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Happy Memorial Day Weekend…


Happy long weekend, folks. Not sure why but this week seemed extra long and emotional (yesterday’s comment war didn’t help the situation). So I’m calling it early and spending the rest of today and this weekend with my kiddos who make me feel good all the time, no matter what. Well, not when they are tantruming but when they are asleep and I’m emotional they are somehow PERFECT 🙂

A quick update re that comment thread. This blog is about design and life, in the most honest and transparent way that I feel comfortable. I document the fun and ugly process of making a room look beautiful, not just the result. I absolutely appreciate all the comments, negative or positive but you should know that negative comments can affect the psyche in a more compound, latent way that will affect future content. The danger of internet trolls is that it can make us become generic for fear of showing our true selves. Being vulnerable becomes a nauseating risk and showing our inadequacies becomes a threat to our daily happiness. But don’t worry. Not me. I won’t let negativity dictate the content, change my personality or my motto here of writing the blog that I want to read and neither should y’all. As I tell my toddlers, ‘think about others before you say something, especially something mean. Be nice to everyone – even those being mean because they are the ones that need niceness the most. And in this world of bullying, led by our president, always, ALWAYS stand up to the mean guy’. Thank you so much to all of you who did this and reduced my nausea, and supported me and my process. It can certainly be ugly, and it ain’t perfect but in a world of Pinterest perfection I hope that it empowers your decisions and enlivens your confidence when it comes to designing your home. 


So I figured I’d round up a bunch of pretty things on sale, both for your body and homes. For good or more likely bad, shopping makes me feel happy so I dove deep and found a bunch of nice looking things that I’m tempted by. It’s shallow, but I wanted some sort of content for this day besides my ‘thanks for being nice’ post.

Here you go. If you are in the shopping mood, great, if not then just step away and have a lovely weekend away from the internet, with the ones that you love. xx


1. Tall Neck Ceramic Vase | 2. Tall White Lidded Vase | 3. Twist Hem Stripe Shirt | 4. Mixed Stripe Ruffle Neck Top | 5. Gray Terracotta Table Lamp | 6. Pom Pom Sham Set | 7. Turned Wood Side Table | 8. Rounded Mirror Shelf | 9. Canvas Bath Accessories | 10. Extreme Cuff Tie Back Shirt | 11. Letter Holder | 12. White Button Up Blouse | 13. Gingham Bell-Sleeve Shirt | 14. Black Task Lamp | 15. Navy and Grey Clog | 16. Black and White Striped Tassel Pillow | 17. Cream Macrame Lumbar Pillow | 18. Square Fringe Pillow | 19. White and Gray Pouf | 20. Blue and White Vase | 21. Gray Cabinet | 22. Navy Stitched Blouse | 23. White Jeans | 24. Silver Loafer 

Opening photo by Tessa Neustadt

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I saw your instastories yesterday and my heart went out to you. I love that you show the process. and share the numbers. I realize that some of your clients have budgets that I currently don’t but maybe someday…. And I’m happy to get ideas from all of it. It could just be a way to rearrange things that I already have or a color that I’d like to introduce somewhere. I read a fair share of design blogs and you provide the most consistently enjoyable and inspiring content out there. Enjoy your weekend and don’t let them get you down.

I agree with you

Katie K.

Haters gonna Hate. You rule and that’s that.

Katie K.

You rule and that’s that.


Well said Emily! I appreciate your honesty in posts and LOVE the not so perfect shoots and design mistakes, it shows your human, humble and figuring it all out like the rest of us! I have been reading since before your kidlets were born so please dont let the idiot trolls deter you! Your blog is unique, beautiful, well written, funny and educational! Keep up the good work. Megan Australia

Agree. Pillow collections seems pretty cute. Love your choices.


You’re the greatest, Emily. Don’t ever change.


Totally agree. Reading your blog is a high point of my week.


Love you. That’s all. Have a wonderful weekend w/ your beautiful family!

PS-Thank you for mentioning the president. It needs to be said… And never forgotten.


