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The Link Up: The Hammock Em Is VERY Excited About, The $40 Dress Catilin Wears All The Time, And The Magical Deodorant That Keeps Us Smelling Fresh No Matter What

Happy Sunday! The word is FINALLY out! If you read Wednesday’s bedroom reveal post then you know that EHD Alumn, Arlyn is now going to be a very regular contributor (we had to wait until her bedroom was revealed because her juicy moving story needed to be told before she could write anything else about her new living situation). We are SO excited to have her beautiful words and design perspective back on the blog! Ready for some links now?

This week’s house tour is not your typical Laguna Beach remodel. Instead of white walls and Carrara marble countertops, this home design by Hammer and Spear is covered in warm, dark wood and oozing soul. Their work is always impeccable so it all made sense when we discovered who the design team was. Hope you love it as much as we do. (Fun Fact! A blanket Jess linked in her post on pattern post is on one of the beds so you can see it in action:))

From Emily: As you might know, we are hammock people over here. We had one at the mountain house and we would lay in it for hours. So when I saw this one I immediately knew that it would be perfect at the farm. The pattern is 100% perfect and the quality looks really good.

From Caitlin: I have another clothing recommendation (my third in four weeks – WHO AM I?) and it’s A GOOD ONE. I grabbed this sweet exercise gingham dress for $46 (!!!) and it’s AWESOME for both work and play. I bought it to wear casually (a cute print at an affordable price, can you blame me?) but it was actually intended as an activewear dress – it has built-in shorts with a pocket (!!!) AND it’s made of athletic material, so it stays cool and comfortable all day. It looks really cute paired with a jean jacket and some white sneakers for my daily life, but I also feel like this would be an AWESOME buy for moms chasing kids (no flashing!) or those who are trying to expand their pickleball wardrobe (I’ve never played, but I feel like I’d be court-ready in this, no?). It also comes in black and a cute floral print, if you’re trying to stock up! I grabbed my normal size (XL) and love the fit – I even feel comfortable going braless! Long live the activewear dress:)

Have y’all seen David Quarles, IV’s newly remodeled kitchen?! It’s a perfectly colorful, mid-century modern dream with a heavy dose of David’s incredibly joyful aesthetic. Go read his blog post because he takes you thorough the entire process, gives you how much it all cost, and you get to stare at a beautifully designed kitchen. Also, we cannot get over his brass hood!

From Arlyn: As much as people tell me their pricey leggings from brands like Lululemon and the like are worth every penny, I just can’t bare to spend upwards of $100 on them. I found these from Old Navy back in December and they’re the ones I grab for every time I go to throw something comfortable on. They’re soft, stretchy, tight but not compression, and the high waist keeps my belly nice and tucked in. Plus, they come in petite, which is always clutch for my 5’3″ frame. 

Also From Arlyn: I know the last thing we all want is another email, but when it’s something you look forward to every week, it has a welcomed spot in your inbox! If you don’t follow Deema Lopez of Pretty on Fridays, I recommend you start. She launched a newsletter this past year and I enjoy it every Friday. It’s funny, full of heart, and feels like you’re part of her community. 

Did y’all see the new Molly Baz Crate and Barrel collection?! It’s so fun and modern and perfectly colorful. It feels like a breath of fresh kitchenware air. Her cookbook is truly amazing (and SO user-friendly) so it’s no surprise that her kitchenware line is equally as playful. Here are some of our favorites:

The Tini Glass: If you are a color lover or your bar cart could use some, these are so fun! They also come in a blue stem/clear glass combo.
Stoneware Utensil Holder: We love that this isn’t your average shaped utensil older! The shape is so unique but the color allows it to work in a ton of (maybe not as colorful) homes.
Wooden Salt and Pepper Mills: Remember when Em did her post on her kitchen accessories and proved what a difference they make? Well if you love color these are an incredibly fun and cool option for salt and pepper mills.

The Rocks Glass: We love a classic, easy to use cup in a clean but interesting shape. However, we aren’t sure which color we like more:)
Wooden Fruit Bowl: How cool is the shape of this bowl?? It’s another really versatile style and material.
Stoneware Butter Dish: If you are a “on the counter” butter dish person like Emily, then let us recommend this beaut! It’s a modern take on a classic style and that buttery cream color is very pretty and on trend.

From Mallory: I used to be a smelly gal. That is until I found this life-changing product. As warmer months are approaching ahead, it’s time to think about sweat control (especially for us sweaters), so I thought I’d bump my favorite deodorant that literally made me go from queen B-O to a sweet and delectable smelling lass. I cycled through hundreds of deodorants in my life and nothing seemed to work, but this boujee little deodorant stick keeps me smelling fresh even after a full hour of high intensity workout. If you smell like I used to, try this and you will smell INCREDIBLE.

From Jess: If you’ve been reading for long enough you know I have a big ole love affair with these hoodies from Target. They are $18, perfectly cropped (not too much), and make me feel cool. However, when I went in the other week I spotted my hoodie’s crewneck cousin and I immediately picked it up. It’s perfect for my morning walks and lounging around the house and anywhere else I want to throw on a simple but cool sweatshirt.

