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Green and Black’s Chocolate Inspired Place Settings


As a child we received those lifesaver “books” in our stocking every year and man did I read that ‘book’ for months and months. My sweet-tooth has gotten a bit more refined over the years (thank God) but my love of book inspired sweets has not wavered especially near the holidays when you are allowed to treat yourself. Which is why I’m happy to present to you the new chocolate library from Green and Black’s*. Our stockings and your co-workers/hostesses will thank you (literally).

Well my mouth was very excited when we received them to style out for this shoot. My mouth even volunteered to style the shoot itself, without a photographer even present. My mouth is super charitable.


What is a chocolate library you might ask? Well, it’s a collection of bars that feature a new look with colorful packaging that matches the new flavor profiles. It’s a sensory experience, folks. The Pure Dark Chocolate line uses 70% cacao and is crafted with just four ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, sugar, and natural vanilla flavor and then are infused with delicious flavors – salted caramel, roasted almond, raspberry and hazelnut, and sea salt. YUM! You can buy the chocolate library set for $35 or each individual set for $20 which makes a pretty darn good gift for those people who you are like ‘wait, what do I get them???’ Who doesn’t loves chocolate. 


Their assorted chocolate library has five dark chocolates and two milk chocolates, I love this library. So much. Not to mention, they are made with ethically-sourced cocoa beans and the finest ingredients: no artificial flavoring, colors, or preservatives. These things make me very happy and lately I feel a renewed sense of dedication to companies that are competing in this insane world, but doing it by ethically sourcing some of their ingredients. Let’s support businesses who care about the world, eh? 

Unfortunately we can’t just eat a bunch of chocolate and call it a robust sponsored post. No. So, we decided to take inspiration from the new flavors and color ways and style out some place settings. The holidays require a lot of entertaining, and entertaining requires flatware, plates and glasses – so here are some ideas for you while you are munching on a salted caramel chocolate bar. Excuse me while I go grab another bar from my library, and let’s all please notice that they are indeed pretty enough to display or leave out for your guests to grab their own chocolate bar at your holiday gathering.


Up first is crisp and dark with a bit of softness. Yes much like the Dark Chocolate (70%) it’s inspired by, and of course you didn’t think we were about to do all these place settings without making a fun little GIF of each for you to see how it came together. If only setting the table was as easy as this little GIF makes it look:



Dinner Plate | Salad Plate | Napkin | Flatware | Appetizer Plate: Vintage | Blue Glass | Large Glass

This is the chocolate that Brian is scared of but that I love. It’s intense and not as sweet, but I LOVE it and it makes me feel sophisticated and grown up – especially when paired with red wine. Plus the media has announced that dark chocolate can be good for you for a myriad of reasons that I don’t need to prove to you (nor do I want you to disprove to me). I tend to eat my share of dark chocolate and I do consider myself VERY healthy.

Next up inspired by: Dark Chocolate with Roasted Almonds



Placemat | Flatware (similar) | Dinner Plate | Bowl | Napkin | Yellow Glass: Vintage (similar) | Large Glass | Appetizer Plate | Vase

This one is for those of you who can handle yellow and pink on your table (I like you) – here is a fresh and crunchy approach to a table setting. I’m a huge fan of the almonds in the chocolate. I’m currently worried that I’m going to be a huge fan of every flavor and you guys are going to be like ‘HEY GET A ROOM’ and then maybe I will get a room.

This next table setting is inspired by: Dark Chocolate with Raspberry and Hazelnut



Flatware | Dinner Plate | Salad Plate | Napkin | Pink Glass | Bud Vase | Appetizer Plate (vintage)

She is romantic and beautiful, but with a dark edge. She is flirty and mischievous yet unpredictable.  I’m getting STRANGELY into these personifications.

Now moving on to Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt:



Placemat | Dinner Plate | Salad Plate | Napkin | Flatware | Bud Vases | Blue Glass | Gold Bowl

This one is classic EHD – blue, gold, white with some wildflowers because we can’t take ourselves that seriously over her now can we? When it comes to chocolate Brian is a strong ‘milk chocolate’ fan, so I dedicate this place setting to him. I’m a REALLY good wife. How many wives would dedicate a place setting to their husband inspired by the color palette and flavor profile of a chocolate bar?? ZERO. Your welcome, B. Happy Holidays.