Happy Memorial Day Henderson family!!

I hope you all have a fun and relaxing long weekend in your beautiful large home with all those spectacular personalized modifications you’ve made so it’s perfect for the four of you 😉 You live in a dream castle!!! With a real castle. No matter how critical other people, it’s your family home that you show the world and it’s your money. Family always comes first!!! And being an adult (and parent) is having to decide how and when you want to trade your man-hours for commodities. There is never enough time to make enough money for everything anyone could want so hard decisions are made. Your business has recently been opening your door and wallet. This is a hard and very personal way to go-but rule #2 for success is trust yourself so keep going! (#1 is work hard…of course) You got this Emily!!!


I hope you have a lovely weekend!!! I am so grateful for you and your blog and your vulnerability. It is always a bright spot in my day.


I enjoyed yesterday’s post! It’s nice to see a famous professional show her own mistakes, and I can totally relate to pulling the trigger too fast. Have a great weekend!


Girl! Get your weekend ON!!! You deserve it more than most, ESPECIALLY after yesterday’s emotional roller coaster comment-a-palooza. Go forth and recharge!


You do you Emily! I love your content and as someone who enjoys frequently changing her style, I so appreciate that you don’t stick to rules!! Also, can we just talk about that amazing Rejuvination letter holder for a sec?? OMG it’s beautiful!!


I was so shocked by the negative comments in yesterday’s post because those behind the scenes, learn from my mistakes posts are always my FAVORITE. It’s so refreshing to see that even professionals don’t get things right on the first try every time, so why should I be able to?! It gives me confidence to move beyond my design paralysis and just TRY something – paint colors can be changed and most things can be returned. I really appreciate you sharing your work and life with us all! Enjoy your long weekend with your sweet family!


I second this! It’s inspiring to see that we don’t have to get it right at first attempt and that we should at least DO something…if it doesn’t work out, we can always change it! I read somewhere that on the Internet people can choose to be whatever they want: it’s unfortunate that so many people choose to be so negative. Keep up the good work and have a great weekend!


I totally agree! Plus. It’s not like one is wrong or the other is “right”. It’s just that really, there are so many ways to style a room. And you’re just posting about trying the different options until it feels just right to YOU! No one would make fun of you trying on 5 or 10 or even 20 pairs of jeans before buying your favorite. I love you trying all those options. I don’t see them as mistakes or anything to be ashamed of. This vulnerable sharing is what makes your blog fun + relatable.


Totally agree!!
I totally adore you Emily!


Absolutely! I’ve learned so much from this blog, particularly posts where Emily and her team really get into the nitty gritty of the process because it helps my type-A brain truly understand how to replicate the process for myself.

Reading design blogs, especially this one, gave me a final push of confidence to be the designer on my own home renovation (that we’re currently living through… oy) and to take a few risks that I really, truly love.

Emily M

Agree! It’s so comforting to see that even my favorite design pros wind up buying stuff they don’t love or can’t use in the intended spot or whatever. It gives me the freedom to forgive myself for my own mistakes (looking at you, vintage Persian rug I bought on ebay and cannot STAND in my living room)– or better yet see them not as mistakes but as steps in the process of creating a home that really represents my family. It’s why I love this blog, and I think it’s also what’s missing from most design-related content (like, say, Fixer Upper).


Totally 100% agree with you, the transparency and risk taking is the Emily Henderson brand that I come to this blog for!


Agree! Please don’t change (I know you won’t let the haters sway you!). I love this blog and you, just the way you are. Now go enjoy your weekend!


I never thought I would comment on a blog, but I agree with Bethany… I LOVE the “mistake” posts. In the year I’ve been reading your blog, I’ve learned so much about what I like and don’t like and a lot of that is because you stripped away the “untouchable” aspect of interior design and made it seem like I could just have fun and see what happens. Thank you for this blog and please don’t change your openness and refreshing honesty. Reading these posts are the highlight of my day!

