blog, and I would definitely hire you if I thought I could afford it. There’s no way to get design right without trying out different combinations (whether using tiny samples or a mood board or the actual pieces), and we all learn so much from watching you go through that process! Thank you!

  144. Happy long weekend?!? Seriously you don’t know why we have a Memorial Day week? I used to love your DESIGN post until you decided to ridicule President Trump so often. Get on the Internet while enjoying your $1.4 million+++++ home in your California bubble to research Memorial Day and and be grateful for the men and women who died protecting our country including OUR first amendment right to free speech. Please delete me from your email list!

  145. Happy Memorial Day to you and yours!
    I so appreciate your blog and creative mind! Ignoring naysayers is easier to say than to do…I try to pick out true bits, if any, acknowledge how awesome my creator made me, and move ahead!
    I do think that disrespecting our President, as in today’s blog, deserving as it is, does our country, including our littles, a disservice. You are right, he needs kindness, not a slam from blog land. This puts us on the same level as him, and we can live much higher!
    Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  146. I love your style so much! Would love to see more clothing round up posts 🙂 Thanks for always being so vulnerable and real – it’s what keeps readers coming back <3

  147. Emily, you’re a beautiful person and your family is incredibly lovely. You deserve the best, and I hope you enjoy your weekend! Thank you for always being vulnerable and open, despite the hardship that sometimes ensues.

  148. o I figured I’d round up a bunch of pretty things on sale, both for your body and homes. For good or more likely bad, shopping makes me feel happy so I dove deep and found a bunch of nice looking things that I’m tempted by. It’s shallow, but I wanted some sort of content for this day besides my ‘thanks for being nice’ post.

    Here you go. If you are in the shopping moo

  149. Wow I was so excited when that lamp was 38CAD! Thanks!

    Also love the positive attitude and I think you have a great response. Every teacher bone in my body is screaming at me to praise you for responding so positively to bullying. Also, if anyone knows it’s a kindergarten teacher, we do learn by making mistakes. Thanks for helping me learn 🙂

  150. Emily, you are a bright light of decorating insight. You have been such and inspiration to me in learning to design my own home. One of the things I love most about your blog is that you show your process. I’ve learned so much from you over the years. You my dear have a gift! Don’t let any one damper your light.

  151. Ignore those mean comments, Emily! I love ALL your content and I love your blog more than any other interior designer’s. It’s the one I visit every single day and part of that is because of your wonderful and refreshing honesty – especially in an age when so many bloggers only show the ‘pretty and perfect’ rather than the behind the scenes and the process.

    I love that you are always open enough to admit that even as an expert and a leader in your field, not everything always pans out perfectly. I find it really inspiring. It’s so much more brave and admirable to try something gutsy rather than always ‘playing it safe’ and even if it doesn’t always pan out perfectly. Trolls need to get off the internet and go get a life. I think a lot of people are just jealous, to be honest, perhaps frozen in their fear of trying something new. It takes guts to go out and DO things. And no guts at all to sit at home and write nasty comments on the internet.

    Anyway, don’t change how you write and how you do things. Hundreds of thousands of us love it just the way it is. xxx

  152. I understand that reading comments that criticize is painful, but I respectfully submit that it’s not nice to call people “trolls” who were expressing their considered opinion. Obviously one makes oneself vulnerable in being so open on-line, and so many people appreciate that — but the corollary to that is that some of the responses are sometimes likely to be less than positive.

    While I totally understand that that can hurt, I simply do not believe that anyone who made a critical comment was “trolling” – i.e. submitting comments with the intention of being mean or trying to cause pain.

    1. Agree. Besides, this is a professional blog, not an individual’s journal. Emily is a professional spokeswoman and designer.

  153. I read your blog because you are transparent and personal as well as inspiring and professional. I admire you so much because you manage to come across as a complete and real person and somehow you can still keep a healthy balance between being true to yourself whilst providing us with all kinds of content we’ll appreciate! These kind of posts contribute so much! Thank you!

  154. Emily, sometimes it’s better not to read the comments. Lol. In truth, I feel you give excellent options to get the expensive look on a dime. Hello, Target! I also LOVE the more luxe looks you feature. Who doesn’t want to dream about those finishes? I applaud your fearlessness in decor and also speaking your mind about our political arena. And it’s your blog after all. Just keep true to your heart and the trolls will drop off.

