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Genius! DIY fabric wallpaper.


I’m so embarrassed.  I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this before.  I found it on Ruche, way to go, Ruche.  So here’s the deal, you can make temporary (in the sense that it is removable, not that it is fall-down-able) wallpaper from fabric, mira above.  Man! there are so many reasons why this is awesome.  Shall I name them? oh yes, Emily, yes, please do.  my fingers can barely type fast enough i’m so excited.


1. Ideal for apartment renters – easily strippable, take a damp cloth to clean the walls and presto, the wall is back to it’s original paint job. wash the fabric and you have the fabric again in its original form.
2. most fabric has no lead time – just pop down to mood or go online and order it, you should have it in a couple days, most of the best wallpaper has at least 4-7 day lead time.
3. Most fabric is cheaper and much wider than wallpaper.  most fabric is around 54″ wide whereas wallpaper can be as little as 18″ wide. You can find a lot of awesome fabric for under $20/yard, and most cheaper wallpapers are $120 for 72 square feet which calculates out to be: ha! fat chance! No way i can figure that out, but i’m pretty sure that the fabric would be cheaper.
4. endless patterns.  vintage wallpaper is hard to find, vintage fabric not so hard.  And even without vintage, there are millions of different patterns out there (which is why fabric and flowers are my two favorite things to shop for, no two rolls or flowers are the same, and both are affordable ways to refresh the home…woah there cheesy blogger, this isn’t QVC now).
5. you can always change it out. with mood, season, style changes, complete redecoration, etc.  treat it like its throw pillows.  maybe you are in the mood for bright patterns in the summer, but want rich washed grey linen in the winter.  who knows?!!! lets get crazy with our textiles, ladies!
6. fabric has more texture.  texture = good.

Here’s how she does it, but follow the link and read hers to be more accurate.  She says to take 1 cup sifted corn starch and whisk in 1 gallon of hot water til it’s thick. Then coat the back of the fabric, probably let it soak in (that’s what you do with wallpaper anyway) and then she coated the front on one of them…. I need to do it myself to find the easy mistakes (don’t worry, I will make them).



I can have a pattern on my walls. hell, I can have 15 patterns on my wall and not worry about wasting the fabric (that is always a problem when its vintage, feeling like you might regret using it and then not having it…..yep, direct quote from hoarders i’m pretty sure) and no more anxiety that I am investing in something that i can’t take with me to my next (hopefully purchased) home.


life just got a little bit better.  It’s as if somebody up there or out there is throwing me a bone.
and i was hungry….for some wall treatment ideas….?

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