Happy Memorial Day and thank you for this post! I appreciate your transparency in this blog; your excellent, fun taste; your missteps and course corrections; your happy accidents; and your victories. I fall in love with pieces right along with you! I didn’t read all the comments yesterday, but at least one commenter was a real rhymes-with-SNOOSH. As parents (yes, I am playing THAT card) we know that with our kids, things go well, things go wrong, total meltdowns happen (in my case, usually mine more than the child’s) . . . we get through it, reflect, learn, and move on. Why should it be any different in our work?
As Maya Angelou told Oprah (if you haven’t seen the American Masters yet, check it): YOU ARE ENOUGH. XOXOXO


Emily, you, your team and your blog are such a gift. Glad to see you hold your heads high and continue your work with the grace, humor, and vulnerability you always bring. Happy weekend!


Dearest Emily, as they say on The Handmaid’s Tale (which are you watching that show?!? OMG), nolite te bastardes carborundorum 🙂 <3


Kelly, I just came here to say the same thing ??


Wow. Just read yesterday’s comments. How surprising that a post I really related to, provoked such a response! We seem to live in such an uncivil society at the moment. And the things people say online, that they would never say in person, are a part of it.

Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend and put it all behind you. There’s nothing like time spent with your kids to put life in perspective.

Just keep on being you.


Oh Emily you are awesome! I admire everything you do…designing, running your business, raising your kiddies…all of it, but especially how you handle the crazy bananas world of internet blogging! Seriously, people can just be the worst (I worked in retail for 15 years and that is a scary barometer of human interaction!) but you never let it get you too down! Good on you and what a great example to set for us all!

My only beef with the blog is that it teases us Canadians with all the great Target merch that we can’t get here since Target came and went in a matter of 2 years and now all we have left with is empty shells of Target stores dotted around our cities, teasing us with what could have been haha! Its tragic!

Anyway, keep it ALL up Emily! You are just great!


Hey there – you can TOTALLY get Target in Canada – I’m all the way down in New Zealand and they ship here so I’m assuming they’ll ship to Canada. It obviously adds a bit of expense and carbon footprint issues but occasionally love comes first ;-). Another option is to set up an account with a US freight forwarder – they provide you with a US shipping address and will then post your purchases on to you. If you’re shopping from multiple US-only stores, they will even consolidate and repackage to lessen shipping costs, and most will have an online calculator so you can work out approximate shipping prior to purchase. The only thing to watch out for is your country’s duty/import taxes. Here if a purchase gets close to NZ$200 you must pay tax. I must admit though – I scratch the Target itch by saving to a secret Target Pinterest Board and pretending I’m shopping, ha ha.


Long time reader here- thank you for not bowing to these trolls because I love your blog just the way it is. Like I always tell my kids- just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should. Also, because nice matters. And one more thing that came to mind yesterday when I finally read the post- if you weren’t making an impact there wouldn’t be so many passionate comments and people interacting on your platform.


My heart goes out to you!
You are my favorite designer because of your honesty. In the real world (where I assume most of us live) there is no such thing as perfection but there is a lot of beauty and I think you capture it perfectly with your process and taste. I love your candor and I appreciate your generosity! Your blog is chalked full will with valuable information and resources! You have no idea how helpful you have been with the remodel of my 1910 home…
Thank you Emily Henderson!


I love your blog. Love your honesty and your fearlessness! I wouldn’t be able to post one picture on a blog- even of my favorite room on it’s best day for fear of backlash from the internet! That said…if someone doesn’t appreciate the post and comments it might read more negative just because the nature of text. The tone can’t always be conveyed. I don’t think everyone that comments with a negative reaction is a troll or a bully. I do think typing something it’s hard to show your intent. And I try to explain that to my tween regarding texting and group chats! The way you say it in your head is not the way the reader may say it…right?


Yes! I think this is important to remember. I didn’t read all the comments from yesterday but I imagine that some of the things that were probably meant to be constructive criticism coming from a place of love and appreciation may have been blown out of proportion. At least that’s what I’m telling myself and hoping for. I love seeing everything on this blog for inspiration, ideas, methods, and aspiration even if I don’t love every individual piece. Those are also some of the reasons the Makeover Takeover series was so great-we got to see everyone’s individual style, different budgets, different ways of designing.

