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The Link Up: Another Soapy Teen Show Emily Loves, Sara’s New Candle Obsession & A Great $20 Dress


design by lonika chande | photo by simon brown | via remodelista

Happy Sunday folks. HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT OUR LATEST AND GREATEST NEWS?? Sorry for yelling, but we are very excited. On Friday we launched the EHD Insider Community and y’all, we couldn’t be more thrilled to interact with you all such more personal levels. Head here to read all about what it is and here to sign up for a FREE two-week trial. See you there!

Alright now that we’ve settled down a bit let’s get into the link up:

Today’s home tour is the stunning work of Lonika Chande. Lonkia took on her mother as one of her first solo clients for a long term rental property. Let’s just say all of us want to move in. I mean LOOK at the kitchen!

From Emily: I’m all out of teen soapy shows so I was PSYCHED when the second season of Roswell (the reboot, not the original although I loved the original) came out this week on Netflix. Sure it deals with an alien/human love but it also has a really diverse cast and is set in New Mexico and has great conversation about immigration. So ya, alien sex and progressive politics, which I guess is my jam (?).

Also from Emily: I know it’s a splurge but this swimsuit is still my favorite (although I love my red one from last year that is no longer available). I posted the black one last year but since I like the color I got (sapphire blue) this year and LOVE IT, I wanted to talk about it again. Here’s why: The double layer on the front hides dimples and the diagonal seams are very flattering. The thighs don’t cut it AT ALL. In fact, it’s a tiny bit cheeky, FYI and most importantly it has support for the ladies (with adjustable straps). I can be active with my kids but still feels cute. I think it’s especially great for ladies with larger ladies.

From Sara: I bought this honeysuckle and jasmine candle from the Cedar Street Candle’s and I’m obsessed with it. It’s the perfect summer scent. Y’all KNOW I love a candle. Plus this is small, independent candle company, which I love. Next up I want to order Eucalyptus and Sage.

From Mallory: If you’re like me and you’ve struggled with finding women’s deodorant that ACTUALLY works, look no further than this lil blurb. I found a scent of Old Spice that smells deliciously gender-neutral (while simultaneously making me feel like a lady) and it lasts for hours. Bye B.O. see you never! This was a hot topic between Arlyn, Veronica, and I, and if you signed up for Arlyn’s weekly newsletter (which if not, you should!) she wrote about her deodorant journey a few weeks back. They particularly love this natural deodorant, which I’ve found hasn’t worked as well for me personally, but if you want to go the natural route (which is probably better for everyone if it works), then this is the brand to go with! Have you guys had as much trouble finding a deodorant that works for you?? If yes, let’s chat in the comments, I think this is so crazy that it’s this hard!

From Caitlin: I’m very excited because I think I have finally decided on colors for my living room and dining room! I thiiiiiiink I’m going to go with this for the former and with this for the latter (yes, it is going to look like I’m throwing a baby shower, and yes, I’m into it anyway). But y’all, I picked up these samples (+15 others) in MARCH and it’s been tough trying to narrow it down because they’re all good. If you haven’t tried Clare yet, I swear that it lives up to the hype AND the swatches stay sticky even though I’ve moved them around about 8,000 times in every room of my house. Get a sample, love it, order paint, and get everything you need (including tools!) shipped to your door. (This isn’t sponsored but I wish it was. PS. Emily posted a sneak peek of Clare paint in a new bathroom project over on the community and it’s gonna be so good.)

From Jess: Here is a website to help support Breonna Taylor and here is an Instagram account that gives a ton of info on how to help Elijah McClain. We have to keep pushing.

Also from Jess: Like most everyone dealing with the summer heat, I have been looking for affordable, cute, and relatively modest clothing that is light and works for summer. So I ordered this shirtdress and I really love it. It’s not the kind of dress I would wear on a date (Dates? Who knows when those will be a real thing again). But it’s a comfortable dress that is breezy AND has pockets. Plus I really love the burgundy color:)

That is it for this Sunday’s link-up. Hope that you have a good rest of your weekend and take a moment to take some action. See you tomorrow and can’t wait to talk about all things design in The EHD Insider Community.

