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The Under $50 Gifts I Bought For Myself And Others (That I HIGHLY Recommend)

In an attempt to not have Brian do that last-minute thing where he buys me stuff I don’t need but feels bad I don’t have much to open, I went ahead and bought some of my own Christmas presents this year – things that I DO need (fine, or want). While I was at it I purchased a few things that I thought would be good gifts to recommend and wanted to try them first. So today I have for you some gift giving ideas, all under $50 and from Nordstrom and my thoughts about them.

Let’s chat first about my apron – As you’ve seen I’m a real apron person (because I’m so messy) and I burned the ties of my last one on the stove. This one is AWESOME (and even flattering). What you can’t see is that it has pot holders INSIDE on the bottom corners in addition to (pockets for phone/utensils). I didn’t know about the secret potholders til I wore it all weekend and found them. SO smart. I love this apron.

Oven mitts | Gray pitcher | Silicone cooking utensils | Apron | Black and White Sweater

Now there are a lot of oven mitts out there, but here’s to hoping that our dogs don’t eat the ends of these (I don’t think they will). They are silicone and they have magnets that keep them together.

The gray pitcher/vase is matte on the outside, glossy on the inside and while I bought it as a great gift for like a coworker or neighbor, I’m keeping it.

Food 52 also makes those matching silicone cooking utensils and I love that they are just one piece of silicone, with no break where food can get caught.

And yes that black and white sweater is new and while cropped it’s VERY cute.

Gifts I bought others (under $50)

Kai Roller | The Chubby Stick Sampler Pack | Black and White Puzzle Box | Black and White Soft Scarf | Pill Box

I bought the black and white puzzle box because it’s a super cute ‘office’ prop for someone. I did not attempt to do it because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it back.

Charlie immediately stole the black and white soft scarf and is using it to perform his Greatest Showmen scenes. He hasn’t taken it off in 4 days except to sleep. So he wholeheartedly endorses.

That pillbox is A GREAT gift for anyone that has to take medicine and wants to make sure that it’s never missed and yet cares about style. I feel like there was a huge hole in the market for this. It’s also a good stocking stuffer.

Kai Roller | The Chubby Stick Sample Pack | Black and White Soft Scarf

Kai roller – my MIL was here and after she smelled it on me she basically begged for it for Christmas. I told her just not to wear it around Brian because it occurred to me that it might be weird for his wife and mom to share the same scent.

Now you know my obsession with the chubby stick (like 8 years strong) so if you know someone who wants to try this moisturizing stick but doesn’t know ‘their color’ then at least this sampler will let them try all of them. And since these aren’t “lipsticks”, I’ve found that I can wear a variety of shades because it goes on so light (and I never need a mirror to apply which is awesome).

Water Bottle | Blanket | Beer Glasses | Scarf

My team first introduced me to this water bottle two years ago and while at first I was like ‘woah, this is expensive’ they convinced me to get it, and now it’s the only one we opt for (literally we’ve only had one for like 2 years). But please get the one with the sippy top so you don’t have to unscrew it all the time (like when driving). Keeps it cold for days.

You know how I feel about cozy blankets so if you know anyone in need of more comfort right now (all of us?) this is CRAZY SOFT.

Blanket | Beer Glasses | Scarf

I put those glasses on Brian’s gift guide and bought them early to try them. They didn’t freeze in time for us to shoot but over the weekend we put them in the freezer and he LOVES them. They also come as whiskey glasses, too. The chicest beer cozy EVER.

I wanted to get Brian a scarf and like to support Patagonia at all times (I personally feel aligned with how they support the environment and have given so much to fighting climate change). This is more of a fashion scarf (it’s warm, but not necessarily cozy) so it’s good for guys (or anyone) who wants a scarf to elevate an outfit.

I bought more and not everything worked out, but all of these items are great (and all under $50) from Nordstrom. They have their site built to be super gift shopping friendly with tabs of ‘gifts under $50’, ‘gifts under $100’ which made it really easy if you are looking for things that are special but not crazy expensive (they also have luxury gifts). It’s a way wider variety than I thought it would be.

For easy gift access, here are all my purchases in one place:

So if you are a bit “gift stumped”, absolutely go see what they have up their sleeve (which is A LOT). I honestly don’t think I know anyone that wouldn’t love something from Nordstrom. Happy “Checking Off That Gift List”!

*This post is sponsored by Nordstrom. Thanks for supporting the brands that support EHD.

**Photography by Veronica Crawford

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2 years ago

Great list! I want that soft blanket though we have NO NEED for yet another throw in our house.
So funny – I did this exact same thing yesterday, on the Nordstrom site, and found this fun nail polish gift set for under $50, for, ah, me: It actually had ALL colors I liked and man, there’s so little reason to spruce up these days, I’m challenging myself to play around with nail colors during the upcoming winter months. (And in a house full of boys, no one was ever going to think to get me something like this).

2 years ago
Reply to  bubu

Good for you 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  bubu

Love this! I stuff my own stocking, at my insistence. It saves my partner the trouble and it gives me an excuse to indulge in slightly more luxurious versions of ordinary things–e.g. fancy nail polish, lip balm, smart wool socks

2 years ago

I mostly buy presents for me from my husband every Christmas. So far he’s gotten me a rolling cart from Ikea, cute pjs from Target and an online workshop for stimulating creativity. He’s done well.

I’ve even gotten him a stocking stuffer or two (for me).

He’s happy. I’m happy. It’s all good.

2 years ago

I have and love that pill box, recommended years ago by Anna Dorfman of Still going strong!

Louise Brackenbury
2 years ago

I love these suggestions and the comments – but I can’t believe no one has mentioned how Zissou/Wes Anderson you look in the first picture!

2 years ago

I came here to find out where to buy that cute red hat. There are some fun options on this list.

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