Thank you Emily and Team EHD (& and Hendo family!) for making my day better each morning with great content.

Happy Memorial Day!


I was made nauseous by yesterdays comments so I can only imagine how you and your team felt. Enjoy your well deserved long weekend and THANK YOU for your beautiful, inspiring, authentic, and hilarious blog.


I just wanted to say thank you for all the great (and it must be noted, FREE) content!

No thanks for showing me that mirror which I badly want now even though I have no place for it; I’m now struggling to justify the purchase. 😉


You are an inspiration!!!


Love you / your blog / seeing the (imperfect) design process. Thanks for your transparency <3

I hope your family has the best Memorial Weekend ever! Hope you can shake off all the yucky stuff from yesterday and go forward happy!


I hope my comment was not viewed as trolling, I would hate that.
On a sidenote, speaking of a certain bully, my husband started to volunteer to help refugees resettle in hopes of feeling better about this 4 month nightmare. These people come here with nothing, and now they also face hatred and fear from a good section of the population. Wonder if your team couldn’t help a few out with some new digs on a budget. It would be a win all the way around..good content, good feelings, and maybe bringing some light to this issue and the people who are paying the toll.


Emily did a post a few weeks ago about working with Miryslist – not sure if that’s the organization your husband is working with as well but it is an awesome one! I think Emily said she didn’t have the time right now to do full makeovers for the families but she was donating some gently used items/furniture from shoots to resettling families.


(oops, I posted and then refreshed and saw Emily already responded)


I love you very very much. Not sure what yesterday was about but I wholeheartedly agree with the internet trolls thing and being afraid to show our vulnerability. Seriously so thankful that you are you and willing to share so much of your talents and beauty for us lame folks.
More importantly , you need to give us your shoe details !!! So cute on you 🙂

P.s. I love your fashion posts as much as your home design stuff 🙂
Happy long weekend Emily ❤️


I didn’t read comments from yesterday and I’m still somewhat confused on how people could be ugly about yesterday’s post. It was in no way controversial or even heavily opinionated IMHO.

I loved your post because I’m just starting out helping decorate and design their homes and it was awesome to see that someone makes the same mistakes that I do. Thanks for being real- it’s one of the reasons why I recommend your blog to people all the time!

Katie W

Emily. I am so so sorry that you are feeling the way you are. Shame on people that choose to air their negativity in such a way. In such a time as this….we should all always try to choose kindness and respect. I personally am so inspired by seeing that even professional designers make mistake and have to endlessly tweak and change and redo. As a novice…I never get a room right the first or even 10th time. I am inspired that even the greats like you…have to try and try again. And you do it all with such honesty and great humor. Don’t let the comments from a few make you forget who you are or how many people love what you do. I really hope you have a great weekend with your family. I will be chomping at the bit to see what you have for us next week. You are he best!!


Pretties!!!! Thanks for making my favorite blog!


As much as I love reading EHD groups daily posts, l feel compelled to comment on the shift this blog has made over the years of its existence. It’s become a little separated in tone and price points from the reality of the rest of us who don’t live in the Cali bubble. When one lives in the California bubble, I’m sure one doesn’t realize how totally different your life is from the rest of America. The changes in this blog’s tone have been slow and subtle…the gradual and insidious effects of the sponsored posts play a huge roll too. The continual politicization of nearly every topic is also becoming slightly ridiculous, in our opinions. I have asked friends if they’re still following this blog and the majority have opted out for just these reasons. I’m so certain it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible to turn down sponsored posts, but they’ve become too influential in this blog’s design decisions in our opinion. Although it’s fun to see what Target has to offer, 99% of the time the products presented here are no longer available or in reality the products are so incredibly cheaply constructed they might be considered ‘prop furniture’.… Read more »


“The continual politicization of nearly every topic is also becoming slightly ridiculous, in our opinions.”
This is why I have decided to no longer read Emily’s blog. While I love her designs, I don’t come here to read her opinion on politics, there is enough of that in other arenas. Yes, it’s your blog Emily. I just don’t want to hear comments about our current president, when the last 8 years people of my political persuasion where called all kinds of names and bullied by Obama and Clinton. Done now.