Opener Image Credit: Design by Lonika Chande | Photo by Simon Brown | via Remodelista

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LOVE those colors! you will love your house all those colors. my dining room was formerly a shade of pink almost exactly like that pink from Clare ( i know because i just ordered samples from them) and i painted it white. missing the pink, so now i’m adding back some color. my other rooms are tangerine and was formerly a golden yellow (now painted white due to the cabinet/countertop situation). i loved it. i lived in that sunset for almost 12 years. and it was happiness wrapped up and splashed on the walls. please show us pictures when you’re done!

ah i saw your transformation on instagram! so glad to hear a vote of confidence for color 🙂 and HECK YEAH, i absolutely will!



I have had the hardest time finding the right deodorant! I like to use natural deodorant but find it so hard to find one that works. I usually use Kopari or megababe but they don’t work well enough during the summer when I’m biking to and from work so I just recently bought the Donna Karen deodorant which smells and works great but is very expensive for deodorant.


Arlyn’s tried and tested natural (no dangerous aluminium that causes cancer) is SCHMIDT’S WITH CHARCOAL
I use an all natural one that’s okay, not great and next up, I’ll be trying Schmidt’s.


I don’t want to open a can of worms here, but there is no reputable scientific evidence that shows a causal link between the aluminum (or the parabens) in commercial deodorants/antiperspirants and cancer (or Alzheimers). Use natural ones if you enjoy them, by all means, but if they don’t work for you, there’s no reason to panic about using a store brand.


I think, for me, whether there is scientific evidence or not, I don’t want to put anything extra that “might” be harmful on my skin if there is an alternative, considering it’s a big organ.


The thing for me is about the total concoction and the effects.
Also, anti-persperant STOPS your sweat glands from doing their thing.
Deoderants deoderize the smell of sweat, but your body still functions.
I don’t have time available to link theresearch, but… it’s there. Just Google it and have a look via Mayo, etc.

Ahh Rusty! Do you get Arlyn’s newsletter too?! That was a great one : )


Ooooooh yeah! You bet I do! 😍

Rusty no one is more passionate about deoderant than our Arlyn. She pitched deoderant posts all the time 🙂


HAHAHA this comment made me laugh. And I AM passion about deodorant (what a strange thing to admit).


I’d been considering Schmidt’s for awhile coz it’s available in Australia… you convinced me. 👍


Iiiiiii knnnnnnow!!! x


I’ve tried them all, from inexpensive to expensive, and the best one for my body has been North Coast Organics Death by Lavender deodorant. It’s $10 at Whole Foods or Amazon, and has a nice subtle lavender and coconut scent — and the formulation actually helps with both sweat and stink on me. Lavanila’s and Kopari’s deodorants just made my sweat smell better.

I am now legit hypersensitive to chemicals and fragrances (started in my mid 30s – super fun – almost 100% sure caused by refinishing furniture for years with no chemical mask – stupid, i know) and have to be ridiculously careful about ingredients in my world or I will feel HORRIBLE for days. So, everything I use nowadays is so ridiculously natural and fragrance free (not the same as unscented; unscented just means they use chemicals to mask scents) that I feel like I probably have the lowest amount of chemical exposure than I’ve ever had in my life. I could seriously count all of my personal care products on one hand, including makeup, which I rarely wear anymore. Anyway, all of this to say that I recommend Schmidt’s Fragrance Free deodorant. I often don’t even wear deodorant anymore unless I have to go somewhere because I work from home and everything is shutdown anyway. BUT, if I do have to go out, this is what I use. And it works great. A lot of natural deodorants don’t work as well as the toxic stuff, but I can totally vouch for this one. I’m also trying a new one called… Read more »

Rachel S.

I have spent SO MUCH money trying all different natural deodorants and I’ve tried all brands and price points. There were a couple that would work for a couple weeks and then no more.

I’m about to give up and take my chances with the old anti-perspirant (Dove). I’m tired of smelling awful!

My friend suzanne says (this should be a new blog or IG account, i feel like all i say is ‘suzanne says’ followed by imperative advice) that you have to go on a fast from ALL deodorants for a month to start fresh with a new one and see if it works. like you have to starve your pits and torture your nose for a while. i suppose quarantine is a good time for this.