  155. I don’t normally comment but I feel the mean comments from yesterday warrant a response and show of support! I’d like to say that I love your blog and your style so please keep doing what you love because it brings others joy. Your pointers have been an immense help to me in my home decorating attempts (that post on when to paint a room a dark/light color was especially helpful!)
    ps: Of all the things I have admired on your blog, THAT tile has come away as the clear winner. I hope to shamelessly recreate a similar look one day. Have a wonderful long weekend!!!
    ps2: Good on you for having the courage and clarity to stand up to bullies! 🙂

  156. I, for one, would like to thank that crazy negative commenter. I don’t spend that much time on blogs. If the controversy hadn’t brought it to your instastories, I might not have seen the post at all. And that post was really, really helpful for me!! Off to shop Memorial Day sales for a headboard that makes my heart race without worrying about paint color yet!!

  157. I’m not someone who posts comments online…this is actually my first time. I wanted to express my appreciation. I have a very sick relative who is my everything; decorating/designing my home is my happy place and helps me focus on something else. I simply want say “Thank You Emily”. I LOVED your show and your blog is one of the only sites I make a point to visit every day. I love vintage; clothing and household. I love the history, character, and quality. For a long time, I hid this like a dirty little secret. You have given me ideas on how to incorporate what I have and the pieces I love. I recently had my first bathroom renovation done. I designed the whole thing and I couldn’t be prouder. Your blog directly inspired this reno. The ideas you share have helped me truely embrace my love for vintage/antiques. Life is short, I do my best to focus on the silver-lining and show appreciation whenever possible. With that said, you have made a positive impact and I thank you :).

  158. sorry i know this is not on topic question. but i wanted to buy a rug this week that matches a navy sofa. what rug possibly matches a navy blue sofa besides beige? i was thinking light blue but i dont know if thats to much or will even look right? any ideas would be so helpful.

  159. I love following your blog and instagram. I love it when you show real life in your stories. It makes me feel better that my closet isn’t always perfect and sometimes I don’t get the laundry put away but your house can still be beautiful because this is reality not pinterest. I really appreciate it.

  160. I adore you. Your and Orlando’s blogs are the only design blogs I visit. I appreciate your process and your well rounded, insightful, inspiring, and helpful site.

    And I hate to be *that person* who points out something yet again that could be considered criticism (on this very post where you asked that we refrain if it’s not helpful) and this is my own personal soapbox, but please, I have to say this, because I truly think you do not know: please do not say “Happy Memorial Day”. I, along with thousands and thousands of other families, live with the very real reality of losing a family member serving in the American Armed Forces. My dad’s name was John, and he was killed while serving as an officer in the United States Army. When people say “Happy Memorial Day”, it’s a punch in the gut, and a saccharine smiley face pasted on top of a really, painful day meant to honor our fallen loved ones. I’m all for being thankful for the long weekend. I love the summer and will be having a restful weekend with my family, and I love living in a country where it’s a national holiday to remember these great sacrifices, but when people say “Happy Memorial Day”, they’re essentially saying “Happy Funeral Day” or “Happy Your Loved One Died Day”.

    I’m sure it’s just an oversight, but it’s incredibly gauche (and some would say disrespectful) to promote Memorial Day Sales and to say “Happy Memorial Day”. We don’t yet have 9/11 sales or say “Happy 9/11”, but it’s sort of in the same vein.

    Here’s some good reading:

    And much, much love to you. Hope this is taken well!

  161. Dear Emily, I don’t know what has happened, and I don’t want to look for any possible negative comments, … all I want to say is that I don’t know you but I feel like I do, since you are one of the sweetest and honest people on net whose words and thoughts I read daily and I find you very special for your intelligence, humor, creativity, beauty inside and out. I would stand by your side every time and everywhere. So, please continue being you. All the best!

  162. Thank you for not giving in to the internet trolls. Your blog is one of the few I check on a regular basis. I love the fact that you’re honest and real and that you do make mistakes. I’d much rather see the process you go through than just see a perfectly designed house. I can buy Architectural Digest for that. The mistakes are almost the fun part!! And they make the finished look so much more satisfying. You be you. You’re awesome!!

  163. Oh man, I saw those clogs (#15) when I was browsing the Nordstrom sale the other day, and I have absolutely no use for the them but I want them soooo bad.

  164. I keep trying to comment but my internet SUCKS sO I write these long love letters to you and go to hit “send”and nothing…so IF somehow they did go through delete the first 5 and carry on.