I found myself in a mire of sadness and disbelief after Trump was elected and I don’t even live in the USA; although the feelings stem from the impact and power that the USA wields within the world. THIS was the ONLY place that offered me a balanced view and the right for both sides to be heard. Therefore, I LOVE that you provided your very calmly voiced political views and questions here and provided that forum. It certainly helped me settle my despair, a LOT.
So, if you have something to say or question, Emily, please do! 🙂


Keep on keeping on, Emily. Bullys like Trump deserve to be called out. Don’t let bully apologists get you down.

At a guess, there are as many or more of us who read Emily for the same reasons you are uncomfortable. When someone is as widely read as she is, there’s no way around that. And, if you want to write authentically at all, these days politics are so dramatic that they’re very hard to ignore altogether.


And wayyyyy more people are unhappy with the current political situation than ever were over the last 8 years (see Salmon Voldemort’s approval ratings, the 2016 popular vote, etc.), so it’s actually a smart business decision to vocally oppose him.


Salmon Voldemort! Slapping my knee. lol!!!


Kate, I am always saddened when celebrities, bloggers, etc. HAVE to incorporate some kind of political statement in their content. I really love this blog and Emily but really wish she would not make many of her followers, who may not have her views, feel bad. I have always followed Emilys blog for design inspiration and its sort of a fun escape for me. I sure hope it doesn’t become heavy….


I think we tend to forget that artists have always been political. It is not a job requirement to remain silent about morally abhorrent behavior and policies.


Thank you for having the courage to say what so many feel, but won’t say for fear of being “bullied” themselves….I love Emily’s style and thats why I come to her blog (and have turned on so many of my friends to her as well!), BUT what I don’t come here for is politics!


Thank you for having the courage to say what so many feel, but won’t say for fear of being “bullied” themselves….I love Emily’s style and that’s why I come to her blog (and have turned on so many of my friends to her as well!), BUT what I don’t come here for is politics!


No-one makes antyone else FELL BAD. This stems from a feeling inside ourselves and smacks of emotional issues that have absolutely nothing…n o t h I n g to do with Emily’s, or others’, views.
We need to take responsibility for how we feel about ourselves and stop blaming others.


typos= gggrrrr


I find it quite hypocritical that you are complaining about politicized posts and your comment is politically motivated. Baffled as to why you and others like you want to turn a FREE, fun, inspiring blog into a negative space.


Just remember that it is a very particular/sick personality type that trolls on the internet. Do not let those types of people dictate or change your blog/behavior in any way shape or form. You can find numerous studies about it; basically “Overall, the authors found that the relationship between sadism and trolling was the strongest, and that indeed, sadists appear to troll because they find it pleasurable.”


KD – I don’t think agree that those voicing their discomfort with the politics on this comment stream are trolls. For the most part people have been pretty respectful in sharing their thoughts. That said, I don’t agree with their point of view. I really enjoy Emily’s transparency like many others. I do think that politics affects us all, particularly in this climate when the country is so divided. I think we all have to be careful about labeling people who are just sharing a different point of view. Now if they are mean or nasty – bring it on.


People that tear into you drive me crazy. So you said the word toddler and Charlie is 3 1/2? Get over it! Patio/courtyard? Who cares! And on and on. I appreciate your content and how you put yourself into it. I didn’t read yesterday’s comment war, and perhaps won’t, but thanks for what you do. Love that you share the process.


I really enjoyed yesterday’s post so I was pretty surprised today to read that you received critism that was not constructive and just flat out mean. I’ve been reading since secrets of a stylist and love how the blog has grown and changed. It is basically the only blog I read daily and always look forward to it. Almost as much as coffee and with infant twins that’s staying a lot. I really appreciate that you will not allow this to change the blog. Thank you.