Yes! I was going to post this but I thought people would think I was nuts. I read this years ago and I did it!!! I am virtually deodorant free because of going cold turkey. Now my pits just don’t really stink and so I only wear a natural deodorant when I feel I really, really should. I don’t know if it works for everyone but it really did work for me.


Am I the only hippie making her own deodorant? I found the recipe (starch, tea tree oil, coconut oil and baking soda) on Crunchy Betty. Now I don’t smell, never run out, and it’s all natural.
Try it, it works!

Rebecca Joseph

I’m really surprised to see Dr. Disrespect on here after he’s been banned from Twitch, for reasons unknown.. also some of his jokes about Covid, skirt really close to spreading conspiracy theories. Maybe research the wide context of links before posting?

hi rebecca! we write these linkups pretty early in the week and schedule them before we leave the office on friday (clearly i just have no work life balance, ha) but i’ve texted ryann. saw this happened yeseterday, thanks for the heads up!


Okay … so, the swimsuit (we call them “bathers” in Aussie land) actually ship to Australia from the USA!! That’s an improvement on most of the gear recommended coz we can’t get it here. Yay.
Mind you, bathers are one thing I HAVE to try on first. In Australia bathers and undies are non-returnable for hygiene reasons/laws.
Great inspiration though. I love the style and support.


Oh girl, you opened the natural deodorant can of worms. I want to to LOVE it, but it has been a challenge. Regular Schmidt’s caused a bad rash, gave to a friend pre-Covid who used and forgot about my rash and thought she had cancer, until she finally mentioned it and I was able to remind her of my experience. Like Schmidt’s sensitive but wanted something sustainable. Use Myro now, because I adore the container and scents, and it is refillable. However the formula just doesn’t work for me. Now that I going to be interacting with humans again, I need something that is effective. I am close to going back to Secret.


It’s usually the baking soda in the natural deodorants that can cause a rash- some people have a terrible problem with it, some adjust and some never experience it. The alternative is magnesium based natural deodorants of which there are a few- I thiiiink Schmidt’s even does one. I’m a fan of Dove’s aluminum-free deodorants as I can get that OG cucumber scent without the aluminum (even though I just don’t really know what side of the fence I’m on with that debate)

HA I’m sorry I opened this can! It’s an important discussion 🙂

I’ve had a similar experience, and for some reason the old spice has worked the best for me thus far, but I want to hop on the natural deodorant bandwagon SO badly…guess for now I’ll keep using this until I can find one that works!


Native is my favorite and they now have sustainable packaging!


Is that the mass-murderer Lenin on the wall of the featured home tour? Is Pol Pot next?


Now we’re policing people’s art choices in their own homes?


Calm down, Lee. I didn’t ask for its removal for that would be policing, but rather pointed out its presence, horrific though that may be. Maybe its just cute nostalgia for the Comintern … one of those cool retro things some of us love and others abhor.


As someone born in former (thank god) USSR I found this choice of ‘art’ equivalent to a garland of swastikas in terms of historical insensitivity and ignorance. I’m disappointed to see it here and still hopeful it’s just an accidental lookalike.

oh wow. looking into this now. thanks for the heads up.

i’m sorry Inga if that is indeed Lenin and it makes you feel that way. we are looking into this now and will replace the image tomorrow if it is him.


It IS him: anyone born in the former Soviet block will recognise that face, and really wonder how a murder’s portrait can be used as a central piece of an art wall, and plastered in blissfull ignorance over social media. Just google Red Terror.


There were millions of mass killings under the communist regime in the 20th century; exact numbers are not known because the records are inaccurate, but some sources claim 10 million others claim much, much more. My family is from Lithuania, former USSR, and great-grandparents died, were killed, in Soviet gulag labour camps. Many under the regime died of famine and massacres. I was shocked to see the central photo of Lenin on a Sunday morning.

I started making my own deodorant and it has the same ingredients as Schmidt’s. I love it! The recipe is 1/2 cup arrowroot powder, 1/3 cup baking soda mixed together evenly. Then mix 6-8 Tablespoons coconut oil. And any essential oils. (I did 6 Tablespoons coconut oil and lavender essential oil). I stored in an airtight glass container and rub it on like lotion. It works great, lasts forever, and does away with plastic packaging!


Thinking bout tryingthis! Thanks 🌼


Being doing it for years, best deodorant ever!


Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel. Works like a charm.


My candle obsession — sweet clover and alfalfa from Kansas Earth and Sky. Makes me feel like a midwestern kid again.


Lume deodorant works great for me especially if I reapply at lunch time. Native worked for awhile then stopped working. I have tried all the natural ones and these were best for me!


The deodorant struggle is so real, I’ve been through SEVERAL. Currently I’m using one from Little Seed Farm and it’s been working like a dream. (Knock on wood)

ooh good to know. i’m going to try a billion and I wish that we could do a review but I think you have to wear one for a month before you can really tell if its ‘working’. right?


I’ve been using Lume for the past 3-4 months. I really like it. The company claims that it works for up to 72 hours…not sure how accurate that is, but if I reapply before running in the heat, I have no problems and I sweat a lot. It’s the best alternative deodorant that I’ve tried.

thats a good testimonial, for sure. (FRIENDS i don’t wear deodorant – fun fact about me). I need to especially during certain times of the month, but I don’t own any and always forget to order so I’ve got to get some).


Don’t know if I’m just technology challenged but when I’m on my phone and click your links, I can’t get back to the article by touching the back arrow. I have to close and start over by opening the article all over again. Can someone help me so I don’t have to do this?

that sounds very annoying. we’ll look into it asap. thank you for letting us know!


I found a darling black one piece Ralph Lauren suit on sale; originally $120 but found it for $20. So tossing a cheapo black suit into the give away pile. You do have to dig a lot of dirt in order to find a truffle, but they’re out there!


How do I sign up for Arlyn’s weekly newsletter?


Sara wrote about it a while back.
It’s fabulous!

Vicki Williams

Caitin! Juicy colors, I love Clare and their colors. This is not nursery stuff but high end chic!


So here’s why I’m not paying $10/mo for content from EHD…

This post has sooo many typos I lost count. But hey, whatever, not everybody does the English as good as I…

What really gets me is this: “From Jess: Here is a website to help support Breonna Taylor and here is an Instagram account that gives a ton of info on how to help Elijah McClain. We have to keep pushing.”

Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain were murdered. How exactly are they to be supported and helped? They are deceased. The loved ones they leave behind are the ones who need support. What lazy writing.

I come to look at the pictures. I need to stop reading the words.

I appreciate the feedback. I think you have made the right decision to not join our supportive/inclusive community because we don’t allow unproductive, mean comments that disregard the intent of the writers who are also human beings that I care about (of course we ALWAYS welcome constructive and kind criticism for self – and company – improvement). Besides, in our community, a lot of my own daily conversations, responses and “design agony advice” are full of typos due to what I call “fast finger enthusiasm”. I’m having too much fun to be careful about typos and thats ok. 🙂 I’m glad you like our pictures.


YASS Emily. Mic drop.
You can still give support to someone that’s deceased?


I have tried pretty much every natural deodorant on the market and by far the best one I have tried is Real Purity roll on. Nothing else comes close to working as well as this one. Highly recommend.

Tina Schrader

Huh. I just switched one day to Arm & Hammer natural deodorant, found conveniently at the 99 Cent store. Works great for me, didn’t have to do a detox. I think it has to do with the different chemistry of people’s skin. If it’s a hot day and I have to be around people or I’m out exercising or I think I’ll need stronger coverage, I’ll apply the good ‘ol regular Secret antiperspirant, also conveniently at the 99 Cent store!

Now that you all probably want to dump the paint colors Emily has left over on my head, let me assure you that I, um…do have other problems. Big problems. No, really! I mean, the dog eats my socks. #naturaldeoproblems #thestruggleissmelly


How about trying Primally Pure deodorant- California made and woman-owned company! The lavender is wonderful.
Worth a try! They have many pure products!


Ok the red Heidi Klein swimsuit you shared, Emily, was one of the BEST purchased I made last year. Seriously. It’s worth every penny and is made SO well, is SO flattering, and SO good for moms chasing kiddos. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing!

So happy it was such a success!!

Carol A Christensen

FYI, beware! I stopped using Schmidt’s with charcoal deodorant because it left dark stains on my clothes! I switched to Native and ordered a variety pack. The scents are heavenly! I am currently using cucumber mint. So far it’s effective, too.

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