    If NOT, then listen up – you are awesome. Done deal. The millions that love you are not wrong. And perhaps the nasty comment had a shred of validity to the author but so what and here is MY point it was not nice…we have gotten so distanced from the human aspect of blogging, facebook, insta-everything that too often people forget that we are all , at the end of the day, people, just trying to make a living, be validated, make a difference and bring beauty and joy to the world.

    So instead of sitting like a cat around the corner, waiting to pounce and find fault – maybe just MAYBE we could ALL just lighten up!!! Leave each other alone, speak when your words are impeccable and necessary and the rest of the time…look for ways to improve the planet and lift each other UP. (I think you are way on top of that and your handling of the whole thing is admirable. I actually high fived you in my living room!)
    Imagine – just IMAGINE what we could do if instead of all the trolling and reacting and negativity – what IF our ONLY goal was to do good…it boggles the mind and I for one do not want to waste one more precious moment even validating the ugliness. two cents…well really more like $3.46 but take it or leave it. hugs and kisses. Lesli OUT!

  165. This may not be a popular comment, given yesterday’s post, but having a blog opens you up to all sorts of feedback. A website, a blog and all these social media platforms allows anyone and everyone to post their thoughts and feelings, negative and positive. I think that’s what makes a blog great; the back and forth, the debate, the conversations, and most importantly the learning on both sides of the page!
    That person was just speaking her mind and clearly has high (and obviously unrealistic) expectations for her idea of a designer/stylist. While the delivery wasn’t as constructive as it could have been, the bloggers have to stay open with what’s being said, as hard it it may be. Sometime tone and intention are difficult to grasp over the Internet…I was a bit shocked at all the negative spotlight from the Insta stories and this post and the comments ganging up on just about any seemingly negative comment. I’m a bit scared to post this, honestly 🙁

    You should write whatever you want (while the comments may suck to hear, I think it can be a great way for your audience to be heard) and I don’t think a few negative comments will or should change your mind or content. You have this awesome community of people who check in everyday because of what you post! But you can’t please everyone, you know? Reading the blog is really educational for me and reading the comments are too with lots of extra information. I think you do a great job of keeping true to yourself 🙂

    I look at the blog everyday (and yours are the only Insta stories I will watch). I really love the work you do and pass it onto any and all friends.

  166. I’m sorry for the trouble of your previous post. I think you are a decorating genius.

    It’s your blog (duh) but I *do* wish you wouldn’t take every opportunity to take a dig at our president. Don’t you want to you want to be the CHANGE that you are always mentioning, by promoting peace right here and now? Insulting Trump isn’t going to achieve that and ends up causing so much negativity in your internet space, that is otherwise so beautiful. I just don’t get it. We ALL know how you feel about the president, and honestly, with the frequency that you bring it up, it makes me think that there is some part of you that actually enjoys the fighting and mud slinging that goes on in your comments after you take a dig at him.

  167. Keep being you! I for one love this blog and read it everyday and it brings happiness into my world! I loved your design mistakes post and I love that you share your process because it’s so helpful as I make purchases and also make mistakes! I loved when you talked about taking risks. Truly spectacular things rarely come from playing it safe!

  168. Beautiful assortment, I love so many of your picks (and that they’re on sale is AMAZE!)

    Footnote: For every 1 troll out there, you have hundreds (more likely, thousands) of followers who ADORE you and love to see the full process – the good and the bad. That’s how we all learn!

  169. Seeing a $160+ blouse (on sale!) makes me realize that I’ve made bad life choices. Sad. Lame. I have ordered myself some cool J. Crew items from your suggestions, + all that awesome stuff from Target! Love!

  170. I love your blog. The good and the not so pretty. Design is a process and it doesn’t always go perfectly or as planned. Stay true to you Emily. You’re the Best! And here’s a big middle finger to all the bullies out there, online and off.

  171. Couple things:
    1.) I don’t know that you should be so sick over controversy. In fact, in my world we embrace it because our leader (Jesus) caused controversy everywhere he went. If you are doing ANYTHING remotely new or different there will be people who hate it. You can’t be all things to all people. I see this as a sign of success as a creative. I wouldn’t shut down those comments. I definitely wouldn’t give them more energy and attention.
    2.) Didn’t Lex apologize and explain further her questions? Everyone who is offended over her comment should realize this so they don’t become the “bullies” they so hate. I’ve found that a lot of the negative interactions online are just due to someone impulsively firing off a comment or having a bad day and later on they’ll be like “oh sorry, that wasn’t even about you”. That’s why you can’t take it with a grain of salt. Just think “who knows whats going on in their world today.” And give them grace and move on.

