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Flea Market Mondays

I will post on mondays, i will post on mondays.

Somebody thought that their phone would automatically set back on sunday so when my alarm went off at 6:15 i assumed it was 6:15.  Basically i got to the flea market at 5:45 am, because my phone didn’t set itself back.  I was wayyyyy too early.  There were some vendors, but only about 10% of them were there at that time.  And I really coulda used the sleep.  Regardless it was a successful sunday….

One of my favorite purchases.  $100.

wicker pouf.  because wicker can be awesome.  $50

adorable little guy $20


HUGE pottery horse head.  I love.  sorry its upside down, tired.  $80.  perhaps he should be lacquered? 

a classic.  and $30.

The table its on is a industrial rolling cart (which will be a coffee table), which i know, i know, we have seen a lot of, but when they are super old and totally authentic they still deserve a home….not a knock off.  it was $225.

And a ton more.

In other news I have an HGTV announcement.  

AT and T has pulled Scripps network (HGTV, Food, travel, etc) from their cable service (nope i didn’t know they had cable service either, hopefully its better than their iphone service because i be dropping mad calls).  So we need everyone to call in and complain so they will hurry up their end of the negotiations….not sure what is happening, but I guess if we make a stink they will restore service quicker…..

So if you guys have a second:

Call 1-800-288-2020 or go to www.KEEPMYNETWORKS.COM/HGTV_Landing.asp



The Design Happens blog (HGTV’s awesome design blog) has started posting some of my ‘Runway to Home’ posts, check it out:

That’s it for me.  Technically i’m not on camera til tomorrow, today we are shooting the ‘befores’.  Yesterday i felt great waking up, but by the end of the day the panic attack had started and unfortunately it hasn’t gone away.  So annoying.  I just keep reminding myself that no one will die if the rug doesn’t work as well with the sofa as I thought it would.  Right? I mean, there is no possible way that anyone will lose their life if the drapery just reads as white and you cant see the awesome metallic thread going through it that made getting it custom sewed totally worth it, right?  

Note to self, Emily:  don’t ever become a surgeon.  


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