From Ryann: This travel pillow is a complete game changer. After seeing this video I knew I had to try it because I find average neck pillows pretty ineffective for sleeping on a plane–plus they are so bulky and hard to pack. This one is compact and makes so much more sense to sleep on. I am SO happy I bought it for my 12-hour flight to Japan.

Enjoy the rest of your day and see you tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Arlyn Hernandez | Styling by Emily Bowser | Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: 3 Years In The Making Then An Unexpected Move: Arlyn’s Bedroom Reveal Is A Lesson In The Beauty Of “Unfinished” Design

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9 months ago

Good morning,
just a public note to say with the new comment policy, I appreciate the increase in comment engagement from the EHD crew. It seemed everyone was hiding when commenters were being vicious and I was missing the continued conversation. I like the new adjustments! Now get out of my way so I can buy those salt and pepper grinders 🙂

9 months ago
Reply to  Karen

I completely agree with you Karen! I am much more inclined to read the comments now – I was SO turned off by the continuous negativity. Much more likely to comment now also!

🥰 Rusty
9 months ago

The sofa in the house tour reminds me so much of the one Emily had reupholstered for the mountain house where the back cushions kept falling off. Great colour and seam texture!
There are only 2 photos ?!?

David Quarles’ kitchen really reminds me of a townhouse I used to own! Same exact layout and same green tiles, laid THE same way! Haha. I’m not big on MCM, man! I loved those tiles!!😊

Careful with the deoderant – click on “ingedients” – some nasties in there.

So great to see Arlyn back in the EHD fold.🤗

🥰 Rusty
9 months ago

I thought this was worthy of sharing in the Link-up.
Why you should wash your new clothes before wearing them.😳

9 months ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

Yes! As someone that worked retail, between the chemicals on the clothing to keep it new looking and all the bodies trying on those clothes, always wash before wearing!!

9 months ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

Agreed with you

9 months ago

Ooh what a great link up this week!! That AD home tour is STUNNING. Must have been so fun for the designers to have free reign and be able to custom design everything to be bespoke to the house, plus all the vintage furniture and textiles are awesome (and, um, aspirational, shall we say). Though the note on the sofa made me laugh, Emily can relate to that problem! David’s kitchen is gorgeous too, the before and afters are great. And +1 to Arlyn’s note on Old Navy leggings, they are my go-tos—they fit great and hold up really well. Love the travel pillow rec too, ty Ryann!! Thank you for keeping an eye on good TikTok finds so I don’t have to.

9 months ago
Reply to  Juanita

free rein* whoops

Karen T.
9 months ago

The house tour was AMAZING. Welcome back, Arlyn!

9 months ago

Mallory, I used to be a stinky sweater too and what really helped was switching to non-antiperspirant natural deodorant. This was years ago and it felt super hippy at the time but now there are so many brands. I’m currently using Native. There is a couple week transition as your body purges the antiperspirant but it is truly so worth it because I haven’t had BO to deal with since then.

9 months ago
Reply to  LR

My husband, brother-in-law, sister and I all use Native. It works really well.

Roberta Davis
9 months ago

So many nice things! Happy Sunday!

9 months ago

Gotta love a house tour that starts this way: “Somewhere inside filmmaker Gregory Caruso’s weekend retreat in Laguna Beach, California, is an empty wall recess that once housed a vintage can of Coke and a set of teeth.” 🙂 🙂

Fun link up, Emily & Team!

9 months ago

Welcome back, Arlyn!! Always love your writing

9 months ago
Reply to  M

Thank you so much!

9 months ago

Glad that deodorant worked for you. Crazy expensive. Did not keep me dry at all. I’d recommend buying from a place it can be returned just in case.

9 months ago

Hi ladies. I’m a cosmetic chemist. I wouldn’t be recommending that particular deo. Fragrance can be a toxic minefield with potential breast cancer causing agents (being applied to the pits directly on the lymph glands) and aluminium is also potentially causing health problems. Xxx

9 months ago
Reply to  Plyree

I make my own deodorant with coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch and essential oils including tea tree to inhibit bacteria growth. It’s applied as a paste and won’t stop the sweat but I smell great and everyone I make it for goes bananas. It works great!

9 months ago

If you want to change-up your deodorant situation (which my doctor recommends doing every few weeks), I switch between Pacifica and Megababe (they have the most delightful scents!) products.

9 months ago
Reply to  Stacia

Megababe does have great scents! I didn’t find it strong enough though for me in the summer. It’s a good winter deo though for us stinkies.

9 months ago

These leggings are also getting some pretty good reviews: Raypose Leggings. I’ve seen them on Amazon, but I’m sure they are available elsewhere. Here is how I first learned of them:

9 months ago

Oh no, I so wish I had $100 canadian dollars to spend on a salt and pepper mill! That whole collection is so, so good.