    Also, I thought the post had great timing for me cause my husband currently thinks I’m nuts as I’ve bought and returned 3 ottomans this week. And that’s with a moodboard and photoshop. All the pinning in the world couldn’t tell me I wasn’t gonna like how that leather made me feel cold on my footsies while I was watching the bachelorette.

  172. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and beliefs, but you don’t seem to be taking your own advice. In your comment: “And in this world of bullying, led by our president,” you apparently feel the need to get in one more dig. I wish you could have left out the reference to our president. I visit your website to see your awesome decorating, which I have followed since your show on HGTV. Again, you have a right to voice your political opinions on your own website. But I like to visit your site for fun stories and inspiration – not politics.

  173. I was following along to the comments and I couldn’t believe some of them! I blog so I actually totally related to your post! I’ve absolutely bought something because I had a deadline to get pictures shot and later realized that it was the wrong item. It’s not fun and I appreciate your honesty! I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  174. We moved into our home 2 years ago and I am on tv console #4 and today we are moving onto dining chairs #3. If you subtract the ones we moved in with, it’s a little less… BUT, the point is, I have told myself, that it’s ok that I have made these mistakes (and many, many more) because EVEN Emily Henderson makes mistakes! I think that when you move into a new home it takes a little while to get the stride and find the right groove and then of course my style changed along the way, of course for the better! It’s one thing to make it look good but then for it to actually be comfortable is another thing and sometimes you come across something that you love and when you bring it home you realize that just changed everything. My husband would really like me to stop replacing all of our furniture, but we both agree that it looks better now.

  175. Of all the design ublogs I follow, yours is always one of my faved! Your unique blend of honesty, inspiration, splurge and budget designs, with a huge dose of personal life are what keep me coming back. Thanks for all the hard work you do producing this content! Hope you have an awesome weekend with your adorable family!!

  176. Haters gotta hate. I don’t care who you are, creating authentic and beautiful spaces takes time, trial and error. Creating ANYTHING that is authentic and beautiful does. It’s more a reflection of ignorance and lack of creativity to believe otherwise than anything else. Brush it off. They ain’t worth it. And haters? Move along! There’s a whole wide web out there with sites that will better suit your needs. Next!

  177. Emily you have helped me so many times as a person and mother. Thank you. I read your blog every day and it is such a place of light and love on the internet. We love you exactly as you are. You and your voice are so important to so many people.

  178. Hi Emily! Just wanted to say I adore your blog and style, and my favorite posts are your design process posts! Love seeing you work through things, its truly refreshing! I can’t believe anyone came here to post anything negative about you. So sad how some people are hurting so much inside they feel the need to lash out. Keep on rocking on, and sharing the awesome design content we all adore!

  179. And this is what brave authenticity looks like, y’all. Bravo you, Emily. Yes to all of ^^^^. Much gratitude and thanks for being such a brilliant example of what it is to be a kind human being…and also for all the awesome design inspiration, too! xo

  180. I wonder if anyone else is having a Target supply problem. All of these fabulous items from Target are always out of stock in any Target within a 50 mile radius of my home, and they are never available for shipping, which I would gladly pay for and actually prefer. This has happened multiple times, I wonder why Target never orders enough of the good stuff, or has enough in stock to ship?
    Emily I love reading your blog. Having also left the same faith that you have, I love how you’re raising your kiddos with such love and grace. Keep up the good work! Haters gonna hate, just ignore them and live your authentic life!

  181. Congratulations on your excellent use of the back handed compliment! Thank you for sharing your expertise, for that is a skill to be proud of. The back handed compliment really isn’t used often enough in these politically correct times, but perhaps we can all find a way to use it more frequently in our daily conversations and written correspondence. My own mother was a horrible parent and I consider my childhood irreparably damaged because she failed to provide the type of supportive environment that comes from regular use of the back handed compliment. But not to worry, I have high confidence that your impeccable example will help us all find a way to grow!

    Many thanks to you, this blog comment section would not be the same without your insights!

    1. Talk about trolls. The real bullies on this site are the people who *agree* with Emily, not the ones who don’t. If this is the kind of petty bitchiness that people with constructive comments face on this site, no wonder people are leaving.

      Congratulations on your excellent use of being a total bitch. This blog would not be the same without it.

