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Happy Easter … basket


I was supposed to announce big fun news today but I couldn’t quite pull it together in time (which will make sense once you know the news). What always comes in second to big news? Me modeling easter baskets, obviously.

emily_henderson_easter_baskets_target (2 of 15)

Target gave me a little challenge – to get creative with an easter basket – using everything from Target. So I guess my version of ‘getting creative’ was to do an easter basket for myself. I just started shopping and shopping and then figured it was a good excuse to have that wallet, scarf and frame (amongst other things).

So yea, happy easter to me.

emily_henderson_easter_baskets_target (5 of 15)

BasketDecorative Basket Grass | Glitter Eggs | Plastic Eggs | White Ceramic Flower | Green Ceramic Flower | Bunny FigureScarf |  Ceramic Sheep | Frame | Zip-Around Wallet | Peeps Lollipop

But rumor has it that children also enjoy an easter basket. So I put one together for Charlie and filled it with books, toys and tried to get healthy with some snacks which I think is just the ‘new mom’ inside of me. I figure he’ll get A LOT of candy this weekend with or without my knowing, so maybe I don’t need to be the one to give my 1-year-old peeps.

emily_henderson_easter_baskets_target (9 of 15)

So if a lot of you are doing last-minute easter shopping (not sure who does anything BUT last-minute easter shopping besides bloggers) just head on over to Target for all of your Easter basket needs.


emily_henderson_easter_baskets_target (7 of 15)

Basket | Decorative Basket GrassGlitter Eggs | Plastic Eggs | Plush Rabbit | Kazoos | Blue Tumbler | Finger Puppets | Bare Apple Chips | Train! Book | Sweet Dreams Pout-Pout Fish BookGoodnight Already Book | Lantern

We have very little planned for the weekend. We’ll probably go ‘park hopping’ (the new-parent equivalent to bar hopping – looking for the best park with a cool bustling crowd in hopes of meeting other parents, etc) and then someone might hunt an egg or two. I’m reading Sisterland which is pretty awesome and If I have time I’m going to get back into The Americans. Is anyone far enough into it to say its worth it? I started it and then we got distracted or something but we never finished the first season. Or is there something else I should marathon?

Happy weekend. See y’all Monday. xx

*photos by Jessica Isaac

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Those baskets are so cute! Your weekend sounds like great fun, gotta love easy weekends with little to do! I love The Americans! I’ve been watching it since it started. I’m hardcore and stay up late on Wednesday nights to watch it. It is totally worth it!

One of my favorites about childhood was Easter baskets, Reese Eggs are better than typical Reese cups (and they’re already my favorite candy).

Josh – The Kentucky Gent


Love the baskets AND love The Americans. Happy Easter Henderson Family!


Just online ordered the scarf and wallet for MYself! It’ll be fun to know I’ve got a little treat coming…cuz this weekend gets crazy (mostly in a good way!).


Very sweet baskets! I am going to make a couple yarn pom-pom bunnies tonight for my kids while watching House of Cards. Or maybe i’ll procrastinate on the bunnies and drink some wine while watching House of Cards. WHO can say?!


The Americans = AMAZING. I’m so hooked. Now if only my hair would look like Elizabeth’s…


Have you seen iZombie yet? By the guy who created Veronica Mars?

michelle sezzj

Your blog and you are just too cute. Super fun post, thanks!


Thanks for the sweet holiday cheer!! I LOVED Sisterland. Have you read American Wife, also written by Sittenfeld? Amaze. House of Cards for a binge? Just started binging old Mad Men eps to get ready for the new season and even the second time around, they are magic.


I second Laurel. iZombie is a very fun new show on CW (created by Veronica Mars creator). First 3 episodes are streaming on Hulu and it airs every Tuesday night 🙂


EH–The Americans is the best!! We are totally hooked, but its better to save up a few episodes at a time to watch, as I find watching just one a little unsatisfying. Happy Easter!

Yes to The Americans! We love it and this season is SO good! Great Easter baskets, too. 🙂

Yes to The Americans! We love it and this season is SO good! Great Easter baskets, too. 🙂 Oh yeah, and house of cards is great, too.


Better Call Saul … it from the beginning.
Schitz Creek…..funny stuff
Fargo…..first season, watch from the beginning.
Justified…..start with first season.

Warning :lots of blood in all but Schitz Creek.

Have a great weekend!


I second Roxanne on Justified!! I’m sad Justified is coming to an end-have enjoyed all six seasons. Constable Bob and, of course, Raylan are my favorites!


If you liked Veronica Mars, you MIGHT like Orphan Black. Tiny butt-kicking girl solving a big mystery. Orphan Black is darker and weirder, but in a good way.


