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Getting Comfortable …


5 1/2 more weeks (I was 32 weeks here). I’m entering the “don’t even try to guess how much weight I’ve gained or figure out whether I’m wearing pajamas or real clothes” stage of the pregnancy. But my legs haven’t gained weight really, so I wear bigger baggier things on top for comfort and because I’m self conscious of all my moving parts, and then little tiny things on the bottom. Like so. It’s not my Red Carpet outfit but I like all the individual pieces a lot and it’s really comfortable. Em_Henderson_Maternity_Wear

Did you know that in the last month of pregnancy you aren’t supposed to sit with your legs crossed? You are supposed to just walk around, sit around and lay around with those suckers being in the, well, more “open” position. It just helps your pelvis loosen up, etc, but it’s actually harder to do than you’d think. Especially when you are a lady. Emily_Henderson_Striped_Crop_Top

I got this top from TopShop but we couldn’t find it online so we sourced a similar one. And that necklace is porcelain and gold that I bought in Spain (it’s also like 5 pounds). Maternity_Shorts

The cuts on my leg are from when I fell down the escalator at the Paris airport, carrying 3 bags (Brian had four bags and Charlie asleep on him and he was running in front of me) as we were trying to rush to our connecting flight. The fall was less dramatic than it sounds, but my legs were so bloody that they gave me the VIP service at the gate and let me sit with the fancy people, and let me on the plane first. Well, not FIRST, they let Snoop Dogg and his possy on first. But I know Snoop (remember?) and I was sitting within feet from him (not on the plane, he was in first – just in the airport) but he was looking pretty stoned and with headphones on and I was all bloody and no makeup and had a baby that was asleep on my chest who had leaked VERY dramatically all over his pants which then leaked all over my dress. It just wasn’t my “Hey Snoop, It’s Me!” moment.

Anyway, I’m fine. And my legs are practically healed now. So go on – get that look if you are into it.


1. Watch | 2. Top | 3. Cami | 4. Shorts (affordable and comfortable) | 5. Necklace | 6. Clogs (these are still expensive but they are down to $299 on Anthropologie’s site and I love them VERY much and insist on wearing them despite my “condition” – and no, these were not what I fell in, although I have 🙂

*Photo by Jessica Issac for EHD. 

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I’m so glad you were ok….they should have put you in first class. Please be extra careful no matter what shoes you have on.
The top you sourced looks nice but you look very cute in the one you’re wearing.


I think this is the top –

I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I love your pregnancy style posts!

ashley b

is it horrible that in that first photo all i can think is OMG YOU’RE GETTING MARKS ON THE WALL!

either way you still look adorable.

Girl do I know the feeling. I am 2 days from my due-date and am scarfing down a McDonald’s chicken sandwich and large fry as I read this. 🙂 You look fabulous!


Hey Emily, for some reason your most recent post hasn’t been showing up first on your blog page for the past few days (it’s stuck on the post from the 12th). It’s been doing that on both of my computers, which makes me think that it’s maybe not just me? Or? Is anyone else noticing that? Also I wish my legs looked as good as yours, and pregnant or no. : )


Me too! I missed about two weeks of posts a few weeks ago because my bookmarked page got stuck on one day. If I use my bookmark and then reload the page a few times the new post kicks in.


Me too but I hit the refresh button F5 and it fixes it.


I’m having similar trouble with the blog page. Thought it was just me.

Anyway, you look adorable XXX


Same here! I missed a week’s worth until I finally figured out to refresh the page (using google chrome btw). Been refreshing the website everyday to get the new post.


That’s funny cuz i seemed to have the problem w/ Chrome. No problem w/ Firefox.


Oh man! What a travel story. I’m sorry it happened! So glad you weren’t more seriously hurt. I had a fall last night, and while I wasn’t hurt, it just makes a person feel so… ucky. BUT you look cute, as always, and you’ve made it this far without swollen legs/ankles, as far as we can tell, so congratulations!


I think this is the top –

I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I love your pregnancy style posts!

From the person who gains all 50 pounds of pregnancy weight in her ankles, consider me very jealous of you and your short wearing tendencies right now 😉



Snoop Dogg and his posse cut in front of my in the customs line in Beirut. That guy and airports, damn.


You are beautiful!! Hang in there, Mama. It will all be worth it when you get to hold the little one. Your legs are gorgeous….mine looked more like swollen tree trunks when I was pregnant 🙂 I can’t wait to see pics of your newest treasure!


LOVE your fashion posts!
Can u share about your stripe top in the magazine when your in the “play room” area.
Thank you!!

Those wedges.. totally worth the $300.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

Yay! Thanks for the shoe link!I love clogs!

You look really great by the way!

Analog House

Can you dress me when I’m pregnant? (May as well do my future house while we’re at it.)


i very much like these fashion posts, and also your creative take on maternity wear. but $225 is my entire budget for six months, including shoes. it would be great to have some designer guidance on online forever21 jewelry, old navy outfits and $15 shoes.


old navy natural waist rockstar skinnies in black have changed my life.

I love your website and blog! I’m a Realtor in LA and I’m obsessed with staging homes and finding really beautifully decorated homes. I’m coming to the sale tomorrow! I’m so excited I’m going to explode! Im going to get there super early! I wish I had your book so I could read it while I wait. Xoxo Kelly


You are gorgeous ! Please continue the fashion posts. Your legs look so toned! I’m a parsnip so it’s all about showing off my pins if I’m having a fat day. The airpot Snoop story is hilarious (except you falling). I love the realism.

You’ve mentioned these Anthro tanks in other maternity style posts, and I’m wondering, how do you size them? I’m getting to the middle of my second trimester and want to order one that will last me through the pregnancy…do you just go up 1 size?

I LOVE your maternity style posts and will miss them after your due date! Maybe you can do a couple postpartum style posts too…I’m just as concerned about dressing my postpartum bod as my pregnant one!


Just wanted to let you know, in case others are having a similar issue (although it could be my totally out of date internet browser (work)), that since your site upgrade sometimes your blog gets stuck in the cache version, and unless i manually clear my cookies, i can’t see your latest post. I don’t have trouble on other blogs so, just thought i would mention in case it is an easy fix!


Your fall sounds terrible. Glad there was some redeeming value to the bloody legs.


Hi Emily! I do hope you’ll respond. I LOVE your hardwood floors. Can you tell me what type of wood/finish you used? We are having our floors (white oak) sanded and stained in the next few weeks and I’d love them to look like yours! Thanks for the 411. Muah!

I have those shorts and I LOVE them. Even though I have gained weight in my hips/thighs/legs… I don’t care right now. 🙂

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