  182. From someone else who puts themselves out there and has to listen to everyone’s opinions about it, because that’s good ‘customer service,’ I’m sending you a big virtual high five. I’m always reading your blog and it routinely brings me joy. The haters are always louder than supporters, and humans are wired to pay attention to negative feedback. But know I’ve got your back lady! Also, thanks for your round-up, I was looking for a pretty bathroom set. My shallow self will revel in the tactile quality and visual perfection of its softly rounded shapes. I hate it when something brings me daily satisfaction while I brush my teeth. 😉

  183. I cannot believe the ish that wen’t down here yesterday. I appreciate your work, your transparency, and your attitude and have learned so much from you. Thank you, Emily and EHD team!

  184. Hi Emily,

    Maybe I’m commenting so late you won’t see this? I’m just catching up on the last 3 posts starting with this one so I didn’t see the comment trolling. I just wanted to say that I really like your blog and do like when you point out when/how things go wrong. I also like when you give advice how you go about shopping and sourcing things. Really, I never would have thought about buying a rug and returning it if I didn’t like it! Who knew you could do that?

    Hope you are having a great weekend. 🙂

    BTW, your posts don’t seem to list the number of comments anymore. I miss that.

  185. Emily – – I’ve never commented before, but wow. 1) your blog is the best blog because you are you and you let you shine through and PLEASE never change that. So real, so great. 2) obviously you are a professional designer because you are in hot demand, so many people want your services, so many people read this blog, and hey, you make a living at it. Haters gonna hate, forget about them. 3) PLEASE don’t stop showing us your new house and everything you are doing in it. The mistakes and the successes. I love it. Most people love it. And you can’t please everyone all the time. 4) I find it so comforting when you make mistakes because I DO TOO. I get overwhelmed with choice and paralyzed by fear of making the wrong one, and reading about your mistakes and how its not the end of the world, really helps me. 5) I also make mistakes at my job. And yet I know I am damn good at it. And I know all the haters make mistakes too. Forget ’em.

  186. Emily, I am so sorry about the comments and your day yesterday.Hang in there! Love your hubby, love your kiddos and be encouraged — you bring so much joy to your readers. You are warm, honest, and obviously care allot. Hope you have a calm and lovely weekend.

  187. You’re my favorite designer for so many reasons, and you just keep on making me love you more. Good vibes and happy Memorial Day.

  188. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Some people are so negative because of unhappiness in their own lives. Rise above it and let your happiness (not perfection) be your best revenge. I love all that you do and write. As a designer myself, i know there is no such thing as perfection as we work in a completely subjective environment. Making mistakes and learning from them is what we all do in design and life. Lighten up people (and by that I mean the trolls!!).

  189. Great post Emily, keep it up. We all love you, you are inspirational and kind…in a world that is often not very kind.

  190. Ugh, agree… why does everything have to be political?! If design blogs aren’t safe, I guess nowhere is.

  191. Your blog is my absolute favorite! I’m in a creative field, as well (music). Research indicates that the creative process involves exploration, developing, and repeating ideas. You skillfully share this process in a vulnerable way, and I have learned so much from you. Also, I LOVE your style and have loved seeing it evolve in different spaces and stages of your life.

    Re: politics. You wrote one post. It was honest about your feelings, but not preachy or insulting. Further, you provided a welcoming space for multiple perspectives from both sides. I loved it.

    Thank you for all you do! <3 <3 <3

  192. Emily you’re fabulous, enough said. I read your blog daily and appreciate your openness and honesty in a word where I feel like designers are just trying to sell me a fasçade of a lifestyle. You’re an artist and anyone who is, understands and appreciates the artistic process, which is one of taking chances but also immense thought over time. Lastly, as a woman, young mother and lover of design I appreciate your inclusion of life with children, mental health and the crazy world we all live in. By doing this, you’re reaching so many people and making our lives better. So please don’t let some super lame, unthoughtful, and uninteresting comment change that. I would hazard to guess that person was just looking for attention and didn’t stop to think about the impact of their words…or how fiercely your readers love you ?.

  193. Ugh. How is Memorial Day “happy”? It’s a day of remembrance of not so happy outcomes.

    Also, how is your unnecessary comment about the president any different than the comment of your non-fangirl comments?

    Hypocrite much?

    1. Can we just chillax a bit? There’s a context for this post, if you don’t get that, that’s fine.

      And there’s a difference between being aware (self-aware, politically aware) and being a “non-fangirl”.