Cheers to my chocolate “Brian” inspired by: Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt (which honestly might be my favorite, it is soo insanely good and hits a lot of points in your mouth at the same time. )

Next up we were inspired by Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel on this guy:



Charger: Vintage | Dinner Plate | Salad Plate | Napkin | Flatware | Small Teapot | Salt and Pepper Shakers | Yellow Glass

Salted caramel really took the stage a couple years and it is still bowing through the standing ovation. It’s like it took us forever to figure out that salt and sweet would equal mouth bliss. Well, these bars do not fail in that respect. They are DELICIOUS. Maybe my favorite… although this is with the milk chocolate and I might love the dark chocolate version even more, speaking of…

Inspired by: Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel



Dinner Plate | Salad Plate | Napkin: Vintage (similar) | Flatware | Small Glass: Vintage (similar) | Large Glass

Indeed. This modern, minimalist lady is kinda cold but don’t worry, once that chocolate is in your mouth you are totally, absolutely warm and so is she. Sometimes it just takes a few bites to warm up.

And last but certainly not least, we’ve got this fun pairing inspired by: Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt



Placemat | Flatware | Dinner Plate | Napkin | Salad Plate | Coupe Glass | Small Glass | Bud Vase | Tagine: Vintage (similar)

If you want a more subtle version of the salt – something that just adds to the flavor but is less sweet than the caramel then this is your gal.

We had so much fun pulling these together, with some of the color palettes being a good challenge outside of the usual holiday table attire and also making them usable year round. Just like chocolate. It makes you happy year round.

Honestly the chocolates are delicious and we have been a huge fan of the flavors even before we got our hands on the library. But if you are looking for a stocking stuffer, hostess gift or to treat yourself in a more sophisticated way then that library is a lovely presentation of a delicious chocolate that will make your mouth VERY happy. Trust us.

Our friends over at Green and Black’s want you all to gift yourself and loved ones this season and have been kind enough to send through the code**: EMILYHOLIDAY20 which will give you, on your next order at of $20 or more, 20% off and free standard shipping so you can snag yourself some delicious treats before the holiday season. Definitely be sure to grab yourself a box, you and your mouth won’t regret it. Happy Holidays folks.

*This post was sponsored by GREEN & BLACK’S. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting these vendors who make Emily Henderson Design possible.

**Open to legal residents of 50 U.S. (D.C.). Offer ends 12/31/16 or when 100 “EmilyHoliday20” promo codes are redeemed, whichever is first. For terms and conditions and complete details, including shipping restrictions, visit

***Photography by Tessa Neustadt

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This is like making my chocolate snob and inner book nerd so unbelievably excited right now.

I need these!


I love Green and Black! It is my favorite chocolate. I love dark chocolate and their variations of flavors are always a hit. I break up the squares for dinner parties and have them out. People always ask about the brand because it is so decadent and the flavors are complementary, not overpowering.

In the UK Green & Black also sell pints of ice cream. When I lived in the UK I was obsessed. A friend brought a pint of strawberry to a dinner party I was hosting and I was hooked. Again, they know flavors, best strawberry ice cream ever. On a recent long layover at Heathrow I went into London, ran to Planet Organic bought a pint of G&B strawberry and ate it all myself in Hyde Park, ha! Then I proceeded to try and walk it off. It was a great layover. I would highly recommend their chocolate!


Yum! I want some of that ice cream, in the meantime i will have to scarf down some of these bars.


This is perfect for our family: we can do a chocolate taste test when it gets here. I wish they had a little downloadable “scorecard” to use with it.


love this! what a perfect example of a sponsored post. so cute and so creative 🙂


They are all pretty but the last one is a knockout!


This all are so much fun and I love how they work so well with the chocolates.


These are all such good combos! Great inspiration for all my upcoming holiday gatherings.


They are so pretty. What a great gift idea! Now I need some chocolate asap.


This post is so cute! The “dark chocolate” setting is my favorite. I think I might need to spruce up my dining room table soon:) Thanks for the inspo Emily!


* Your welcome, B. Happy Holidays.

* You are welcome, …… or You’re welcome

And I am French… 😉


Your sponsored content is my favorite, because it’s actually content! Love the table setting inspiration, and the chocolate is icing on the top!


I totally agree! I love your take on this.


I am loving how the chocolate fits so well with all these combos! Such a great concept for sponsored content and that chocolate looks so delicious! I am gonna have to snag up a couple of libraries for the holidays.


Yum! I want that chocolate in my belly – I am sure you had such a HARD time testing these all out for the post #dreamjob


I’m a serious sucker for anything chocolate. You could fill my entire stocking with it and I would NOT complain. I’ll try one of their bars next!


I LOVE green & blacks. Their Maya gold is the best flavor.


I wasn’t going to read this because it wasn’t obviously about how decor at first, but I’m so glad I did! Very cute and creative!

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