Dear Emily, I love you and your beautiful, authentic honesty. You and your gorgeous family are welcome at our house any time. It is incredibly weird living in a Pinterest/Insta world and in an incredibly fractured/bullying time, and there’s a lot about it that’s not so positive. What is positive is getting to share our experiences of this life, and to constantly learn from and be inspired by each other. Have a beautiful weekend with your precious family!!! And congratulations on Brian’s awesome play!!!


emily, happy memorial day weekend! i’ve watched you since your HGTV days. in real life, we’re about the same age (i just turned 40). with this milestone, i’ve realized a shift in myself that i think i see in you as well. it’s a need to evolve and become a different version of ourselves. i think i saw it in your circus shirt selection (which i LOVED) and i see it in your move to English country style. the challenge may be that your readers aren’t read for the transition OR that maybe your personal transition in your home styling isn’t an accurate reflection of the designer intend to be for your audience. (e.g. just because a fashion designer wears all black never means she is going to dress her models in all black!) this is where focusing on your own home so much might be getting in the way? i think it’s something to think about.. either way, you’re evolving and always should. so of course you will lose some followers, but you will gain new ones along the way. i’m sure you will always have fans. i know i’ll be with you for the full ride – and… Read more »


There isn’t a single perfect person on this earth. And our only job is to learn. And amen to being honest and open about the learning process, esp when mistakes are made.

Thank you, EHD, for your candid posts. And thank you for continuing to be real and take risks. Perfectionists are boring and unhelpful. Real life much preferred by this long-time reader.

You are a total star with an adoring public. Please ignore the haters, have a fab weekend and don’t change a single thing. xx


I love love love your blog and wish I had anywhere near as much creativity and guts in design as you do! It’s so hard to be nice to people who are vicious but what you tell your kids is accurate and the world needs response like that now more than ever. Resist!


Just wanted to say, this is my favorite blog on the internet, and it’s because you have amazing taste, but also because you are so refreshingly honest and real. It takes courage to bare your errors to the world! If people are going to attack you over it, it’s probably indicative of their own fragility- can you imagine one of those comment trolls baring themselves in that way? Vulnerability takes courage and heart. I appreciate you and your team! XO


Ditto =)



Liz from Brooklyn

Agreed. Your blog and the YHL podcast make me happy every week.
Hey, have you ever thought about a podcast? Maybe with ORLANDO? That would be amazing.

Shelby Ramirez

Ummm you just rocked my world with the thought of an Emily and/or/both Orlando podcast. In fact, with Orlandos current situation he totally should be jumping on that bandwagon cause he’s hilarious.


Keep on, dear Emily (and staff). Love will win–we can’t quit.

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” KV Jr.


Hi Emily!

I just wanted to say that I check your blog multiple times a week and ALWAYS enjoy the content. You give me inspiration for my home and fashion. Even if some things are out of my price range, I still get great ideas. I love when bloggers show mistakes or things that don’t work – it helps all of us out here who might be making similar mistakes. Please enjoy this long weekend with your toddlers in your courtyard!


Your voice and point of view make your blog unique, and beloved by so, so many!
I can’t believe you didn’t feature those Dr. Scholl sandals you’re wearing in the photo. I ordered them immediately and they’re perfect. Thanks!


Thank you for taking today to recharge your batteries after yesterday’s slug fest. I’m looking forward to what you share on the blog next week.

I personally love reading about “oops” moments in design, because I have lots of those in my own house! I mean, we’ve not even lived in our house three years and I’ve already re-repainted three rooms because I chose a color that I didn’t end up loving (and I’d rather not discuss the large couch I bought just to have a couch–hate it). Hell, I knew they were all bad choices the second I finished painting, even if they looked good as samples. BUT, those mistakes were so,so useful in refining how I wanted a room to look and feel. To me, design mistakes are like a first draft of a piece of writing. Sometimes you just need to get something down on paper for the right choices to become clear. And lets be real, no one churns out perfect prose the first time around.