  194. Keep being true to yourself! We can never please everyone all the time, so it is important to follow the path that we each know in our own heart is right for ourselves. We are also in a political situation that requires people to speak out and resist what is unfolding before our eyes; it is especially important for artists and people with a platform to speak out for the right side of history. This is YOUR platform. Well done.

  195. Emily regularly requests feedback on the direction of her blog and, thoughtful criticism seems most appropriate then. Of course, honest reactions, both positive and negative, can be made at any time, but I think it’s best to keep the importance of your own position in perspective. There is rarely a good reason to hurt someone’s feelings over furniture, color schemes, or a bathroom remodel that I thought would never end and was so badly done that I now have the most ridiculous bathroom in the Western Hemisphere …but I digress.

    You don’t have to like Emily’s style, agree with every decision she makes, or understand her creative process. Calling someone incompetent, as that first poster did last Thursday, is just nasty and, frankly, ignorant. Many people felt the need to point that out.

    I do think there should be room for constructive criticism, so here’s some for you:

    You don’t seem to understand self-deprecating humor. Clearly, this is Emily’s style and many people recognize that and enjoy it. I sometimes have a self-deprecating sense of humor myself and it helps me express an awareness of life’s paradoxes and my own contradictions without taking myself too seriously. Unfortunately, I learned a long time ago that when I laugh at and exaggerate my own foibles, some people don’t get it, take my words very literally, and judge me harshly. I choose to avoid those people, if possible.

    I can’t help but find it ironic that someone accusing posters here of being a “Generation of Perpetual Victimhood” becomes so defensive when disagreed with. I recommend getting over it.

  196. Love, LOVE, _LOVE_ your blog. Such great attitude — there’s far too much Pinterest Perfection, and so much (often photoshopped or insta-filtered) escapism too.

    I love the way you show spine, in spineless times! Your kids are very lucky, and so are we.

    OK, I shall now clamber off the soap-box without hurting my knees. 😉

  197. You have no idea how many times I read your posts and want to comment “I love you Emily” but then I don’t because it can seem cheesy or weird and exaggerated to love some stranger online. Truth is, you’re not a stranger to me, reading your blog is and will always be one of those simple things that bring joy in my life… just like having a nice funny/inspiring/invigorating chat with a friend. Only that, online, its the friend who talks more than I do 🙂 So, I love you Emily. Sending super good vibes all the way from Morocco/Italy (yep, couldn’t choose between my two countries!)

  198. People can be dicks. I love your blog and all that you do. Don’t ever change! If it wasn’t for you, I would have zero interior style know-how and be living like a hillbilly. Thank you!!

  199. Emily-

    Thank you for your blog. I love reading it!

    From a reader who,
    Cannot even afford Target items
    Is a Republican
    Doesn’t live in California
    Would never buy a shirt for over $50

  200. You are the best! You continue to put yourself out there, even when the mean people come knocking! I hope you had a restful, but fun weekend! Cheers from Boston!

  201. I just read your content and don’t read the comments b/c I’m a new Mama of two under two and don’t have time, so I went back to that post and read the first one and didn’t think it was that bad. It came from a place of opinion, perhaps ignorant, but then I kept reading and had to stop. Free speech and all that, but just b/c you can say it, doesn’t mean you should. Don’t let it get you down, opinions are like blank, everyone has one right?

    But on the note of what not to do, we are currently renovating our new home. It’s modest, one of those developmental properties made back at the end of the 60s and my question would be this: what should we splurge on or invest in? Where should we look to save or be more economical? Especially b/c we are not designers and (horror ?) might live with whatever we decide for a long time ?

    What if you already made those bad decisions, how do you correct them? What do you do with furniture that does not fit in your new home? Or you no longer think works and you are not a designer with a huge following?

    How do you go about choosing vendors and which projects to do? The first thing we did was choose doors (in hindsight would not have done that b/c the other vendors keep ruining them ?) and the vendor installed them in a rush and they now creak ?

    What should we do next? Floors, curtains/blinds, kitchen, paint, furniture? What should the order be? What if we are in kind of a rush and scared our kids, 1.5 and 4 months will ruin things, this would all be useful info for first time home renovators and sorry if you have posted about this stuff already, I miss a lot of posts in between. Thank you for sharing!

  202. You have a great attitude, and I appreciate you sharing both sides of your process. I just never understood why people treat other humans so poorly. It was so disturbing to me, that I vowed to stop reading your readers’ comments, even though there is some really great content within those comments. I just couldn’t bear the negativity. Glad you’re holding your head high.

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