The Americans is AMAZING!!!! But if you’re not hooked at least halfway into season one, then maybe it’s not your thing. We think it’s pretty consistently good from season one up to present. We’re actually so into it that the current season is actually stressing me out, too invested in the characters! As a conservative on foreign policy, I will say it paints a ridiculously rosy and Hollywoodified picture of Russia in the 80s. But that might not bother you and the entertainment is worth it regardless 🙂 Happy Easter!!


Great baskets! We did the same for our little one, but the ones he remembers are the ones from grandparents with giant chocolate bunnies and peeps. Oh well, he’s a healthy 22 year old now, and really does prefer real food over sweets – all thought I’m pretty sure he occasionally binges.

Definitely finish the American’s first season. The ending is AMAZING!

Just did my Easter shopping at Target yesterday:) my husband and I have been marathoning house of cards for the last month it is awesome!!!


Bloodline. It’s new on Netflix and each episode gets better and better. It’s a slow burn throughout the whole season but very compelling. Plus, it’s Coach Taylor so how can it NOT be good? 😉


YES! We just started Bloodlines and I’m so hooked and intrigued already!


I too was going to suggest Bloodline. Florida keys makes a fun setting and the cast is terrific. I love Linda Cardellini.


Cute basket! Love your picks. 🙂 The Americans is pretty addictive, though I always question why I’m rooting for the Russian spies when I watch it. Ha! Have you watched White Collar? If not, it’s on Netflix and is PERFECT for marathon watching. Fun, smart and the star is really, really easy on the eyes.

Transparent if you haven’t already!

Black Mirror on Netflix if you have time to really pay attention and don’t mind an intense approach to the relationship between people and technology. Each episode is like a mini movie, so if you just want to give one a shot, I would say watch either 3 or 4 or both (1st episode is pretty disturbing.)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix if you just want to get weird and feel happy.

My parents still send me Easter baskets (this year’s included a foam visor!?) and nothing makes me happier! Happy Easter Emily!



The Americans is SO good – definitely stick with it! I have a total crush on Keri Russell (well, on her hair really), ever since her Felicity days, and she’s so good on this show. Definitely give it a go…

Julia R

So ‘big fun news’ usually means one thing, right? 🙂
Hoppy Easter.


If you enjoy park hopping, try to visit Vincent Lugo Park in San Gabriel. It is such a magical place – I loved it as a child and now my children still ask to go to the dinasaur park. It is so worth the short drive. San Gabriel Mission is just down the road and there is also some amazing food around the corner from the park. Here is a link to their website, www. To get an even better idea of this space – google image either vincent lugo park or la laguna park san gabriel. This park is such a gem!

Cute baskets!! I’m also the mom who gives books and healthy snacks in their Easter baskets. Although this year, I am letting them have Starburst Jellybeans, because I can be a fun mom sometimes. I LOVED Sisterland! I’m still not sure if I liked the way it ended. So I would love to know what you thought of it.
Happy Easter!


Love The Americans. Keep watching. Would also recommend:

The Knick, House of Cards, House of Lies (warning – lots of swearing), and Spiral.


Outlander. Seriously OUTLANDER. So looking fwd to the return tonight. The books are excellent too!

emily jane



Newsroom is excellent and there is no blood. Great characters and great stories. I cried when it went off the air.

Leslie may

I thought I loved you before but now that you have given me permission to make my own Target Easter basket today, I love you even more!!!! Oh yes, I love everything you do for your brand !!!!


Happy Easter! Also, my recommendation is Broadchurch (assuming you have Netflix ). Its a British crime drama- so good.

Love the Americans! Totally worth sticking with.

Hi, I read this twice – Did I miss the Big News? Was it Target letting you shop? I thought it might be something else. I do like the baskets though and I love the idea of making a pretty gold basket for yourself/myself, Next year for sure!

Nina Bond

Cute as hell


The Americans was my favorite show before but this season it’s sort of annoying me.

Have you watched Mad Men or Breaking Bad?

love the kazoos 🙂
Haven’t seen the Americans BUT I just binged on The Jinx — an HBO documentary miniseries that is a must-see! “Documentary” sounds boring but this is anything but — the team is trying to find out once and for all if Robert Durst is a serial killer or just a really weird dude.


Dude, the Americans is one the best shows ever!!! So good! We finally got started on season 3 yesterday and it is just as good as season 1. Stick with it for sure!!!


First- we just found out we’re expecting our first baby so the bar-hopping/park-hopping analogy gives me a nice glimpse into our future 🙂 Second- THE AMERICANS. SO good. I’m obsessed, and the current season is amazing. Keri Russel’s hair rivals Connie Britton’s (Tammy Taylor, duh) in my book.

These are so cute! I never would have guessed the green flower was ceramic. I thought it was a cute lil succulent. Hope you had a great Easter.



The Americans is the best show on TV. Definitely get back into it!


Hi Emily, could you tell me more about your pretty gold bracelet? I’ve been scouring the internet looking for something similar. Thank you SO much!

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