Also, I just have to say that there have been a number of times when I’ve been stumped about how I want to decorate a room and can’t quite decide on something and I come here and say, “OMG, yes, that! That’s what I want!” So thanks for the inspiration!


So sorry you had to deal with all the negative comments yesterday. I think those people just don’t understand what it’s like to be in the design world. As someone who has tried my hand at interior design, I have purchased and sold my fair share of things for my home because they didn’t fit or the color wasn’t right, so I TOTALLY get what you experience! The lighting in a room (different in EVERY single space) impacts the products you bring in, and sometimes that’s something you can’t plan for despite your best attempts. Also, you want to be in love with the pieces you bring into your home, and so sometimes you buy on love, but then they don’t fit. No excuses for buying a product you love! It is definitely a different process with clients as it’s their money, not yours, so you can’t take as many risks. And as for tweaking products in your home to get just the right feel, you have full liberty to do that, as this design is your work and your passion! I’m sure you get a gut feeling when something is “just right”. Finally, in regards to the content being… Read more »


You have amazing content, and I especially love the posts that explain your process. Thank you for sharing as much as you do – so many people love what you’re doing!


Don’t let the haters get you down! Your transparency and honesty is one the many reasons we love your work and your writing!

Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning (even beating out Facebook!), and I keep coming back for the beautiful content and realistic approach. Even if I don’t have the same budget, the way you explain your decision making process and the WHY behind each piece, it makes it seem attainable that I too can make my home beautiful. Your work is inspirational and your approach is relatable.

Keep up the great work.


I read your blog every day and I think you’re a rockstar! xoxo


Emily–I NEVER comment but this is striking such a chord that I need to speak up. I freaking LOVE that you talk about mistakes, imperfections and costs. Your blog stands out in a sea of design blogs because of your transparency. I would argue that seeing the steps you take to get to the “perfect” end place shows why you ARE a professional designer–you have an innate taste and vision for design that you don’t stop at “good enough” like most people would but go ten more steps to get to “just right.” Thank you for showing us all of those ten steps so that we don’t just feel inadequate that perfection is so easy for you…or for everyone else but me in this Pinstagram world.

In the general blogging industry, I have personally been sad to see the gradual switch from longer, text-heavy blogs to shorter, extremely image-driven social media campaigns because it does tend to foster a false view of effortless perfection. Seeing the effort behind getting that one perfect shot helps to remove some of the negative psychological effects. Thank you!


You did a blog post about taking the day off, but then gave us a whole bunch of fun stuff to browse anyway so we can get our EH fix! We do not deserve you! xxoo


I missed the action yesterday, but I would like to share something my therapist shared with me at one point and it truly was one of the most freeing things ever (and not a day goes by that I don’t repeat it myself)

“What other people think about you is none of your business.”

It doesn’t give me the license to go out and be mean or horrible to people, but since I’m a pleaser by nature this has been freeing to let me live according to the way I want.

Again, what other people think about me is none of my business.

Ashley R

I’m so sorry people are cruel. I just love you and your blog so much. I’ve been reading it for years and it’s become something I look forward to every morning. Love to you!


Have a wonderful holiday weekend, your blog has always been one of my favorite blogs. Yesterday post was so insightful. I enjoy all the variety of topics that you write about. Take care


The comments yesterday were so rude and also saying that the blog promotes “consumerism” is a joke. Are we supposed to go collect rocks to decorate our space?
What you said above Emily is so true, if you listen to haters (and its hard not to) then you risk becoming so boring that its not even worth having a blog. Putting yourself out there every day like you do takes bravery. I know this because I wanted to start a blog once and felt like I couldn’t be truthful for fear of embarrassment or repercussions and so it went nowhere.
You are a great mom, a great designer and a fun and lovely person. The fact that you change your mind about your purchases- who cares! Welcome to my life! It only makes me feel like less of a lunatic for doing this myself!
Good for you for standing up for yourself. I wouldn’t want you to change a thing.

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