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Furniture sale!!!!!

Hey y’all, thank you so much for all your nice words yesterday on my new partnership with Target. Its insanely exciting and i’m just so happy that everyone is so supportive. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

UPDATE: when i originally posted this I accidentally put ‘Saturday’ instead of ‘Sunday’. THIS SALE IS ON SUNDAY NOT SATURDAY!!!! (i’m shouting because I feel so bad that a bunch of people are going to show up during the event and yeah, won’t be able to purchase anything til the next day). SORRY!!!

Meanwhile, the Airbnb event is still going on for two more days and you all should go. Its honestly the best place to hang out in Austin during SXSW. Free food/drinks, tons of places to sit and chill, lots of games and so many fun events. Today I’m going to be there from 12 – 2 with Capital Cities – one of the bands that we designed the space with.

airbnb sxsw exterior

But more importantly I bought A LOT of furniture and props that are not going to be shipped back that need to be sold. So we are having a fire sale on SUNDAY (and possibly Monday) at 10am in the lot: 1501 E. 6th street. Those AWESOME picnic tables, custom made for us by Austin Pallet Furniture, are for sale. There are 12 of them with matching benches and custom cushions on top. They are pretty much first come first serve and you just make an offer. They are worth $750 each – with all the customizations that we did.

Lots of butterfly chairs, ikea poufs and of course some vintage pieces as well.

Fire Sale, folks! Bring cash and a big old truck!!!!


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